Making Danielle Cum

by Powerone

Copyright© 2003 by Powerone

Sex Story: Danielle is stalked and captured. Michael, Bill and Roxanne all take sexual advantage of this young lady. As they take her, she soon learns that she loves it.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Teenagers   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Rape   BDSM   Humiliation   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   .

Copyright 2003 by Powerone and Danielle.

Ignoring my pleas, you bury your cock all the way into my little pink hole. You hold it there feeling me squirm, I'm panting, trying to catch my breath, the pain is unbearable, and I scream in agony. "Yea baby, that's it, scream for me, tell me how much it hurts." You pull your cock out of me only to shove it back in again with such force that I almost pass out. The pain rips through me with each thrust. "Do you like my big cock? Does it feel good when I shove it deep into your tight little ass? Do you like the way I fuck you, stretching your asshole so wide? Do you like the way it fills your asshole?" You reach around and squeeze my clit, rolling it between your fingers as you pump your cock in and out of my asshole. "Tell me how much you like it! I know you like my big cock in your asshole, I'm going to fuck you until you cum for me just to prove you like it. Come on baby, squeeze that cock, yea, that's it. Oh, you are a good little fuck aren't you? Oh, your ass is so tight!"

It was only a couple of hours ago that I executed my plan to capture you. I had been following you for over two months now. I knew you better then most of your friends. You are an artist, most of the time you work at home. You are young, 5'10", long brown hair, green eyes, but your most prominent feature is your DD cup tits. It did not seem like you dated much. Not sure why, you had a body that anyone would want to fuck. Your name is Danielle, but I had heard others call you Dani. I preferred Danielle.

My cabin was about 20 miles from your home. About twenty minute drive with good weather and little traffic. I had decided on Friday as the day I was going to kidnap you. That would leave me all weekend before anyone knew you were gone. I had the van all ready and my accomplices all arranged. Roxanne and her boyfriend, Bill would be joining me. Roxanne was bisexual and Bill was a sadist by desire. They both enjoyed, as I also did, in initiating young girls in the finer aspects of sexual perversions. They both had approved of Danielle's abduction. The van was specially equipped with my special seat belts.

I had searched out this location with you in mind. The particular tree I found was exactly what I was looking for. The trunk was about three feet in diameter, but also had two smaller trunks coming out from the bottom. The two smaller trunks were on each side and were about one foot in diameter. Large roots surrounded the trunks, some up to two inches in diameter. It was an oddity among trees, but fit exactly into my plans. I came back, a chain saw in my possession. I cut down the tree three feet from the ground. The smaller trunks were cut one feel lower at two feet. I cut the rest of the tree into short pieces for firewood and loaded them into the wheelbarrow and took them to my cabin, about 100 yards away. My cabin was in the most deserted part of the forest, the nearest neighbor being over three miles away. There was no mail service, police or fire service and the nearest store was over ten miles by jeep, roads being impassable without four-wheel drive.

We had been watching you all morning and it seemed like we would never get our chance until you came out right after noon. You were dressed in a small halter-top and a pair of shorts. Neither garments did much to cover your body. My cock was already hard in anticipation. You began to do some gardening in the front yard of the condo you lived in. The rest of the street seemed fairly deserted, most people at work. I pulled out and drove the van down the street until I stopped in front of your condo, only three feet from where you were working. Roxanne was sitting in the front seat with Bill, looking like a couple.

"Excuse me, Dani, could you tell me how to get to the market? Bill watched your reaction as he asked.

I looked up when someone called my name. "Excuse me," I said, looking up from my gardening. Danielle looked at the couple in the van.

"I asked if you could tell me where the market was, Dani," Bill repeated.

"Do I know you, you know my name? Looking up and seeing the woman in the car with you.

"We just moved into the condo behind yours. We met your mother the other day and she told us that if we needed anything, we could ask you if she was not at home. We're finally finished moving in and we are in desperate need of some food," Roxanne replied.

"Oh, OK, she didn't say anything, but I did see your moving van yesterday." I gave them the directions, watching as they looked puzzled, the market being over ten miles into town.

"Do you know where she is talking about, Bill," Roxanne asked him.

"I'm more confused then when we started, explain again Dani," Bill asked, putting a puzzled look on his face.

Danielle explained again about the left turn, two miles, first right after the light, down two miles to where the road splits, take the right split, another three miles, next right after the gas station, second turn on the right and the last building in the small shopping center.

"I'm sorry, we must be brain dead from hunger, but I don't think I can find it. Why you mind showing us, we will only be about 15 minutes in the store? Please, we're really desperate," Roxanne begged Danielle.

Danielle thought about it. Her mother wanted her to help them, it would only be a little while. The town was a small town, where people did not even lock their doors, crime was usually drunk and disorderly on a Saturday night. "OK, but I have to get right back."

"Hop in," the back door sliding open.

They open the side door and there is another man in the back seat, but he appears harmless. Quiet, but friendly. I hop in the back, the couple insist that I put on my seat belt. I assume for safety reasons, but I soon find out the real reason. The seat belts are odd, the kind used in racecars, a strap down each shoulder, across the waist and a small square box attached to the one going between my legs. Everyone appears to belted in using the same type belt so it does not concern me. They close the door, we drive off promising to bring me right back.

We drive along, they follow my directions for a few miles then head to out of town. Before I realize what is going on my seat belt begins to vibrate. It is coming from the square box attached between my legs. "What's happening!" I exclaim.

"Oh, I'm sorry, my name is Michael. I used to be a race car driver and I am now an inventor. These seat belts are in final testing before they are to be put in all Mercedes vehicles. As you can see they are like those used in racecars, but with some major modifications".

Danielle squirmed in her seat, listening to Michael speaking but not really paying attention. Wearing very little clothing, the vibrating seat belt is virtually in direct contact with my clit. I become uncomfortable and squirm around looking for a way to release the seat belt.

Michael continues, staring at her with a knowing grin on his face. "I found that serious accidents occurred in spite of the drivers wearing seat belts, in this case, they are called harnesses, because the belts would routinely loosen the longer the driver wore them. These are automatically adjusting belts, what you feel is the electrical mechanism tightening up. I notice you squirming, that is why your belt is so active. You must stay still or it will continue."

By the time I realize that there is no release on my belt, we are on a deserted dirt road in the middle of nowhere. I feel my heart drop as it dawns on me that there is no escape, yet I am so aroused by the vibrating belt that my reaction is a cross between fear and deep desire to feel a hard cock in my pussy.

The van pulls off the road onto another more desolate

The van pulls in and parks. Roxanne and Bill come around to the door and open it, watching me still squirming to free myself. They say nothing, just smiling. Michael released his cock from his pants. He sat there stroking his cock, watching me watching him, enjoying the fear he sees in my eyes. His cock was huge, not more than 8" long, but almost as thick as a soda can. When he finally does speak to me, his voice was deep and smooth almost sexy if I wasn't so scared. He explained to me that he was going to "break me in".

The back seat swivels around to face the open sliding door. Michael never says a word as he reaches for my left leg. He wraps a strap around my knee and pulls it tightly to the back of the driver's seat. He then takes my right leg and roughly pulls it toward the bench seat in the back of the van. He tied both in place with just enough room for me to wiggle a bit. This allowed full access to my pussy. I feel the vibrating belt between my legs pulled aside just far enough for him to cut the crotch of my shorts. Pulling my damaged clothing out of the way allows him just enough room to slide a finger into my now, very wet pussy. I squirm, trying to fight him off with my arms. Begging him to stop and let me go. He smiles at me, reaches for my arms, and quickly locks them into Velcro ties on the van ceiling before he returns to fucking my pussy with his fingers.

Roxanne steps into the van and inserts a tape into the TV/VCR mounted above the passenger's seats. As the tape starts to play, Michael opens a small black box containing a camcorder and begins taping.

Roxanne pulls my blouse open and takes my tits, one in each hand and pinches my nipples. She runs her hands over my large breasts, taking one nipple into her mouth, sucking, licking and nibbling, then the other. Against my will, my nipples immediately became hard little nubs responding to her touch. She leans in to rub her breasts across my face. I turn away but cannot escape. She opens her blouse, and rubs her nipples until they are hard. She bends down and one at a time, rolls her hard nipples against mine. I've never been with another woman before but I couldn't believe how horny she was making me. Pleased with my response, Roxanne moves to the seat in back, she bends down and pulls a suitcase from behind the seat. She opens the suitcase and rummages through the contents.

I am distracted when I hear a woman pleading and crying. I look up and can't believe what I see. The tape is of her strapped into the same seat that I am in, her legs are spread open and her pussy is being violated just like mine. On the tape she is crying and pleading for them to let her go. I watch as they fuck her with their fingers and she's begging them to stop. They ignore her pleas while they discuss her pussy, how tight it is, if it's wet enough to fuck yet. They are doing the same thing to her on the tape as they are doing to me at that very moment.

Michael finger slides in and out of her pussy. With every thrust he uses his thumb to push the little vibrating box hard against her clit. "You've got a great pussy. Do you like what I'm doing to you? Do you like knowing that everyone is looking at your pussy?"

"Please stop," I beg him

"Why do you want me to stop if you are so wet?" I know you have no answer for me and continue to question you. "Do you want to feel my hard cock? Did you shave your pussy just for me? Beg me to fuck you?" I taunt you.

"No, I don't want you to," I cry out, watching Michael still slowly stroking his hard cock. He shoves another finger into me and fucks me faster and harder.

"Soon enough," Michael states, his cock harder and harder.

I feel myself getting close to orgasm, I am desperate to divert my attention. I can't have an orgasm, not like this! I look away only to see Roxanne on the bench seat in the back of the van is now half-naked. Her large breasts are exposed and her pussy is in clear view. When she sees me looking at her she squeezes her tits together and rolls her nipples between her fingers. She lifts one tit to her mouth and sucks on her own nipple. She looks like she's putting on a show as her hand slips down between her legs. She rubs her clit, sliding her fingers up and down her pussy and moaning. She spread her lips and slipped a finger inside. I can't watch her anymore, my pussy is getting wetter. I look up in effort to keep myself from cumming, only to see the taped movie of her being fucked.

In the movie there is a different woman watching as they fuck the woman who is now fingering herself in the back seat. I realize that they are playing out the movie, only changing one character and the women change roles. The woman on the tape screams in agony when a finger is brutally shoved up her ass. A moment later I feel incredible pressure on my anus. I scream as Michael finger fucking my pussy uses his other hand to stick his finger up my ass. I try in vain to get away from his finger, bucking my hips up and down, trying to move away from the painful intrusion. All I managed to do was ride his fingers. They slide in and out of both holes, as I desperately try to escape. With all my squirming I'm forcing my clit even harder against the little vibrating box on the seat belt. Within seconds I had my first orgasm.

All watch as my orgasm shakes my body, my naked tits bouncing on my chest, my hips rising from the seat, pushing into the fingers that fuck my pussy and asshole. Michael watches as my body settles back into the seat, his fingers slipping noisily out of my wet pussy. His hand goes back to slowly stroking his cock, watching my face.

"Time to get fucked, Danielle. Get out of the van," the seatbelt suddenly snapping open, relieving the pressure on my exposed clit.

I was helped, more pulled then helped, out of the van by Bill. Michael followed me out, his hands rubbing over my naked ass as we got out. He pulled me into the woods.

"I will see you and Roxanne back in the cabin in about an hour." Michael told Bill as we marched away from them.

"Where are you taking me?" I cried as you pulled me along the dense brush, the brush scratching my naked skin.

"I have a special place for you Danielle. It is where I am going to fuck you in your asshole. You made my cock very hard in the van and I am going stick my big cock up your asshole. I want to hear you beg, to hear you scream. There is nobody out here except Roxanne and Bill and they will do many things to you to make you scream. Now over here, I have found this special place that I made just for your ass fucking." We moved over into the clearing where the stump was.

I looked puzzled at the stump before me. It was not anything special, just a tree stump, though it did look like it was cut recently. "Please, nobody has ever stuck their penis up my behind. It hurt when you stuck your fingers up my bottom in the van, I could never stand anything as big as a penis. And it is disgusting, why would anyone want to go up my behind?"

"I enjoy a nice tight asshole, gripping my cock when I fuck it. Your screaming will also make my cock very hard, the better to fuck you with. Now over here," pulling you over to the tree stump. "I picked this one out just with you in mind. This will be a lot less painful if you cooperate," my hand slapping hard against your asscheeks. I pulled you closer, forcing you to stand in front of the tree stump.

I started to get the purpose of the tree stump as you push me in front of it. I feel you behind me, pushing down on my back, forcing me to bend over. You wanted me bent over, my ass in the air, ready for your cock. "Please, do my pussy, not in my butt," but I know that you will force me to take it in my backside.

"That's a good little girl, baby, now just put your knees on the two little stumps on the side, yes, that's good, spread your legs out like that." I watch as you mount the stump, your legs spreading wide to balance on the two side stumps. Your stomach rests on the higher center stump. "Yeah, baby, now push forward a little, I'll hold you, yes, there you go," my hands holding your hips as I ease you forward, your abdomen now resting on the larger stump.

I feel your hands urging me forward on the stump, my legs spread and kept stretched wide by the two smaller stumps holding my knees firmly in place. I feel you pushing down on my head, lowering it towards the ground.

"Yeah, baby, upside down, now that's the way I want you. Now grab the roots on the bottom with your hands and don't let go." I slap your ass hard, watching your cheek turn red. "Now arch your ass up baby, show me that asshole," I look at you, bent over, knees spread wide, ass cheeks separated, your tiny asshole peeking out. Your ass is almost sticking straight up in the air at just the right height for my cock.

I start to feel a little dizzy, blood rushing to my head as I grip the roots, my ass pulled up high. The position I was in would allow him to penetrate me very deep. It was going to hurt and I couldn't do anything about it. "Please, don't do this," I cried, tears running down my face. I hear the rustle of clothes behind me and I know that you are now naked as I am. I feel fingers on my ass, stroking across my naked butt. I tremble in fear.

I put my fingers on each side of your asshole, pulling outward on your pucker. I see you begin to clench your cheeks, my hand slapping your asscheeks hard back into submission. "Don't tighten up your cheeks." Your cheeks relax, my fingers returning on opening up your ass pucker. Your asshole looks so tiny. I don't know how my large cock would get in, but I knew it would be painful for you. I watch as your ass pucker clenches and unclenches as I slowly spread your asshole open, your hole now open over _ inch. Just wait until you get a cock that is over two inches in diameter.

"Oh, no, please, you're stretching me too much, it hurts," I cry, my hands clenching the roots tightly as you abuse my virgin asshole.

I grab my cock in my fist, pumping it up and down, making it harder. "You haven't felt anything yet, my little cunt." I take the head of my cock and run it up and down your pussy slit, spreading your lips open, your pussy juice lubricating the head of my massive cock. "You little bitch, all nice and wet for Daddy, getting all nice and wet for your ass fucking."

I feel your cock running over my pussy. You know that I am wet. I don't even understand it. You are about to fuck me in my tiny asshole and I am wet in anticipation. "Please, that will hurt, put it in my pussy, fuck my pussy, please," I beg you. But I feel you slide your cock up and press it against my asshole. I brace for when you will try to penetrate me, tightening up my ass cheeks. Your fingers stretch my cheeks open, my asshole pucker spreading open more, the head of your cock slowly pushing into the indent. I can feel my asshole beginning to stretch open. It feels like I am having a bowel movement, but it is pushing in, not out.

"That's a good little girl, now I want you to push out on your asshole. Make it easy for my cock to get inside. Yeah, that's good, can you feel your asshole opening for me. Again, push out with your asshole again." I push forward with my hips, my cock slowly pushing into your asshole, millimeter by millimeter. I rub my fingers around your asshole, feeling the skin stretching, the dark brown color of your asshole now pink as it opens for my cock. Your asshole is now over one inch, forced in by the pressure of my cock. "It's gonna pop inside your sphincter in a minute, you can scream if you want. Once I'm in, then the ass fucking will begin. Now, baby, push out on your asshole again, like a good little girl, yes, it's stretching nicely now."

"OHHH, God, it hurts," my asshole stinging as I feel the head of your hot cock pushing relentlessly against it, slowly forcing it to open. "No more," but I know that you will not stop until you cock is inside me. Inside my asshole. That's not where it belongs. But you continue to force me to take it, making me push out, willing my asshole to open.

"You like that, you like the slow painful opening of your asshole. I can see it spreading open. Get ready, you cunt, I can't wait any longer." I lunge with my hips, shooting my cock hard against your asshole. My cock bends, your asshole too tight for it to enter. I slap your asscheeks. "Don't tighten on me cunt, let me in. Now push back or I will beat your ass." I feel you relax your cheeks and then I feel your asshole opening as you push out like you are having a bowel movement. "That's it baby, here it comes." I lunge my hips forward again, this time successful. I feel your ass pucker spread open, the head of my cock popping inside, your asshole stretched tightly around the crown of my cock, feeling like a giant rubber band gripping it tightly. I feel your body shudder in pain, your scream making my cock harder.

"Oh, no! Stop! Ppppllleeeassse, take it out, it hurts too much! I squirm around, my hips gyrating from side to side, but I feel you following my movements, the head of your cock still trapped inside my asshole. It feels like you tore me open, the pain shooting up my spine. My asshole spasms, pulsating on your cock. I can feel it trying to push it out. I am unable to control it. It only wants the cock out. "Don't move, please, it hurts!" I don't move, gripping the roots, my knuckles white. As long as it doesn't move, it doesn't hurt any more.

"That's what I like, a nice tight asshole gripping my cock. But we have to move on baby. With you bent over like that, I can penetrate your asshole real deep. It's going to feel real good. You're going to get all eight inches of hard cock up your ass. Now don't fight it, baby."

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