Twin Girlfriends

by Strudel

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Desc: Incest Sex Story: At the age 25 Jimmy finds himself working for a catering company that caters for movies. When the movie wraps he is apppoached by the beautiful Carmen who explains that she and her twin sister have this method of introducing themselves to guys: if one of them wanted to meet a guy she would have her sister act as proxy. The disinterested sister, with nothing at stake, would have more confidence and would feel no fear of rejection when chatting up a guy on behalf of the interested sister.

When I was 25 I was working for a catering company that mostly catered for movie productions and the like. We had big trucks and huge industrial-sized outdoor grills that we would set up at movie and TV lots and at on-location sets. We served great food but it was mostly basic fare. We ran a glorified chuck wagon, as opposed to upscale gourmet-type caterers. We catered the production of this one movie--it was a stupid bikini flick, one of those low-brow summer B movies. After production finished we were invited to the wrap party. I didn't want to go because I hate industry parties. But my co-worker talked me into going as moral support; he hoped to get with one of the foxy actresses from the movie. I knew those girls would be too busy networking to be interested in lowly food-slingers like us but I went along anyway. I figured I'd honor my friend's request, and hoped it'd be at least a little bit satisfying to be on the receiving end of the refreshments for a change.

As I predicted, the starlets at the party were busy networking. There was also a good number of producers and other semi-bigwigs acting all industry. It all felt very phony. But when it got late and power guys had left, the party degenerated into what to me was a normal kind of party. Some of the actresses had left with the suits but some still hung out.

To my disbelief an amazing girl came right up to me. She was one of a pair of identical twins whom I had seen only a couple of times on the set and who in my opinion were by far the hit of this party. They were dressed identically in these very simple and tasteful, yet amazingly sexy peach-colored evening gowns that hugged their hour glass torsos, low cut with spaghetti straps so there was lots of cleavage and the upper swells of their huge tits showing. The dresses were also translucent if back lit by a strong light, revealing a tantalizing hint of great legs. When one of them came right up to me I was actually afraid, but I think I managed to hide it.

She told me her sister thought I was cute. I'd been complimented before on my looks to a certain extent by my mother and grandmothers and my few former second-rate girl friends, never by any highly desirable girls; so I had always assumed that such comments were tainted as they came either from biased family members or from girls who felt fortunate to get an average guy like me. Never before had I received any attention from a fabulous babe. She explained that she and her sister had this method of introducing themselves to guys: if one of them wanted to meet a guy she would have her sister act as proxy. The disinterested sister, with nothing at stake, would have more confidence and would feel no fear of rejection when chatting up a guy on behalf of the interested sister.

"So, do you think I'm attractive?" I was offended that she would be so arrogant as to ask me a question like that. "Oops, I guess that wasn't very tactful, was it? See, like I said I'm speaking for my sister. We're identical twins so I figure if you think I'm attractive then you'll automatically like her too."

Well, whether their approach was screwy or brilliant, it worked. Of course, these girls were such foxes that pretty much any approach would've worked on me. Carla and I started dating (the one who had spoken for Carla is named Carmen). When I came to pick Carla up for our first date she answered the door almost falling out of tiny cut-off jeans and a cut-off tank shirt that revealed the undersides of her huge tits if she raised her arms or her shoulders even slightly. The sides of her tits were visible through the shirt's arm holes. I wondered if her being in this outfit meant we'd be staying in. She obviously enjoyed my jaw-on-the-floor reaction, at which point she informed me that she was Carmen.

When Carla came out she saw Carmen's attire and the resulting bulge in my pants. "You slut, what are you trying to do, steal my date away from me?

Carmen cupped my crotch, bringing a gasp of astonishment from me. "No, just getting him ready for you." This sent my mind bouncing in several directions, some positive and some negative. One of the positives was that Carmen's sexiness had started my cock swelling from the moment she opened the door; when she felt my crotch it wasn't hard yet but it must've seemed much larger to her than it really is. She glanced at Carla with what seemed to me like a look of approval. I remember wondering what the hell I was doing here, and how unbelievable these girls were. I had no way of knowing that I "ain't seen nothin' yet", as the expression goes.

I guess our date went fine. Nothing worth mentioning besides the fact that for the first time in my life I was out with a beautiful, sexy girl who turned the heads of every guy from the macho parking attendant to the gay waiter and every male passerby, as well as many women. She was quite charming and I must've done OK too because we continued dating after that.

While dating Carla I also became friends with Carmen. It seemed like Carmen was always around. The twins were very close; they did almost everything together, even dressed the same. They were so identical in looks and behavior and clothes that even after I got to know them closely, I couldn't tell them apart. I had heard stories of identical twins secretly swapping boy friends. They claimed they never tried to fool me into mistaking their identities except for occasional little practical jokes, though they admitted having traded dates in the past without the guys' knowledge. I was never 100% sure I knew which was which, even during dates and sex. At any given time only one of them would act like my girl so I had to assume that was Carla. But I knew they told each other everything, so if they ever wanted to fool me I'd be unable to trip the impostor up with her lack of knowledge about me or our relationship.

If she didn't have anything else to do, Carmen would hang out with us and even accompany us on dates. Carmen seemed to like me almost as much as Carla did; after all they did have the same tastes as each other and also Carla would tell her all the things she liked about me. Carmen would flirt with me, teasing me with her knowledge of intimate details that Carla had divulged about me. They often whispered secretly to each other and giggled like schoolgirls; I knew they were talking about me. This and the lack of privacy bothered me a lot, but the fact that two such beautiful twins liked me enough to spend so much time with me and one of them liked me enough to date me, more than made up for it.

When I would come over and one of them answered the door I would get a hug and kiss regardless of which twin it was. I could usually tell which one it was because Carla would give me deep French kisses whereas Carmen would just kiss me on the cheek. But sometimes Carmen would flirt outrageously by doing something like pushing me against the door during the hug, her big tits mashed against my ribs, and caressing my crotch to hardness (which only took a second), then playfully and triumphantly walking away with an exaggeratedly sexy swing of her hips saying "I'll tell Carla you're here."

One reason I would get a hard-on so fast is that I'd be half way there already. I'm only slightly larger than average in length (7.5") and width when erect, and I guess I'm pretty much average when soft. But because the girls were always looking and behaving so sexy, my dick was almost always at least partially engorged when I was around them. This meant that even if it was soft it was still much bigger than its normal state, so if I was naked it just looked like I had a naturally big cock, or if I was clothed it caused a bigger bulge in my pants. Both girls looked at my crotch a lot, often quite blatantly. Sometimes if they noticed each other looking at the same time, their eyes would meet, obviously sharing some kind of nonverbal communication. Luckily their faces would show admiration or some other positive expression, so my ego soared at their apparently appreciative reactions.

Carla loved to sit on my lap, squirming around a lot with her pussy centered on my bulge, often in full view of her sister. Carmen would frequently hop on my lap too, though only briefly and only in a playful or friendly way. However her definition of playful could include a hug and kiss, and even a quick squirm of pussy over my pants-covered erection.

The twins slept together in a queen-sized bed in their one-bedroom apartment. I asked Carla if they ever did more together than sleep. "Wouldn't you like to know!" she replied. The first time I slept over at their place, Carmen slept on the couch to leave the bedroom for Carla and me. In the morning I was waken up by sound of a dresser drawer closing. Looking up I saw Carla in a bra and thong panties, leaning over with her hands in a bottom dresser drawer. I had a rear view of her vulva peeking out between her legs, the cleft between the two halves visible through the flimsy panties. I was on my side with my top knee drawn up so my thigh was at a right angle to my torso, causing my hips to be rotated partially face-down.

I groggily said "G'morning".

She replied "Oops, sorry to wake you--it's my turn to make breakfast and we're out of milk, I have to get dressed to go to the store". She looked down toward my crotch and said "Nice balls, stud."

Something about her tone of voice sounded like that of a person impressed with something they were seeing for the first time. Suddenly I had a thought and turned my head to find Carla lying there asleep next to me. At the same time I noticed the covers had been thrown off, so the girl who was awake, who I now knew was Carmen, could see my naked body. And with my knee drawn up like it was, my jewels must be visible from behind. In sudden realization I cried "Oh shit!" and yanked the covers back over myself.

Later during breakfast I was too embarrassed to look at Carmen. When Carla left the room to go to the bathroom Carmen took the opportunity to ask me what was wrong. I admitted I was humiliated at how she had seen me earlier. She took my hands in hers to get my attention and gave me a wonderfully reassuring smile. "You shouldn't be humiliated. I liked what I saw. You were really attractive like that. You have a nice package, y'know. If anything you should be proud." She gave me a friendly kiss on the lips. "So snap out of it, OK?"

The twins tried to work their schedules so that Carmen would be out when I was likely to sleep over. That wasn't difficult because she had lots of dates of her own. But sometimes the arrangements didn't work out. With the exception of that first sleepover when Carmen slept on the couch, when this happened she would just get into bed with us. The first time she did this I was quite taken aback, especially when Carla started foreplay with me while her sister was right there in the bed. Carla was in the middle. When she rolled on her back and spread her legs all the way for me to fuck her, one thigh was across my waist and the knee of her other leg was over her sister's hip. I hesitated. Of course I'd had fantasies about the twins being the bread in a Jim sandwich (Jim is my name), but nevertheless I found this situation to be very weird. Carla was too horny to wait for me to figure out what to do so she whipped off her nightie and climbed on top of me and started fucking me, sitting up with her hands on my chest. It was dark but some light from the moon and the city lights filtered through the curtains. Her slightly forward-leaning position gave her giant tits a great angle to hang somewhat freely and to jiggle and bounce as she bounced, but with her hands on my chest her arms formed a sort of corral that gave her cleavage and restricted her tits to a wonderful sort of up-and-down, forward-and-back motion. I looked over at Carmen and saw that she was watching us. The upright position and bouncing movement of Carla's torso had drawn the covers off of all three of us. Carmen had on a lacy babydoll nightie that barely reached her crotch when she was standing up, so when she was lying in bed it had ridden up to reveal her panties. I could see her hand in her crotch and her erect nipples were poking against the thin lace. I came hard.

As I recovered my wits following my orgasm Carla was working toward her own cum. I saw that the twins were holding hands! This sight caused me to remain erect, enabling Carla to reach her climax. She kept fucking me for a short while after that and then got off, too sensitive to keep going. "Oh poor baby, you're still hard. Look Carmen he's still hard after he came."

"Yeah--what a man!"

"What am I gonna do with you?" Carla slinked down and blew me with her sister watching. This was all so unbelievable!

After I came I dosed off. When I woke a little while later I could hear a rhythmic sound coming from the attached bathroom. Carla whispered "Hear that? She got all horny watching us; now she's in there masturbating." We listened as the sound increased in volume and tempo. Then we heard moans, followed by a loud gasp as Carmen came. Then we heard the faucet running, and then the door opened and she returned to bed with a sheepish look on her face because she could see that I was awake and must've heard her pleasuring herself. Carla hugged her, their tits pressed together, and kissed her on the lips. "All better now?"

Carmen glanced sheepishly at me, then toward my crotch which was hidden under the covers. She knew she was busted so she just matter-of-factly admitted, "Yes thank you, all better."

The second time all three of us were in bed together was about a week later. Carla and I had already fucked before Carmen came to bed. When Carmen got in bed I found myself in the middle. I was nervous on several levels: my fantasies of being the meat in their sandwich ran wild; but I didn't know if it was appropriate to be in bed with both of them, let alone to be in the middle. The girls went to sleep but I lay there wide awake with a hard-on for hours, stealing glances at both of these dream girls, until Carla rolled against me in her sleep and tried to throw a leg over me. Her thigh was blocked by my erection, causing a slightly perturbed expression on her face. She woke up and looked down to see what had wakened her. "Ooh, what's this baby," she cooed, grabbing my cock, "do you need some help?" She started stroking me languidly. "God, you're making me horny too. I want you to eat me. Will you eat me?" I glanced apprehensively over at the sleeping Carmen, thinking maybe we shouldn't with her right next to me like this. But the wonderful feelings caused by Carla's stroking hand eliminated my reservations and I said OK. She said "You better do me first; if I do you first you'll fall asleep and leave me high and dry." I was sure that wouldn't happen but I didn't argue. She draped her leg the rest of the way over me and lay on top of me, then slid up my body until she was straddling my head, and lowered her cunt to my mouth. As I licked her she ground her pussy against me very energetically. The bed was squeaking and shaking, Carla was moaning loudly, and she came loudly, the jerking of her hips causing her juices to get all over the lower half of my face. I was thinking there's no way Carmen could sleep through this. Now that her needs were taken care of Carla slid back down to blow me. With her thigh no longer blocking my vision I could see that Carmen was awake right next to me, lying on her side and looking at me from barely a foot away, smiling. I was embarrassed but couldn't help a moan and an ecstatic expression as Carla's mouth closed over my cock. Carmen's gaze shifted downward towards the action. She raised her head for a better view, her elbow on the bed, her head resting on the heel of her hand. When she looked back up at my face and our eyes met she saw my mix of ecstasy and embarrassment. She acknowledged this by teasingly scooping a drop of Carla's cunt juice off my cheek with a finger and sucking it off the finger, then giving me an air kiss while idly toying with her nipple through her thin nightie. This sight took me over the edge and I blasted into Carla's mouth. When I had recovered somewhat from my cum I looked down to learn that Carla had fallen asleep with my cock still in her mouth (this was one of the many times she would fulfill one or more of my various previously-unrealized fantasies). I looked to the side to learn that Carmen was still watching me, with a triumphant smirk. She air-kissed me again and lay back down to sleep.

In the morning I woke up alone, put my undershorts back on and went looking for a drink of water. The bathroom door was closed, the sound of the shower filtering through it, so I headed for the kitchen. There I encountered a twin dressed in a button-down dress shirt made of extremely thin white cloth. It was so see-through that I could easily make out not only her areolae but even the tan lines on her tits, and the panties that were the only other thing she had on. Those amazing breasts bounced freely as she walked up to me until they were touching my chest. She draped her arms over my shoulders like only my lover would, and pecked me on the lips. "'Dja sleep well baby?"

I grabbed her tits and answered, "Fantastic!"

She sighed as I squeezed her boobs but after several seconds of my fondling she said, "Maybe you shouldn't. You know Sis and I tell each other everything."

I wondered why she'd worry about that; her sister had watched us having sex twice now, so I wondered why I should care if she tells her sister that I squeezed her tits? Then I flashed on the real meaning of her statement, and reflexively jerked my hands away. Oh shit, this wasn't my girl friend, it was Carmen! She playfully gave my hard-on a quick squeeze through my tented shorts and spun away laughing in a friendly 'gotcha again!' kind of way.

Over the next couple of weeks we all became increasingly comfortable with the idea of Carmen and me seeing each other in the bedroom and in bed. The girls didn't always sleep on the same side of the bed, so there were times when I was unsure which of the two girls in bed with me was my girl friend. Some times I would wake up snuggling with Carmen by accident. Even wilder than that, some of those times it would be Carmen who initiated the embrace, having snuggled up with me in her sleep. One morning I discovered that all 3 of us were entangled together. I was face to face with one twin, our arms around each other, my morning hard-on out of my fly and poking dangerously against her pussy, while the other twin was spooned up behind me. Luckily I found out the one I was almost fucking was Carla.

On another occasion Carla and I fell asleep right after sex so we were still naked. In the middle of the night I woke up because when I tried to change positions in my sleep something restricted my movement. I woke to find the three of us nested like spoons, with me in the middle. It felt so good I no longer felt like changing positions. Man, this was awesome! I got a hard-on that pushed against the backs of the upper thighs of the twin in front of me. In her sleep she raised her upper leg enough to let my cock spring up between her legs, then lowered her leg back down, reached down with her hand and grabbed the tip of my cock to pull the shaft up against her pussy, sighed happily and mumbled something unintelligible that sounded like it had the word "nice" in it, and continued sleeping. I felt around her body and discovered that she was naked. I then reached behind myself and felt panties on the hip of the other twin, so that one must be Carmen. Another crisis averted!

Of course I wondered if they even intended for me to avert such "crises"; THEY sure weren't doing much to avoid them. But I still thought it was wiser to assume that that idea was just a case of my fantasies fueling my imagination.

On a few occasions I was walking around naked, such as to the bathroom or to the kitchen for a drink, and encountered one of the twins, not knowing which one she was. I was also pretty sure I'd seen Carmen naked too, getting dressed in the room while I was there. But if it was Carmen she played it cool. I figured she knew she needn't be modest in front of me for a couple of reasons. For one thing she knew that since she looked exactly like my girl friend, I already knew what she looked like naked. For another thing, she knew that even if I did see her naked, I'd never be sure if it was even her. She and Carla were so in-tune with each other that neither one ever said or did anything to reveal which one I had just seen getting dressed. And they almost always dressed so nearly identically that I couldn't use their outfits to figure out which one I'd seen getting dressed.

One of the great things about Carla was that she liked porn. She would buy magazines and videos so that we could look at them together, and she would get me to tell her which pictures I liked most. She liked to initiate sex by getting into one of those sexy poses that she knew I liked from the porn. I especially couldn't resist her on her knees with her chest on the floor (or bed), back arched so that her ass stuck way up in the air, with pussy and ass-hole on lewd display. She even started shaving her pussy lips like the porn models and actresses--what a turn-on! And I was sure Carmen followed suit, shaving down below to maintain their identicalness. I could tell this was true about Carmen because their new look was evident through the miniscule panties they both sometimes wore.

Of course Carmen liked porn just as Carla did. If she saw us looking at a magazine she would join in or look over our shoulders, making comments along with her sister. I learned that like most girls the twins liked the stories best, plus they also liked pictures of people having sex--hetero, lez, gay, it all turned them on.

One time Carla and I were seated on the sofa when she pulled out a gay magazine. Carmen was behind the sofa, leaning over our shoulders. I asked them why they liked the gay stuff.

Carmen blew in my ear and whispered, "I like the cocks." Hearing her talk like that gave me a hard-on.

Carla said, "Yeah, we like cocks," and squeezed my hard-on through my pants.

So the appeal of gay porn for them was not the homosexual aspect, but was simply the pictures of cocks. "Then why do you like lez pictures?" I asked.

The twins looked at each other meaningfully. Carmen reached down and hefted her sister's huge braless tits through her shirt and whispered in my ear again, "We like boobies too."

"Mm-Hmm!" Carla agreed. My jaw dropped. Carmen reached further down to grasp the hem of Carla's shirt, and pulled the shirt up above Carla's tits, exposing them. Then from behind she began fondling them, including pinching the nipples.

Carla sighed, "Mmmmmm."

My cock got even harder, tenting my pants more. I said "Aha, you two DO fool around with each other!" The girls looked at each other, burst into laughter, and playfully hit me on my shoulder and my back. I said "OK, very funny, you got me. Whew! That was a pretty good tease, you little sluts."

Noticing my increased excitement, Carla fondled my crotch, giggled "I'll say it was, your cock is a lot harder now."

Carmen said in a teasingly sultry voice, "You'd like it if we were lovers, wouldn't you? You like the idea of bisexual identical twin sisters having sex together?"

I was speechless because Carla was unzipping me and pulling out my cock. She pumped her hand up and down the top half of it a few times, expertly dragging its skin back and forth along the shaft so that part of her hand could slide along the glans. "It's too dry..." She leaned down and licked it, then let a bunch of saliva drool onto the head and coated it all over my cock with her hand, which now glided freely on my cock.

Carmen's chin was on my shoulder as she watched, her cheek against my neck. I was unnerved because despite the fact that Carmen had watched us fuck before, this felt like a new higher level of exhibitionism since we were now out in broad daylight, not in bed in the dark. My intellect waning as my body took over, I forgot my apprehension and surrendered to the feeling. I came hard, the first spurt so strong that it reached past my shoulder to Carmen's chin and the corner of her mouth. She flinched and yelped "Oh!" in surprise, wiping the cum off with a finger. "Geezus, Car, he came on my face!" Carla looked up and Carmen put her cummy finger in her sister's mouth. Carla sucked the cum off Carmen's finger.

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