Dream Lover

by Trog

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, .

Desc: Sex Story: In real life he has a love and lover, but in his dream does he have his fantasy or does he have her? You decide which is real.

As was his normal custom he went to bed natural and alone. The warm bed felt good in the cool evening as he listened to the howling wind. Large drops of rain splattered the bedroom window as the beat down from the heavens. He began to sense a pattern and soon was drifting off to sleep. Then came the dream, the same one he had been having for several months.

It was beginning as it always did, him sleeping when she came into his darkened room. Gently she would lay her body on top of the covers next to him caressing his cheeks and lightly touching his lips with hers. Her head would lie on his shoulder and he could feel the softness of her breath on his neck.

But something about this dream seemed so very different now. There was additional warmth he felt on his side, something unknown. An arm moved over his bare chest and lay soft while a heated hand covered his breast. Soft lips touched his neck and something wet pressed against his skin. The hand moved and began slowly, gently caressing his chest as it crept lower and lower.

Turning his head he found the lips and they touched his. His mind whirled with unknown thoughts. Could it be, he wondered remembering their last time 'together'. They had spent a long time and she had suggested personal delivery of her lips.

Unwilling to press his mind he breathed deeply and sighed contentedly as the hand barely touched his stomach. One solitary finger toyed lightly with the indentation of his navel before agonizingly moving further down.

Thin wiry hairs bellow his belly moved as the fingers of the hand touched them. Something was happening to his body, something he didn't want to stop. In his mind he knew it was sexual, an awakening. He felt himself growing and the hand seemed to know it as both body parts touched. Soft cool fingers held him gently and he sighed.

With bare notice the bed moved and he felt hot wetness all over his chest. At each male breast lips kissed, a tongue slid over the tiny nubs just before the lips took them. First one then the other was treated with loving gentleness with the tongue flicking over each swollen nub causing him to breath more deeply. His mind registered his mounting passion and deep desires.

Something warm and wet probed his belly button and he could almost hear himself gasp. For what seemed hours the tongue delved as the lips caressed before moving away. A moment of fear crept into his mind until the now warm fingers holding his manly pride lifted him and he felt that special something wet and hot covering the top. Slowly he felt himself being taken by the lips of before and all but grunted as they crept downward.

A shiver raced through his body when the tongue moved lightly over the very tip of his manhood. His breathing all but stopped when more was consumed to the point of half. It was a sensation he had never felt before and prayed it would never stop. The hot wetness remained and began moving. Slowly, at first, up and down then more rapidly. He felt but could not hear the soft mewling coming from her.

He felt himself lost when contact was broken but soon realized the reason. Soft warm lips were again pressed gently to his. They moved and he felt the firm wetness of a tongue sliding passed his teeth. With willingness he greeted her tasting the tanginess of her mouth. She was like mint, fresh and full of zest. His arm moved and slipped around her finding and touching the nakedness of her back. He pulled her closer kissing with more and more passion.

Together they moved, bodies pressing close front to front. He felt her breasts pressed firmly to his chest, her swollen nipples boring hard into his skin. His hand caressed the soft skin of her back as their tongues entwined filled with the mutual love of the other. Lower his hand drifted dipping at her waist before rising again with the swell of her hips. He marveled the smoothness of her skin.

Without thought both of them moved and she lay on her back, their lips never loosing contact. She gasped slightly when his fingers lightly touched the juncture of her legs. He felt an immense heat coupled with an even more amount of wetness. Could it be, his mind wondered, that his dreams were about to come true? Were they about to consummate their expressed love?

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