Not a Party Animal

by JAX

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Drunk/Drugged, Heterosexual, Fiction, Cuckold, Incest, Brother, Sister, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: It all started at a party when my drunk young wife was fucked by a couple of strangers while I looked on

My sister and her husband Jeff had invited my wife and me to a party, hosted by one of his business contacts.

"Need someone there I know," he chuckled.

My wife Dawn and I are not really party animals, but we were looking forwards to going out for a change. It was a big house with lots of people milling about. My wife and I don't drink so we concentrated on what we thought at the time was the non-alcoholic punch. My sister Jenny and Jeff in contrast do like to drink and I noticed that even after an hour, she and Jeff were well away. I danced with my sister but it was quite embarrassing, for she pushed herself up against me, making me hard.

After a few hours I was feeling the effects of the slightly alcoholic punch and so was Dawn. We found a quiet corner in a back room and lay down on the couch and cuddled up together. We both must have dozed off, but suddenly I was wide awake, the room was now in darkness save for the small amount of light coming in from the doorway. I checked my watch and I was surprised to discover it was after two am. I looked around to see what had woken me, across the room a vague shaped caught my attention. Then the door opened letting in a little more light as someone entered; the vague shapes took form, there were two and now three guys surrounding a girl lying on the sofa opposite, just feet away.

Although the light was bad I could see everything, the guy at her feet reached under her short skirt and pulled down her knickers. He then spread her legs wide and he got between them and pushed himself into her. Up to now I was thinking that the girl was a willing participator, but a whispered comment made by one of the three guys showed me she wasn't.

"The drunken slut will never know what fucked her," he whispered excitedly.

The two guys by her head had pulled her top up and were giving her tits some attention. Despite this being, what I now believed a rape, it got me very hard; I know I should have done something but instead I just watched as one by one they took there turn between her legs.

They were gone now, just leaving her spread-eagled on the sofa. I then became aware of how full my bladder was and I was desperate for a pee. Trying not to disturb Dawn, I got up and headed for the door. When I opened it the light flooded into the room, I turned and looked back at the drunken girl. Oh fuck it was my sister Jenny who had been on the receiving end of the three guy's attentions; where the fuck was Jeff? Still in a daze, I had relieved myself then I went looking for him; I found him in the garden, he had also passed out. What could I do but leave him there and go back to Dawn. I had only been away perhaps twenty minutes max, but when I opened the door I discovered that there was a new guy thrusting between the legs of my sister. I stared for a few minutes, not knowing what to do when I heard Dawns voice from across the room. I opened the door a little more so I could see and there with my own sweet wife with some other guy. I was rooted to the spot, some stranger was invading my own innocent wife and my cock had never been so hard. As I watched he sank onto her and I could see his backside moving. It was too late, he was already fucking her and in her drunken state she hadn't realise it wasn't me.

I stood there and half closed the door behind me, reducing the amount of light, but there was just enough for me to still see what was going on. The man nearest me, the one between the legs of my sister had now finished and was getting up.

"Hi," he said, although close I couldn't see his face clearly, "fancy a go, she'll never know one way or another, the drunken slut," he chuckled. "I'm going to see to the other one now."

What was I going to do? My hard cock in my pants told me I need someplace to put it and within inches of me there was a receptive pussy. I suppose a hard cock always overrides brains, I knelt between my sister's legs and pushed my cock into her. She moaned and moved slightly but I carried on thrusting into her. All the time I was doing this, I watched as the three shapes across the room merged into one. My cock exploded and I came deep within the body of my sister. Immediately I felt guilty at what I had done, but it was the most satisfying fuck I could ever remember.

I pulled out of my sister's pussy and moved over to where my wife's body was being ravaged.

"Nice isn't she," the same guy said to me, he was sitting by her head, he had undone her blouse and pulled up her bra. His hands were full with her naked tits. "If you want to fuck her, you'll have to wait your turn," he chuckled, "when matey finished it's my go."

"Right," I croaked, my voice betraying my emotions.

"Oh yes, yes," moaned the guy between her legs, he stopped moving then pulled out and zipped up.

"Fucking tight she is mate," he said half to us and half to himself.

He moved out of the way to let the other guy between her legs.

"You can have her tits now mate," he said to me and he started to thrust into my wife.

Although I had just pumped my seed into my sister I was hard again already, as I watched this faceless guy fuck my shy innocent wife. I had never though myself as being a pervert, but there was no denying the excitement I felt at what I was seeing.

I was alone again, the two guys had finished and left, I lay down between my wife's legs and pushed my hard cock into her slick pussy. I had witnessed two guys pump their seed into her and they may not have been the first. My feelings for her will never be the same again; no longer will she be this innocent young thing, but a sexy woman, who inflame men's passion.

Next morning she awoke with no memory of the previous night's events; my sister too awoke full of smiles even though she must have felt the sperm dribbling out of her and down her thighs. Jeff drove us home and after a hot bath my wife decided to take a nap. I was happy to be alone with my thoughts for awhile; I was trying to come to terms with last night. Not only had I allowed a least two strangers to fuck my young wife, but the sight of them doing so had so inflamed me that I had fuck the unconscious body of my own sister. There was no denying the rush of excitement that I had felt and how hard my cock had been. I must except the fact that I was a pervert who enjoyed seeing his wife being fuck by other men. No it was more complicated than that, it was seeing her being fuck when she was unconscious and not a willing partner in the act, that's what had been the most exciting thing.

Now I had come to terms with my twisted mind, but what was I going to do about it; for sure I was going to experience it all again, but how. My wife's susceptibility to drink was now an asset, I had always know that she couldn't hold her drink and now this was to prove a god send. Some time last year I had a bout of sleeplessness and the doctor had proscribed some mild sleeping pills. I had never used more than a couple so I decided to conduct a little experiment. One evening I opened a bottle of wine and added the contents of one pill into her glass. Within an hour she was fast asleep on the sofa. Not only couldn't I wake her and I had indeed stripped her naked and fucked her right there where she lay, it was all very satisfactory. Next day she remembered nothing other than she had felt tired and fell asleep on the sofa.

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