What Can I Say?

by juanwildone

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Cheating, .

Desc: Sex Story: A one night stand nearly wrecks a marriage. On the advice of a therapist the estranged spouses try again - a little too much truth slips out but everything seems to work out in the end.

Cecelia was thrown from her sleep by the sickening lurch of her stomach. She stumbled through the hotel room to the bathroom. Squatting she felt her stomach wretch horribly as she emptied the contents of last night excess into the toilet. With each subsequent spasm she both better and worse. Better because you just do after throwing up; worse because something else was coming out too. Something that shouldn't have been coming out at all. Something that made her feel worse - much worse.

Standing slowly on trembling legs Cecilia reached for the light switch. She knew what she was going to see. A small puddle of white viscous fluid was pooled on the floor. Cecelia looked down between her legs and saw her glistening puffy lips surrounded by white crusty residue. It was all coming back to her - she groaned inwardly at her own choice of words.

The shower was as hot as she could stand. She soaped and rinsed and douched again and again. Toweling her hair dry and wrapping another towel around her Cecelia walked back into the hotel room.

Bill was leaning against the headboard, his erection pointed at the ceiling. Cecelia looked at Bill, his erection, and then shook her head.

"Not a chance."

"Oh come on Cece. How about a final little quickie to put the bow an incredible night? I haven't come four times in one night since, well since we were in college - you're as hot, no, you're hotter then you were in college."

Cecelia searched for her clothes. "Bill last night was a terrible mistake. I was drunk - stupid drunk, it should have never happened." She found her dress and bra. "Damnit Bill, I'm married, very happily married. You knew that and you took advantage of me."

"Guilty as charged." Bill began to slowly stroke his prodigious cock. "But - you certainly seemed to be enjoying yourself last night. The sound of your cries of pleasure, what was it exactly? oh yes "Fuck me, harder, harder. Fuck me with your huge cock. Fuck..."

Cecelia turned on Bill. "Oh shut the fuck up! If I hadn't been drunk you wouldn't have had a chance. You don't get it do you - you're not half the man my husband is. You couldn't measure up to Matt if your life depended on it. You..."

"Measure up? Cece you were as tight as when I first met you and that's after two kids. It sure felt like it was hubby who didn't quite measure up." Bill smirked as he watched her dress.

"You're pathetic... no wonder you're on wife number three. The only thing you bring to a relationship is that tube of meat. Where they fuck are my panties?"


"Souvenir? You conceited arrogant asshole." Cecelia stuffed her bra in her purse and zipped up her dress. "I was actually happy to see you last night Bill I really was - we had some good times together. I'll be happier now if I never see you again. Good bye Bill. Thank God it's still dark outside."

Bill laughed loudly. "Alright have it your way Cee. I will always think well of you. This was just some very enjoyable sex between a couple of old lovers. See you later Cecelia." He watched her walk to the door and open it.

"Oh Cecelia. One last thing I always have the staff hang black out curtains so the early morning light doesn't wake my up... it's 11:30 am. I believe your check out time is..."

"FUCK!" Cecelia ran to the elevator. Thank God she was staying in the same hotel. What were the chances that a PTA National conference would be taking place in the same hotel that her college lover Bill Clarkson would also be staying in? What were the chances indeed?

Cecelia thought up a number of possible scenarios to explain where she was and what she had been doing. Her roommate Jennifer was pretty level-headed. If Cecelia could get Jennifer to buy into her excuse she might be able to finesse this mess. Cecelia told herself over and over, this will work, be confident, nothing wrong has happened. As long as the other six moms were kept "in the dark" this could work.

Cecelia slipped her card into the lock and when the light flashed green pushed open the door.

Seven pairs of eyes turned to her and went wide in amazement.

Cecelia looked at the sign on the door "Dr. Elizabeth Williams - Marriage Counselor" and slowly walked inside.

"Good afternoon Cecelia. How are you?"

"Hi Dr. Williams. I'm good."

Cecelia sat down in the offered chair. She'd planned out a whole speech but now she wasn't so sure what to say. Dr. Williams's efforts at getting Cecelia to speak freely about her marriage were challenged once again.

"Ok. Let's try this - how are the kids?" That started the flow as Cecelia brought the doctor up to date. As the doctor gently questioned and probed Cecelia found herself slowly talking more and more about her and Matt's relationship.

"Well. It sounds like you and Matt are doing better - you're able to communicate and make decisions about many things - the kids, discipline issues, financial issues. It seems that we've covered every topic but one. Cecelia how would you describe the intimacy of your marriage - specifically the physical intimacy, your and Matt's sexual relationship. Are you having sex Cecelia?"


"Are you having orgasms?"

Cecelia nodded her head and then answered verbally at Dr. Williams prompting, "Yes."

"Are you satisfied with the frequency of sex?"

"Not really."

"Not really is a vague answer to work with. In what ways is the frequency of sex with Matt 'not really' what you expect?"

"Not really enough is the answer Doctor. We used to have a lot more sex... OK, right I need to be specific. There was a time when we were having sex almost daily; before the kids came along. Even after having kids we were still fairly active (at least in terms of what my friends were getting from their husbands) three to four times per week, minimum. Now, I'd be happy with three to four times a month."

"Cecelia we're not talking about your friends and their sexual frequency - we're talking about you and Matt. So things have not really improved since you and Matt were in therapy together."

"Not really doctor. I mean it's been a year. How long is Matt going to hold this over my head?"

"Cecelia you need to call a spade a spade."

"My infidelity..." Cecelia paused and took a deep breath. "We were having lots of sex. Now I'm having more sex with myself then with Matt. It's just not the same Doctor. It's not like it was before. I knew it would be different. I'm just don't like this particular different."

"Cecelia. I didn't start off my marriage counseling practice specializing in Infidelity. As I became aware of the impact of it had in otherwise stable relationships I began to focus more and more on it. As I told you both at the very beginning the consequences of infidelity never stop - it's very much like the death of a loved one. You look at the many years you and Matt have been together and you see an error in judgment - one night. To you this is like a car accident; you were careless, it happened, you've admitted responsibility and you're ready to get on with your life."

"But that's just it doctor. Matt says he knows it was an accident. He says he's moving forward, but... it's like Matt and I are in two different marriages. I want us to be in the same one."

"I understand Cecelia. Yes Matt can say the words you want to hear but you have to realize that for Matt what happened was much more than just an accident. He's experiencing it as an accident that, in many ways resulted in a death in the family, your death so to speak."

"You said that before and I really don't agree. I mean neither of us were virgins, we'd both had other lovers, even long term lovers..."

"Cecelia. You, as a married woman, had sex with another man. Matt experienced this without any prior warning. Nor was this just a private experience between you and him. It occurred within your community of friends. You have to realize that Matt has experienced a very public humiliation. The community of your friends and co-workers are all aware of what happened. Cecelia you and Matt have relationships with these people. These relationships have a momentum, an expectation. We expect people to act in a certain way. When they change their behavior it affects us - positively or negatively. Marriage is one of the few relationships where we strictly codify and promise to behave in a particular way - in this case, to be monogamous.

"Matt had an expectation of you as his faithful wife. That changed due to your infidelity. He will never look at you the way he did before - never. He may be able to forgive you, to trust you, and even to love you in the way that you want to be loved, physically and emotionally. But he will never look at you in the same way. In Matt's point of view his faithful wife died that night - that can not be changed. Until you can accept that fact; you will continually try to return to a reality that to Matt no longer exists. To Matt that particular relationship is dead. Accept it and work at creating a new relationship with him. You have many areas to grow together in..." Dr. Williams paused as she saw Cecelia struggle internally.

"He's been tying me up for sex."

Dr. Williams leaned forward. "Tell me about that?"

"I don't like it. Ok, part of me does like it. I... I sort of enjoy not being in control. Sexually I have a lot more experience then Matt, and I definitely had more confidence. It was usually up to me to take us new places in our sexual relationship. He was willing, but I was the one who had been there before, with other lovers. I was the flirt, I was the temptress. I used sex as a lever with Matt - and it worked.

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