Faeophobia: Breasts of the Magi

by XXXecil

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Mind Control, Magic, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Fiction, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Orgy, Lactation, Pregnancy, School, Transformation, .

Desc: Sex Story: Vince's lust for a special cheerleader leads to a series of misguided magical wishes. The students of Madison University must contend with an elven porn-star, a Professor a bit too popular with her students, and a Goddess made flesh. Only those that download this tale will experience the busty climax.

Vincent felt more than a little guilty. "I... I dunno guys, I probably... no, I shouldn't do this."

"What are you talking about man," said Derek, a quintessential computer-science nerd, and close friend. "These are Fae girls! They don't mind us watching!" He leered with tangible excitement into the crystal ball, on sale at Walmart, as the magics within in revealed an image to make any red-blooded man sweat. "C'mon Vince, it's just a matter of time before some no-nothing politician pushes some law through congress outlawing crystal balls and all other unregistered scrying devices; we've gotta get our money's worth out of this thing!" Derek and the rest of the nerd-squad tittered with glee, for the retail-purchased crystal ball revealed the coveted images of the interior of the girl's shower; specifically the cheer-leader's shower.

"Yes! The image is getting clearer!" howled Jason, the scrawny mathematics major, as he hastily scraped the price-tag off of the shimmering, magical orb. Really though, Vincent couldn't look down on these guys; they may be the nerd squad, but he was certainly a card-carrying member himself. Inspite of himself, he saw clearly the images revealed within the glistening surface. Despite the mist, their slender, svelte frames stood out clearly amidst the soapy lather. They were tall, exceedingly so; the shortest was perhaps only an inch below 6 feet. But that was to be expected. And they were blond; their radiant tresses shimmered with an almost preternatural golden gleam. Well, except for a few with more silvery-platinum hair. Also common.

"Look at those boobs!" howled Derek, "No wonder they never wear bras!" It was true; fleshy globes of jiggling tit danced buoyantly amidst the watery spray, mounds of femininity bouncing naked in pneumatic defiance of gravity. The smallest pair only a little less in size than bowling balls. Their skin was deeply tanned, yet with strong sprinklings of what seemed to be sparkling glitter, as they should be. And then, one of the beauties turned her back to the pespective of the crystal ball, and her fluffy, feathery white wings ruffled, about the same wingspan as an albatross, seemingly much too small to carry the weight of a humanoid. And like most wings, they were unaffected by the water.

Ever since the Celestial Conjunction, some years ago, the face of female athletics had changed dramatically. With magic possible again, the races from the mystical Land of Fairy had returned to the Earth after a 500-year absence. And on Cheerleading squads across the country, the Valkyries were making their move, strutting their stuff. It seemed natural; the Golden Maidens of Legendary Valhalla proved to be even more enthusiastic cheerleaders than the elf girls that were common elsewhere. Valkyries were among the rarer fae creatures, but highly sought after; many had been awarded scholarships here at Madison University for this very purpose. After the stellar performance of the golden-haired, golden-bodied, sleekly muscled Valkyries, fluttering about with their heavenly wings, with bulging breasts straining the fabric of their skimpy uniforms, even the opposing team wanted Madison University to win. They had almost taken over the entire team; with only two humans and one elf girl besides them, perhaps as charity cases, some suspected.

They seemed to have an almost pathological hunger for male human athletes; not just because male Fae were so incredibly rare, the Valkyries seemed to have a primal need to seek out and mate with human warriors, whatever the century or circumstances. Despite their remarkable performances on the field, turnover rate for these girls was high; no matter what efforts were made by coaches, the golden fae creatures simply could not resist getting impregnated by the football team, or the basketball team. And the baseball team, and the track team, not to mention the golf team. Sometimes several at once; that was a sight!

But this, of course, was as close as these boys would get. These nerds were so extremely, well... nerdy, that even the normally libidinous fae would almost certainly pass them up in favor of more sanguine men. Valkyries scarcely acknowledged the existence of boys like them. Perhaps spying on them like this was a subtle form of revenge; Vincent however, decided against it. The others hardly noticed as he slipped out of the room, on his way up a few floors back to his own room.

He sighed as he passed the lounge on his floor, there was Brock Jefferson, jock-extraordinare, lip-locking with his girlfriend, a red-headed, human beauty, and a graduate student for the Thaumaturgy department, she had to be at least 2 years older, probably 3. But who could resist Brock? He knew someone who might be able to. Perhaps.

"Indeed Vincent, I shall be pleased to assist you in your research of the mythologies of Northern Europe." proclaimed the golden creature sitting on the bunk next to him.

"Please, call me Vince, and I do appreciate it. Mythology has become a lot more complicated recently; with magic and magical races returning to the Earth, it's hard to determine what stories are fable and which are history." It was true; after the Celestial Conjunction, Vince had immediately reread 'A Midsummer Night's Dream', wondering how much Shakespeare really knew.

The tall Valkyrie sitting next to him smiled sheepishly, and dragged her sandal-clad foot on the floor. "Well, many of the legends about Valhalla, are... perhaps... a bit embellished. You see Vincent, my ancient cousins, they did indeed spirit away warriors off of the battlefield, and... well... we used our healing magics to make them whole again, so that we might bear them off to the Land of Fairy, not so much because we appreciated their valor, but rather because we were just so very, very horny." That made sense, Vince thought.

"It was a perfect opportunity; after the carnage of battle, we were able to abduct the men we craved without anyone being alarmed, instead those that saw us thought we represented some heavenly reward."

"Hah! Sounds like a heavenly reward to me! This helps a lot, Valerie. My term paper should be much more persuasive now." For her part, Valerie batted her golden eyelashes; eyes blue as a frozen gem gazed mischeviously at him. Sitting this close to her really got his juices flowing; the Valkyries combined the best traits of California beach-bunnies with female fitness models, and the fact that he was about eye-level with boobs the size of honeydew melons didn't escape his notice either. It was surely his imagination, but through the fabric of her white tank-top, he thought he could see the indentations of erect nipples gradually poking through. He gulped audibly, while his heart raced.

"S-so, your squad will be performing at the half-time show during the Championship game tonight?" Vince asked, changing the subject.

"Indeed! We shall inspire the warriors of Madison University against the opposing force of Hillsborough college, it promises to be an epic battle!" She squeezed her hands together in girlish glee.

"Alright I'll... I'll try to make it. And... I guess I'll let you uh... get back to your football player boyfriend, or whoever he is." Vince mumbled.

"Oh no Vincent, I am not like most of my sisters. Truthfully, brutish and brainless thugs do not appeal to me. I prefer... warriors of the mind, you might say. Someone to engage my intellect, as well as my loins." Surely she would notice the deep blush engulfing his face. He stood, looking sheepish and uncertain. Yikes she was hot! Well over 6 feet tall, and like many of her race, Valerie had a firm physique of toned musculature which did nothing to detract from the ripe femininity embodied in her jiggling tits, and her wide, womanly hips; which were enhanced more than concealed by her denim cut-offs. Did she like him as more than a friend? Why didn't she make a move?

"Well then, until later Vincent."

"Y-yeah, later."

And Valerie was gone, back to her floor.

Vince still was uncertain. The Fae were supposed to be unrepentent, irrepressible sluts. Their lewd behavior was an affront to human decency, and the wet dream of repressed, teenage boys. Why would Valerie talk to him so often unless she had some interest? He hadn't mentioned her yet to the rest of his nerd-squad, knowing the jealous reaction he would get. Did she mean what she said about not liking jocks? Why then, did she not make a move? Everyone he knew that had encounters with the Races of Fairy confirmed that they all seemed driven by a maniacal sexual instinct, they didn't even need to know the name of a man they found attractive. Any time a guy could get a Fae alone in his room, it was a guaranteed score. Of course, you didn't even need to get them alone, sometimes. Naturally, no bachelor party was complete without one.

"What's wrong with me? I must be the only guy on campus that got a Fae alone in my room without sex." Was this some sort of female mind game? Maybe, but nonetheless, Vince knew he should focus on his term paper.

Life on Earth was more complicated than Valerie suspected. She walked slowly down the hallway, by the lounge on the way to her own room. The buxom Valkyrie had learned the hard way that human emotions were confusing, often treacherous. She knew that she had to be careful when trying to attract a man.

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