by Joe the Bow

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Teenagers, Group Sex, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Fisting, Water Sports, Size, .

Desc: Sex Story: Two hot fourteen year olds meet a pair of Diplomats at a disco and introduce the girls to their father.There are some incredible sex scenes including public sex, monster cocks, bottle sex and water sports.

What had I let myself in for? Not only me but poor Amy as well. It had started as an ordinary Saturday evening. Now, here we were, in a flat with two naked, muscle rippling black guys neither of who's cock was less than a foot long. What the fuck was going to happen to us? Could we take these monster pricks on and survive? How the hell had it happened? Oh shit he wants me to suck the fucking thing.

Amy called around four that afternoon.

"Hey Trudy what you want to do tonight?"

"Don't know. Go out and get drunk."

"Why don't we go clubbing?"

"Could do. Where do you want to start?"

"What about 'Blacks on Blonds' I've heard it's real cool."

"Don't know. You think we'll get in?"

"Well we are blond and when we get our war paint on people think we're nearly twenty."

"How much does it cost? I've spent most of my pocket money?"

"I've heard it's free for blonds."


So... 10pm Amy arrived. Shit she was hot. Her long blond locks were tied in a pony tail that reached nearly down to her arse. Short white crop top allowing her black lacy bra to show through. Black lycra mini that barely covered her arse. Knee high white socks and patent calf length boots with four inch heals. Shit she looked so hot I could have fucked her there and then. However I wanted to go out so my dildo stayed in it's drawer.

I couldn't compete with Amy so I pulled on a very short and tight red dress. My black bra showed across the plunging back and it was so tight the outline of my g-string was embossed on the material. I added Red nylons and suspender belt finishing the outfit with a pair of red heals. Shit we were both hot.

It was a good job both our parents were broad minded. In actual fact they fucked like rabbets and not necessarily with their respective partners. Any other parents might well have objected to their fourteen year old daughters going out late on a Saturday evening dressed like two street walkers. We pulled on our leather coats and were off.

At Blacks on Blonds there was a queue of around twenty people. Mostly couples (living up to the name of the club) but also several gorgeous black men. We joined on to the back of the line.

"Evening ladies. First visit to my club?" said the deep base voice coming from a black guy with a bald head wearing a dicki.

"Y-yes," we both said in unison.

"Then you should know that pretty blonds don't have to wait. Just go to the head of the line and 'Open Sesame' you're in. Come on."

He led us to the door and in through the foyer to the cloak room and ladies.

"Enjoy yourselves ladies. I look forward to seeing a lot more of you later."

In the loo Amy was looking a little nervous.

"What's up?"

"They're all black"

"What did you expect from a place called Blacks on Blonds?"

"I duno? I suppose... Well... I just didn't think."

"Don't be stupid Amy. Come on I want to dance."

Taking her by the hand I led Amy down the corridor and into the semi darkness of the incredible club. I say it was semi dark, but there were a zillion spotlights of all shapes, sizes and colours. All rotating and gyrating madly. The place was big enough to hold twice the two hundred or so people there. The disco and it's myriad speakers nestled against the far wall. Fuck the jockey was a gorgeous blond, completely naked, not even pubes, and she didn't mind who saw her!

We weren't in the hall more than a few seconds when two hunks grabbed our hands and led us onto the floor. The guys were well over six foot tall with shiny bald heads and wearing suits and ties. Fuck I could have wet myself just looking at them. They danced with us for half an hour or so then led us over to the bar for a beer. Back on the floor things were hoting up. My partner's hands were all over me during the slow numbers, as were Amy's partners.

"I need the loo," I shouted in his ear. Then he shouted something in my ear.

I went bright red and giggled then headed for Amy. Have you ever known a girl to go to the bog on her own?

Taking Amy by the hand I led her down the corridor and we shared a stall.

"He told me to loose the undies!"

"Who did?"

"He did when I told him I needed the loo."

"Are you going to?"


"It might be fun."

"What might?"

"Going back without your undies."

"No fuckin way."

"Come on. I'll loose mine as well."


"Go on. Call his bluff!"

When we left our bras were on the floor and we were both carrying our panties.

"We'll give them these as souvenirs," said Amy.

The lads were waiting for us as we left the loo. Amy handed her black panties over and I did likewise as we headed for the floor. Shit what would these guys think? I hoped they didn't get the wrong impression.

Back on the floor The lads were over us even more than before. During the next slow number his hand was up under my dress playing with my naked backside. I looked over at Amy. Fuck her crop top was up around her neck and her partner was sucking one of her nipples. I felt a hand move onto my shaven pussy, I don't like pubes, always smelly and getting in the way.

Amy was going wild, she just let him do what he liked, keeping her tits out. I felt two hands on my hips and just knew that my dress was up well above my arse! His hand slipped in between my legs and the thumb found my opening. Fuck what should I do? I looked over at Amy and her skirt was up around her waste. Then my dress slipped further up and I was naked from the neck down.

Fuck. How had this happened. I was dancing, naked with a black guy and my mate Amy, fuck she was naked as well. My dress, her top and skirt were on the dance floor. I was beetroot red, all over. However, when I looked around I was relieved. Virtually all the women there were naked from the waist up and at least half off them were totally naked! So I just kept on dancing.

At around 2am the guys decided it was time to go. They led us, naked, off the floor and up to the cloak room, our clothes remaining somewhere in the main room. As we collected our coats the owner appeared.

"I knew you'd enjoy yourselves. Come back soon, you're always welcome."

Pulling our short leather coats on we tried, unsuccessfully, to pull them down low enough to cover our arses. The guys led us out to the car park and into a black Merc. Ten minutes later we were standing, naked, in a very expensive flat with the guys handing us a couple of beers.

"Let me introduce ourselves," said my partner.

It had been far too noisy in the club for conversation.

"I am Michael and this is my brother Thomas. We are diplomats from The Gambia."

"Hi I'm Amy and this is my friend Trudy. Pleased to meet you."

Now this was a ludicrous situation. I was standing there wearing only Red nylons, matching suspender and a pair of red heals. Amy was wearing Knee high white socks and patent calf length boots with four inch heals. We were both holding beers. The two gorgeous black hunks were fully dressed in black pinstripe suits, white shirts and old school ties.

"I hope you ladies don't mind if we get comfortable," said Thomas undoing his tie.

So there we were, all four of us naked and those two monsters hanging down around their knees. Now don't get me wrong, we both lost our virginity long ago and liked nothing better than a good fuck. We also had nothing against black men. It was just those monsters that we were going to be expected to accommodate inside our bodies.

Amy knelt down in front of Michael and gingerly took his knob between her lips. Oh fuck. Oh shit. I took Thomas's prick into my mouth. Amy made a gurgling noise and rolling my eyes I could see she was beginning to swallow the snake. Thomas pushed, I swallowed, and his knob end was passing my throat. Fuck! Shit! I was going to die! His balls hit my chin and he pulled all the way back out. Michael had done the same to Amy. Fuck it was wild. We did it again and again. The knob ends were actually reaching into our bellies!

Michael pulled free from Amy.

"Take a good deep breath doll. I'm going to do something wild."

She did as she was told and Michael quickly buried his monster to the hilt.

"Deep breath," said Thomas before quickly plunging his knob end back into my belly.

What the fuck! Oh shit! He was pissing! Straight into my belly! I could feel the hot liquid filling me up! The dirty Bastard! I couldn't stop him. All I could do was kneel there and let his hot piss gush directly into my belly. I took ages for him to finish. I heard Amy gulp air as Michael finished and his knob end passed back between her teeth.

"Fuckin bastard you pissed into my belly!" she shouted.

"And my brother is filling your pretty friends belly with his piss also."

"Why the fuck are you doing this?"

"We do it with our girlfriends at home. Do your boyfriends not piss into your bellies?"

I gasped for air as Thomas withdrew. I thought I was going to be sick.

"No they fuckin don't!" she shouted.

"Did you not enjoy it then?"

"No I fuckin didn't... Well. Actually. It was wild. Fuckin shit it was great!"

"No it fuckin wasn't!" I hissed. I have a belly full of piss and I don't like it."

"I'm sorry," said Thomas, "I assumed that you would enjoy it. I thought at least one of your boyfriends would have pissed in your belly before."

"We'll they didn't. And you wouldn't have either if I'd known what you were going to do."

"Let me get you something to drink as an apology"

"Shit no, my bellies full of your piss. The last thing I want is a fuckin drink."

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