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Desc: Sex Story: I left for my honeymoon a virgin, but I came home a slut

When I got married I was an innocent, I had been brought up to believe that sex outside marriage was a sin, that our bodies have only two purposes 1, to produce children within a marriage and 2, to act as vessels to carry our souls. My new husband, who was seven years older than my nineteen years, works for the same company as my Father, as a junior executive; my family thought him a good catch. We honeymooned in a very nice beach resort in Italy, where my first night there was a real eye opener for me. I had only limited sexual contact before my wedding day, mostly kissing and convert petting with my future husband. Wow what had I been missing all these years? Luckily my husband James was very thoughtful and patient man. When we awoke the first morning, he said that there was one basic rule for me while we were on our honeymoon, I was only allowed to wear a maximum of three items of clothing, shoes exempt of course. I must admit that I have never heard that one before, but he was my husband, so I agreed.

That first morning we missed breakfast and spent all morning in bed together, with me wearing no clothes at all. He showed me how to stimulate him to regain his hardness by using my mouth or my breasts, then once I had, he showed me all the positions he like to make love in; at the moment our favourite is the old fashioned missionary position. I suppose I like to be subservient while he likes to be dominate. In the afternoon we went for a walk along the beach. At first I was allowed to wear my new Bikini with a denim jacket over the top, that's three items, but on James's insistence I took my Bikini top off, although I still left my jacket on, but unbuttoned. I still felt naked and I was sure everybody was looking at me. James tried to calm my jitters by telling me that almost every young girl we passed on the beach was topless and after all, I was still wearing my jacket that concealed my naked breast. After an hour walking up and down the sand, I relaxed a bit.

When we made love that night he asked me if I got excited with I took my top off in public and I had to admit that it had. When I thought about it, I was surprised to discover that I did enjoyed flaunting my body to total strangers, even if it was a bit scary. Of course he wanted me to go completed topless the next day but after some discussion he agreed to let me wear a thin T-shirt over my braless tits, that's what James calls my breasts; I think the coarseness of calling them tits turns him on a bit. I'm not over large in the breast dept. but I think they have a nice shape and I do fill my B cup bra. Once again I'm conscious of the men on the beach looking at my unfettered breast under my T-shirt, I'm so turned on that I almost dragged James back to our room for a mid-afternoon session of sex. All the time when James was thrusting into my wetness, James calls it my pussy, and he was asking me about how I felt when those men were looking at me; this is all so very new and exciting for me compared to my nineteen years of repressed life.

That night when we went to dinner, James insisted on the three item rules. I ended up wearing a dress just over my bra and knickers, then during coffee, James told me to go to the Ladies room and remove my bra. I explained that I was wearing three items and so conformed to his rules, but he said that it was a max of three items and I could wear less as I had done on the beach for the last two days. After a while I agreed to do as he had requested, I felt so naked, I've never felt so exposed in mixed company before. I sure everybody in the Dinning room was looking at me, knowing what I had done. I know it sounds strange when I have exposed more on the beach that afternoon, but this was not at the beach this was a full Dinning room. I wanted to go back to our room straight away after we had eaten, but James had other ideas. We went though to the lounge for a drink and a dance to the small combo that was playing. Once again I felt so naked, dancing in the arms of my husband.

This exposing myself was getting to me, I started to fantasise about it, when James made love to me that night, in my mind I was dancing naked in his arms with everyone in the room staring at me; my orgasm was the best yet. There was only one thing left to do, I was shaking like a leaf as I removed my jacket to reveal my naked tits, for the first time to the world. We walked hand in hand up and down the small beach until I felt reasonable comfortable. Just when I was, James told me that somebody had just taken my picture and he pointed him out to me, an old guy with a long lens on his camera; Oh no, I thought, but it was too late to do anything about it. I dragged James back to our room where I leapt on to his body and demanded sex from him. James being crude said I must beg for him to fuck me; I was in such a state that I did. While James was thrusting into my pussy, he was whispering to me that there now existed a picture showing my naked tits; I came twice.

I was now reasonably comfortable to be on the beach topless and had done so for the last three days. Then one the afternoon we decided to go to the local market, obeying the three item rules I wore jeans and a T-shirt over just my knickers. This felt ok as I was wearing a lot more than I had been that morning. James insisted that he buy some new clothes for me included a nice full length dress, a pair of shorts and a collections of tops, one of which was a denim waistcoat that had no buttons on it. Back in our room I give James a fashion show of all the new items he had bought me. When I put the new waistcoat on over my T-shirt he objected; he insisted that I remove my T-shirt. When I said that the waistcoat had no way of fastening it he said that was ok. So I paraded around the room dressed as he had requested, he said I looked really sexy and that we should go shopping with me dressed like that. Oh no I couldn't go out dressed like that. He just smiled at me and said ok not today then. We did go out later after a short but satisfying session on the bed, but I put on my denim jacket instead, I still felt exposed wearing my new shorts, they were really short, but for once my top was covered up.

That night at dinner I wore a smart two piece, skirt and jacket but of course I had to leave my bra off again to meet with the three item rules. This was ok while I was standing, but when I sat down to dinner the jacket gaped. The only way of stopping it was to undo all the buttons except the bottom one, but of course this left me even more exposed. The service from our waiter was very good that night as was the service I got from James later in bed.

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