Sabrina - Nurse/Party Girl

by Tom Land

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Cheating, Slut Wife, Swinging, Orgy, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Pregnancy, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Doctor/Nurse, .

Desc: Sex Story: Sabrina's a nurse but she's also a very highly sexed woman who loves to party. Watch out ladies, if Sabrina's in the area, your husbands/boyfriends are up to be grabbed.

Sabrina -- that name should make you think "hot, sexy, vivacious, lusty, and ready for sex"! Nuff said?? If that name doesn't bring those descriptive words to your mind, by the time you've read this story, it will.

Sabrina was the kind of woman who made you think of SEX the moment you laid your eyes on her. She was in her early 30s when I first saw her and she made an impression on me that has never faded even though it's been a few years since I last had an encounter with her. She was an RN in a major university hospital and I wished I'd been one of her patients from the first moment I laid eyes on her. Sabrina was one of the hottest, sexiest dressers I've ever seen. She wore tight dresses and tops that showed off her sexy B-cup breasts to the maximum. Her skirts and dresses were designed to show off her tight hot ass and her hair was colored, frosted and looked so fucking hot the way she'd had it cut. Sabrina knew what made her look the hottest and the most attractive to the docs and residents she was around every single day.

I first saw Sabrina "in action" in her workplace -- a hospital surgery department, but then I really saw this highly sexed babe getting it on during a department party one night with some of the residents and doctors that were there. And, I've even witnessed Sabrina putting the moves on other women, and she's as hot with a babe in her "sights" as she is with any man. But, first to her sexual interests in the male department.

Sabrina knew how to dress, how to talk, how to act, and how to walk and carry herself to make herself as sexy and as hot and as overtly desirable as possible. I've never known a woman who could do it better and in a more classy fashion than Sabrina.

The night of the office party, Sabrina came into the doctor's home where it was being held, and as usual, everyone turned to see how Sabrina was dressed. It was a form-fitting dress that sure made her B-cup sized tits look like C-cups and the sexy cleavage between her breasts in the low-cut bodice was mouth-watering. The bottom of the dress came several inches above her knees and we knew if she bent over, you'd either get a treat looking at her ass or down her tits. Either way, you'd enjoy it.

In no time at all, Sabrina had a drink in her hand from one eager resident wanting to get her attention and she was soon in the middle of several other nurses, surgery technicians, residents, doctors, and doctors' wives were who flirting and tellling each other stories about their recent experiences. I stood back and just watched. I'd heard infamous stories about Sabrina ever since I'd come to the department and I just wanted to assure myself that she was as hot and as horny a woman as the stories made her out to be. It didn't take me long at all to find out.

In only 30 minutes, I'd seen Sabrina flit from one place to another in the large living room/dining room/den area of the house, and then I saw her with a resident "in hand" heading off down the main hallway towards what I could only assume was the bedroom area. I'm usually not the "investigative type" but on this special occasion, I decided to follow the couple and see if I could see for myself what they were up to.

Allowing a few seconds for Sabrina and her resident "boy toy" to leave the main party area, I wandered down the same hallway and as I came into one end, I saw Sabrina's tightly covered ass disappearing inside the door of a room on the very far end of the same hall. I quickly ducked into a nearby bathroom and took care of the 2 drinks I'd consumed before I headed back out and down to the partially closed doorway. When I got just outside it, I stood looking at some of the prints mounted on the wall by the door and tried to hear any telltale sexual noises that might be coming from behind it. I could hear talking and some moaning and sighing going on. My cock grew hard in my pants from imagining in my mind what Sabrina was doing "to" or doing "with" the young doctor inside the room. Then, I moved close to the crack in the door and pushed it slowly open to see if I could actually see Sabrina "in action". I was in luck -- in the far corner of the room, Sabrina had the doctor pushed up against the wall, she had his tie loosened, and his shirt nearly all the way unbuttoned and Sabrina herself was down in front of him with his pants unfastened and pushed down just below his knees. Sabrina was down in the doctor's groin, his naked erect cock jutting up at a sharp angle from his groin, and Sabrina was alternating between stroking and sucking the young doc's hard cockshaft and working his cockhead with her gorgeous mouth. I could tell she was wringing this guy's dick good because his head was thrown back in total abandon and you could tell that Sabrina was totally in control of blowing him.

I wanted to watch Sabrina bring the guy off but I decided to wander back down the hallway and see how long it took for Sabrina and her present companion to reappear. Sure enough, in only 3 or 4 minutes, Sabrina came back down the hall and into the party area by herself, her dress not having appeared to be mussed or askew at all. Who would know that she'd just sucked one of the guy's cocks off??

Sabrina busied herself with another fresh drink and then I began to watch her eyes and the way she was sizing up everyone there in the party. I could see her "gathering intelligence" on relationships, likes, dislikes as the minutes passed and I was finding it extremely arousing to "watch Sabrina in action" right in the middle of a crowd.

I noticed on occasion that Sabrina's nipples would grow hard in her dress as she would really be putting the moves or the "eyes" on someone she was hot for. I saw that on more than one occasion with one of the docs or residents, and I also noticed once when she was talking to one of the doctor's wives that her nipples got very hard and pointed in the dress she had on. It wasn't cold in the room so I knew the hard nipples were a clear give away to her being aroused by what she was thinking or what she was wanting.

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