Meeting Lori Again - After Motherhood

by Tom Land

Copyright┬ę 2003 by Tom Land

Sex Story: Tom and Lori have been lovers before. She moved away and has returned to her old "haunts" to see Tom, after becoming a mother for the first time.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Cheating   Slut Wife   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Lactation   Pregnancy   .


Lori and I had been very sexy intimate lovers for nearly three years before she'd moved to another town halfway across the state. We'd first fucked in her office, with me turning Lori on until she was more than ready to fuck me. Then, I'd slid my hard horny cock in between the tight wet lips of Lori's hot pussy and I fucked both of us right into powerful thundering orgasms. It was totally hot. Lori was a very beautiful and very sexy young woman in her 20's and she wasn't getting much loving from her med school student husband because he was either pleading he was too busy or too tired to fuck her. So, as a very horny and willing co-worker, I got the goodies from Lori that her husband would normally have been able to claim.

When Lori and I had last made love before she moved, I really fucked her good and she fucked me back just as hotly and passionately. We hated that we weren't going to be able to get together on a continual basis anymore -- I'd fucked Lori in several different places including in her own marital bed in her master bedroom at home -- but we promised each other that we'd try to meet again if at all possible.

Well, a few months ago it was possible for Lori and I to get together again -- and what a hot evening we shared with each other. It was totally fucking awesome and I'll tell you all about it.

Lori was coming back into town for a shopping trip with a couple of girlfriends of hers. I liked that because it would be easy for her to get away from them for an evening where getting time away from her husband might have been a different situation. Anyway, she made plans with me for dinner and I could hardly wait until time for me to meet her in one of the nice classy restaurants in the city where we could enjoy privacy and our time together. I'd no doubts that the dinner would be nothing more than the first step in a very torrid sexy evening of hot sex. I was exactly right.

Lori nearly took my breath when I saw her walking up to the front door of the restaurant where I'd agreed to wait if I arrived there first. I'd almost never seen Lori really dressed up -- being around her either in the clothes she'd wear to work when we'd been in the same office or seeing her totally naked the few times I'd fucked her in her own bed. But I'd really never seen her dressed nicely and Lori was breathtaking to put it mildly.

She was wearing a very nice navy blue dress that fit her sexy body very well and did nothing to downplay her full womanly figure or the sexy hot size of her nice large breasts. As I've mentioned in earlier accounts, Lori was a very full-breasted young woman in her mid-20s and she had a gorgeous face, beautiful hair and a nicely shaped round ass. Lori was well put together. She was a "big girl" as she called herself but I'd tell you that she's one of the most sensually sexy women I've ever known -- or had the pleasure of making love to. Lori was just hot.

One thing was particularly noteworthy about Lori. She'd become a new mother since the last time I'd seen her and I can tell you that she looked really sexy for a woman who'd gone through a pregnancy and all that involves. I felt sure the evening would give me the opportunity to see her less thoroughly dressed and I was looking forward to it. I just wondered how sexy she would be "sans clothes". I wasn't a bit disappointed in that area either.

Lori and I had a wonderful time over dinner. I kept trying to keep my attention on the small talk we were making and we were really "catching up" but all I could do was think about how beautiful and sexy she looked and that I only had these few hours to be with her. I intended to make the most of every single minute.

We finished and I paid for the meal and then escorted Lori up to the nearby hotel room I'd booked for the evening. She'd cleared the evening with her girlfriends and they thought she was off visiting family, not fucking her brains out with me. I opened the room door, and showed Lori inside where I securely fastened the door with a "Do NOT Disturb" sign to ensure no one would interrupt us.

Neither Lori or I was interested in wasting anymore time at that point with small talk. After all, we could email each other if we wanted to talk more. All either one of us wanted to do at that point was fuck our brains out. I'd helped Lori about 3 years earlier when her student husband was totally ignoring her. I'd made the initial approaches to her in the office that had quickly let to our very lusty and hot affair. Lori had learned what it was like again to be around a man who found her very sexy and very desirable and I got more than rewarded for the attentions I showed her which only came naturally. Lori and I had fucked quite a few times, and our sexual relationship had constantly gotten hotter and sexier until the time that she moved off from where we'd first met.

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