by Aeralyndal

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Sex Story: A young man full of schemes about how to make money comes up with a wild idea and puts it into action.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Teenagers   Consensual   Oral Sex   Bestiality   .

Jody always knew how to make a buck. Not only that he usually knew how to let YOU make it for him. He knew angles that none of us ever thought of and after he came up with an idea, we would all sit around discussing them. After we had all had our say on how to make this one work he would take parts of each suggestion and form it into a working solution. Somehow it always worked!

It was the summer we all turned 15 that he came up with his most brilliant scheme. He had spent part of the summer with his cousins on his uncle's farm and was just back. I was visiting when he looked over at me and asked.

"Petey, how would you like a blow job? Would it be worth five bucks to you to have a female suck your dick until you came? Sucked you until all your cum was in a female mouth?"

"Jody, don't talk about things like that. You make me hard just thinking about someone sucking my cock. Yeah it would be worth five bucks."

"Do you think all the others would pay that much also? I know this female that just LOVES to suck. She's shy but you poke a hard cock at her and she sucks like you wouldn't believe."

"Ok, how can she be shy AND suck cock?"

"Well, you never see her, she never sees you so she's not shy. Come on, I'll show you."

Jody led me to the shed on the back of their place. Inside it was clear he had been doing some modifications. There was a large box like thing build into one side of the shed and a hole about two feet from the ground in it.

"Put your cock through that hole and be prepared to be pleasured out of your mind."

I didn't know if I should believe him or not but what 15 year old wouldn't take the change for a blow-job! Sticking my cock into the hole he flipped a switch on the side of the box.

"There's a light inside that lets her know she has a customer. She'll be here in a second. When that light comes on she runs over and then stand by to have your cock sucked."

I felt something against my cock and was about to pull it out thinking he was pulling another one of his tricks when my entire cock was enveloped by something wet and warm. Suction was applied to my cock and it was running in and out of a nice sucking mouth. It felt so good I couldn't move, all I could do was moan a few times. 15, always horny, it didn't take long for me to erupt in a gigantic orgasm, spewing cum all over the place but none escaped the warm sucking mouth that was doing me so fine.

"One problem is she gets so turned on she doesn't know when to stop. After a while it starts to hurt so pull it back out," he told me. About then I knew what he meant and that's what I did.

"Now do you think someone would pay us five bucks to have her do that to them? We can only do it when the folks are gone but still we should be able to make some money out of it. Tell you what I'll do. For every customer you send me I'll give you a buck. She and I split the rest."

Now knowing Jody like I did I KNEW this was a scheme of some sort. SOMEthing about this was a little off for him to be willing to share the wealth so to speak, I just couldn't figure out what yet.

"Make it a buck and a half. I know how to keep her busy till school starts, maybe even after."

When he finally agreed to my price I went home to my computer. First I measured out and made up coupons, ten per page. After printing out 20 sheets of them I turned them over and second time through printed out the address and the hours. Then I cut them out and had 200 little slips.

The next day I went to the park near our house and just sat around until the kids started to show up to play basketball and so on. The ones between 13 and 15 I pulled over one at the time and asked them if they would be interested in getting a blow-job, only cost them five bucks and several were interested.

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