Changing our Friends

by Digger

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Hypnosis, BiSexual, Oral Sex, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Through hypnosis, we change our friends from mild to wild.

I have been happily married for 3 years. My wife is beautiful. We are both 28. I stand 6'00" and have an average build. Margo is 5'7" with a great ass and perky, firm tits. We both work-out regularly and consider ourselves to be in great shape. Back in college, a buddy taught me a fun party trick-how to hypnotize someone. It works most of the time. As everyone knows, under hypnosis, you can't make someone do something they wouldn't want to do (i.e. commit murder, or fall in love with another person). I have used it to help a friend stop smoking. On occasion I have used it for a laugh; I once made a guy sing the "Gilligan's Island" theme song after diving in a pool with his clothes on.

We live in the suburbs of Calgoropolis. Both Margo and I attended nearby Watry State University and keep in contact with our many college friends. One of my long-time friends is Ann. She got married 6 years to Norbert (or "Bert" as we all call him). Margo is fine with my relationship with other women because our marriage is very strong and she trusts me. In fact, the 4 of us get together on occasions. Ann always had a reputation for being a prude. I had a frat brother who dated her for 6 months and all he got from her physically was 2 handjobs. She did not like talking about sex. She was always a wet rag when it came to the topic. She didn't like to dress in any way that could be construed as being revealing. Once she even told Margo that she was showing off too much skin. Bert, on the other hand, was a typical guy. He dated and slept with a number on women in college. On occasion, when Ann is out of town, on my insistence, we have gone to a strip club and even got a lapdance or two. But Bert was also a modest and protective person. He never liked it if someone mentioned that his wife was hot. And I think he is a prude too for he never liked to take his shirt off in public, and always felt uneasy showering in the locker room.

Last weekend, Bert and Ann came over for dinner and a movie. In the course of discussions, it was brought up that I knew how to hypnotize people. Bert was intrigued. I told him about the pool incident, and I told him how I stopped Margo from cracking her knuckles (I also made her crave sucking my dick, but I wasn't going to tell him that). Bert wondered if I could stop Ann from chewing on her fingernails. I was hesitant. He pushed me, so I pulled Ann aside and told her what was what. She agreed to do it, but she wanted me to hypnotize Bert and make him like cleaning the bathroom. I agreed to do it. Ann went down fast and was very open to suggestion. Bert was the same.

That night, as Margo was sucking my dick, I told her how it went. With a wicked grin (I love my wife's devious streak), she mentioned that I should have told them to do something wild. "Like what, dance in the street?"

"No. I was thinking that you should make Bert love to go to down on Ann. She told me that he is very resistant."

"Hmmm. I don't know, maybe he won't do it. Remember I can't make anyone do something they don't really want to do."

"I know, but he does do it."

"Okay, but how about some reciprocity? Maybe I should make Ann like to go down on him more."

Margo licked my 7 inch cock, and said, "She has always been a bit repressed. I know she just needs a nudge to break out and make Bert go nuts!"

"You are so wicked."

"Yes, but I think it would help them. Ann has told me that some of the fire has gone out of their marriage."

"Boy, you think I could help them spice up their life?"

She replied, "It would be a good form of marriage counseling." We got a chuckle out of that. I put our conversation out of my mind.

A month later, at a party, Margo and I ran across Ann and Bert. Margo immediately gave me an odd look, then whispered in my ear, "Remember what we talked about." (She has a better memory than I). I giggled. I inquired as to the success or failure of their changed habits. Both assured me that my suggestions worked; Ann no longer munched on her nails, and Bert has cleaned the bathroom weekly. Off to the side, Bert then asked me, "Can you do it again? It worked like a charm. I was hoping you could get her to like baseball more."

"It's possible," I said with a grin on my face, "but you know there has to be reciprocity."

"Okay. Let's think..."

"I am going to ask Ann." Bert gave me a hard look, but that didn't stop me from going to Ann.

"He wants to do it again, eh? Well you can make him wash the dishes," she said with humph.

A short while later, I was in a quiet, dimly lit room with Ann. I had her under in a few minutes. "Ann, do you hear me?" I asked in a quiet, soothing voice.

With her eyes still closed, she answered quietly, "I hear you."

"Do you love Bert with all your heart?"

"I love him with all my heart."

"Do you love baseball?"

"I think baseball is nothing special."

"From now on, you will think baseball is special. And you will do this because you love Bert. You will want to learn more about and talk about baseball."

"I think baseball is special because I love Bert. I will want to learn more about and talk about baseball."

"You will also want to talk about sex more often. You will talk about it in detail. You will want to talk about your past, his past, other people, and your fantasies. The only other people you will talk about sex in this great detail with is Bert, Margo and me. You will think it is normal and natural to talk in detail about sex and you will not be ashamed. Do you understand?"

"Yes, I understand." Then I had her repeat my instructions back to me. She seemed very open and did not fight the words.

I continued with thought planting; "in public, you will check out other people. You will examine with your eyes both men's and women's bodies. You will like to talk about their bodies with us. You will like to look at men's crotches and wonder about their penises. You will like to look at other women's tits. At the gym, in the locker room, you will check out the other women, and report on their bodies. You will not stare. Do you understand?"

"Yes, I understand." Then I had her repeat my instructions back to me.

"Finally, Ann, you will like to suck Bert's cock more often. You will like to do it every day. On Saturdays, you will love to suck his cock at least three times. You will love to suck on him in most any situation. You will love to suck on him when Margo and I are around. You will love to suck on him when you are out for a hike or a bike ride. You will love to have him cum in your mouth. You love the taste of cum. You love it when some of cum spills on to your face. You will love the way it feels. You will love it when Bert kisses you after he cums in your mouth. You will love it when he licks cum off your face. You will think all this behavior is normal and nothing to be ashamed of and you will say so. Do you understand?" She did! I was amazed that she repeated them back to me. The last thing I said was, "In 2 months, you will want me to hypnotize you again." She agreed. I was excited for Bert at the possibilities of what might happen. I stopped the session. Ann seemed at ease and didn't mention anything to me.

Bert entered the room soon after Ann left. "Did you do it? Will she like baseball?"

"We'll see, Bert? I hope the thoughts I placed with her really come true. Now it is your turn." Bert went under easy. I started with the dishwashing habit. Soon I switched the topic, and told him to talk about sex in graphic detail with Ann. (This was easy, because men like to talk about sex). I told him to check out other people's bodies (also easy for a man). But I told him to check out other men's crotches and wonder about their penises. I told him to check out guys in the locker room and report on their bodies and especially their dicks. "You will wonder about how hard their penises get and if they could please women with it." He understood and repeated it back to me.

"You will like to cum in Ann's mouth. You will like to see cum in her mouth and on her face. You will like to kiss her after you cum in her mouth. You will love to swap cum with her. You will love the taste of cum. You will love to lick it off her body. You will love to cum in her pussy. You will love to lick your cum out of her pussy. You will think all this behavior is normal and nothing to be ashamed of and you will say so. Do you understand?" He did and he repeated! I could not believe it. I also told him that in 60 days, I wanted him to have me hypnotize him. He agreed. I brought him out of his trance. We both exited the room.

In the car on the way home, I told Margo what I had said to them. She couldn't believe it. She got very excited. The moment we got home, she tore off my clothes and fucked me for an hour.

Ten days later, I was at the gym when I spied Bert. He didn't see me at first, and I noticed him checking out people. After finishing on the treadmill, I approached him. We chit-chatted, then I headed toward the locker room. "I was going to take a sauna; want to join me?" he asked. I agreed, and we went into the locker room. As we stripped, I notice Bert checking out other guys. My suggestions were working! He leaned over to me and said, "Check out the equipment on that guy." He nodded his head toward a young guy in the corner. Slyly, I checked out the stranger, and he did have big dick.

"Impressive," I said.

"I'll say. That is a big one. I wonder how hard it gets," said Bert.

"I don't know, maybe 10 inches."

"Wow. It puts my 6 to shame." I got up and went into the sauna. We were alone in the dark, hot room. I stripped off my towel, and Bert checked me out. He stared a little too long. "How big is your dick, Chris?"

"About 7 inches, why?"

"Just curious." He paused. "It looks really thick."

"I guess it is. No one has ever complained." I could feel a little blood run to my dick, and it expanded. I tried to change the subject away from dick. "So how's things between you and Ann? Does she like baseball?"

"She does. This hypnosis really works."



"Also, our sex life has really turned around. We used to be a couple-times-a-month people, now we can't get enough of it. Ann sucks on my dick like it is candy. Every day this morning she has sucked me off. It is great! This morning, I came out of the shower, and found her standing naked in the bathroom. She looked so good. My cock sprang to life and so did she. My god, she sucked and sucked until I came all over her face. She looked so good with my cum on her face."

"I bet she did," I said.

I thought I would check out one of my other suggestions; I asked, "So did she jump right in the shower in order to clean up?"

"Yes and no. I licked her off first."

"You went down on her?"

"No, I licked my cum off her face."

"That sounds gross," I lied.

"No," he explained, "it tastes pretty good. I like doing it. You should try it."

"Maybe I will, if you say it is so great." We talked a little longer, then parted ways. When I got home, I told Margo about my encounter with Bert. She sucked my cock like there was no tomorrow.

Two Saturdays later, we decided to go for a hike with Ann and Bert. Margo and I had talked about the possibility of discussing sex with our friends. We agreed that it would be fun and exciting to see how far we could push the conversation.

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