by Al Steiner

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Stacey, a shy college student, goes home with her best friend Sarah over the Thanksgiving holiday. She soon finds that Sarah's family is not quite a conventional one. But Sarah is right about one thing: everyone loves her there.

"They sleep in separate rooms?" asked Stacey incredulously. "Are you kidding?"

"Swear to God," replied Sarah, her best friend and college roommate. They were discussing Sarah's parents, whom they were driving up to Heritage to visit for the Thanksgiving holiday break. "They've been doing that for like ten years now. Since I was in third grade. They just don't get along all that well I guess."

"Wow," said Stacey, shaking her head a little. She was sitting in the passenger seat of Sarah's BMW convertible as they drove up Interstate 5 from Sacramento. They were both freshmen at the University of California at Davis. Sarah had invited her to stay the long weekend with her and her family since Stacey's parents, who lived in Palo Alto, had elected to spend this particular holiday in Hawaii. Now she was starting to wonder if it was such a good idea after all. "Do they like fight a lot and stuff like that?" she asked nervously.

"No, nothing like that," Sarah told her, flipping her blonde ponytail from one side of her head to the other. Her hair was always in a ponytail, except when she was sleeping. And her face, though pretty, had never had make-up upon it. She had told Stacey once that she didn't need make-up since she was not trying to attract any boys. "They just don't talk to each other much. They kind of stay out of each other's way, you know? Don't worry. Everything will be just fine. They're both dying to meet you."

"They are?"

She gave a slight smile. "I didn't have a lot of friends when I was in high school. They..."

"Get the hell out of here with that," Stacey interrupted. "You didn't have any friends? You're rich, you're a sweetheart and you've got a body to die for. You had to have been the most popular girl in school." And this was true. Sarah was indeed from a rich family and she was indeed one of the sweetest people Stacey had ever met. And her body was indeed a nice one as well. It was trim and petite, like a dancer's body, with long, shapely legs and small, pert breasts.

Sarah blushed a little. "Afraid not," she said. "Like I told you before, me and boys never really got along with each other. I never hung out with the crowd in high school. I just kind of kept to myself."

"Hard to believe," Stacey told her, although she already knew about her friend's aversion towards the male sex, an aversion that came complete with a leaning towards the female sex. This had been demonstrated in graphic detail to her their second month together as roommates when, after smoking a joint up in their dorm room, they had ended up first masturbating together and then, at Sarah's initiation, masturbating each other. It was an act that had repeated itself three times since then, always after smoking grass or drinking. Stacey was not sure exactly how she felt about this. She could not deny that she had enjoyed the touch of Sarah's hand on her pussy. Nor could she deny that she had longed to further the encounter, to let her friend suck her breasts or even lick her. But she was horribly afraid that this might mean she was becoming a lesbian. True, her natural inclination was towards guys, with their hard bodies and their masculinity. But what if she started wanting to do things with women exclusively? What would happen then? She had only slept with one boy in her life and it had been an experience worth forgetting. What if she stopped desiring men before she had a chance to experience them to the fullest? Was that possible?

"So anyway," Sarah said, breaking her train of thought, "they're both really excited to meet my best friend. I never really had one before you see."

"I see," she said, feeling the slightest bit uncomfortable with the direction the conversation was moving. She decided to change the subject. "So they're both lawyers, right?"

"Right," Sarah said, gunning the engine and whipping around a line of big rigs in the slow lane. "Dad's a corporate lawyer for Barkely-Cavenaugh. He just made partner a month ago. Mom is a police brutality specialist for the ACLU."

"A corporate lawyer and an ACLU lawyer?" Stacey asked, raising her eyebrows. "Christ, could they have less in common? Where did they meet?"

"In law school," she replied. "I used to wonder about why they started dating myself since they're so different. It was only in the last few years that I started to figure it out."


"Yeah," she said, giving a cynical look that had never been meant to be displayed on someone so young. "My mom married him because she knew he would be successful. He was focusing on corporate law and had all the family connections. My grandmother raised her to look for those kinds of things in a man. The same way mom tried to raise me."

"I see," Stacey said, feeling uncomfortable again. Was there any way that they could talk of neutral subjects for a bit? She was getting tired of these confessions.

Sarah smiled and patted her friend's knee affectionately. "But don't worry," she assured her. "Except for the separate bedrooms and the silence between them, we're just a normal, happy, upper-middle class family. They're gonna love you."

"Are they?"

"Guarantee it."

As it turned out, Sarah was right.

Sarah's parents lived in Whispering Oaks, which was the fashionable part of the Heritage metropolitan area. Their house was a ten-year old tri-level that had been erected upon a premium lot located on a cul-de-sac within a gated community. The back of the house looked out over the Heritage River and the parkway that surrounded it. The front featured an oversized, immaculately maintained lawn. Sarah pulled up in front of this house at just after 6:00 PM on Wednesday evening. To the west the sun had just dipped below the horizon imparting an inky twilight upon the neighborhood.

"Nice place," Stacey said politely as she took it in for the first time, although, in truth, her parents' house was actually a bit larger and in a bit of a nicer neighborhood. She diplomatically did not mention this.

Sarah shrugged. "Nicer than the dorm, that's for sure," she replied, shutting off the engine. "Well, shall we go meet them?"

"I guess so."

The door was flung open before they were even halfway up the walk and out came her parents, happy smiles upon their faces as their only daughter returned to them after her first extended absence. Stacey saw immediately that Sarah took after her mother. She was nothing more than an older version of Sarah herself. She was about the same height, had the same blonde hair, and the same small breasts. Her face was showing her forty years a bit, with the odd wrinkle here and there, but she was, overall, a very lovely, mature looking woman.

Stacey looked at Sarah's mother for only the briefest of instances however before her attention was riveted to Sarah's father. It wasn't that he was stunningly handsome, for he wasn't; he was actually pretty average looking. About 5-11 or so and about 180 pounds, he was not a particularly formidable specimen. But his face was pleasant and confident looking, with deep blue eyes and a small goatee on his chin (she took a moment to wonder how a corporate lawyer got away with that particular accessory). He had a thick mop of short, sandy brown hair atop his head that was neatly styled in a professional cut. His shoulders were broad and his arms well muscled beneath the polo shirt that he wore. It looked as if he worked-out regularly. When he turned around to hug his daughter and give her a kiss on the cheek, she saw that his ass was quite impressive for a forty-two year old. She found herself experiencing a small tingle of arousal as she looked at him. Perhaps it was the knowledge that he was having marital troubles and had been for quite some time. Perhaps it was the taboo aspect of her being Sarah's father. Whatever it was, she knew she was attracted to him from the first moment. And when he looked at her for the first time, after the hugs from the parents were complete, she could see that he was taking an interest in her as well. She saw it in the way his eyes looked her up and down, in the way they took in her large breasts beneath her UC Davis sweater. A connection had definitely fired between them. Of that she had no doubt. She found herself wondering what she should do about it.

"Mom, Dad," Sarah said, leading them over to where she stood, "this is Stacey, my roommate and the best friend in the world. Stacey... Mom and Dad."

Stacey smiled, holding out her hand to the mother first. "Nice to meet you Mr. and Mrs. Benning," she told them. "Thank you for letting me come visit you for the holiday."

"Any friend of Sarah's is a friend of ours," said Mrs. Benning, taking her hand and shaking it. She smiled and gave a soft squeeze as they shook. "And call me Anne."

"Anne," Stacey dutifully repeated, wondering if it had been her imagination that Anne's thumb had slid softly across the back of her hand or if it had really happened.

"And I'm Michael," said Mr. Benning, stepping forward and almost snatching her hand away from his wife. His grip was firmer against hers, though not enough to be called rough. "It's very nice to meet you."

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