Great Way to Start a Weekend

by Mad Max

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Masturbation, Sex Toys, .

Desc: Sex Story: The end of a long week brings a pleasant surprise.

Weariness was the word he was looking for. Fatigue would have worked too. Unwinding from the pressures of yet another work week, Mike was lying peacefully on his back on the king bed he shared with his lover, Jana. He didn't know whether to doze off into a blissful nap or reach down into his pants and relieve himself of the heavy throbbing coming from his stiffening cock. Either one would have felt nice. He could use the half hour of rest that a late-afternoon nap would afford but he could also use the workout and release that a 10 minute hand job would give him.

And he had no shortage of fantasy images to sort through in his memory. And they all involved dreams about his luscious, full-figured, sex goddess lover, Jana. Fucking her. Sucking her. Licking her hot sweet cunt. Palming her large soft breasts and pinching her thick stiff nipples. Tickling her thighs. Kissing her mouth. Spreading her gorgeous legs. Inhaling her musky woman smell. And, finally, placing his stiff long cock deep into her warm tight wetness. Pounding her. Thrusting. Throbbing.

Yes, that settled it. After yet another day of letting his work interrupt his endless fantasies about his lover, it was time for Mike to let go a little bit. A nap could wait. It was time to stroke.

No sooner did he reach into his trousers inches away from filling his palm when he heard footsteps on the stairs. Could it be her? He quickly removed his hand from his crotch and held his breath until he heard her sweet voice call out his name. Yes, love, I am here. Just winding down after the long week. No, nothing special.

And, there she was. In the doorway to their bedroom. With a sly smile and a wink, she came into the room, closed the door behind her and laid down on the bed next to him. She kissed him on the cheek and whispered in his ear. Yes, she was here. Right here. Would he add yet another entry in his memory bank? His answer came quickly as she reached out, touched her hand to his pants, and gently stroked his hardness with her strong nails. Mmm, she knew. Incredible. She knew exactly what he needed. Best of all, she needed it too. She needed it strong. She needed it hard. She needed it now.

Mike reached over and returned the favor, stroking her curved thighs and gently kneading her soft buns. His hands worked up her back and down her arms until they met again back at her legs and ass. Again and again he stroked her until she started to purr and writhe under his warm hands. She was squeezing his cock through his pants too. Holding it, rubbing it, pinching it while it got stiffer and stiffer and longer and longer. Aching for release, Mike started to rub her legs between her thighs. Jana lifted her legs apart ever so slightly so he could press his palm against her heated treasures. He pressed his hand against her and rubbed her in a wide circle never letting his hand off that critical center of her heat. Jana sighed and moved her hips in the same slow warm circle his hand was making. Her breath grew shorter and her sighs grew deeper as she urged him on.

Reaching down to her ankles, Mike slipped off her shoes and socks and started working his hands up underneath her work slacks. Finally touching her bare skin, he felt an electric jolt when he moved his hands up the back of her legs as far as he could go. Jana moved into position on her back and Mike carefully unzipped her pants and gently tugged them off her shapely hips. Jana lifted her hips to help him and her pants were soon balled up on the floor next to the bed. Mike looked back and saw the sight that had inflamed his thoughts for all the years they had been together. There she was lying on her back with her thighs spread lewdly and her white cotton panties straining tightly against her heavenly mound.

He could smell her and he could see her and he could touch her. This was no dream. She was here, she was eager, and she would please him while he pleased her. Mike reached deep between her legs and pressed his palm back up against up her treasure. Her heat was intense and her juices were starting to flow. He could hear her delicate sounds of stickiness as her cunt started to wet itself in anticipation of his cock's ultimate penetration. Her cotton panel was soaked and her cunt lips were sliding freely. Jana softly begged him to take her panties off. Her hips were moving up and down in her familiar yet devastating fuck rhythm and her warmth was spreading as wide as her luscious quivering legs.

Mike reached up and hooked his fingers inside the waistband of her panties and he tugged them down off her hips and over her spreading ass cheeks. Soon her panties lay next to her slacks on the floor. And there she was. Her thighs and her cunt were lewdly open. Her lips were engorged and throbbing and dripping with the pearls of her moistness. Before he went any further, Mike stood up and moved closer to her face. He kissed Jana and gently squeezed her full breasts though her straining bra cups. She responded by thrusting her tongue deep into his mouth in return and arched her back up so that he could fill his hands with even more cupfuls of her heavy breasts. With his tongue deep into her mouth, Mike reached down and dragged his thick middle finger through her wet open slit. Jana sighed and her cunt lips throbbed as the tip of his finger touched her aching clit.

Reaching behind her back, Mike unclasped her bra and lifted her shirt over head. Soon two more articles of clothing were lying in a heap on the floor. He looked down at her and she was fully resplendent in her naked glow. Her skin was flushed, her full breasts with their stiff points were heaving, her thighs were open and her hips were thrusting ever so gently. Mike bent down close to her and ever so softly blew his hot breath on her exposed cunt. Jana moaned and lifted her cunt up to meet his lips. Mike kissed her clitoris and ran his tongue deep through her wet and hairy slit. Jana purred and ground her hips into his face in return. Mike broke from his lewd kissing and walked over to his dresser. Reaching into his private drawer, he took out one of their favorite toys, a long and thick latex dildo so huge he could barely wrap his strong hand around the wide shaft of the pleasure toy. Jana looked at him in anticipation as he returned to their bed. He knelt down next to her and, with a deep groan, she spread her luscious legs apart once again and begged him to take care of her lusty needs. Mike held the monster in his hands long enough to warm it for her and then he reached down deep between her wet thick folds and gently held her pouting cunt lips wide open for him to see inside. There was her heavenly hole in all its wet open pink glory. Drinking in the heavy aroma of her aroused sex, Mike placed the head of the rubber dick snugly in the cup of her cunt hole and held it there for a long second. Jana held her breath and purred while she strained upwards at the huge invader of her private center.

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