Helping Lisa

by Robert

Copyright© 2003 by Robert

Incest Sex Story: A young man finds his pregnant sister in need of some tender loving care

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Incest   Brother   Sister   .

"Hey sis, can I get you anything in the kitchen, maybe some toast or... HOLY SHIT."


"I'm sorry Jill, oh God I am so sorry, I really am."

"Don't you know how to knock first?"

"Look, I'll be downstairs, please forgive me, man am I stupid."

"Fuck I could have sworn I locked that door. No Peter, wait, I'm sorry, it wasn't your fault. Let me put something on and I'll be right out."

"No no Jill, it's none of my business what you do in your old room, you continue on doing what it is you were doing, and I'll be in the living room, or in the basement, or maybe I'll go outside, I think I need some air."

"You can take your hands away from your eyes now Peter, I put my panties back on."

"Is that enough sis, are you okay with me seeing you like, well, like this?"

"Well let's see, bra and panties covering my womanly parts, check, I'm okay. I'll tell you though, nothing could ever cover this belly of mine, God I'm so big now, I must look like a beached whale to you."

"Oh now that's not true Jill, you look beautiful, you really do, very maternal, you'll be a wonderful mother too just you wait, are those black satin?"

"My panties, yeah, and Jesus Peter, I've got no choice but to wait, another month for crying out loud. I mean, how much weight can one woman gain anyhow?"

"Apparently a lot Jill."

"Peter I'm gonna smack you."

"I'm only teasing Jill, and I'm really sorry for opening your door without knocking first."

"Yeah well, no harm done, I'm just a little embarrassed."

"Don't worry about it, it's normal what you were doing. So, are you and Bill getting along?"

"We're fine sure."


"Yeah we're okay."

"What about in that area, if you know what I mean?"

"Umm, well, honestly Bill won't touch me as long as I'm pregnant. It's not that he thinks I'm ugly, or so he tells me anyway, he just doesn't want to risk hurting the baby."

"Oh, well I guess that's smart."

"Well there's the thing, my doctor sais sex is okay and that there's no way we could hurt the baby, but Bill still won't touch me, and so it's been over seven months since we..."

"Seven months, Jesus Jill."

"Yeah, so I'm getting kind of..."


"Well I was going to say impatient, a little on edge maybe, but horny pretty much describes me yeah."

"I see, or actually I guess I did huh?"

"You sure did. Well we've seen each other naked before, do you still remember?"

"Sure, that was what, ten years ago?"

"About that, we were twelve and thirteen so, about that."

"Do you want me to show you mine now, you know, keep it fare?"

"Oh you're funny Peter, gonna show your little sister your thing are you, your big cock, your long pointy cock... that's it Peter make me even more hornier than I was."

"Well at least now I know what to buy you for Christmas."

"Oh, and what's that?"

"A nice long dildo."

"Actually, I have one, it's at home."

"No shit, so why don't you go home and, well, use it, or do it, or whatever the term is?"

"Are you telling me to go fuck myself?"

"I suppose so yeah."

"Gee thanks, and I would to except Bill is there and he doesn't want me using that either. Why do you think I came over here? This must be a hormonal thing cause I never use to be like this."

"Well I'll leave you alone then Jill, once again I'm sorry, I'll be in the kitchen, call if you need anything."

"Do we have any cucumbers in the fridge?"

"I'm not sure but I could check... hey, wait a minute, oh now that's gross sis. No, as a matter of fact we don't have any."

"Carrots, sausage sticks, anything with that particular shape?"

"You're sick Jill, I was going to make dinner but now thanks to you I'm not hungry anymore, so why don't you fuck off and go home."

"Don't tell me to fuck off, you fuck off, or better yet come over here and fuck me."

"Jesus Jill, do you hate me that much, you must think I'm some sort of pervert do you, just because I haven't had a date in awhile I must be ready to fuck just about anyone huh, is that it?"

"Oh God damn it Peter I am so sorry, it just sort of came out you know, it must be my hormones talking... hey, wait a minute, what the hell do you mean by just about anyone, I'm not just anyone I'm your sister."

"And what's that suppose to mean Jill, that all brothers want to screw their sisters, or maybe that I was put on this planet to service you, to take care of all your sexual wants and needs."

"Well you didn't mind satisfying your own needs when you felt me up years ago, when you touched my breasts."

"Yeah but you let me, and we were just kids, I didn't hurt you then did I?"

"No, of course not."

"Well it's just that's twice you've brought it up now, you don't hate me for touching you then do you?"

"No I don't, we both had a little fun. Look, I'm sorry Peter, I'm just having a bad morning, one of many. So, it's been awhile for you as well has it?"

"Yeah, I guess I've been pretty lonely lately, haven't dipped the old fountain pen in the ink well for awhile, if you know what I mean."

"I get it sure."

"I do it too, sometimes, what you were doing when I first came in here, although I do it differently obviously."

"Obviously, yeah."

"But I really do need someone to hold, maybe just to talk to, to lay with, to..."


"Yeah well that too."


"Oh thank you Jill now I'm getting horny, I really need to get out more, start dating again. Do you have any friends who aren't married?"

"One or two, what's your type?"

"Well, blonde, pretty, smart, like you really."

"Like me, really?"

"Sure, just like you."

"You really think I'm pretty?"

"Sis, come on, you're fucking gorgeous."

"Oh stop it I am not."

"No, it's true."

"But I'm pregnant."


"But Bill won't touch me anymore, I sometimes wonder if he ever will again. I just want to know someone cares, feel their arms around me, you know?"

"Well I'm just your brother so you probably won't want to but..."

"Hold me Peter, just for a little while, please."

"Or maybe you would. Sure Jill, I've got no problem with that, come here."

"Oh Peter, that's it, your arms around me feel so good, so warm, it's just been too long since someone touched me, tighter Peter, it's alright."

"Are you sure Jill, you don't have much on, and besides your belly is squished between us, I don't want to squeeze too tight."

"Don't worry, you won't hurt the baby, but, well, maybe if we, no, you probably won't want to."

"No, go ahead, say it."

"Would you lay down with me for a little while?"

"You mean, in your bed?"

"Yeah, please. My back hurts a little just standing like this."

"Oh I'm sorry Jill. Well I guess it would be alright, for a little while."

"Good, I'm going to pull back the sheets and get in too, okay, I'm a little cold."

"No wonder with the way you're dressed, why don't you put something on first."

"Umm, no, this is comfortable. Now, get in here with me."

"Alright. Jeez, if Mom comes home and sees us what do you suppose she'll think?"

"Probably that you're screwing your pregnant sister."

"Oh thanks, now I can't get that image out of my head."

"Am I on top or bottom?"

"Top, you're riding me Jill, riding me for all I'm worth."

"Which probably isn't very much."

"Hey now, anyway like you'll ever know. Am I too close Jill, do you want some distance?"

"Are you kidding, you're too far away, my belly is just too big. It doesn't bother you does it?"

"No, of course not, I'll admit though that it feels different, and your belly, where it's touching mine, it feels so warm."

"That's because I'm pregnant."

"No, really, I just thought you had a big supper. Actually, you know what, you're too warm, is it alright if I take my shirt off?"

"Well mine is off so, sure, I guess."


"Just throw it on the dresser."

"Right. There now, that's better. Oh now that does feel weird."

"What does?"

"Your belly against mine, you're squishy, and like I said already you're so warm."

"I'm like a portable incubator, have baby will travel."

"Can I put my hand on you Jill?"

"You want to feel the baby, I guess, let me turn on my back for you, I have to do this slowly, I'm so heavy, there we go. Okay, go ahead."

"Wow, it's beautiful."

"You're so nice to me Peter, and so gentle. Bill wont touch me there, it feels good to be close to someone again, in fact, can we try something, I want to get closer."

"Kind of hard with that little bump of yours between us."

"Well what I was thinking was, you see, I'm going to roll away from you, over onto my other side, there, just like that, now you snuggle up close to my back okay?"

"Like this Jill?"

"Yeah, just like that, thank you Peter, now you can put your arm over me too, over my belly again if you want."

"Alright, umm, this does feel nice, to be close to someone again, if just for a little while."

"Oh Peter, that feels wonderful, keep rubbing my belly."

"Oh Jeez Jill, I wasn't even aware that I was doing that."

"Well just don't stop, it's very relaxing, a little lower if you don't mind."

"Like this?"

"Yeah, that's it, keep rubbing in circles, maybe just a little lower."

"You mean, here, oh shit I'm sorry Jill."

"For what?"

"I went too far down, I kind of dipped into your panties for a second."

"Really, I didn't notice, no harm done I guess."

"Bill buy you those for your last birthday?"

"No, Bill doesn't buy me lingerie, I bought them."

"They're very sexy."

"Yeah, I just wanted to feel special, Bill never even noticed them before, thank you Peter."

"You know you're very sexy too sis."

"Oh that's sweet Peter, now I'm blushing... Peter, what's that?"

"What's what?"

"You've got a growing lump of your own behind me, in fact it's poking into my behind."

"God damn it, I'm so sorry Jill, I'd better go, fuck I'm useless."

"No don't get up, come back here, Jesus you move fast. Peter I know you didn't mean anything by it."

"I guess it's just been too long Jill, since I've been near anyone."

"Well I certainly know what that's like, but what we're doing is innocent enough. Come back to bed, please."

"Well, it did feel really nice, and I am cold now just standing here."

"So you're looking for someone just like me."

"Yeah Jill, just like you, beautiful, warm, and God knows you're warm, caring..."


"Well, she doesn't have to be, though apparently that is a major turn on for me."

"I wish it was for Bill."

"Yeah what's wrong with that guy anyway, not wanting to fuck my pregnant sister, why I ought to..."

"Fuck me for him?"

"Well I was going to say smack him, but if you really want me to."

"Sure let's go."

"You're only kidding though, right Jill?"

"Of course silly, couldn't you tell?"

"Oh sure, I mean you wouldn't want to anyway, I'm your brother, and just because I love you very, very much and would do anything for you..."

"You would?"

"Anything Jill, you should know that."

"Anything, well, except for that of course, right Peter?"

"Of course, I mean that would be wrong, that's considered..."


"Exactly, I could even get you pregnant, well, maybe not right now, but I could."

"No, I think that's taken care of right now. I guess that's why brothers and sisters aren't suppose to have sex, the risk of pregnancy, birth defects and all. But still, we couldn't do it."

"No, we shouldn't do it."

"That's right Peter, of course we can't make love together."

"You mean screw."

"That's right, we can't screw each other."

"Or fuck around a little."

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