St Trinians Files - Mission: Japan

by QueenBee

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Desc: Sex Story: Read "The Whores of St Trinians" first - you'll understand exactly why some fo the cutest Enflish schoolgirls around are fucking their way around the world.<br> This is Staceys Mission Report: A Top Secret international mission to retrieve confidential files from a Japanese businessman.

Stacey wiggled her ass in the face of the half drunk Japanese businessman, he reached out and slipped his hand between her legs and ran a finger along her g-string covered crack.

After the quick feel, he stuck a thousand yen into her waist band and called out to the waitress for another drink.

It was almost ten o'clock in the evening, and still the company men, as they are called in Japan, were drinking and carousing with there business associates. It was said that sake and geisha girls was the oil that kept Japan's corporate structure lubricated.

Stacey was one of the senior girls of the St Trinians Alpha Sorority. One of the top operatives, she had had very little time to prepare for this mission. The briefing had been given on the way to the airport.

The Japanese Operatives had done their job well - the JAL flight had landed at Tokyo airport less than two hours previously and Stacey had been prepped and ready for the mission for almost thirty minutes now. The noise of the Ty Ling bar was loud but polite - the Japanese businessmen vocal but well mannered in their appreciation of fine alcohol and finer women.

Stacey had been brought in because it Intel had shown that the "mark" (or target) had a certain weakness for tall blonde and most importantly, young, American girls. In the land of the rising sun Being blonde and from America was a big draw to Japanese males, probably because of the homogeneous society that was modern Japan. Stacey's training in linguistics had been thorough - and she affected a New York accent (upper Manhattan, of course) better than most Americans could!

Since 99.9% of the residents were Japanese, there wasn't a whole lot of variety as far as appearance was concerned, so being blonde and in Japan definitely made you an outsider, and Japanese men couldn't seem to get enough of the American women! While corporate America complained about closed trade markets, one look at the Japanese lifestyle told an entirely different story. The Japanese wore American clothes, watched American movies, ate at American fast food restaurants, and listened to American rock music. Walking down Tokyo's busy Ginza district, and you would have thought you were in Times Square with all the American logos burning in bright neon lights.

For all intents and purposes, this night, Stacey was just another American icon to be bought and sold, only her commodity was her very supple and sensuous sixteen year old body.

The Japanese operative she was liasing with was called Sonyin. He was receiving Intel from his associates - and informed Stacey that the "mark" was just entering the building. The Manager of the Ty Ling had been paid handsomely not to interfere with the operation - and he kept a low profile as Mr Ishido entered the building with a couple of his business partners.

Ishido was shorter than Stacey - by several inches. Stacey noted thanfully that he looked clean and lean (how she hated the ugly fat guys she was sometimes assigned to). She noted that the leather satchel he was carrying was indeed chained to his right arm - just as Intel had said it would be.

Sonyin went towards Ishido and bowed low - mumbled something that she could not hear - then bowed again and "presented" the blonde to the businessman. Stacey bowed low, in respect.

Ishido smiled, but said nothing and then turned to the elevators. Stacey kept her had bowed low as she got in with Ishido and said nothing. They were followed into the elevator by one of Ishidos security guys - a big and heavy character who stared blankly at the girl. The elevator stopped at the 5th floor - the three got out - the security guy leading the way down the corridor and opening the door to one of the rooms. Stacey followed Ishido into the room. The goon stayed outside. Ishido turned and locked the door. Stacey watched him as he pulled a key from a chain around his neck and undid the manacle that secured the leather case to his arm. The Satchel was discarded on a shelf near the TV.

When they got to his room he entered first and she followed. He helped her with her coat, and then ran his hands up and down the sides of her body, pausing to feel the swell of her hips.

Stacey got into "character" - the brash New York girl. She turned away from him and asked him, "Be a doll, hon, and help me with my zipper!"

With a steady hand he pulled it down, kissing her on her bare shoulder, and sliding the sequined garment to the floor. He carefully unhooked her bra and it too slipped off her body, exposing her 34D chest to the evening air. Her nipples immediately became erect as Ishido reached around her and cupped them in his hands.

Stacey knew that most Japanese men were pushy and rough with their woman, and she half expected that; but Ishido had a gentle touch that was starting to turn Stacey on. She turned around to face him, giving him a straight on look at her magnificent chest.

She lifted his hands back to her boobs and asked, "You like them, Mr Ishido?"

He nodded in the affirmative, and said, "American girls have much bigger breasts than Japanese women, I like them very much!!!"

By now Stacey was really enjoying herself, and her panty clad vagina was becoming damp as the result of the expert tit rub that Ishido was doing on her chest.

But always, at the front of her mind, was the Mission. Growing a little impatient with him, Stacey decided to move things on a little bit, by taking off his suit jacket and unbuttoning his shirt.

He seemed to enjoy the attention, and offered no resistance as she stripped off his clothing. His hairless body was smooth and sleek, and the start of and erection could be seen through his boxer shorts. Stacey slid off her panties and asked Ishido, "Why don't you take off your shorts so we can see what you got for me hidden in there!?!"

Ishido shoved them down and kicked them away, exposing a hard if not huge erection. Stacey took it in her hand and started jerking it back and forth, bringing a soft moan from Ishido's lips. Instinctively, Stacey knelt down and took Ishido's member into her mouth, tasting the faint traces of soap, but that quickly disappeared as she worked her mouth up and down of his stiff oriental shaft.

Looking down at the buxom blonde sucking on his pecker was too much for Ishido to take, and he quickly climaxed into her hot mouth.

His quickness had surprised Stacey - and she cursed silently to herself for missing an opportunity to administer the drug that would send the businessman into a brief but necessary slumber.

In Japanese tradition he quickly apologized for cumming so quickly, but Stacey just laughed and said, "Don't worry Mr Ishido, I'll show you how to get it back up, just follow me!!!"

Taking him by his cock she lead him over to the bed where she lay down with her legs spread wide apart. Her pussy, trimmed in a neat blonde vee, bulged invitingly, its lips damp with sexual secretions.

"Okay baby," she cooed softly, "now you're gonna do mama like she did for you!"

He didn't need a second invitation and practically leaped between her thighs, burying his mouth on her wet vagina. He licked up and down the length of her crack, finally stopping at her clitoris, which was out of its protective hood and begging to be sucked on. His tongue snaked out and caressed the little nub, causing Stacey to sigh with contentment.

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