Her Dream

by Trog

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, .

Desc: Sex Story: Again they are together or are they? This time it's her turn as she sleeps and dreams. Did it really happen or was it just her fantasy? You choose.

It was late and she felt tired. The day had been very long and exhaustion crept deep into her bones. Hot water cascaded over her body as she felt her muscles relaxing. Her mind wondered to earlier in the afternoon when she had relented and called him. She felt her lips curl upwards as she recalled asking him please. It was the first time she could remember at the moment ever coming close to pleading and she was glad for it. It allowed her only the few brief minutes to talk to him, to hear his voice and how warm it made her feel.

Weariness consumed her tired body as she reached out to turn off the shower. The water still dripped from the shower head as her unconscious mind allowed her hands to gently caressed her nakedness. Her breasts, while small, felt firm and she wondered if he really would like them. She sighed heavily, grabbed a towel and dried herself.

With bare feet she padded silently to her bed, pulled back to coverings and slipped between them. The night was cool and she felt her nipples swelling hard and full. Again her fingers lightly caressed them causing an almost lustful gasp to escape her lips before she finally snuggled into the covers. With a sigh of remorse she slowly drifted off to sleep but not before whispering to herself 'I love you' into the empty room.

It was a soft lit moonlight that oozed its way between the partly open drapes dimly lighting the bedroom. She lay on her back; the covers that had been pulled tightly to her chin now lay just below her breasts. They were bare owing to the fact she rarely slept other than natural. A soft hint of dampness caressed her exposed nipples causing them to stiffen, become hard points centered on her small firm flesh. An almost moan sighed from between her slightly parted lips as she breathed deeply. Her chest filled with air forcing her breasts upwards meeting the grazing moist warmth.

Her unconscious mind whirled as thoughts of her earlier talk on the phone with her dear love invaded her brain. Whispers of soft words formed on her lips as she moaned and spoke her love of him. Still the feeling upon her swollen nipples didn't subside, rather the feeling increased. Quickly she was feeling his lips surrounding her turgid nubs as his tongue flicked with relentless passion bringing about her torment. Her lust was growing and all she wanted was to feel him in her.

"Yes my darling don't, ever stop," she all but gasped in her sleep.

Over and over she felt the unseen tongue lavish her nipples, the lips covering her small yet firm breasts before leaving and moving upwards towards her open exposed neck. Again she felt the lips and tongue laving her skin as they moved higher until she felt her lips touched. Hers opened willingly as she felt the tongue in her mouth. She responded with eagerness, tasting of him and wanting all the much more. All to soon she felt him no more upon her mouth but drifting slowly down from her neck and upper body. Her hands lightly held his head as it moved lower, lower, lower until her body felt the dampness inches above the juncture of her legs. She knew what she wanted but was it all to come true?

Rough workened hands touched her tender inner thighs gently coaxing them apart. Her mind didn't register but her body did as her legs spread slowly. Hot air covered her most private of places quickly replaced with the heat of wetness. Something was touching her and it felt good. A groan not silent escaped her partly open lips as she lifted herself as if begging for more and more is what she was getting. The warm wetness became firm and slipped between her sexual folds, driving inside and pulling back.

Just above where the hot thing was probing her center rose up hard. It was touched and her hips jerked but not with fear or revulsion, but with intense feeling and desire. The nub, the thing at the center of her sex, expanded and bloomed in full flower. Suddenly it was surrounded by moisture and a pressure not felt for many years. Her mind knew what it was and instantly her body responded. She felt the tongue flicking over it, the lips searching for and finding just enough to grasp between them.

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