Faeophobia: Breasts of the Magi

by XXXecil

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Mind Control, Magic, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Fiction, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Orgy, Lactation, Pregnancy, School, Transformation, .

Desc: Sex Story: Vince's lust for a special cheerleader leads to a series of misguided magical wishes. The students of Madison University must contend with an elven porn-star, a Professor a bit too popular with her students, and a Goddess made flesh. Only those that download this tale will experience the busty climax.

Vincent felt more than a little guilty. "I... I dunno guys, I probably... no, I shouldn't do this."

"What are you talking about man," said Derek, a quintessential computer-science nerd, and close friend. "These are Fae girls! They don't mind us watching!" He leered with tangible excitement into the crystal ball, on sale at Walmart, as the magics within in revealed an image to make any red-blooded man sweat. "C'mon Vince, it's just a matter of time before some no-nothing politician pushes some law through congress outlawing crystal balls and all other unregistered scrying devices; we've gotta get our money's worth out of this thing!" Derek and the rest of the nerd-squad tittered with glee, for the retail-purchased crystal ball revealed the coveted images of the interior of the girl's shower; specifically the cheer-leader's shower.

"Yes! The image is getting clearer!" howled Jason, the scrawny mathematics major, as he hastily scraped the price-tag off of the shimmering, magical orb. Really though, Vincent couldn't look down on these guys; they may be the nerd squad, but he was certainly a card-carrying member himself. Inspite of himself, he saw clearly the images revealed within the glistening surface. Despite the mist, their slender, svelte frames stood out clearly amidst the soapy lather. They were tall, exceedingly so; the shortest was perhaps only an inch below 6 feet. But that was to be expected. And they were blond; their radiant tresses shimmered with an almost preternatural golden gleam. Well, except for a few with more silvery-platinum hair. Also common.

"Look at those boobs!" howled Derek, "No wonder they never wear bras!" It was true; fleshy globes of jiggling tit danced buoyantly amidst the watery spray, mounds of femininity bouncing naked in pneumatic defiance of gravity. The smallest pair only a little less in size than bowling balls. Their skin was deeply tanned, yet with strong sprinklings of what seemed to be sparkling glitter, as they should be. And then, one of the beauties turned her back to the pespective of the crystal ball, and her fluffy, feathery white wings ruffled, about the same wingspan as an albatross, seemingly much too small to carry the weight of a humanoid. And like most wings, they were unaffected by the water.

Ever since the Celestial Conjunction, some years ago, the face of female athletics had changed dramatically. With magic possible again, the races from the mystical Land of Fairy had returned to the Earth after a 500-year absence. And on Cheerleading squads across the country, the Valkyries were making their move, strutting their stuff. It seemed natural; the Golden Maidens of Legendary Valhalla proved to be even more enthusiastic cheerleaders than the elf girls that were common elsewhere. Valkyries were among the rarer fae creatures, but highly sought after; many had been awarded scholarships here at Madison University for this very purpose. After the stellar performance of the golden-haired, golden-bodied, sleekly muscled Valkyries, fluttering about with their heavenly wings, with bulging breasts straining the fabric of their skimpy uniforms, even the opposing team wanted Madison University to win. They had almost taken over the entire team; with only two humans and one elf girl besides them, perhaps as charity cases, some suspected.

They seemed to have an almost pathological hunger for male human athletes; not just because male Fae were so incredibly rare, the Valkyries seemed to have a primal need to seek out and mate with human warriors, whatever the century or circumstances. Despite their remarkable performances on the field, turnover rate for these girls was high; no matter what efforts were made by coaches, the golden fae creatures simply could not resist getting impregnated by the football team, or the basketball team. And the baseball team, and the track team, not to mention the golf team. Sometimes several at once; that was a sight!

But this, of course, was as close as these boys would get. These nerds were so extremely, well... nerdy, that even the normally libidinous fae would almost certainly pass them up in favor of more sanguine men. Valkyries scarcely acknowledged the existence of boys like them. Perhaps spying on them like this was a subtle form of revenge; Vincent however, decided against it. The others hardly noticed as he slipped out of the room, on his way up a few floors back to his own room.

He sighed as he passed the lounge on his floor, there was Brock Jefferson, jock-extraordinare, lip-locking with his girlfriend, a red-headed, human beauty, and a graduate student for the Thaumaturgy department, she had to be at least 2 years older, probably 3. But who could resist Brock? He knew someone who might be able to. Perhaps.

"Indeed Vincent, I shall be pleased to assist you in your research of the mythologies of Northern Europe." proclaimed the golden creature sitting on the bunk next to him.

"Please, call me Vince, and I do appreciate it. Mythology has become a lot more complicated recently; with magic and magical races returning to the Earth, it's hard to determine what stories are fable and which are history." It was true; after the Celestial Conjunction, Vince had immediately reread 'A Midsummer Night's Dream', wondering how much Shakespeare really knew.

The tall Valkyrie sitting next to him smiled sheepishly, and dragged her sandal-clad foot on the floor. "Well, many of the legends about Valhalla, are... perhaps... a bit embellished. You see Vincent, my ancient cousins, they did indeed spirit away warriors off of the battlefield, and... well... we used our healing magics to make them whole again, so that we might bear them off to the Land of Fairy, not so much because we appreciated their valor, but rather because we were just so very, very horny." That made sense, Vince thought.

"It was a perfect opportunity; after the carnage of battle, we were able to abduct the men we craved without anyone being alarmed, instead those that saw us thought we represented some heavenly reward."

"Hah! Sounds like a heavenly reward to me! This helps a lot, Valerie. My term paper should be much more persuasive now." For her part, Valerie batted her golden eyelashes; eyes blue as a frozen gem gazed mischeviously at him. Sitting this close to her really got his juices flowing; the Valkyries combined the best traits of California beach-bunnies with female fitness models, and the fact that he was about eye-level with boobs the size of honeydew melons didn't escape his notice either. It was surely his imagination, but through the fabric of her white tank-top, he thought he could see the indentations of erect nipples gradually poking through. He gulped audibly, while his heart raced.

"S-so, your squad will be performing at the half-time show during the Championship game tonight?" Vince asked, changing the subject.

"Indeed! We shall inspire the warriors of Madison University against the opposing force of Hillsborough college, it promises to be an epic battle!" She squeezed her hands together in girlish glee.

"Alright I'll... I'll try to make it. And... I guess I'll let you uh... get back to your football player boyfriend, or whoever he is." Vince mumbled.

"Oh no Vincent, I am not like most of my sisters. Truthfully, brutish and brainless thugs do not appeal to me. I prefer... warriors of the mind, you might say. Someone to engage my intellect, as well as my loins." Surely she would notice the deep blush engulfing his face. He stood, looking sheepish and uncertain. Yikes she was hot! Well over 6 feet tall, and like many of her race, Valerie had a firm physique of toned musculature which did nothing to detract from the ripe femininity embodied in her jiggling tits, and her wide, womanly hips; which were enhanced more than concealed by her denim cut-offs. Did she like him as more than a friend? Why didn't she make a move?

"Well then, until later Vincent."

"Y-yeah, later."

And Valerie was gone, back to her floor.

Vince still was uncertain. The Fae were supposed to be unrepentent, irrepressible sluts. Their lewd behavior was an affront to human decency, and the wet dream of repressed, teenage boys. Why would Valerie talk to him so often unless she had some interest? He hadn't mentioned her yet to the rest of his nerd-squad, knowing the jealous reaction he would get. Did she mean what she said about not liking jocks? Why then, did she not make a move? Everyone he knew that had encounters with the Races of Fairy confirmed that they all seemed driven by a maniacal sexual instinct, they didn't even need to know the name of a man they found attractive. Any time a guy could get a Fae alone in his room, it was a guaranteed score. Of course, you didn't even need to get them alone, sometimes. Naturally, no bachelor party was complete without one.

"What's wrong with me? I must be the only guy on campus that got a Fae alone in my room without sex." Was this some sort of female mind game? Maybe, but nonetheless, Vince knew he should focus on his term paper.

Life on Earth was more complicated than Valerie suspected. She walked slowly down the hallway, by the lounge on the way to her own room. The buxom Valkyrie had learned the hard way that human emotions were confusing, often treacherous. She knew that she had to be careful when trying to attract a man.

She really was bored with slack-jawed jocks, and had been for many years. How then to pursue the men that truly piqued her interest? Ask any Fae, whether she's an elf, pixie, mermaid, or whatever how to attract a man, and the answer will be simple; all a Fae has to do is rip open her blouse, baring her breasts for the man she fancies. Then hurl yourself at him, pinning him against the wall, and so there is no room for doubt, thrust your hand down the front of his pants and find something to caress. The more thoughtful ones will remind you to kiss him deeply, and thrust your tongue into his mouth. Often times, this was enough. But this Valkyrie had been burned before.

It was her senior year of High school, and Valerie had her eye on the local Chess-team captain. He was dazzlingly brilliant, the thoughtfulness of his ideas and the depths of his passions caused Valerie to melt with lust. He was a skinny one, but few men were as tall and fit as the Maidens of Valhalla, and she didn't think it would be a problem.

After winning the county championship, She decided to reward him. His parents were away, so she hauled him into their bedroom, ripping off his pants as she went, amidst his shocked protests. She cast him upon the bed, tearing open her own shirt to thrust her ample bosoms into the warm light. He looked like a deer in headlights as she tackled him like a lioness in heat. Lost in her own lust, she scarcely noticed his protests at all, and he couldn't have stopped her anyway. Pinned beneath the tender gold of her pumping hips, he lasted longer than she expected, but still blew his load inside her quicker than she might have liked. Still, she enjoyed herself and was ready for another bout, until he shrank away from her.

Apparently, not all men liked to be ravished through brute force. Her lover felt diminished, less a man from the way she forced herself upon him. He wanted to be seduced, not dominated. Perhaps not all men felt this way, but Valerie would have to be more careful. Back with Vincent, her fairy nature told her to rip off her top, thrust boobs into his face, and pin him to his bed, that she might have her way with him. How she yearned to feel his long-repressed cock surging mightily inside her womanly folds! How sh- no. She wouldn't risk it. There was much she did not yet understand about human emotions. Until she gained a clearer knowledge, she shouldn't be so bold with her lusts. Besides, Vincent was a man; did not his loins burn each day with lust? Why has he never so much as caressed her sleek legs? If he craved her, why did he not try to accidentally grasp her breasts? He must be intimidated.

Almost reflexively, Valerie put a hand to her crotch, groaning with desire as she felt her folds moisten with her arousal. How long before she would feel Vincent's cock invading her inner sanctum? Her other hand rubbed an erect nipple. How long must she wait before his lips would tease her womanly globes? Panting, she grit her teeth, and turned around. And for a moment, she was a hair's-breadth away from storming back into his room, taking hold of him, and forcing Vincent to assuage her fairy lusts whether he wished it or not. But no; if there was one thing she had learned while on Earth, it was to delay gratification. She needed a plan, yes. She was smart enough; and she would use all her abilities to ensure that by the end of the week, she would feel sweet Vincent inside her womanhood, shooting hot gouts of his seed deep into her cunt.

She passed by the lounge on her way to the stairs and saw a red-headed human woman, sitting at a chair in the lounge, apparently asleep. Must have been pulling an all-nighter in preparation for some exam. A gust of wind from the air-conditioner propelled one of her papers in front of Valerie, and as she swiped it away...

"Hold! This... These are notes for a Minor Wish spell!" Her clear blue eyes lit up. The Valkyries could cast spells as easily as any elf, but generally her race focused on martial pursuits, rather than the finer points of magical theory. Few of her kind had access to magic of this power, and among the humans, by law only graduate students in Thaumaturgy were permitted to experiment with potent Wish magic. She could use this! There was a Xerox machine downstairs! She'd copy the page, replace it, and the slumbering human would never know! Giggling softly she scampered away, she could almost feel Vincent's cock even now!

She seemed so content; Valerie's roommate, an exceptionally busty forest nymph sprawled naked upon her bed, body entwined with that of her latest lover, some nameless human she met at a night-club. Even as the pair slumbered, it was clear that the boy's cock was still embedded in the nymph's ass, and a pair of pink panties hung from the lazily spinning ceiling fan. A box of condoms lay on the floor, but none of the units had been unwrapped, Fae hated birth-control.

The Maiden of Valhalla grumbled as she beheld the lurid scene, frustrated that so many men were intimidated by her mighty stature. Well, that's the way it had always been, but no more! Now she... well... was she sure she knew what she was doing? Wishes often backfired, and her original plan, to wish that Vincent became consumed with lust for her could lead to serious consequences. By altering his mind, he might no longer be the man she craved, defeating the whole purpose of wishing. Maybe... maybe she shouldn't tamper with him this way. Instead, she performed the incantation, and wished merely that Vincent should find the sort of woman he'd always wanted. If he truly had no interest in her, maybe this was best. After the sparkling motes of light faded away from the spell, Valerie produced her favorite dildo, burying it to the hilt inside her pussy as she fell asleep, whispering Vincent's name.

What was he going to do? Maybe he should just talk to Valerie, hmm... no that could be embarrasing; she probably was playing some kind of weird, jealousy-inducing game with him, if she was interested at all. Vince took a walk to clear his head and... hey... wait a sec... there she is, that grad student... passed out on the lounge table... and is that what I think it is? It is! ! It's a Minor Wish spell! Just laying out here! He'd have to get a degree in Thaumaturgy before anyone would let him get his hands on something like this! It was only a minor wish; it wouldn't bring about World Peace or make him immortal, but it would be enough to have some fun with. Grinning at his good fortune, he ran downstairs to the Xerox machine before the grad student could wake up.

Minutes later, Vince was having second thoughts. Was it fair to turn someone into a sex-slave for your own pleasure? No, no, no... he was as red-blooded as the next guy, but he wouldn't be able to live with himself if he did that to her. No, this whole thing was a bad idea. He sat on his bunk bed as he finished the incantation, and he decided... well.

"I wish to become whatever would make Valerie happy." A few sparkling motes of light appeared in the air, a sure sign of a successful casting, but Vince didn't feel any different. Which worried and confused him. Maybe the spell's a dud. It's just a bunch of hastily scribbled notes. Probably nothing special.

He was done with his paper, so Vincent decided to spend a bit of time browsing in the University Bookstore. Shirts, mugs, backpacks, all with the Madison U. logo caught his eye, but he had enough of those. Hmm... what's on the magazine rack... the usual Cosmo, Maxim, and... hold on... up there on the top shelf, yeah! There were the 'adult' magazines.

Hah! here we go again; once again Playboy was having a 'Human's only' issue, it was as if the new editorial staff felt the need to remind the public that human women were still glamorous and attractive. But as Vince glanced at the cover, he saw that the auburn-haired beauty preening and strutting had a faint, radiant sheen in her hair. Vince was sure that she was magically-augmented herself. Probably a magical perm, and while her breasts were within the range of normal human anatomy, what model didn't get herself magically firmed these days? The woman was human, but Vince was sure that she'd found a spell to boost herself a cupsize or two. The temptation to augment oneself was irresistable to a growing majority of women. It was so much easier than the messy, agonizing, surgical boob-jobs of the old porn stars.

Oh look... someone left open a Penthouse. Their staff had no such illusions; the public craved the glossy, perfected bodies of the fae, and most skin mags delivered. A few new ones had sprung up over the years featuring nothing but the exaggerated anatomy of the fairy creatures that had joined American civilization. On more than one occassion, Vince had surreptitiously purchased a few issues of Spryte, featuring only pixie porn stars.

Hoping no one would notice, he couldn't help but take a glimpse inside at... ahh... there she was. A silver-haired elf baring all on page 20. She was known as Tatianna Tits, of the 4th Phane of the Leanan-Sidhe, and one of many fae that had plunged gleefully into the sordid world of adult entertainment. Though Tatianna was among the most famous. She seemed born for porn, and all accounts indicated that she planned on flaunting her impossible breasts for centuries to come. She was also one of the few porn-queens that regularly dated her fans.

Like all elves, she had pointed, upswept ears, and her delicate facial features looked as though they had been painted on with a calligraphy brush. Her gargantuan globes were only a little smaller than full-size Halloween pumpkins, with glossy skin the color of liquid alabaster, and Vince couldn't help but gulp. He felt blood rushing behind his ears, and to other places as well.

As if to complete her mystique of audacious sexuality, Tatianna had a large tattoo on her back, depicting a human woman ripping open her shirt as though to entice some man. That was when the tingling began.

Vince's vision blurred for a moment and he began to feel woozy... disconnected... It felt like... well, the same as when your leg falls asleep from lack of blood, but all over his body. And then, as quickly as it had begun, the sensation was over, heralded by a throaty moan. And a new sensation.

Vince was cold, strangely cold... as if... his jaw dropped. No wonder he was so cold, he wasn't wearing his clothes! All he saw was a pink string bikini covering massive, buoyant boobs, sleek legs with the lithesome perfection of a Greek statue, and delicate hands with painted nails. He... He felt a thick mane of lustrous hair falling across his back. Silvery hair. Vince was a woman! What the... how in... Other people had begun to stare in slack-jawed amazement; he wasn't sure if anyone saw his... his... transformation, or if they assumed that this gorgeous babe materialized out of thin air.

He tried to stammer out some apology, some explanation.

"Who's ready to score?" He shouted in a distinctly female voice. Wait... that's not what he wanted to say, why did he do that? A fumbling, awestruck sophomore with blond hair approached Vince.

"Y-you... I know you... I mean, I've seen you in... in magazines..." stammered the sophomore.

Vince wanted to tell him he was mistaken, that this was just some weird magical mishap. His lips moved;

"I think you've jacked-off to me long enough fanboy." said the female voice coming from Vince's lips. Which were now covered with glossy lipstick. He reached up and felt pointed ears, saw the impossible, gigantic boobs, the silky-soft skin, and he knew. I've become... I've turned into Tatianna Tits!

"Maybe it's time you tried out the real thing, instead of blowing your load on magazines." Said Tatianna, as she moved closer to the boy. No! This isn't what Vince wanted! He didn't like men! Gritting his teeth he prepared to take control of himself, and explain the situation. He'd say this was a mistake, he'd say none of this is what it looks like. He'd say that he had to get out of here.

"What's a girl gotta do to get a cock in her pussy around here!" She shouted. NO! That didn't come out right at all! This... this was... impossible, wasn't it?

Rough hands grasped at the mammoth mammaries before them, tweaking and teasing at the jutting nipples, barely held in check by the flimsy bikini, which soon was yanked away. Tatianna threw back her head and moaned with pleasure, her pussy moistening with the stimulation.

Desperately, Vince tried to think. Why was he acting this way? Even in a woman's body, there was no reason for him to like men! Well... he didn't, but Tatianna Tits, Elven Porn-Goddess did. Tatianna was a total slut. And he had become her. Was he a prisoner? A prisoner in his own body? Frantically, Vince tried to run away, escaping this situation.

Tatianna laughed musically, swaying her chests to watch her awesome juggs jiggle naked in the air. The pumpkin-sized globes wobbled with a fleshy grandeur far superior to the false, silicon tits of the 20th century, Tatianna was all real! And Tatianna had no use for clothing. The bikini was gone, and her nude form glistened with voluptuous splendour.

A security guard approached her from behind. "Excuse me miss, I know you're an elf and all, but we have laws concerning indecent-"

"YOUR COCK! MY CUNT! NOOWWW!!" Howled Tatianna, as she pulled down the denim pants concealing the blond kid's erection. '

"Now look here, missy, you can't just go around baring yer tits in public like-" But a gaze from Tatianna silenced him. She craned her neck and fixed the guard with her golden eyes, staring hard at him. The rent-a-cop felt something. When the elf woman looked at him, it was as though something snapped inside. A tidal wave of lust boiled up from the core of his being. Gone were laws, rules, and the needs of an orderly society. The elf had connected magically with the animal instinct within him. Now, nothing else in the universe existed except his throbbing cock, and the sweet pussy lips moist with nectar before him.

The guard wept happily as he buried his member within the female folds. A great burden had been lifted; his lust-clouded mind no longer gave thought to what his superiors, collegues, or his wife would think. He was free! Free to empty himself within the sweet cunt churning around his manhood. Blond-boy found soft lips and expert tongue encircling his hardening shaft of manmeat with a predatory speed. Tatianna Tits knew just how to tantalize him, prolonging his arousal as she stoked the fires of lust to a sensual inferno. Both men grasped frantically at her hanging boobs, the security guard all the more excited from his vantage point, seeing the lurid tattoo of a human woman exposing herself which was etched onto the elf's back.

Tatianna was an expert; she was interested in sexual magics even before the Conjunction, but now that she was free to roam the Earth, she had mastered many sorceries to enhance the experience. She ensured that the man in her pussy and the man in her mouth both came at the same time, and the Porn-Goddess eagerly slurped down the blond-boy's rich elixir as it spurted past her tongue, while wiggling her hips in delight as the older man filled her womb with his fertile reward.

In seconds, these men were of no more use to her, so Tatianna turned her attention to the rest of the bookstore. There were two women, one was a student worker, and the other was an older woman from the surrounding community. They stared in shock, uncertain what to do. But hard glances from the golden eyes of Tatianna broke their will, and unlocked the primal lust within both women. Moaning with pleasure, both of them began fingering themselves desperately, as the elf tore down their moral and rational inhibitions with her magical glare.

Tatianna examined the younger student worker. The brunette was barely a B-cup! Shameful in this day and age! Grasping the girl angrily, the elf forced an erect, golden nipple into her mouth, and in seconds, a creamy sluice of rich, enchanted milk began to flow into the human. The taste was exquisite, and the scrawny human moaned with delight, as she felt her own breasts tingling, bulging with magic. In seconds, the girl's sweater blossomed outwards as rounded spheres grew rapidly into E-cup bastions of wobbling titflesh. The front of the sweater darkened, as the girl's own milk came in full force.

While the human suckled her, The elf chanted another incantation, one that would make the changes permanent. After growing up with breasts barely as large as a peach, it seemed fitting that she should spend the rest of her life with melon-sized, constantly lactating mammaries. The girl sooned collapsed in joy, lifting up her sweater and milking her new boobs in wonder.

Grabbing a pink magic marker from aisle 4, Tatianna went around the bookstore, inscribing arcane runes upon the walls and floor, chanting all the while. Soon, the results of her efforts became apparent; a few seconds later two dark-haired freshmen and a blond, senior girl entered through the front, believing that they would buy supplies for class. Instead, the three were overwhelmed by a monomaniacal sexual frenzy, howling with desire while clutching their genitals. Clothing was soon shed, and an erotic sandwhich resulted, one boy thrusting himself into the girl's grateful pussy from the front, balanced by the other boy impaling her ass on his rigid rod from behind. The blond was soon covered with lovebites as she implored her paramours to continue indefinitely. Tatianna twittered with delight.

Soon, it was apparent that anyone entering the bookstore would become overwhelmed with a mating instinct more powerful than most humans could resist. A hulking, black athlete entered, unaware of what awaited him. Screaming with passion as the spell took hold, he tackled the 40-ish female clerk behind the counter. She was a little older, but she had a cunt, and that was what he needed. Even if the woman could have resisted him, she could not have resisted the fiery yearning that blazed within her own loins as the student happily penetrated her. The elf nodded happily, realizing that while this was not what the humans expected to happen to them, the tears of joy streaking down everyone's faces made it worthwhile.

In minutes, perhaps 10 couples filled the bookstore, writhing in the throes of irresistable sexual instinct. In the back, there were some threesomes laying upon piles of spilled textbooks. The jiggling, naked form of Tatianna stalked towards the store's exit. Well, there was more to see, and as long as she was in a college town, she might as well enjoy herself.

They tried to be careful; the administration of Madison University had been made well aware of the fact that iron was highly toxic to people of Fairy extraction. The metal disrupted magical resonances, and in large enough quantities it could prove fatal. Their commitment to diversity compelled the administrators to create a Fae-friendly campus, but sometimes accidents happen.

Such as now, on the door handle. They had covered the iron with a layer of paint, but with many students grasping the handle innumerable times every day, the layer wore off. Tatianna grit her teeth as the cold iron touched her skin. It stung a bit, but should not do her any lasting harm since- "YYEEAAAAAAH!"

Tatianna's body began to shimmer and glow! The air rippled with magical resonance! Soon, the figure blurred, and changed...

"NH-HAH!!" He was back! Vince was himself again! He was fully clothed, with no trace of sexual fluids on his person. He panted for a few moments, disoriented by the rapid transformation. It must have been the iron on the door handle; it must have broken the spell he was under. Wow! For about 10 minutes, he really was Tatianna Tits! The longer the spell lasted, the more complete the change. He had her thoughts, her beliefs, her memories! At the end, he didn't remember anything about being anyone else. Amazing! What could have caused it? Was it... was it that Wish spell last night? Probably not, his wish had nothing to do with transforming into a porn star, but that was the last time he'd been exposed to any noticeable magic. Well, it was over with now. He suspected that no one had been paying enough attention to him to recognize him before the unexpected transformation, and probably they wouldn't remember anything except the inexplicable appearance of Tatianna Tits, Elven Queen of Porn.

He glanced at the entwined bodies pleasuring each other in the bookstore; soon enough someone would call 911, and they'd send over the Emergency Medical/Magical Technicians, who would break the spell. At least, they'd try to. Tatianna's porn magic was clever indeed, and Vince wondered if some of her enchantments might resist dispelling. No, surely not. A bit of cold iron could unravel fairy magic. Couldn't it? Vince believed so, and whatever spell had been placed on him was clearly gone now. Well, there may be a few magical pregnancies, but no one got hurt at least. Ah well, off to class then.

Well, Vince's report in History class had gone well enough, but still that transformation was bothering him; maybe he should stop by Health services to be sure that whatever spell zapped him didn't leave any lasting effects. Hmm... maybe he was just being paranoid; the spell was broken after all. And besides, he didn't want to miss Professor Lily's class. Vince was a History major, but he decided to take an Environmental studies course to fulfill his science requirements.

And he was glad he did; Dr. Lily was one of the first Fae to complete a degree program in higher education, and only a miniscule handfull had entered the natural sciences. She was a rare gem, and the administrators of Madison University were happy to snatch her up. Of course, the rumors were that she was just as libidinous, if not moreso as the most sex-starved nymphs. Her classes were predominantly filled with male students, all of whom practically seethed with desire as the erudite forest nymph jiggled into class. She seemed to always wear blouses that were several sizes too small; the vast grandeur of her perky bosom strained constantly against the confining cloth.

She made it known that the School was lucky that she chose to wear clothing at all, indeed; many Fae prefer to simply strut around in the buff whenever they can get away with it. And Vincent was not alone as he stared with furtive determination at the precious space on her chest, where the buttons of her blouse strained relentlessly, acres of warm cleavage visible. Lily had been reported to fly into rages whenever anyone suggested that she consider underwear. No, he wouldn't be missing that class.

Ah, he was back on his own floor, and... look; there was Derek, returning to the room they shared. Thoughts of the luscious forest nymph clouded his thoughts as he waved and greeted his roommate.

"I WANT YOUR COCK!!" Vince yelled in a sweetly female voice. Derek turned around, his eyes widening. What the... Why did... what was going on? He didn't mean to say that, and... and... why did Vince suddenly feel so... topheavy?

Vince was wearing a flimsy, white, button-down blouse concealing a vast boobscape made up by two globes only a little larger than volleyballs. Her vest and skirt were a bright, forest-green, and the slender perfection of her olive-tan legs had no need of stockings; even as her breasts had no use for a bra. Oh NO!!! Impossible!!! He... Vince was a woman? AGAIN!? He stopped short in fright, and a wisp of emerald-green hair brushed in front of his eyes. No... no... it couldn't be... In the hallway by the rooms a mirror had been placed for convenience, and the mirror didn't lie.

Vincent Thompson had spontaneously transformed into Professor Lily; the forest nymph biology teacher! The same, heart-shaped face, eyes of deepest green, with an almost asiatic sweep to her features. Alright, this has to stop; Maybe Derek could help, Vince would calmly, and rationally explain the situation.

"I've come for your seed, Derek." said Professor Lily breathily, sashaying down the hall towards him, deliberately swaying her ample hips.

"M-my seed?" mumbled the scrawny nerd.

"The Fae require the infusion of fresh genes to go on living, Derek. We need human genes." A delicate finger unbuttoned the top of her blouse. NO! NO!! NO!!! This was NOT going to happen! Vince was going to take control of himself immediately. He reached deep inside, mustering every ounce of willpower, determined not to become trapped in his own body as he was before, He would NOT have sex with Derek! Never!! And he would tell him so NOW!!!

"I'm not leaving until I feel your cock inside me." Declared the lusty Fae, licking her lips. Okay... Vince was catching on... once again, HE didn't want any such thing, But Lily, a horny nymph that exploited her students in order to procreate with them did. It was his fantasies! It was clear to him now! The spell afflicting him was not broken, it was just... suppressed. With a rude shock, it became clear that every time he had a sexual fantasy, he would become whatever woman he lusted after! And, naturally, all the women in Vince's fantasies had a fiery craving for nerdy intellectuals. Next time, he'd have to fantasize about lesbian exhibitionists. But was it too late? It looked as though he would remain in this form until he touched a piece of iron to suppress the fairy magic.

Lily wrapped her arms around Derek, giggling girlishly as she thrust her tongue luridly into his gaping mouth. Fumbling with the keys, the dorm room was unlocked in record speed. This one's seed would give her many, clever offspring! Half-fae children to fill the Earth. It was Lily's grand design; she took it upon herself to singlehandedly save the dying Fae from extinction. Her smooth hands reached down inside the jeans and grasped Derek's rising cock, gripping it in her impatience to begin the mating.

Lily's mating dance was more than just seduction, her trembling tits and gyrating hips did more than merely excite the frustrated libido of her student/mate, the dance was in reality part of another spell, a complicated fertility incantation. If Derek had been cognizant of anything besides the small buttons popping and ripping away from the nymph's blouse, had he been able to focus on anything besides the bulging expanse of boob gradually revealing itself before him, he would have noticed what the animals were doing outside the window. A pair of cardinals fluttered around each other, both suddenly compelled to begin their own courtship ritual. On an overhanging branch, two squirrels tackled each other; this time of year they should have been worried about gathering nuts, but the aura of fertility magic overcame their normal instincts and brought them to a mating frenzy several months before their usual time. Anyone able to tear their gaze away from the tanned bosoms rising into view would have also noticed several couples of dragonflies, hovering outside the window, mounting each other. But as Lily raised her skirts, revealing her disdain for the very idea of underwear, Derek was oblivious to the outside world.

Well, Derek was indeed glad that he'd signed up for Professor Lily's class. As a computer science major, he had virtually no interest in environmental biology, but all his friends insisted that it was well worth it. He was beginning to understand why. And finally, came the precious moment when the nymph's breasts came into view. Olive-tan, gravity-defiant, bowling balls of female splendour. The throbbing lips of her twat dripped with the honeysuckle juices of her arousal as their groins collided together. From his howling yelp, Lily knew that her magic had succeeded in canceling Derek's intellect, just as she had suspended the normal instinct of the animals outside. Humans were much more agreeable once you got their minds out of the way.

Yes! The boy snarled and threw Lily onto the bed, overcome with the urge to procreate. Lily's eyes noticed something, something she would have to be mindful of; the beds in the dorm had frames that could be stacked together on top of each other for convenience, they were made of iron, and she noticed a small, iron screw right beside the bed. She would have to be extra cautious in avoiding it; even a small amount of iron interfered with fairy sorcery.

While anything but a blushing virgin, every rut stirred her blood almost as much as her first on Earth. The boy thrusting himself inside her moist folds had unleashed years of sexual frustrations; a lifetime of pent-up lusts he was now able to vent inside the quivering cunt enveloping his member, as the pair relentlessly drove each other to orgiastic frenzy.

She lived for this; the nymph was far older than her youthful visage appeared to be, and she knew that she had no desire for the normal stability of the mated pair; in order to proliferate her race, she knew she needed to bed as many young studs as possible. She yearned to be pinned down by a virile young stallion, to breed her and fill her with the spurting warmth of his eager sperm. And that was what she had found. Her dainty feet curled and tickled the muscles of Derek's pumping ass as she adjusted her open thighs to be as receptive as possible to the thrusts of her student/stud.

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