Coming in Concert

by Janice Kirtley

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Cheating, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Janice and Wes have some 'recreational fun' at an outdoor concert.

Imagine the setting : an outdoor amphitheater on a beautiful summer night in Virginia. On the stage, one of my favorite local bands. Hundreds of fans sang and danced along, pressed together in the park like so many cattle. It was chaos, and we all loved it.

Packed in among the crowd, my friend Wes and I paid no attention to the thromg of people surrounding us. The concert was our first night out together in a long tme, the pressures of work and family having kept us from having any quality time together. But tonight we could forget about the rigors of real life for a few short hours and instead, live for the moment.

The band was playing one of my favorite fast-paced tunes and the crowd danced ; bodies moving together in time with the music. The mood was light and full of fun, and I constantly found my eyes wandering over the bodies of hot looking guys. They wore all types of clothing, from tight jeans and tee shirts, to tank tops and loose fitting shorts. Several women were wearing bikini tops or sport bras and shorts, and I saw quite a few asses encased in tight lycra. The women gyrated and danced in such a way that I caught more than one glimpse of a nipple or underside of a breast through a baggy tank. In a short time, my mind filled with thoughts of more than simply rock and roll.

Seizing the opportunity the environment provided, I moved to the music, occasionally rubbing against Wes, who pressed back into me as I stood behind him. My hands stroked his sides, and finding my way inside his shirt caressing his hard stomach.

I dont know what came over me then, but without a second thought, I guided my hands to the front of Wes's shorts, running them across his bulge, feeling his manhood grow at my touch. As my hands caressed him, my fingers finding his tight balls, I expected him to pull away. We were, after all, in the middle of hundreds of people, even though it seemed that no one around us appeared to notice what I was doing.

Teasing his balls, I continued to stroke him, feeling him harden as I grew a little bolder with each passing minute. My initial caresses soon gave way to more insistent massaging and kneading. In my mind's eye, I pictured what we must look like from the front with my hands roaming over his shorts and his massive cock protruding out from beneath the cotton material.

Wes must have realized the darkened atmosphere of the amphitheater effectively camouflaged my movements, because he leaned further into me and I thought I heard a soft moan escape his lips. He continued to rub against me, the pressure beginning to build inside us both.

Now I was feeling quite brave and adventurous, and decided to see how much he'd let me get away with. My left hand continued to tease his scrotum, as my right hand stroked his shaft. I had just found the snap of his shorts, when he stopped me. But any fears that my explorations might be dissolved as he guided my hand directly down the front of his shorts, leaving them fastened. To my delight, I discovered that Wes was not wearing any underwear. That in itself was very unlike my friend. Although very daring in private, ( Wes was known to go to the little boy's room at work and relieve stress after chatting online with me ) he would be mortified to think of anyone knowing what we were doing out in the open in front of everyone.

I pushed my hand down farther, only to find an additional treat. He'd completely shaved away his pubic hair, ALL of it. I knew he gave it an occasionaly trim, but I always thought he liked to keep a little down there for emphasis.

My fingers traced the tight skin of his shaft, and when I caressed the tip, he shuddered and pressed his body harder into me. Even though my movements were constricted somewhat by his shorts, I was still able to tickle and tease him in the way I know he likes.

I lost track of our surroundings, the music, the crowd, everything. My only focus now was Wes and the pleasure I was giving him. He yielded to me totally, allowing me to completely support his weight as I continued my ministrations. After another minute or so, he began to buck his hips and press against my fingers, and I knew he was getting close when he reached his hands around to clamp the backs of my thighs.

I stroked him fully then, from his balls to his shaft and back again, as far as I could inside his shorts. His breathing came quicker, and I felt him shudder and his body convulse as his orgasm washed over him. I dont know how he kept from crying out, since Wes told me he can be very vocal during sex. His body rocked incessantly, and I knew that had he not been leaning against me, he surely would have sunk to the ground in front of the stage.

I continued stroking him for several moments after that, until he pushed my hand away. When he turned toward me, I saw his flushed cheeks, heavy eyes, and the beads of perspiration on his forehead. "That's the wildest orgasm I've had in months," he whispered into my ear as he threw his arms around my waist and drew me closer. His tongue darted into my mouth and he ground his pelvis into mine.

We kissed through the end of the song and the audience's wild cheering. When we finally came up for air, our eyes locked in a way we have that communicates how badly we want one another. I for one, was ready to say the hell with the concert and go straight to the hotel room that Wes and I had gotten together. He was visiting for the night, and we didnt want our prospective spouses to know what we were up to.

I began thinking how much fun it would be to fuck Wes right then and there in the parking lot. An image of me naked and bent over the hood of his car filled my mind, making me ache yet again.

Onstage, the singer announced the band's next song. Much to the crowd's delight, it was one of their popular ballads from the early 80's. As they began to play, the amphitheater's lights dimmed and enveloped the audience in darkness. Many of the fans engaged in the time-honored tradition of saluting the song with their cigarette lighters.

Wes pulled away from me as the music began, moving aorund to stand behind me. "Your hands have gotten you into trouble," he whispered as his arms wrapped around me and he began to caress my breasts through my shirt. His fingers quickly found my nipples and he applied pressure, causing them to stiffen under his touch. His hands slipped beneath my shirt and caressed my skin. His touch was electric, and I felt as if every nerve ending was alive, each one responding to Wes's fingers as he continued his exploration.

I wasnt sure just how far he would go, but then I felt his hands drop to the button of my jeans. Before I could fully register what was happening, he'd lowered my zipper with practiced ease and his hand snaked through the opening. I groaned as his fingers massaged my mound, moisture seeping through the cotton material of my panties.

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