Being Seen by Nurse Holly

by Tom Land

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Cheating, Slut Wife, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Pregnancy, Doctor/Nurse, .

Desc: Sex Story: Tom has been lusting after his doctor's nurse, Holly, for a couple of years or more. Fihnally he decides to tell her what effect she has on him and he is more than surprised by the response he gets.

Chapter 1

I don't know about you but whenever I've had an attractive and young nurse giving me attention when I go to the doctor's office, it's all I can do to keep my hands off of her and try not to seduce her right there in the examining room. Well, that usually works, but not the last time I went to see my doctor.

Holly isn't beautiful but she's very cute. Do you know what I'm talking about?? A young woman who's got a nice body (the girl at the eye shop is another example) and a very cute face, a wonderful personality and tits and an ass on her that will not quit. Well, the first time I met Holly I left the office that day with a barely unnoticed hardon and the desire to ask her for a date that night. Well, that's one of the problems -- you see, Holly's a married woman and she's the mother of two young boys.

I've actually known Holly since before she became a mother and watching her grow bigger and bigger through two pregnancies nearly drove me wild. I was so envious of her husband who'd gotten to fuck her and get her pregnant. Mmmmmmmmm, her sexy rounded B-cup breasts have grown from her two babies until Holly's now a very solid and very hot C-cup and she's so cute and so desirable that it drives me wild. I'd almost be tempted to go "see the doc" just to get a look at sexy Holly.

Well, last week I did go to the doctor again to get a flu shot and just normal checkup. Well, I sure got a checkup all right but not the kind I'd anticpated. And I sure got my money's worth from my doctor's visit.

Holly swung into the examining room with a beautiful smile beaming on her face and I could feel my cock growing hard in my pants from just having her in the same room. I knew she worked hard and with two little babies and a husband at home, I knew that kept her on her feet for a long day. But she was always "up" and in the best spirits. And I was rapidly getting "up" myself. While Holly went through the normal screening stuff, I sat there and just reveled in being in a room alone with her. I wanted so badly to put that examining table next to us to an immediate use but I knew that all my fantasies were in vain and just that -- empty wishful lusty thoughts that would never become a reality.

Holly wears the typical kind of nurse's outfit that you see in every doctor's office -- the loose-fitting pants and button-up top that she puts on over her bra and panties. And some sort of a loose fitting smock that she uses to carry her nursing notes and tools. But Holly's loose top and smock did nothing to disguise the full roundedness of her mature breasts and when she's turn around and bend over, I could clearly see the outline of her bikini panties (I wish it had been a thong) through the material. It was hot seeing how sexy her panties fit her well-rounded ass. I'm sure Holly felt her ass had grown a bit too big but I could only think about the sexy curves and how much I'd love to cup one in each hand as I drove my hard dick into her waiting pussy.

Holly had on some very nice smelling perfume too and that did absolutely nothing to help my increasing horniness and desire to have my way with her right then and there. Man, her perfume was just like an aphrodisiac to me. I could feel the blood swelling my cock harder and fuller from her scent.

Finally, I decided to go for break and I opened my mouth and said, "Holly, can I tell you something without offending you?? You're one of the most attractive and most refreshing women I've ever been around?"

Well, I figured at that point Holly would either turn around and smack me into the hallway or she'd storm out and report my "freshness" to her doctor. She didn't do either one and for a moment I thought maybe I was going to be in REAL TROUBLE.

"What did you just say, Tom?" Holly asked as she quit writing down my blood pressure and pulse.

Waiting just a moment to see if her question was from a woman offended or is it was a request for me to tell her again what I'd just said, I spoke with an even firmer voice than the first time. "I said I think you're very attractive, Holly, and you're a very desirable woman to be around." Suddenly realizing I'd gone much further towards speaking the truth than I'd intended, I tried to blurt out some sort of qualifying statement to moderate the directness of my words, but then I realized that my comments were not offending Holly but in fact producing an unexpected welcome from this young woman in her mid-20s.

"Tom, you have no idea what those words you just said to me mean. You have no way of knowing but I haven't had a man let me know that I was attractive or cute or much less desirable in so long that I can't remember."

"What, Holly?? You mean your husband doesn't tell you regularly that he finds you attractive and that you're sexy and that he finds you desirable?"

Holly just laughed as I sat there wondering where this exchange of words was about to take us -- two adults alone in a doctor's examining room with no one there to see or hear us -- no one at all. I suddenly realized that just being with Holly had brought me to full hardness in my cock and now that she was reacting in a very positive way to my comments, I actually began to ponder what I might be able to accomplish before I left the room.

"You won't believe it but my husband was very romantic and very openly hot for me when we were first married. I don't know what happened but since I've had my second baby, he barely touches me, and he never tells me that he loves me or anything. No, I haven't heard any man say that I'm hot or that I'm anything at all in nearly three years."

Now as I sat there listening to Holly react to my earlier comments, I allowed part of my brain to gaze up and down her body while the other part tried to deal with the surprising turn our exchange had so quickly taken. The first thing I noticed was that Holly's smock was pulled rather firmly down over the sexy swell of her full breasts and there was no doubt that her nipples were both very hard and very pointed, pushing out hotly against her top. I loved seeing that something -- my words, Holly's reaction, her horniness or something -- had turned Holly on right there in front of my gazing eyes. For the moment, I was just thrilled that I'd taken the chance and told Holly what effect she had on me. Little did I expect what happened next.

"Tom, I can't tell you what your words have done to me just now. You've really made my whole day by telling me that you find me attractive and I want to thank you so much." I could almost see traces of tears in Holly's eyes as she opened up and almost became an entirely different woman with me in the aftermath of my comments to her. "I want to just kiss you and give you a big hug, Tom," Holly said as she walked over to me and wrapped her arms around my neck. I took the opportunity and pulled her upper body close to mine, feeling the pressure of her breasts against my muscular chest. I wanted so badly to reach down and cup Holly's asscheeks in my hands and pull her groin close against my hard erection -- but I didn't follow my intuition for that moment.

As Holly and I were embracing, I suddenly felt her hand moving into my groin and her soft hand cupped the hard fullness of my horny cock tightly pressed against the front of my pants.

"I can tell from how how and aroused you are, Tom, that your words were totally genuine. Man, I don't remember when I had a man pay me such overt and honest compliments. Can I show you how much you've made me feel like a sexy woman again?"

With that, Holly stepped back from where I sat in the chair next to the examining table and she bent over towards my hard cock, swiftly finding my zipper and rapidly undoing my pants and unfastening my belt until the only thing between her and my hard thick cock was the material of my briefs.

Now I couldn't believe what was happening. Apparently my direct and subtle sexy words to Holly had hit a very needy point in her life and she was really blossoming in response to me. As I sat there in the room, with the door closed to give us a bit of privacy, Holly covered the hard lump of my cock through my briefs and squeezed my erect dick before she pulled the waistband of my briefs down and off of my cock, baring me to her gaze and to her hands and mouth. I'd often imagined what it would be like to make love to Holly, to have her fuck me or give me a blowjob but there's no way I ever thought it would happen for real. It WAS happening for real right then and there.

Holly stroked my hard long cockshaft and already pre-cum was starting to leak from the juice hole of my hard dick. Without our saying anything, she and I both knew time was very limited under the circumastances because the doctor might enter the room at any minute. Holly was intent of sucking my hard cock, however, and she quickly licked her moist lips over the head of my dick and then took the entire head into her mouth, started to suck the head while she allowed her hand to stroke up and down my cockshaft.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmm, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Holly, yes, Holly, what are you doing to me?" was about all I could manage to sputter out as the object of my sexy daytime fantasies actually had my cockhead and half the length of my horny dick inside her mouth and she was obviously intent upon sucking me off. I loved it. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, fuck yeah, having Nurse Holly with my naked hard cock in her mouth and she was sucking me like a mega-vacuum cleaner.

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