by Joe the Bow

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Teenagers, Group Sex, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Fisting, Water Sports, Size, .

Desc: Sex Story: Two hot fourteen year olds meet a pair of Diplomats at a disco and introduce the girls to their father.There are some incredible sex scenes including public sex, monster cocks, bottle sex and water sports.

What had I let myself in for? Not only me but poor Amy as well. It had started as an ordinary Saturday evening. Now, here we were, in a flat with two naked, muscle rippling black guys neither of who's cock was less than a foot long. What the fuck was going to happen to us? Could we take these monster pricks on and survive? How the hell had it happened? Oh shit he wants me to suck the fucking thing.

Amy called around four that afternoon.

"Hey Trudy what you want to do tonight?"

"Don't know. Go out and get drunk."

"Why don't we go clubbing?"

"Could do. Where do you want to start?"

"What about 'Blacks on Blonds' I've heard it's real cool."

"Don't know. You think we'll get in?"

"Well we are blond and when we get our war paint on people think we're nearly twenty."

"How much does it cost? I've spent most of my pocket money?"

"I've heard it's free for blonds."


So... 10pm Amy arrived. Shit she was hot. Her long blond locks were tied in a pony tail that reached nearly down to her arse. Short white crop top allowing her black lacy bra to show through. Black lycra mini that barely covered her arse. Knee high white socks and patent calf length boots with four inch heals. Shit she looked so hot I could have fucked her there and then. However I wanted to go out so my dildo stayed in it's drawer.

I couldn't compete with Amy so I pulled on a very short and tight red dress. My black bra showed across the plunging back and it was so tight the outline of my g-string was embossed on the material. I added Red nylons and suspender belt finishing the outfit with a pair of red heals. Shit we were both hot.

It was a good job both our parents were broad minded. In actual fact they fucked like rabbets and not necessarily with their respective partners. Any other parents might well have objected to their fourteen year old daughters going out late on a Saturday evening dressed like two street walkers. We pulled on our leather coats and were off.

At Blacks on Blonds there was a queue of around twenty people. Mostly couples (living up to the name of the club) but also several gorgeous black men. We joined on to the back of the line.

"Evening ladies. First visit to my club?" said the deep base voice coming from a black guy with a bald head wearing a dicki.

"Y-yes," we both said in unison.

"Then you should know that pretty blonds don't have to wait. Just go to the head of the line and 'Open Sesame' you're in. Come on."

He led us to the door and in through the foyer to the cloak room and ladies.

"Enjoy yourselves ladies. I look forward to seeing a lot more of you later."

In the loo Amy was looking a little nervous.

"What's up?"

"They're all black"

"What did you expect from a place called Blacks on Blonds?"

"I duno? I suppose... Well... I just didn't think."

"Don't be stupid Amy. Come on I want to dance."

Taking her by the hand I led Amy down the corridor and into the semi darkness of the incredible club. I say it was semi dark, but there were a zillion spotlights of all shapes, sizes and colours. All rotating and gyrating madly. The place was big enough to hold twice the two hundred or so people there. The disco and it's myriad speakers nestled against the far wall. Fuck the jockey was a gorgeous blond, completely naked, not even pubes, and she didn't mind who saw her!

We weren't in the hall more than a few seconds when two hunks grabbed our hands and led us onto the floor. The guys were well over six foot tall with shiny bald heads and wearing suits and ties. Fuck I could have wet myself just looking at them. They danced with us for half an hour or so then led us over to the bar for a beer. Back on the floor things were hoting up. My partner's hands were all over me during the slow numbers, as were Amy's partners.

"I need the loo," I shouted in his ear. Then he shouted something in my ear.

I went bright red and giggled then headed for Amy. Have you ever known a girl to go to the bog on her own?

Taking Amy by the hand I led her down the corridor and we shared a stall.

"He told me to loose the undies!"

"Who did?"

"He did when I told him I needed the loo."

"Are you going to?"


"It might be fun."

"What might?"

"Going back without your undies."

"No fuckin way."

"Come on. I'll loose mine as well."


"Go on. Call his bluff!"

When we left our bras were on the floor and we were both carrying our panties.

"We'll give them these as souvenirs," said Amy.

The lads were waiting for us as we left the loo. Amy handed her black panties over and I did likewise as we headed for the floor. Shit what would these guys think? I hoped they didn't get the wrong impression.

Back on the floor The lads were over us even more than before. During the next slow number his hand was up under my dress playing with my naked backside. I looked over at Amy. Fuck her crop top was up around her neck and her partner was sucking one of her nipples. I felt a hand move onto my shaven pussy, I don't like pubes, always smelly and getting in the way.

Amy was going wild, she just let him do what he liked, keeping her tits out. I felt two hands on my hips and just knew that my dress was up well above my arse! His hand slipped in between my legs and the thumb found my opening. Fuck what should I do? I looked over at Amy and her skirt was up around her waste. Then my dress slipped further up and I was naked from the neck down.

Fuck. How had this happened. I was dancing, naked with a black guy and my mate Amy, fuck she was naked as well. My dress, her top and skirt were on the dance floor. I was beetroot red, all over. However, when I looked around I was relieved. Virtually all the women there were naked from the waist up and at least half off them were totally naked! So I just kept on dancing.

At around 2am the guys decided it was time to go. They led us, naked, off the floor and up to the cloak room, our clothes remaining somewhere in the main room. As we collected our coats the owner appeared.

"I knew you'd enjoy yourselves. Come back soon, you're always welcome."

Pulling our short leather coats on we tried, unsuccessfully, to pull them down low enough to cover our arses. The guys led us out to the car park and into a black Merc. Ten minutes later we were standing, naked, in a very expensive flat with the guys handing us a couple of beers.

"Let me introduce ourselves," said my partner.

It had been far too noisy in the club for conversation.

"I am Michael and this is my brother Thomas. We are diplomats from The Gambia."

"Hi I'm Amy and this is my friend Trudy. Pleased to meet you."

Now this was a ludicrous situation. I was standing there wearing only Red nylons, matching suspender and a pair of red heals. Amy was wearing Knee high white socks and patent calf length boots with four inch heals. We were both holding beers. The two gorgeous black hunks were fully dressed in black pinstripe suits, white shirts and old school ties.

"I hope you ladies don't mind if we get comfortable," said Thomas undoing his tie.

So there we were, all four of us naked and those two monsters hanging down around their knees. Now don't get me wrong, we both lost our virginity long ago and liked nothing better than a good fuck. We also had nothing against black men. It was just those monsters that we were going to be expected to accommodate inside our bodies.

Amy knelt down in front of Michael and gingerly took his knob between her lips. Oh fuck. Oh shit. I took Thomas's prick into my mouth. Amy made a gurgling noise and rolling my eyes I could see she was beginning to swallow the snake. Thomas pushed, I swallowed, and his knob end was passing my throat. Fuck! Shit! I was going to die! His balls hit my chin and he pulled all the way back out. Michael had done the same to Amy. Fuck it was wild. We did it again and again. The knob ends were actually reaching into our bellies!

Michael pulled free from Amy.

"Take a good deep breath doll. I'm going to do something wild."

She did as she was told and Michael quickly buried his monster to the hilt.

"Deep breath," said Thomas before quickly plunging his knob end back into my belly.

What the fuck! Oh shit! He was pissing! Straight into my belly! I could feel the hot liquid filling me up! The dirty Bastard! I couldn't stop him. All I could do was kneel there and let his hot piss gush directly into my belly. I took ages for him to finish. I heard Amy gulp air as Michael finished and his knob end passed back between her teeth.

"Fuckin bastard you pissed into my belly!" she shouted.

"And my brother is filling your pretty friends belly with his piss also."

"Why the fuck are you doing this?"

"We do it with our girlfriends at home. Do your boyfriends not piss into your bellies?"

I gasped for air as Thomas withdrew. I thought I was going to be sick.

"No they fuckin don't!" she shouted.

"Did you not enjoy it then?"

"No I fuckin didn't... Well. Actually. It was wild. Fuckin shit it was great!"

"No it fuckin wasn't!" I hissed. I have a belly full of piss and I don't like it."

"I'm sorry," said Thomas, "I assumed that you would enjoy it. I thought at least one of your boyfriends would have pissed in your belly before."

"We'll they didn't. And you wouldn't have either if I'd known what you were going to do."

"Let me get you something to drink as an apology"

"Shit no, my bellies full of your piss. The last thing I want is a fuckin drink."

There was an awkward silence which was broken when I burst into a giggle. We all giggled and things were all right. Thomas went to a cupboard and returned with two quart tubs.

"I think we will need this if you are going to accommodate our weapons between your legs."

He handed one to me and the other to Amy. The label read:


A blend of natural lubricant, muscle relaxant and local antithetic blended to allow the tightest openings to accommodate the largest implements.


Work into the opening, gently at first. Ensure that the opening is well coated along it's entire length. It may also be necessary to coat the implement before insertion. The preparation requires less than two minutes to work and the effect lasts for at least four hours.

"Do... Do... Do you think we can actually take those inside us?" I asked.

"I think you will try. Do not worry we will be gentle," said Michael taking a large dollop of the clear goo in his right hand.

"Come on Trudy, Kneel in this chair, no put your knees on the arms and lean over the back. That's it now just let me get this goo inside you."

Thankfully it was at room temperature. I felt him working it well into my pussy. It felt like he had three or four of his fingers inside me. Fuck shit I was cumming already. Then he was working it into my arse. Now I'm no stranger to shit stabbing but that thing? No way. Fuck he was stretching me, how many fingers had he shoved inside me. He was using both hands, one on each hole.

"Your turn Amy," I heard Thomas say.

"No Fuckin Way."

"Come on up in this chair."

I looked over and Amy was climbing into an armchair and spreading herself like me. Michael withdrew his fingers and I slumped down into the chair. Across the room Thomas was working the lube into Amy's pussy. Fuck his whole hand was inside her! Then the other started to work on her arse. He had both fuckin hands inside little Amy. Then I thought Fuck!

"Did you do that to me?"

"Why of course. I had to get the lube all the way inside and make sure you were completely lubed all the way up."

"But how? I'm not that big and it should have hurt like hell."

"The Star Lube is a secret formula known only to a few people."

"Watch," said Michael.

Thomas withdrew his hand from Amy's ass and started to ease it into her pussy alongside his other. Fuck he was going to kill her! I think I went a little pale. Amy was going wild. Cursing and swearing but quite definitely having the orgasm of her life. Then he withdrew both hands and slid the pair into her anal passage! That's right, right up to the fuckin wrists!

"Do you think you could do that?" asked Michael.

"No fuckin way!"

"Cum up in the chair, spread your legs, you will like it."

Why did I fuckin let him do it? I knew what he was going to do. It was impossible. But he still did it and I let him! I was double pussy fisted before being double arse fisted! I came and came and came.

Amy was kneeling by my head.

"He's got both fists in your ass Trudy."

"I fuckin know."

"Does it hurt?"

"No more than when Thomas double fisted your ass," I hissed.

"You mean?"

"He had both fists in both your pussy and ass!"

"You fuckin bastard!", she yelled.

Michael withdrew his fists from my ass. They moved both chairs next to each other and had us kneel back up on the arms. I looked over my shoulder as Michael slid his left fist into my pussy and his right one into Amy's. Then Thomas slid his Left fist into my ass and his right into Amy's! I watched as the pair fist fucked all four of our openings. Then fuck" Michael withdrew his fist and slid it inside my ass alongside his brothers before doing the same to Amy! Fuck I never even imagined anything like this was possible. They fist fucked us until we both passed out.

I woke up and fuck! Something was wrong! I was lying on the floor with my knees in the air, feet spread on the floor. I reached down between my legs. Fuck something was in there!

"What have you fuckin shits done?!"

"Relax hun, just loosening you up a bit."

Amy was lying next to me just beginning to stir. Shit there were bottlenecks poking out of both her openings.

"What the fuck have you shoved into us? Get them fuckin out!"

"OK Hun, just spread your legs and I'll ease them out."

Thomas knelt down between my legs and reached up.

"Brace yourself."

He started to pull on the bottle in my twat.

"Fuckin thing's stuck. Michael hold her arms while I pull."

"Argh! Fuck! Shit."

"Hold on I think it's coming. That's it nearly out."

It felt like I was being turned inside out. Finally Thomas held the Jack Daniels bottle in the air.

"See it came out all right."

"Get the other fucking one out of my arse right now!"

"Argh! Fuck! Shit."

"That's it. See it came out all right," as he held the Champaign bottle in the air.

"Fuckin bastards you could have killed me."

"Na we could've shoved far bigger things inside you."

"No you fuckin couldn't. Now get the bottles out of Amy."

She was lying there moaning.

Thomas held her by the arms as Michael took hold of both bottle necks and pulled them together! How she didn't split in two I don't know. She did scream and curse until, eventually, Michael held up the two Champaign bottles!

We sat down, naked, drinking coffee.

"Why the fuck did you shove those bottles inside us?" asked Amy.

"Because we could and we didn't think you'd mind. In fact we thought you'd like it."

"Fuckin bastards. It wasn't very nice," said Amy, "You could at least have asked us."

"Please Amy can I bottle fuck your pussy and ass with two Champaign bottles."

"Yes please," said Amy.

"No Amy!" I shouted.

"Come on Trudy, you took them before you can take them again," said Amy unbelievably.

"Come over here girls and kneel down, that's it spread your knees wide," said Thomas. I'll just work some more lube inside your holes while Michael lubes the bottles."

Thomas slid both his lube slimed fists into Amy before performing the same function for me. Then he climbed up on Amy's back and pulled her ass cheeks wide apart while Michael offered up the Champaign bottle base to her anal opening. She squealed a lot while Thomas pulled her wide apart and Michael worked the gigantic bottle into her arse. Then the bottom of the bottle slid past her anal ring and slipped smoothly all the way in until only the neck was showing.

"We'd better let Amy recover for a little while. OK Trudy, your turn."

"No fuckin way!"

So there I was with Michael perched on my back spreading my arse while Thomas worked the bottle into my anus. Even though I was well lubed it hurt like hell. I was glad I'd been unconscious when they shoved the bottles in last time.

I thought they were going to shove bottles into our pussies next but instead Michael filled mine with his monster black tool while Thomas did the same to Trudy. Fuck he was big. He only managed to get about half of it in before bottoming out. Amy took a little more of Thomas's prick.

""This will hurt a bit," said Michael.

"What will?"

"When I push through your cervix and enter your womb."

"No fuckin way."

Just then Amy squealed. Looking over I saw Thomas push the rest of his prick inside my friend. I screamed as the monster black head entered my womb. Fuck they had shoved their monster cocks all the way inside us. Slowly the pain subsided. I heard Amy moan as she reached a tremendous orgasm. Mine followed quickly. The two studs pounded at our pussies for ever. Finally I felt him jerk and start spewing his seed deep into my womb. Next to me Thomas was dumping his load into Amy.

"What the fuck!" squealed Amy.

"Relax hun it's only piss."

Just then I felt Michael piss directly into my womb! The fucking bastards. They just kept pissing. Finally they were done and I felt the soft hosepipe slide out of my pussy.

"Don't move I'll have to plug you or the piss'll go all over the carpet."

I felt Michael slide the bottle out of my bottom before guiding it up my abused pussy. I think it also entered my womb. Thomas was doing the same to Amy.

"When I had recovered a bit I asked, "What now?"

"Why now we fuck you in the ass, one at a time."

"Why one at a time?" asked Amy.

"Because we've only got two pricks and we're going to put them both inside the same ass at the same time," said Michael.

"No fuckin way!" we both said in unison.

So there I was pussy full of cum, piss and god knows how big a bottle. Straddling Michael with his monstrous dong in my ass. Thomas was kneeling behind me and Amy was helping him work his monster in on top of his brothers. Man it was fucking tight. The bottle in my twat was taking up all the available space. Where these two giant black salamis were going I had no idea. They fucked me for what seamed like hours before transferring their attentions to Trudy's arse. Finally they both spent their loads deep in her back passage. Unbelievably they both pissed in her ass together. I was glad I had been first. Michael, who was on top, slid free first and the piss started to leak out around Thomas's prick. As Thomas slid free Michael slid a whisky bottle up her arse to keep the piss in place.

The lads carried us into the bathroom and sat us down on our hands and knees. Finally the bottles were removed and we were allowed to empty ourselves. The piss gushed out of my pussy and both Amy's holes for ages and ages. Finally we were empty. The four of us showered together before returning to the living room still naked.

Michael fixed some coffee.

"Man that was wild," said Amy as we sat sipping from the steaming mugs.

"How big were those bottles you shoved inside me?" I asked.

Thomas produced a large green bottle.

"This magnum went into your pussy. It holds two pints of Champaign. And this whisky bottle was up your ass."

"And these," said Michael producing two magnums went inside Amy."

We just sat there in shock. They couldn't possibly. No way.

"We could not have done it without the Star Lube." Said Michael.

"Without it our pricks would have torn you apart," said Thomas, "With it you were able to take all this."

"Fuckin hell," I said.

"Did you enjoy yourselves?" asked Thomas

"Fuckin hell we did!" we chorused

A little while later Amy said, "We should be getting home."

"OK," said Michael, just a minute.

He returned from the kitchen with four full coke bottles.

"These are a special present for you."

Fuckin cheapskate.

"Come on, kneel back up on the chair so we can insert them."

You've guessed it, they were going to shove the contoured bottles inside us. We knelt back up on the two armchairs while the bottles were worked all the way into our well used, abused and lubed arses and pussies. Then they helped us to our feet. Fuck it's difficult to walk with coke bottles filling your holes! However, with a little practice we managed a rather undignified waddle.

"No, no coats, you go home as nature intended you, naked," said Michael.

""But we can't," in unison.

"Don't worry. It's early and we'll drive you."

"No please don't make us do this," I said.

Twenty minutes later, just after six thirty am, The Merc drew up to the pavement outside Amy's house. Michael stepped out, opened the rear door and helped an unsteady Amy to her feet. We sat there and watched as she waddled up the drive to the front door. Fuck she didn't have a key. All she could do was ring the bell. A few minutes later the door was opened by Amy's rather startled mother. As the door closed behind my best friend I wondered what she was going to say, considering she had two coke bottles inside her.

I was growing more apprehensive as we drew closer to my house. Finally we were there. Thomas helped me to my feet and opened the gate for me. I knew the back door would be open, but the lads wanted a show so I rang the bell. Well they got their show but I had a lot of explaining to do. I convinced mum I had been to a party that had gotten out of hand.

I slept most of Sunday, Amy did the same. On Monday we spent every minute of free time talking about the fantastic evening and wondering if we actually did everything we thought we remembered. I couldn't believe the size of the bottles I'd taken or that they'd actually pissed inside of me.

We decided to go around to my place after school. My parents wouldn't be home for hours. We were going to try to fist fuck each other and see if we could actually fuck each other with bottles. As we rounded the last corner I saw a limo parked outside our house. I wondered if... As we approached both rear doors opened and out stepped Michael and Thomas.

"Hello girls may we talk to you?" asked Michael.

"Sure," replied Amy.

"We'd be much more comfortable in here," said Thomas gesturing into the limo.

The door closed behind us. The compartment was the size of a small room. Leather and walnut trim. A mini bar Dark and smoked windows including the one behind the driver.

"How are you?" asked Michael.

"Great," replied Amy.

"Did you enjoy yourselves on Saturday?" asked Thomas.

"You mean when the two of you fucked the arse of two fourteen year old schoolgirls?" I asked mockingly.

"I think we did more than, 'fuck the arse of you', I seem to remember fisting, bottle fucking and pissing", replied Michael.

"Aren't you afraid of getting into trouble for fucking underage girls. Statutory rape or something?" I asked.

"They can't touch us, we're diplomats and in our country it is legal to have sex with anyone so long as they have reached puberty," replied Thomas. "The worst they could do is send us home and we would simply be reassigned to another country."

"Wow!" exclaimed Amy.

"Do you mind?" asked Michael as he reached over and undid my blouse.

"What the fuck?"

"I just wish to see your exquisite body once again."

"You're not going to throw me out naked again."

"No, I promise not. But I will probably fuck your orifices."

I looked over and Trudy was stepping out of her panties.

Well, what can I tell you. We drove around for nearly two hours. The four of us naked in the rear of the limo. The boys had a plentiful supply of Star Lube. We started off swallowing their entire monsters. Then they pissed in our arses and fucked us through our cervixes. Fuck it was hot.

"Would your parents mind if you stayed out late tonight?" asked Thomas.

"Well it is a school day," I replied.

"Come on Trudy, we could tell them we're staying with each other."

"OK let's go for it."

"Martin, take us home," said Michael through the intercom.

It was getting dark as we swept into the compound. I started to pull on my blouse.

"No leave them here." Said Michael.


"Come on," giggled Thomas.

They grabbed us by the hands and led us out, across the square and in through the ornamental doors. As we walked along the corridor we passed several people none of whom batted an eye. Now just consider, here we were, two naked blond schoolgirls, cum and piss running down our legs. Walking along holding hands with two tall naked black men sporting monster dongs and apparently it was quite normal. Wow!

In their room there was a superb meal for four laid out. Fabulous delicacies, and all manner of meats, cheeses, breads and fruit. We spent nearly an hour eating and drinking. Then we phoned our parents. I'm not sure if they believed us, especially after Sunday morning, but it was OK.

"Would you like to do something really daring?" asked Thomas.

"What kind of daring?" I asked.

"Something really wild, but not dangerous," said Michael.

"Sure," said Amy.

"Great. But first you'll have to loose those few wisps of blond hair," said Thomas.

"What these?" I said pulling my sparse pubes.

"Unfortunately yes," said Michael, "Both of you will need to be completely depleted. You will find what you need in the bathroom through that door. I will make the rest of the arrangements."

The bathroom was unbelievable. Gold taps, marble everywhere. Mirrors an all four walls and the ceiling. We spent a fair amount of time making sure that each other was completely shaven, every last piece of stubble and wisp was removed from our navel right around beyond our anuses.

Returning to the main room I was startled to find another bloke had joined our escorts.

"Hi girls, this is Ronny. He is going to prepare you for tonight."

"Like hell he is," I said, trying to cover up with my hands.

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