Insufficient Funds

by Phoenix Arrow

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, FemaleDom, Humiliation, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Mrs. Thompson is a fraud, and proud of it. She's become quite notorious defrauding banks. Unfortunately this time, she's finally comes across a rather intelligent bank manager. Will she be going to jail, or laughing all the way to the bank?

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I walk into the bank and immediately start eyeing out a sucker. There are always at least one or two new girls working as tellers in these city banks. And if you know how to push them just right, you can fool them any day of the week.

I have actually gotten quite good at this. Going from bank to bank, requesting withdrawals with fake identification and bank accounts. I know it's against the law, but a girl's got to make a living.

Usually it's not much, only several hundreds of dollars each time. This way the banks won't be as eager to report the theft to the FBI. Any thefts look bad for a bank, so 2-3 hundred isn't worth the effort. And since I've been so good at it, the only way they'll know I wasn't the real account holder is when a customer reports an error in their account, and I'm usually long gone by then.

And now, its time to conquer my latest victim. It doesn't take me long to spot the peppy blonde right out of college busily working out a transaction for her customer. She's the one I need. They're always so easy to manipulate.

I patiently wait in line until she becomes available, then approach with a smile. "Candy" her name tag reads. Perfect. This will be so easy.

"Hello, may I help you?"

"Certainly you may Candy! I would like to withdrawal $250.00 from my account."

"Very well Miss???"


"Ok Mrs. Thompson, all I need is you account # and ID."

I hand the dumb blond my cards and she makes a pathetic attempt to comprehend what they say. A more experience teller would most likely not have been so easily duped by the fake ID's, but sure enough my little Candy wastes no time retrieving my money.

Gosh I'm good. You'd be really surprised to learn how easy it is to acquire bank account numbers these days. People just don't check their mail boxes fast enough.

Anyways, when she comes back with the money I'm all smiles. In front of me she begins counting the bills. Yep, all there. All 250.00 bucks. All mine.


But just as she's about to hand it over to me, the bank manager shows up right behind her. Oh shit!

"Is everything going alright Candy?"

"Oh yes Miss Stills, I was just about to hand this customer her money!"

The bank manager paused for a moment, staring at me. She seemed to be studying me, trying to figure me out. I was getting a little nervous.

"You know Candy, why don't you let me finish taking care of this customer in my office."

"But I'm almost finished with her! I was about to give..."

"What did I tell you about talking back? Don't make me reprimand you again."

"Yes ma'am" Candy surrendered her argument.

Miss Stills had by now turned directly towards me as she spoke "So Miss Thompson, if you don't mind, please follow me to my office. We can take better care of your... account in there."

I can sense the sarcasm in her voice. She's on to me, I just know it. I should just turn around and leave. This woman was way too experience to mess with. I know I'm in way over my head.

"Are you coming Miss Thompson?"

She jolted my decision making as she stared at me with a sarcastic smile. A smile that said "I know you're a fraud. You don't have the guts to mess with me."

And she was right. I was scared of her. Even though I was very good at convincing younger tellers I was a real client, this woman would surely see right through me. She was about my age, and had a look of authority. This wasn't just another dumb blonde teller. This woman had brains.

But I couldn't just leave. Not like this. It would prove I was a fake. She'd probably call the police the moment I stepped out of the building. No, I had to ride this one out. I was going to have to do my best acting to get out of this one.

I looked at her and changed my mood. I now looked at her with determination. A determination that I would win this little game and still walk out of here with my money. I confidently smiled as I strolled past her and into her office. But as the heavy door closed behind me, I felt a chill go through my body. Did I just make a BIG mistake?

Swiftly the manager walked around her desk and lowered herself to her plush leather chair, the whole time staring down at the fake ID and account numbers I had handed to Candy. Despite the empty chair right in front of me, I stood waiting for her to offer me a seat. She never did.

"So Miss... Thompson, you wish to withdrawal some money from us today. And I see from my wonderful teller Candy, that its for $250 dollars. Is that correct?"

"Well, yes it is." I couldn't help but respond with tension in my voice.

"And I'm sure you were able to tell just how intelligent Candy was while she check your identification and account numbers."

"Er... yeah... I mean yes!"

"I see. Well I'd be just happy to complete this withdrawal for you Miss Thompson."

My eyes light up. Was she really going to give me the money after all?

"All I'll need is one more photo ID of yourself." I should have known the other shoe would drop.

"Excuse me?"

"One more ID. Just to make sure everything is in order before we make the withdrawal." She was staring at me again with that look. The look that said she knew who I was... and wasn't.

"Well... I don't have another ID on me. But I assure you that I am Miss Thompson."

"I suppose your right. How silly of me to even question your word. In fact, let me do you a favor." With that, she took out a scissors and right in my face, cut the ID card in two. My jaw dropped.

"Opps, so sorry Miss Thompson. I guess you won't be using that any time soon." She took the two pieces of my ID and dropped them into the trash bin. "But I'm sure you won't mind, since it wasn't real to begin with."

That was it. She just admitted what I already suspected. She knew I was a fake. I could feel sweat forming on my body as she stared at me. I glanced at the door out of the corner of me eye. I wanted run. I wanted to burst through those doors and get as far away from this woman as possible. I felt my eyes begin to water.

She looked at me with complete victory. The look made me want to pee myself. How could I have allowed this to happen? I should have never come inside here to begin with. She was probably getting off on this. Sitting there as she slowly destroyed me, making me crumple before her.

"So Miss Thompson, what shall we do now about that withdrawal?"

"I'm so sorry Miss Stills. You are right, I am a fraud, a lie. Please please let me go. I'll never do it again. I'm sorry!" That's what I wanted to say. All I could think about was how to surrender to this woman. She was dead on accurate about me. Who cares if she was wet at my expense, I was a complete fake and she had called me out.

But what should I say? What should I do? Until this moment, I had never been called out like this. How do I admit to her that she had won?

But had she? In the middle of debating if to run away or to simply break down completely, I managed to think for a moment. Did she have any actual proof that I wasn't Miss Thompson? Could she just be bluffing? Assuming, or even hoping that I'd admit I was the fraud I am? I knew if I surrendered to her now I would be arrested and hauled off to jail crying, all the while her laughing at me for being so easy to defeat.

"No!" I yelled at myself. The only way out of this was to call her bluff.

"MISS THOMPSON! I asked you what should we now do about this withdrawal?" Her voice was considerably higher.

Taking a deep breath, I moved in front of the chair and took a seat, before looking her straight in the eyes.

"Go and get it Miss Stills. Get my withdrawal. I haven't got all day!"

I could tell she was taken aback by my stand. She had expected me to fall to my knees and admit my guilt. I even wanted to. But she wasn't going to get it.

"Perhaps you didn't understand my statement earlier, but I do NOT believe you are truly Miss Thompson."

"I beg your pardon!" I gave a mock shock.

"Come on lady, I've seen this act done all the time. I've been in the banking business for over 20 years, and if you think I got to where I am by letting some off the street lady to walk in here and steal money..."

"HOW DARE YOU ACCUSE ME OF BEING A COMMON CRIMINAL!" I did my best burst of anger I could manage. She paused for a moment, seemingly calculating the odds that I really was Miss Thompson. They apparently weren't very high.

"I've heard just about enough of all this nonsense. You may be able to fool that bimbo Teller, but not me Missy! Now get out of my bank this instant or I'll shove my high heel up that chubby ass as I'm kicking it out of my bank personally!!!"

I paused at the aggression in her voice. This woman was serious. An image popped into my head of her high heel firmly wedged in my ass. Another shiver went through my body. I was determined not to let that happen.

"Miss Stills, I have never been talk to like this in all my life. Who do you think you are? Your just some power hungry bank manager. I'm worth ten times what you are and my husband's law office eats stupid women like you for breakfast every hour of the day."

I could see the slight look of worry on her face the moment I mentioned my "husband's" law firm. Perhaps she was wrong after all. At least I hoped that's what she was thinking. But she wasn't about to give in that easily.

"Miss Thompson... or who ever you are. Don't make this any harder for yourself. Simply leave and never come back here again. Don't make me call the police."

"Go ahead, call the police. I want your staff to see you handcuffed and lead away when I tell them how you destroyed my ID, insulted me, and refused me service! Go on, call them now!"

She reached over to the phone and picked it up. With her fingers hovering above the numbers, she look back at me. We both stared heatedly at each other.

This was it, the moment of truth. If she called, I would be toast. But maybe, just maybe, she was thinking the exact same thing. I hoped

We both continued to stare at each other, daring the other to admit their bluff. Suddenly we both could here the automatic operator come on. Sighing, she hung up the phone and looked at me with a less aggressive face.

"Perhaps we can avoid making this a big deal. There really is no need to involve the police."

I had her! She was now on the retreat. I couldn't believe my luck it had worked. But it wasn't over yet. I needed to push this woman completely on her heels before I got out of this one. So I pushed and pushed hard.

"You know I don't understand how a brainless bimbo like you ever managed to become the manager of a bank. You clearly don't know what you are doing. I'd bet that teller could do a better job running things around here than you. At least she doesn't harass her customers."

"Please Miss... Thompson, calm down. I'm... I'm really sorry to have questioned you."

"As you should be. I have a real mind to call my husband and have him file charges against you!"

"Oh that won't really be necessary Miss. Here, I'll personally get your withdrawal for you. Will that be ok?

I can't believe I had actually won! I called her bluff and not only will I walk out of here with my freedom, but with the money to!

But as I sat there, I noticed something new. For the first time I could see real fear in her eyes. This tough bank manager was actually worried my fake husband would file charges. What was she willing to do to prevent that from happening? For the first time, I felt my own pussy tingle as I wondered?

"No, I don't think that'll be enough. I feel very insulted. Perhaps I should be given more."

"Certainly Miss Thompson. How much more would you like to withdrawal from your account?"

"Oh, about $10,000."

"Would you like that cash or check?"

"A personal check from you would be just fine."

"But the bank is not allowed to offer personal checks."

"Not the bank sweetie, you!"

She looked puzzled. "Me? I don't think I understand?"

"I want you to write me a personal check for 10 grand. You know how to write don't you dear?"

"Please Miss, lets be realistic. I'm trying to correct the situation."

"And you can start by taking that checkbook out of your purse."

"But... but..." I could tell she was loosing it. She wasn't used to being on the receiving end, and she was falling apart.

"But what sweetie?"

"That's my life savings."

"Pretty pathetic huh? A big fancy bank manager like you only has 10k put away for a rainy day. Oh well, you should have thought of that before you behaved so poorly. Better get writing.

"But... but..." Tears were starting to form in her eyes.

I could actually feel my cunt moistening. I knew it was getting wet with power as I slowly broke this bitch. She had probably spent all of her working life collecting that $10,000 dollars and protecting it from people like me. But as I pushed hard, she crumbled. To my amazement, she actually reached into one of her drawers and removed her purse. Inside was her check book.

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