Sexy Sister

by JAX

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Teenagers, Consensual, Heterosexual, Incest, Brother, Sister, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: It's so nice to have a sexy sister to come home to

It's every teenage boy dream to have a sexy sister, you know how it is when your young, you go on dates with some pretty young girls and all you get, if your lucky, is a kiss and a feel of her tits. When you get home, you go to bed with a massive hardon and feeling very frustrated. When I get home from my date, I have my sexy older sister there willing to give me some relief.

How did this all start, you may ask, well even when we were very young and we used to bath together, Pam, my sister would play with my small Willie, penis envy I suppose. When we got a bit older and Mum deemed we were too old to bath together, but we would play doctors and nurses, where it always seemed I had to take my Willie out so she could bandage it up. As we grow older we went own ways for a few years, that is till Pam hit adolescence, suddenly her interest in my cock was revived. I was two years behind her and wasn't really interested in her sexual games, but it felt so naughty to be naked with her and therefore enjoyable. Suddenly I can remember her body became something to look at. I suppose I might have seen pictures circulating at school, showing naked women, and it dawned on me that Pam was also shaped like that. I can remember her walking into the lounge in just bra and knickers looking for something and for the first time, I saw her as a sexual being.

"What are you gorking at?" she said tersely.

"You," I replied with confidence I didn't feel, "I've have just realised, what a gorgeous and sexy sister I have."

"What?" she stops short, staring at me, "you've seen me like this before," indicating her body with her hand.

"Yeah, but today you look like one of those models, you know, like in a magazine," I said; this was obviously the right thing to say.

"Do you really think so?" she asked smiling, "I think my bust is too big and my legs are too short and dumpy."

"No guy is going to say any girl's tits are too big," I said laughing, "and your legs look great," my comments brought a huge smile to her face. "Thanks little brother, just what a girl wants to hear from a feller," she walked over and bent down and kissed me on top of my head, her generous sized tits almost spilling out of her bra.

My own development carried on in its own embarrassing way, you know how it is, wet dreams, breaking voice and rapid growth, the one thing I was happy with was my cock was also growing apace. Girls at school were paying more attention to me too, but try as I might, I couldn't break my duck with any of them. I was sitting watching TV late one Friday night, Mum and Dad had gone to bed hours ago, the front door closed behind a unhappy Pam.

"What's the matter?" I asked as she plonked herself down beside me.

"What is it with you guys? All they want to do is grope me," she said with a sigh. "I want sex as much as they do, but don't they understand that it's not acceptable even in this day and age." She paused for a few seconds then look at me.

"They all want to do is fuck anything in a skirt and then marry a virgin, well it's not bloody fair." I put a comforting arm around her.

"Sorry sis, it's just their hormones raging," I said.

"Yeah right," she said, "don't they understand that if I give in to them, my rep is shot, I'll be labelled a easy lay, a slut, oh fuck." She lay up against me for several minutes.

"What I want is a secret lover," she said somewhat brighter, "you know someone to satisfy me without everybody in this town knowing about it."

"Yeah," I said with a short laugh, "and what I want is not to be a virgin." With that she reached over and kissed me on the head.

"Thanks little brother," she said getting up, "it's so nice to have you to talk to, good night."

I watched the end of the film then went to bed myself.

I was having a lie in on Sunday morning, my rock hard cock acting as a tent pole to my single sheet when there was a knock at my door.

"Can I come in?" Pam asked poking her head around the door.

"Sure," I replied trying to hide my erection from her view. She plonked herself on my bed, her T-shirt she was wearing barely covering her knickers.

"I been thinking about the other night," she looked at me quickly, "can I ask you a favour?"

"Sure sis," I replied.

"Well you know I said I wanted a secret lover and you wanted to stop being a virgin, well perhaps we can help each other out," she stopped talking and looked down at the floor.

"I know it's a lot to asked," she carried on, "but it would help both of us."

"Let me get this straight," I said sitting up, "your proposing that you and I help each other out sex wise."

"Sorry, I shouldn't have asked," she spluttered, getting up and heading for the door.

"Hang on sis," I said, she turn round and sat down again this time a little closer; I gazed at her naked legs just inches away.

"Ok, if I was to agree to this, just what do you expect of me?" I asked.

"Well I don't really know," she spluttered.

"Look sis," I said, taking the bull by the horns, "do you want me to fuck you or what." Her head dropped and after a couple of heartbeats she nodded.

"Ok, ok sis, if I agree, it must be a total secret, I mean no one must know ever, and I mean no one, ok; that means not even your best friend or anyone," again she just nodded.

"Ok that's settled," I said smiling at her.

"Thanks little brother," she looked up at me and smiled back, "we'll talk more later." This time when she got up and headed for the door she almost skipped.

I was half afraid she had changed her mind as nothing happened for a few weeks, then one Friday night she knocked on my door after she had got home from a date.

"Are you asleep?" she asked.

"No, that's all right, come in sis," I said, sitting up, I noticed that she had changed into her night T-shirt.

"Have a nice time?" I asked.

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