My Wife's Fault

by treecat

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Desc: Sex Story: A man tells how his affair with the neighbor started, and why it's his wife's fault.

A couple of months ago I cheated on my wife for the first time in 25 years of marriage and, although I feel guilty about it, I am still fucking my lover every time I get the chance. The strange thing is that it is my wife Kathy's fault I started the affair. It all started a little over a year ago, when a young couple bought the house next to ours. In less than a month Kathy had become good friends with Jean, who was 22, about 5'7" carrying 125 well placed pounds, with a cute face and a gorgeous mane of honey blonde hair, so you know I had no problem being friendly too. We often invited Jean and her husband Don over for dinner and to join us for various activities. Jean accepted most of our invitations, but Don was usually too busy with work or another of his projects to join us. This didn't bother me or Kathy, because we never really came to like Don. We don't really dislike him, but we don't miss him when he isn't there either. Every time Jean tried to apologize for what she saw as Don's rudeness, we dismissed it as his problem, not something she had to apologize for. Finally I ended her excusing him with the comment, "It's not a problem, I like having two beautiful sexy women all to myself, especially when I see all the other guys giving me envious stares!"

Kathy laughed and in a stage whisper said to Jean, "Twenty five years I've been trying to educate him and he's still a 'Dirty Old Man' ". Jean and I both thought Kathy's comment was almost as funny as she thought it was.

That humorous interchange finally convinced her Don's absence didn't bother us, because she hasn't tried to apologize since. It got even better from my point of view because she started spending even more time with us.

About two months ago, Kathy changed the relationship, and I'm not sure if she did it intentionally or not. I had noticed the two women in some very serious discussions several times, that they always cut off when I got within hearing distance. The couple of times I commented, the response was always the same, "Just girl talk, nothing you need to concern yourself about." I didn't notice it at the time, but looking back I can see that about the same time, Jean became friendlier and more open toward me, almost flirtatious.

That night about two months ago, as we were drifting off to sleep after a good fuck, Kathy said, "I feel sorry for Jean."

"Huh?" was my intelligent response. Remember, I was starting to fall asleep.

"She told me the other day that Don only makes love to her 2 or 3 times a month."

"What?!" I was suddenly wide awake, 'You must be joking!!'

"No, she said that he is almost always at work. And when he is home, he is usually too tired. About every other Saturday he gets rested enough to make love."

Kathy and I consider any week we don't fuck at least 3 times to be a slow week, and we hadn't had very many slow weeks in 25 years. I didn't know why Kathy was telling me this, but I was definitely interested enough that I didn't question. I just made some sounds to let her know she had my complete attention, and she continued.

"I couldn't believe it either, and said as much. Jean swore it was true though, and she had as just as much trouble believing that usually we fuck that often in a week." Looking at me to see that I was wide awake and hanging on every word, Kathy smiled and continued, "We talked about it some more and Jean revealed that when they do make love, if it takes a half hour from the time they get in bed for Don to finish and fall asleep, she considers it a long fuck."

Although I wasn't a fan of Don's, I thought I should defend the male sex a little bit and commented. "Well Jean is almost as sexy as you are, and when I get my cock in that hot little cunt of yours, I usually don't last a half hour either."

"Yes, but Don's half hour or less includes foreplay!" Kathy replied, then grinning at my shocked expression she continued, "Also, I kept prying and found out that Don won't lick her pussy, isn't interested in a blow job, and only fucks in the missionary position."

Kathy started giggling at my reaction as I tried to think of something to say and couldn't, then just snuggled up to me and said, "I'm so glad you're not like that!"

We were both almost asleep again when Kathy looked at me with a sleepy grin and said, "You should have seen her face while I was telling her about some of the things you do to me when we make love!"

That thought stayed with me over the next few days, and I couldn't help looking at Jean in a different way. Although I always thought Jean was sexy and indulged in an occasional fantasy about her, I didn't have really serious sexual thoughts about her until Kathy's story. Now that I knew she wasn't being satisfied by her husband I couldn't help getting turned on by the knowledge that this gorgeous woman was sexually frustrated and living right next door, and I began to indulge in frequent fantasies of how I could help her with her problem. Now every time I saw more of Jeans legs or tits than usual or we touched in any way, I got hardand was always shifting around to hide my arousal from both Jean and Kathy. When the three of us went out together, I began teasing Jean and Kathy about 'dating' two women at the same time, and treating Jean as if she was my date. I couldn't help pushing the envelope a little, and only a couple of weeks after the revelation I got bold enough to jokingly insist that both of my 'dates' kiss me goodnight after we got home from dinner. To my surprise Kathy not only didn't object, she encouraged Jean to call my bluff. Jean barely hesitated and that first kiss, although short, was more than a friendly peck. That became a routine every time the three of us went out together, when we got home Jean and I 'kissed goodnight' before she went home. In only a week, that kiss became a fairly passionate embrace and, to my amazement, Kathy didn't object at all, even teasing us about hosing us down to cool us off. The 'goodnight kisses' weren't the only change, I started teasing Jean the same way I did Kathy, although I was careful not to get as suggestive or familiar with Jean as I was with Kathy, especially when Kathy was in hearing range. I was amazed that Kathy didn't get upset at how friendly I was getting with Jean. My loving wife has been known to have very loud and angry jealous reactions to my spending too much time talking to attractive women at parties and such, so I was amazed that she not only didn't object to my attention to Jean, she encouraged it. I was smart enough to keep my mouth shut and just enjoy the fun I was having instead of trying to find out why Kathy was so accepting of my attentions to our sexy neighbor.

Every 2 or 3 months Kathy has to spend one or two weeks at her company's corporate office on the east coast for business updates and/or training that can't be taken care of by phone or fax. The first Tuesday of Kathy's last trip I saw Jean in her yard as I got home, and we spent a few minutes talking. When I found out Don was going to be late as usual, I invited her to come over and have dinner with me. After we finished the steak and potatoes, we had some wine and conversation before Jean decided it was time for her to go home. Of course I had to have my 'goodnight kiss' before she left. After at least five minutes of heated tongue wrestling, I dropped my hand to her ass and began to squeeze and caress her firm cheeks, pulling her against me so she could feel my hard cock pushed against her. Jean didn't resist at all, pressing her whole body against me and sliding one of her hands down to fondle my ass. We spent almost 20 minutes kissing and fondling each other until I started to unbutton Jean's blouse. I don't know whether she was too involved in our making out to notice what I was doing, or it took until I had three of the four buttons undone for her conscience to react, but she wouldn't let me go any further. Jean didn't get mad, but she stopped me with a firm,

"No! We're not going to do that!"

I started to worry that I might have pushed too hard and screwed up a friendship that was important to me. I stopped worrying about her being mad when she took my hand and moved it back around her waist and started kissing me again. After about five more minutes of kissing and caressing each other, Jean reluctantly disengaged and softly said,

"I need to go home now. Thank you for dinner and, uh, everything."

After one last soft kiss, she smiled at me and went out the door.

I was a little worried that Jean would start to feel guilty about what we had done, but she didn't act any different during our short conversation over the fence when I got home after work Wednesday. Don was actually getting home close to on time that day, so we only had that short time. Jean even gave me a quick kiss over the fence just before she went in to fix dinner for her and Don.

Jean wasn't in her yard when I got home from work Thursday, but less than ten minutes after I walked through my door, the phone rang. I answered and heard Jean say,

"Don is going to be late again, so I decided to repay you for Tuesday! Dinner will be served at six."

"Sounds good, what's the dress code?"

"Whatever you want to wear!"

"Great, I've always wanted to try out being a nudist!"

"That could be interesting, but I don't think Don and Kathy would understand when the neighbors told them about it."

Both of us were laughing as I agreed to be there at 6:00.

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