Faeophobia: Pregnancy Scare

by XXXecil

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Magic, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Fiction, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Masturbation, Squirting, Lactation, Pregnancy, School, Transformation, .

Desc: Sex Story: Nancy has used a powerful sex spell to revitalize her love life. As her libido and breast-size spiral out of control, she devises a twisted scheme of vengeance, causing ripples of Bra-Busting chaos to erupt all over Madison University. Only those that download this bosomy tale will experience the erotic grandeur of Nancy's enchanted boobs.

It had always been about tits. The question was, what should a girl do with them? Nancy had solved the problem, she thought. Not like the rest of the human girls at Madison University. She smiled with a wicked gleam as she strutted through the Student Center Food Court. The Creatures of Fairy no longer bothered her. It was her turn now, It was Nancy's turn to make jaws drop, to cause heads to shake in dismay; and to cause cocks to harden in her wake.

Ever since the Celestial Conjuction a few years back, it was nearly impossible to be outrageous. One day, we all woke up and the rules were different; magic had returned to the Earth once the stars came back into proper alignment. And once magic blossomed again, the Fae came back. They said that their bloodlines were dying out; that they needed to mingle themselves with humanity in order to survive. They all said that they had no choice but to bear half-human offspring, as the legendary creatures from ancient myth once again walked the Earth. And got citizenship. And took over the Porn industry. And enrolled in State Universities. Though Nancy had a great, healthy figure, she didn't have a magically-idealized figure like the creatures of Fairy. Years ago, her hips and ass would have earned many an offensive slap from the many men that would be trying to get into her pants. Now, it was the Fae that got most of those slaps.

Of course, there were other complications; the free-wheeling, free-loving fae also flaunted every conceivable standard of propriety, decency, and modesty. All of them; Elves, Nymphs, Mermaids, Satyrs, Pixies and the rest were filled with unending, carnal passions that drove them constantly to the most outrageous acts of lascivious obscenity imaginable. And as much as their irresponsible conduct was condemned, the public hungered for them. The masses yearned for the glossy skin, radiant hair, and pointed ears of elven anchor-babes on the evening newscast. Men still went wild over swimsuit issues and skin mags featuring the magically perfect physiques of the supernaturally voluptuous entities. Business men continued to hire Fae for sensitive office positions, inspite of their frivolity, knowing that illicit affairs would blossom wherever the magical creatures set foot. Nancy knew that, in the past, her simple, auburn hair would have been enticement enough; but her hair didn't shimmer with radiant, inner light.

What could a human girl do to get noticed? Nancy had a slightly recessed chin, and a slightly prominent nose, nothing wrong with her, and she was certainly desireable for a human. But she didn't have the hyper-glamourous elegance of the mythical sluts that strutted their bosomy payloads around campus. Before the Conjunction, the answer would have been to push the envelope with ever skimpier outfits designed to reveal rather than conceal. For that, Nancy's fertile figure would have been sufficient. Not today; her tanned skin was youthful, but it didn't gleam like moist silk. The Fairy creatures all had magically-idealized bodies; their breasts were as unnaturally perky as they were obscenely large, Their waspish waists and wide hips never failed them on the dating scene. And worse, it seemed like their breasts were the only place they ever gained weight. With their constant, outrageous lusts, and giggling disregard for any semblance of modesty, they always drew attention. They always held the public eye. She had seen men angrily condemning them while grasping their own cocks under the table. These days, no man ever picked a human woman; they merely settled for normal girls if Fae were not plentiful enough. And that hurt; Nancy narrowed her eyes in memory of the anger she'd felt in the past. But anger alone never solved anything, and human women, in general had three ways to answer this new challenge that Nancy noticed.

Jasmine Cartwright and her friends sat at their own table, pontificating to each other. The blonde was among those girls that lamented and criticized men incessantly for their preoccupation with tits and ass. While they wailed and railed against the reality of male urges, they constantly used magic to enhance their bustlines. Nancy knew that Jasmine hadn't been any bigger than a C-cup her Freshman year, now the girl sported a whopping pair of E-cup melons to do a Pre-Conjunction Stripper proud. But Jasmine and her friends always dressed modestly, to gain a sense of moral superiority over the Fae, to look like they weren't flaunting their breasts, when all the while their breasts kept getting larger.

Of course, a number of other girls had descended into fanatical lesbianism, as a total rejection of the Fae-influenced culture. Ironically, this response backfired often. Fae girls, who often went both ways, targeted these humans for seduction, and in the end, almost all of them surrendured to the sexual licentiousness of their professed enemies. Fae females had a strange habit of dragging human girls down into their own abyss of unihibited lust. Nancy knew one of the professed Neo-lesbians who had roomed with a Pixie for a semester. It had taken less than a month before she fell into the third category of human girls.

These girls believed the only way to compete with the Fae was to become every bit the slut. Nancy passed a few Sophomores that could only be described as prostitutes. The fish-net stockings and luridly displayed cleavage was enough to get them picked up by a Vice-squad if they went out at night. By gratifying almost any man, indulging and encouraging even casual lusts, they could attract about as much attention as most Fae. But some weren't actually competing; they had been driven to a state of lasciviousness by contact with their magical roommates. One way or another, if you lived with a creature of Fairy, somehow, they would find a way to make a slut out of you. Nancy had seen the most icy prudes converted into cock-sucking hussies. She tended to avoid them.

But Nancy had found a better way, yes she enhanced her tits like the rest, but she decided to be creative. All over the country, at night, Bras were torn away and frantic enchantments were invoked upon boobs throughout the world. And Nancy was no different, really. It started out merely as an honest way to make a little money to help herself through college. There would always be a need for babysitters, and college girls filled that role well enough, but times were changing of late; it was nothing short of a new baby-boom. Magical aphrodisiacs were creating an exponential soar in the birthrates of a number of countries, and the Fae themselves eagerly embraced their stated mandate to replenish their population. The magical beings bred like... well, rabbits seemed almost chaste in comparison. Every hospital in a college town now had a vastly expanded maternity ward, as Fairy females were carted in every day, bellies bulging with half-breed young. Seasoned gynecologists gaped in shock at the sheer number of offspring the females could grind out from between their fertile thighs.

It was during a visit to a hospital on behalf of her mother that Nancy got the idea. While waiting in the Maternity compound for her own mother to give birth yet again, Nancy witnessed a sweaty, slutty elf, still clad in her skimpy hospital gown trying to seduce the attending physician only hours after he delivered her baby. Her graceful foot brushed provocatively against the front of his pants, her golden eyes smouldering with an insane urge to breed yet again. It was Nancy's turn to gape then; these lusty beings were truly inhuman. There was an old saying, (probably from before the Conjunction) A true fairy can never be satisfied. How true. If there hadn't been so many people around, Nancy had doubts that the young doctor wouldn't have obliged the invitation from her open thighs and milk-gorged breasts.

In hospitals everywhere, A new race of humanity was emerging from the heaving thighs of elves like that one, and countless other fairy creatures. Though the Fae were small in number, their birthrates were beyond belief. Watching the magical beings adjust to their new lives was like watching a starving lion released into a slaughterhouse. The seed of human males was the Nectar of the Gods to them, their craving knew no bounds. Magical children, neither truly human, nor truly Fae were spreading everywhere.

What could be done to manage this population explosion? How would society adapt? Would it ever end? The vast harvest of infants, human and otherwise also created an opportunity. And Nancy therefore decided to join the Wetnurse Union. More than merely babysitting, there was a great need by working families for someone to feed and care for the many infants women couldn't help having in a world of Love potions, and Amulets of Hyper-Fertility. It was good enough money, Nancy had no complaints. A few modest enchantments caused a girl's breasts to almost double in size and swell with nourishing milk. And Nancy saw her golden opportunity; a way to combine business with pleasure. Most girls could meet their demands with these simpler enchantments, but Nancy wanted more. She went all the way. She saved up and ordered the most powerful enchantment, a new spell only used by dedicated, professional wetnurses.

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