Club Games

by Phoenix Arrow

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Sex Story: Things get out of hand when college girls go clubbing!

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Whew! The end of mid terms were finally upon us. Me and my girlfriends worked dame hard studying for those tests, and now that it was Friday night, it was time to hit the town and PARTY!!!

Or something like it. We just wanted to have a good time together, and to take our minds off school, so me, Sara, Jill, and Amber all went to Sabers Dance Club. It was this really cool place in the heart of Seattle for college students to dance, drink, and possibly find someone to get laid with.

So all four of us got into my car and drove to the club. When we entered, we were not disappointed. There were tons of people there dancing and grinding. It was awesome. We immediately got a table and ordered drinks.

After a few alcoholic liquids, guys started asking us to dance, and we were off doing our thing. However, to tell you the truth, Jill had a lot more guys asking her to dance than us. She is by far the prettiest looking girl of our group, and for good reason. She goes to the gym almost every day and manages to maintain a really athletic figure that I must admit makes her body look very attractive.

Not that we're ugly or anything. We get our share of looks too, but who are we kidding. She's the hot one of the group. Especially because she knows how to show it off. She came prepared as she wore her "barely there" tube top. This did little to cover her C cup tits and really did nothing to hide her constantly erect nipples from poking through the thin material. Of course this also allows her to show off that fantastic flat belly of hers. Yes I admit it, I'm jealous. I'd kill to have a body like her's, but she's still my friend and I can never hate her for simply looking so dame good.

Any way, back to how she looked. Her mini-skirt did every bit of justice to those tone legs of hers, and the high heels sealed the deal. She's every guy's wet dream, and every guy was trying to make their dreams come true as they asked her to dance.

None of us really care so much about the attention she was getting. As I said we love her any ways and have become used to it. We even find it a little amusing watching the guys make fools of themselves.

I could tell from the way she danced that she was getting a little turned on from all the attention. When she starts swaying those hips and rubbing up close to her dance partners, it usually means she's getting really into it. But since we were here so celebrate together, we eventually dragged her back to our table for more drinks. After all, it was girl's night out.

After a few more drinks, I began to notice this other woman staring at Jill from another table. I dismissed it at first, but her constant staring was making me curious to her intentions. She was an older woman, about 44 to 45, and fairly attractive for her age, but it was becoming apparent that she was checking Jill out.

Finally I decided to alert Jill to the staring woman. Drunkenly she looked over, then looked back at us while giggling like an idiot. We started kidding her about being wanted by a middle aged woman but she just played it off. I'd never seen Jill with another woman and didn't expect her to start. She loved men too much.

After another 20 minutes, Jill was piss drunk. We should have tried to slow her down, but she kept ordering more and more drinks and soon we all lost count of her total. Now she was completely shit faced. To get her away from more drinks, we had to take her back out to the dance floor.

As we started dancing, Jill was really going at it. I was amazed at how sensual she was moving, almost like a stripper as she undulated her hips and wiggled her breasts to the music. We tried to calm her down, warning that her tits might pop out of her top if she wasn't careful, but she was lost in her own world. There was absolutely no stopping her.

As we continued to dance, I spied within the crowd the woman who had been checking out Jill earlier. Her eyes were particularly glued to Jill as she slowly danced closer and closer to our group.

I looked over to Jill to see if she had noticed, and she hadn't. Soon the lady was right next to us and slowly pulled up behind Jill, doing her best to dance to the young crowd's music.

As my friend continued to dance, the older woman pressed her body close. Jill simply continued to dance in her drunken, unaware state.

Feeling more bold, the woman pressed even closer to the gyrating girl and even placed her hands on both of Jill's hips. I didn't know if I wanted to laugh or just keep watching. After all Jill was definitely a man hunter, not a female muncher. Yet to my ever growing surprise, Jill simply responded by pushing her hips back, dancing even closer to the woman.

As the music went from one song to the other, they just continued grinding against each. Jill even turned around and was now face to face with the woman almost double her age. Since the rest of us had encircled them, none of the other dancers noticed the two females rubbing close against each other.

For her part, the older woman had a look of complete astonishment on her face. It was obvious that she was a repressed middle aged lesbian who lusted for younger, attractive women half her age, yet never got to satisfy her need. Now it was actually happening for her as she rubbed up against the 22 year old.

As the music went on, the woman got more and more bold, touching and feeling her dance partner's body. First her hands were on her hips, then on her flexing stomach, than just below her breasts. By now Jill's tits were practically falling out of her tight tube top, and I could even see a little pink from her nipples.

When Jill began thrusting her chest towards the woman, she became more brave and actually reach up and began fondling them. Gently at first, through the tube top. I couldn't believe what I was watching. I mean my best friend was getting her tits felt up by another woman in the middle of the dance floor.

As the older woman gently squeezed and weighted Jill's breasts through the thin material, Jill was still dancing and grinding as if there was nothing out of the ordinary.

The rest of us girls just looked at each other and back to what was going on. We were getting a little worried. What would happen when people begin to notice the scene unfolding?

Even though both girls were practically humping each other's leg while Jill was getting felt up, nobody else seemed to notice their little display. Partly because we were encircling them and blocking any view, and also because it was a bit dark. But we all knew that at any moment someone would see.

As we contemplated this problem, to my utter shock the older woman took it to the next level. With a growing look of lust and courage, she slipped her fingers into the top of Jill's Tube Top and began lowering them. As her breasts slowly were revealed, Jill just danced with no care in the world. Soon her tits were bouncing free in the hands of the older woman as the tube top now rested below Jill's tits as a simple band of fabric.

The woman had a look of a kid in a candy store as she played with the firm naked flesh. And what was free spirited Jill doing as this was happening? Oh she was only dancing with her hands in the air, as a complete stranger was squeezing one tit, while bringing her mouth down to the other.

First she was gently kissing the mound in her hand, then began to snake out her tongue and lick all around. Jill's left breast became shiny in the club lights. Not long after she moved on to the other breast and eagerly tasted it as well. Any question of Jill's feeling about this were answered by the fully erect nipples poking at the woman's face.

I looked over to Sara, then to Amber. They both had the same look as I, shock, confusion, and lust. The scene was undeniably hot. By now a few guys and girls had finally seen what was going on, and were moving behind us to get a better look.

Both women continued to be locked into their own world as the older woman devoured the tits of her dance partner. Soon she began moving down, licking and kissing Jill's washboard stomach before stopping at her belly button. As she stuck her wet tongue into Jill's belly button, our eyes grew wide as the older woman dug her fingers into the top of Jill's mini-skirt, and to the enthusiasm to the growing crowd, began lowering it.

Jill did nothing to stop her as her dancing hips were slowly being revealed. As it continued to be lowered, I quickly realized that Jill had nothing underneath. Typically she wore a thong, but on rare occasions like tonight, she wore nothing.

We should have ended it right there. As her friends we should have grabbed her and taken her out before it was too late. But like the gathering, excited crowd, we were too mesmerized by the crazy scene happening to our friend to do anything.

As her skirt was lowered, the crowd behind us cheered and applauded as Jill's glistening bare cunt was revealed. Looking at Jill's cunt, her sexual excitement was only too obvious.

Soon her skirt was down around her knees and the kneeling older woman was staring up between her legs. As Jill continued to grind her now exposed body to the music, the woman reached out and began examining her cunt. As we watched in total shock, the woman started stretching the lips this way and that, pulling them apart and peering inside.

The older woman must have been in heaven. In her forties, she was finally living her fantasy as she openly took liberties with the hot, young female's body before her. She even peeled back the protective hood covering Jill's now engorged clitty, revealing it to all the little gold ring pierced through it.

As she pulled and twisted the ring, I could her Jill start to moan with pleasure. While Jill began playing with her own breasts, the crowd started chanting "lick... lick... lick...". Hesitating for only a moment, the woman stuck out her tongue and started flicking Jill's proud clit before placing her entire mouth over the cunt, to the crowd's boisterous celebration.

For Jill's part, I don't think she really knew what was going on. She was just too drunk. All she knew was that her cunt was being pleasured and she was getting a lot of attention. That was all she needed to start rubbing her lips aggressively against the kneeling woman's face.

Even though I'm a woman, I couldn't deny how hot the scene in front of me was. Watching as Jill's muscular legs flexed to support her grinding against the older woman's face, while her firm breasts lightly bounced to the motion and her long nipples were pinched by her own hand. It was just an unbelievable site.

Jill was soon moaning and making little cries of pleasure for all of us to hear. The woman must have been eating her for all she was worth. This was most likely the only moment she'll ever have to suck a 22 year old's tender pussy, and she was making the most of it.

As the woman reached around and squeezed Jill's ass, Jill was holding the woman's head tight to her pussy. She had long since stopped dancing and was focusing all her attention on the face between her legs.

By now the crowd had started to get out of hand. Guys were reaching past us and touching Jill's body, pinching her nipples and ass. We worked hard to slap their hands away, but we wouldn't be able to hold them all back for long.

As splashing beer began to rain down on the two girls, coating their bodies and soaking their hair, Jill lifted her heels until she stood on her toes, arching her back and crying in orgasmic bliss.

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