Slip of the Tongue

by juanwildone

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: A pint of Guiness, or was that my fourth? has conspired to loosen my tongue. A beautiful lady is amused, then pleased, grateful, then magnanimous. Hey it could happen.

It was just another in a seemingly endless chain or repetitive events that started on a Monday and ended on a Friday otherwise characterized as the end of the week after work 'Thank God It's Friday' gathering at the local pub. At this point it was safe to say that I'd imbibed more than my share of the local brew. My tie was loose and my self control less then.

I'd migrated over to a group of co-workers discussing politics when a slightly off-color remark caused me to deliver a quick ryhming pun filled punch line. If I could remember it I'd tell it to you - sorry. OK, it had a lot to do with "Bush and tush", "gorge and George" and I'm pretty sure I'd managed to work "Cooter and hooter." The group fell apart in near hysterics. As we slowly recovered what little dignity we had left I ordered a fresh pint. I had to reach through the group to get it when I felt a woman lean close to my left ear.

"Pretty quick tongued. That was... entertaining." Her voice was pitched low and conspiratorial. I spoke out of the side of my mouth to her before I looked at her.

"Entertaining? That's nothing. You should see how entertaining I am with my nimble tongue when I'm not talking." I worked by drunken smile into a drunken leer and turned to see that I was talking to a most beautiful woman. I was temporarily stunned and so uncharacteristically held her gaze far longer then usual (for me at least). Her eyebrows rose a millimeter then relaxed.

"You seem a bit drunk." Had I been sober I would have been apologizing profusely at this point. Of course, had I been sober I would have never made the comment in the first place. I wasn't sober, I was drunk and so like a drunken fool I stayed the course.

"Well that's not really a problem. Unlike other parts of the male anatomy, good drink simply loosens the tongue allowing increased performance not to mention the inability to monitor the passage of time." That got a laugh from her as well as a shake of her head.

"You are the confident one aren't you? Or are you maybe just a little cocky."

"Alas and most unfortunately a lack it all too true. For in my case through absolutely no fault of my own my cockiness comes with a small 'c'. Perhaps I overcompensate with my linguistic predilections." I was so far out of my depth that I did something so uncharacteristic that I surprised me. "Just to show you that my intentions are strictly pleasurable..." I fished a pen out of my pocket and flipped over a Guinness coaster.

Bearer is entitled to one hour of lingual expertise, or until completely satisfied.

I placed it in her hand, gave her a kiss on the cheek and walked away.

I was deeply concentrated on answering the age old question as to whether my pint was half full or half empty when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned to find the beautiful woman smiling at me. "Stick out your hand." I did half expecting it to be slapped when she placed her hand over mine closed my fingers around something soft and lifted my hand to my face. Her scent enflamed and enchanted me.

"I want a sample."

She took my hand and led me out the back door to a quiet corner of the parking area. She grabbed the hem of her skirt and pulled it slowly up until her separate thighs met. A dark wide patch narrowed then stopped above two thick wet lips.

I maneuvered her against a wall and knelt before her. With a minimum of struggle I managed to bodily lift her so that the back of her thighs were resting on my shoulders, my hands supporting her ass and my mouth level with her cunt. The lift surprised her and she made it clear that she wasn't overly pleased until I started licking. That seemed to change everything.

She was very wet and her scent was intoxicatingly powerful. She must have played with herself a little when she took off her panties because she was moaning in no time. I went straight in her licking around and around her swollen slit. Her moans told that I had guessed right about what she wanted and where she wanted it. Every couple of times around I'd give her clit a direct swipe of the tongue. Then I gave her two swipes, three swipes, four, and then continuously. I was relentless.

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