Family Fun

by edmondl

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Desc: Incest Sex Story: A family brought closer together by incestial sexual activities. ZA family that plays together usually stays together for security.

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Annie and her husband, Roger, have two children. Their son Roger Jr, was eighteen and a high school student, at the time. Their daughter Roslyn was a twenty-year-old college student. All in all she thought they were a normal family. At least she thought they were until, she came home from a meeting, early one night.

She crept upstairs hoping to find her husband in their bedroom or waiting in the lounge room, with his normal, raging hard-on, instead she saw her husband, Roger, kneeling by the half closed door of our upstairs bathroom. she could see the stream of bright light coming from the bathroom, she could also hear the shower running at full blast.

Standing there in the semi-darkness, halfway up the staircase, she sat down on the stair and watched, as Roger stayed there on his hands and knees, peering into the bathroom. The minutes ticked by, as she watched her husband, as he began manipulating his cock through the crotch of his pants, then he suddenly unzipped his fly and took his long, thick cock out. She knew how big it was, after all she had felt its size filling her cunt, often enough. His cock looked to be stiffer than ever, with his sexual excitement.

Intrigued, she stayed where she was, crouching down, to watch, as he grasped his thick shaft tightly in his hand, the slowly, he began to jerk himself off, slowly at first, then hand began moving more and more rapidly up and down his shaft. He suddenly stopped and made a clumsy effort to stuff his swollen cock back into his pants, as this was unsuccessful, he swiftly rose to his feet, as he got up, she could clearly see his hard cock poking straight out in front of his body. He scrambled away from the door and quickly walked up the passageway and disappeared into their bedroom. She was about to go and ask him just what in the hell was going on. Just as she was about to get up from her perch, the bathroom door opened wider.

She saw, Roslyn, their shapely daughter emerge from the bathroom. It was then, that, she realised, that it was Roslyn, her horny husband had been staring at, while he was masturbating, except for the towel she had wrapped around her wet blonde hair, she was naked. Her ample, firm, young breasts jiggled and bounced slightly as she leisurely walked down the hallway to her own bedroom, her nipples were jutting out like little pink buttons from their dark surrounding circles. She stayed where she was, as her bedroom door opened again.

In total astonishment, she saw her husband emerge from their bedroom, only this time he was also naked, his cock erect was looking bigger and harder than she had ever seen it before. With a smirk on his lusty face, he calmly walked down the hallway, to their daughter's bedroom, proudly displaying his hard cock in front of him.

"Oh! Hi! Daddy, is that for me?" she heard Robyn's voice chime out, as she watched her husband pause in front of Roslyn's open bedroom door. He was grinning more broadly as he stepped into her room. A series of kissing, sucking and groaning sounds quickly filled the air. Since she couldn't see them anymore she was forced to creep as quietly as possible to the top of the stairs. Fortunately, from there as she stuck her head around the corner, they couldn't see that she was watching.

Unable to help herself, she crawled along the hallway on her hands and knees until she could see their reflections in the dresser mirror in her son's room, which was directly opposite his sisters' room. In that clear reflection, she watched her husband French-kissing their daughter, as his hands pressed and squeezed her ample young breasts. Roslyn responded by grabbing hold of her father's throbbing erection, which was pointing straight up towards the ceiling and slowly, lovingly she began masturbating him, as if it was the normal thing to do.

Finally Roger dropped one hand down and began rubbing it against Roslyn's crotch.

"Oh, Daddy!" Roslyn squealed, as her father began gently probing into her cunt with his finger-tips. She spread her legs wider, as he gently pushed her back onto her bed, laying on her back waiting for him. Within seconds he was finger-fucking her and she had her young hand wrapped around his big cock, pulling him off at a mile a minute.

Annie, simply couldn't and didn't want to believe what she was seeing. Roslyn and her father had always been very close and had never hesitated to physically express their affection for each other, but what she was seeing now was utterly mind-boggling. she felt as if she were having some sort of sexual dream - or nightmare, to be more precise.

Moans and slurping sounds now filled the bedroom and hallway, she had a clear view of Robyn's wet, shiny, open cunt. she watched her lean further back onto the bed, lifting her knees and spreading her firm, young thighs even wider. Allowing her father an even freer access to enter her with his rock-hard cock. The smell of sex and cunt juices filled her nostrils.

Annie saw her daughter's cunt lips open wide as Roger guided the huge mushroomed head of his long thick cock into her cunt. It was then that her shocked gasp, alerted the two of them to the fact that someone was watching. Both of them glanced over into the same mirror into which she'd looking. From their vantage point, they could seem her there in the hallway on all fours, watching them.

Roger quickly stood up pulling his long, thick cock out of Robin's gaping cunt, they both dashed out into the hallway and confronted me. To her even greater surprise, they were indignant at her for interrupting them - instead of the other way around. Roger immediately began chewing me out for being a snooping cock hungry voyeuristic bitch, while Robin whiningly told her that she'd humiliated her beyond all endurance and that she had no right to stop her in the middle of getting fucked by her father. Annie, couldn't believe what she was hearing. It actually sounded as if they had caught her in the middle of some kind of incestuous act, rather than the other way round.

"Mother! These are the nineties," Roslyn yelled at her. "Get with it, just leave us alone. There is absolutely nothing wrong with what Daddy and I are doing. In fact, we've been doing it for some months now, everytime you go out and I thoroughly enjoy it and I'm certainly not going to be ashamed of getting well and truly fucked by daddy and I am definitely not going to stop it just for you."

"The taboo against incest is an outdated philosophy," Roger added, although he still bawled her out for spying on them. Apparently incest was okay, but he still disapproved of what he called "voyeurism."

It was while the three of them were still arguing loudly, that the front door downstairs, had apparently opened and closed; though none of them happened to notice it. Only when he came upstairs, did they notice that Roger Jr, their son, had come home.

Roslyn showed a slight embarrassment at letting her brother see her nudity and made a vague attempt to cover her breasts and pubic area with her hands. Naturally, seeing his father standing there with his cock in a state of full erection and his sister standing stark naked, with her nipples poking out stiffly from her breasts and a bright sex-flush covering her from scalp to stomach, Roger Jr asked what in the world was happening to his family.

Annie told him the full story of what she had witnessed. Unwilling to admit that they engaging in any wrong-doing, both Roger and Roslyn told Roger Jr that they'd been having sex with each other for several months.

Then, Roslyn really abused Roger Jr for a full ten minutes, Annie was so upset that she began to sob hysterically, she was so upset that she didn't notice the bulge that was forming in the crotch of her son's pants, as he silently took the tongue lashing that Roslyn was dealing out to him. When she began sobbing even louder, Roger took her in his arms and told her not to feel so bad.

"They're the ones who should be crying. Not you." Roger Jr said, trying his best to consol his Mother.

He held her tightly against his chest as he led her down the hallway to the master bedroom, that she shared with Roger, her husband.

Her son sat her down on the edge of the bed and sat alongside her. He hugged her tightly and gently patted her shoulder, her hand absent-mindedly fell into his lap. It was then that she felt his erection through his pants. Gasping, she quickly jerked her hand away.

She pulled away from him and looked into his shining blue eyes. He just smiled at her, although, it wasn't the usual way in which a son smiles at his mother. it was as if was leering at her.

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