Faeophobia: The Good Ole Days

by XXXecil

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, NonConsensual, Coercion, Magic, Heterosexual, Fiction, MaleDom, Lactation, Pregnancy, School, Transformation, .

Desc: Sex Story: A sex monster stalks the campus of Madison University! Boobs are ballooning, and libidoes are exploding as the Beast shows the girls what they've been missing. Do the girls have the cunning to defeat the monster? Do they even want to? Only those that download this bra-busting tale will find the truth.

"Haven't seen tits this big all week," grumbled the janitor to himself. And that was saying alot, considering the heavy workload that Jacob Renquist was putting in lately. Back when the 50-something bluecolloar wage-slave had just started this gig, the worst he had to clean up was graffitti, and dried-up wads of gum. But those day were gone forever.

The dorm room Jake was cleaning was in fact a surprisingly accurate portrayal of the way the world was these days; disheveled, sloppy, and dripping with sex. The place was water-logged, but not with water. All the furniture, all the walls, and the carpeting beneath was saturated with sexual fluids. The bed sheets were soggy from spewing gouts of breastmilk, cum oozed off the walls languidly, deposited there by ejaculations so volcanic as to inflict mild comas upon the two unconscious boys that had experienced them.

There seemed to be seven of them in all; completely naked college students passed out in the aftermath of an orgy too intense for the human mind to process. There was no doubt that all five of the women were pregnant, and not just from the rivulets of male juices escaping from the yawning pussies luridly displayed before the aging janitor: He had seen this type of thing too many times before. A quick scan of the room revealed the source of this disaster.

There she was; half-sprawled on the bed, her bouncy tits pointing to the ceiling, while her legs dangled off the bed's edge. This girl had a virtually perfect body. Smooth, velvety skin, not a hint of a blemish anywhere, her figure had the perfect balance of toned fitness and voluptuous curves. Yes, her wobbly boobs were the size of watermelons, but that wasn't too unusual these days. But no one could have such a perfect, sculpted physique. Jake knew she was one of them, even before he saw the wings. Just like last time, the little bitch was one of the Fae.

"Damned Stars... Why'd they have ta line up in my lifetime... didn't need any of this..." grumbled Jake. Ever since the Celestial Conjunction earlier in the 21st century, nothing had been right. Mankind found out that magic had returned to the Earth because of it; and all those ancient legends that we thought we'd put behind us turned out to be all too true. And when magic returned, the races from the Land of Fairy returned with it.

"Buncha sluts," complained Jake as he got out his mop and bucket. Whenever asked why they returned to the Earth, the Fae always said that the magic was fading, that they needed human contact, that they would die out otherwise. All Jake knew was that these Fae were all a bunch of unruly nymphomaniacs. Like this one, She was some kind of Pixie, her pink hair, and little wispy antennae on her forehead were natural, as well as the diaphanous, crystalline wings sprouting from the girl's back.

Jake knew the story already; this pixie slut and her roommate probably lured some horny freshmen boys back to their room, intending to cast some kind of lust spell for a night of fun. But the boys had the same idea, and they probably brought along one of those breast-growth potions, or an Amulet of Lactation, or somesuch. The magic got out of hand, other girls got hit with raging libidos, and soon the situation disintegrated into a free-for-all of uncontrollable sexual urges.

Jake had begun the agonizing process of moping up this mess while surveying the humans that had been trapped in this web of seduction. The other four girls were definitely human, or at least, they used to be, if any woman with breasts the size of basketballs and hips nearly as wide as a bed pillow could still be considered human. Good thing he already called the infirmary, they'd be ready soon enough to take these poor wretches off his hands. With them here, the clean-up would be impossible; even now Jake saw small streams of rich breastmilk flowing from the engorged nipples of the co-eds sprawling like rag-dolls on the floor.

The slightest touch of those breasts and little rivers of mi-... what... hold on... The balding janitor studied one of the girls. Sure enough, with a slow and steady creep, like bread-dough rising in the oven, her breasts were still growing. It was fairly slow, he didn't notice at first, but the nurse better hurry while this girl would still fit through the door. Aureoles, nipples and all continued to inflate with magical fertility as he began to mop up the puddles of milk. Whatever sicko breast-growth spell or whatever had happened was still in effect! The girl moaned softly, millions of miles away, as she relived the supernatural orgy in her dreams.

Jake went to the hallway for a second to get the extra blankets. He draped these over the prone bodies of the moist lovers, as though they were corpses, to prevent the lurid scene from fascinating passersby any more than was unavoidable. He never forgot the extra blankets. But wait a second... one of them... wait... that girl... the brown hair was the same style... the torn remains of the clothes beneath her... they were familiar... Jake studied this girl, collapsed near the sink of the room. Yeah, the face was female... (the body sure was) but the clothes were the same... and that hair-cut... he recognized her, sort of. If he hadn't seen this before, he never would have noticed, but this was almost certainly Bob Gerrard, from the thrid floor. A good kid, running for student council. A guy who always stopped to say hi to the janitors. Now, 'Bob' was a giant-assed naked slut of a girl with breasts that could suffocate a horse. 'She' moaned and twitched with memories of unspeakable pleasures. Jake had seen it all before.

What he didn't see was the massive glob of semen that dripped from the ceiling to spatter onto his nearly-bald head. Luckily, he remembered to wrap a cloth around his face to block the heady smell, he'd have to remember to bring a hat next time. It should be okay, though. The students would be carried off, given sexual-suppresant drugs, and allowed to sleep for the rest of the day, most of the magic could probably be reversed. Maybe. If you were lucky, and could afford a good doctor.

"Better off before this magic nonsense started, those were the good ole' days..." reflected Jake wistfully. He knew it was time to take a break soon, he was having one of his dizzy spells again. He'd been working way too hard these days.

It was kinda amazing how fast you can get used to this sort of garbage. Or so Jake thought. Another day, another dirty floor, more sex-soaked dorm rooms to clean up. Years ago, when he started this job, he would have gaped open-mouthed at the sight before him, off to his left.

Jake was sweeping up in the 2nd floor hallway of the Madison University Rec center, but on the left side were windows affording a view into the olympic-sized swimming pool below. And what Jake beheld there only served to heighten his longing for the old days.

"Blasted buncha fairy sluts, tryin' ta show up humans..." Jake grumbled as he swept. Extra-curricular activities at Madison University were becoming increasingly controversial whenever the Fae got involved. And now, female athletics were really beginning to suffer, at least it seemed that way if you were human. Cheerleading, gymnastics, and now the girl's swimteam had been taken over by the Fae. Of course, the coaches and administrators didn't see it that way; Madison university was proud of the way it attracted so many students from the Fairy races, so it made sense to use them.

Jake was still amazed that almost no one put up a fuss over the fact that the Girl's swimteam was almost entirely made up of mermaids now. Yes, it was practical; the graceful bodies and glistening tails of the mermaids slipped through the water like greased lightning, but Jake still thought the school should emphasis human-only athletic teams!

Inspite of his bluster, he couldn't help but be distracted from his onerous chores by the splendid beauty of the fairy creatures. Their tails gleamed with an irridescent, radiant shimmer, no two tails with quite the same color. Jake was also a little distracted by the suppleness of their human torsos; below the rubber-caps used to contain their hair, the mermaids wore only bikini-tops. Since they didn't use normal legs to swim, it was rather pointless trying to wear a human bathing suit.

The disgruntled sanitation worker also couldn't help but take notice of what was in those bikini tops. He figured that swimmers would need to be sleek and slender, but not one of the mermaid girls was less than a D-cup. Amazingly, their ample bosoms were no bother at all as they effortlessly undulated through the water, completing lap-after-lap at a speed that could have earned any of them an Olympic Gold medal back in the good ole' days, of human-only sporting events!

the balding man gulped audibly, adjusted himself to conceal his raging hardon, (he may have been old, but he was still a red-blooded man.) and tried to push away the images of the buxom fairy creatures. They were the Enemy! Something needed to be done! He couldn't think about how much he wanted to suck upon those moist nipples, what it would feel like to grasp and fondle the ample bosoms in the pool below, to caress the colorful tails, easily as radiant as mother-of-pearl...

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