by Al Steiner

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Stacey, a shy college student, goes home with her best friend Sarah over the Thanksgiving holiday. She soon finds that Sarah's family is not quite a conventional one. But Sarah is right about one thing: everyone loves her there.

"They sleep in separate rooms?" asked Stacey incredulously. "Are you kidding?"

"Swear to God," replied Sarah, her best friend and college roommate. They were discussing Sarah's parents, whom they were driving up to Heritage to visit for the Thanksgiving holiday break. "They've been doing that for like ten years now. Since I was in third grade. They just don't get along all that well I guess."

"Wow," said Stacey, shaking her head a little. She was sitting in the passenger seat of Sarah's BMW convertible as they drove up Interstate 5 from Sacramento. They were both freshmen at the University of California at Davis. Sarah had invited her to stay the long weekend with her and her family since Stacey's parents, who lived in Palo Alto, had elected to spend this particular holiday in Hawaii. Now she was starting to wonder if it was such a good idea after all. "Do they like fight a lot and stuff like that?" she asked nervously.

"No, nothing like that," Sarah told her, flipping her blonde ponytail from one side of her head to the other. Her hair was always in a ponytail, except when she was sleeping. And her face, though pretty, had never had make-up upon it. She had told Stacey once that she didn't need make-up since she was not trying to attract any boys. "They just don't talk to each other much. They kind of stay out of each other's way, you know? Don't worry. Everything will be just fine. They're both dying to meet you."

"They are?"

She gave a slight smile. "I didn't have a lot of friends when I was in high school. They..."

"Get the hell out of here with that," Stacey interrupted. "You didn't have any friends? You're rich, you're a sweetheart and you've got a body to die for. You had to have been the most popular girl in school." And this was true. Sarah was indeed from a rich family and she was indeed one of the sweetest people Stacey had ever met. And her body was indeed a nice one as well. It was trim and petite, like a dancer's body, with long, shapely legs and small, pert breasts.

Sarah blushed a little. "Afraid not," she said. "Like I told you before, me and boys never really got along with each other. I never hung out with the crowd in high school. I just kind of kept to myself."

"Hard to believe," Stacey told her, although she already knew about her friend's aversion towards the male sex, an aversion that came complete with a leaning towards the female sex. This had been demonstrated in graphic detail to her their second month together as roommates when, after smoking a joint up in their dorm room, they had ended up first masturbating together and then, at Sarah's initiation, masturbating each other. It was an act that had repeated itself three times since then, always after smoking grass or drinking. Stacey was not sure exactly how she felt about this. She could not deny that she had enjoyed the touch of Sarah's hand on her pussy. Nor could she deny that she had longed to further the encounter, to let her friend suck her breasts or even lick her. But she was horribly afraid that this might mean she was becoming a lesbian. True, her natural inclination was towards guys, with their hard bodies and their masculinity. But what if she started wanting to do things with women exclusively? What would happen then? She had only slept with one boy in her life and it had been an experience worth forgetting. What if she stopped desiring men before she had a chance to experience them to the fullest? Was that possible?

"So anyway," Sarah said, breaking her train of thought, "they're both really excited to meet my best friend. I never really had one before you see."

"I see," she said, feeling the slightest bit uncomfortable with the direction the conversation was moving. She decided to change the subject. "So they're both lawyers, right?"

"Right," Sarah said, gunning the engine and whipping around a line of big rigs in the slow lane. "Dad's a corporate lawyer for Barkely-Cavenaugh. He just made partner a month ago. Mom is a police brutality specialist for the ACLU."

"A corporate lawyer and an ACLU lawyer?" Stacey asked, raising her eyebrows. "Christ, could they have less in common? Where did they meet?"

"In law school," she replied. "I used to wonder about why they started dating myself since they're so different. It was only in the last few years that I started to figure it out."


"Yeah," she said, giving a cynical look that had never been meant to be displayed on someone so young. "My mom married him because she knew he would be successful. He was focusing on corporate law and had all the family connections. My grandmother raised her to look for those kinds of things in a man. The same way mom tried to raise me."

"I see," Stacey said, feeling uncomfortable again. Was there any way that they could talk of neutral subjects for a bit? She was getting tired of these confessions.

Sarah smiled and patted her friend's knee affectionately. "But don't worry," she assured her. "Except for the separate bedrooms and the silence between them, we're just a normal, happy, upper-middle class family. They're gonna love you."

"Are they?"

"Guarantee it."

As it turned out, Sarah was right.

Sarah's parents lived in Whispering Oaks, which was the fashionable part of the Heritage metropolitan area. Their house was a ten-year old tri-level that had been erected upon a premium lot located on a cul-de-sac within a gated community. The back of the house looked out over the Heritage River and the parkway that surrounded it. The front featured an oversized, immaculately maintained lawn. Sarah pulled up in front of this house at just after 6:00 PM on Wednesday evening. To the west the sun had just dipped below the horizon imparting an inky twilight upon the neighborhood.

"Nice place," Stacey said politely as she took it in for the first time, although, in truth, her parents' house was actually a bit larger and in a bit of a nicer neighborhood. She diplomatically did not mention this.

Sarah shrugged. "Nicer than the dorm, that's for sure," she replied, shutting off the engine. "Well, shall we go meet them?"

"I guess so."

The door was flung open before they were even halfway up the walk and out came her parents, happy smiles upon their faces as their only daughter returned to them after her first extended absence. Stacey saw immediately that Sarah took after her mother. She was nothing more than an older version of Sarah herself. She was about the same height, had the same blonde hair, and the same small breasts. Her face was showing her forty years a bit, with the odd wrinkle here and there, but she was, overall, a very lovely, mature looking woman.

Stacey looked at Sarah's mother for only the briefest of instances however before her attention was riveted to Sarah's father. It wasn't that he was stunningly handsome, for he wasn't; he was actually pretty average looking. About 5-11 or so and about 180 pounds, he was not a particularly formidable specimen. But his face was pleasant and confident looking, with deep blue eyes and a small goatee on his chin (she took a moment to wonder how a corporate lawyer got away with that particular accessory). He had a thick mop of short, sandy brown hair atop his head that was neatly styled in a professional cut. His shoulders were broad and his arms well muscled beneath the polo shirt that he wore. It looked as if he worked-out regularly. When he turned around to hug his daughter and give her a kiss on the cheek, she saw that his ass was quite impressive for a forty-two year old. She found herself experiencing a small tingle of arousal as she looked at him. Perhaps it was the knowledge that he was having marital troubles and had been for quite some time. Perhaps it was the taboo aspect of her being Sarah's father. Whatever it was, she knew she was attracted to him from the first moment. And when he looked at her for the first time, after the hugs from the parents were complete, she could see that he was taking an interest in her as well. She saw it in the way his eyes looked her up and down, in the way they took in her large breasts beneath her UC Davis sweater. A connection had definitely fired between them. Of that she had no doubt. She found herself wondering what she should do about it.

"Mom, Dad," Sarah said, leading them over to where she stood, "this is Stacey, my roommate and the best friend in the world. Stacey... Mom and Dad."

Stacey smiled, holding out her hand to the mother first. "Nice to meet you Mr. and Mrs. Benning," she told them. "Thank you for letting me come visit you for the holiday."

"Any friend of Sarah's is a friend of ours," said Mrs. Benning, taking her hand and shaking it. She smiled and gave a soft squeeze as they shook. "And call me Anne."

"Anne," Stacey dutifully repeated, wondering if it had been her imagination that Anne's thumb had slid softly across the back of her hand or if it had really happened.

"And I'm Michael," said Mr. Benning, stepping forward and almost snatching her hand away from his wife. His grip was firmer against hers, though not enough to be called rough. "It's very nice to meet you."

They chatted on the porch for a few moments, Sarah catching them up on what had happened to her since the last time she'd talked to them, telling them about their drive up from Davis, and sharing a few anecdotes about their friendship. The air outside was somewhat chilly, with a cold northern breeze blowing across them. As the chat went on Sarah realized that Michael and Anne were both seeming to glance at her chest a little more than was usual. She took a quick look down at herself and realized that her large nipples, which were extremely sensitive, had hardened and were poking noticeably through her sweater. She felt horrified at this, but at the same time strangely excited. She couldn't help but notice that the bulge in Michael's jeans, which had been quite impressive to begin with, seemed to have gotten a bit larger. Christ, were her nipples turning him on? She thrilled at the thought that that might be the case. But why was Anne staring at them too? She did not seem upset with the display that was being offered. She found herself wondering if maybe Sarah's inclination towards women might be an inherited trait.

"Well," Anne said at last, giving one more extended glance at Stacey's chest, "why don't you girls go get your things out of the car and come on in. I have a pot roast that I've been cooking all day and its just about ready to eat."

"Sounds great Mom," said Sarah, who had seemingly been oblivious to the entire episode between her parents and her best friend. "Come on Stace, let's get unloaded."

"Right," Stacey said, nodding a bit. Numbly she followed Sarah to the car while Michael and Anne retreated inside the house.

The pot roast was absolutely divine and both girls, deprived of home cooked food for months, tore into it with a vengeance, greedily consuming two helpings apiece, complete with mashed potatoes and gravy and steamed carrots. Between chomps and chews at their food conversation drifted around the table, much of it centered on Stacey. Anne and Michael both asked her many questions about her upbringing, her parents, her major in school, her future plans. Both seemed particularly interested in whether or not she had a boyfriend. Stacey noticed that although both of them talked to her a lot and that both of them talked to Sarah almost as much, they rarely said a word to each other. Requests to pass a particular food item were about it. As Sarah had told her, they were not hostile to each other, just uncommunicative.

After dinner was complete the four of them pitched in together to clear the table and clean up the mess that had been made. This was something of a new experience for Stacey since her parents had always employed a maid for such work. Nevertheless she picked up the basic idea pretty quickly. While Sarah and Anne concentrated on moving the dishes from the dining room to the kitchen she rinsed them off in the sink while Michael loaded them into the dishwasher. As they performed this chore she noticed that her friend's father was standing perhaps a little closer to her than was absolutely necessary for the task at hand. His hip was in slight contact with hers and their shoulders came together whenever one of them shifted their weight. And when she handed a dish to him for placement in the machine their wet hands would touch at the fingertips, seemingly deliberately on his part.

She felt the tingles of electricity again at the realization that he was going out of his way to touch her. He was attracted to her and was trying to show it, trying to be a little flirtatious with her. It made her warm inside to know that she had enough sex appeal at nineteen to get a rise out of a married man twice her age. It made her feel sexy and wanted, a little surer of her sexuality. And she was attracted to him as well, of that there could be no denying. Though she had no intention of doing anything with him, she decided to flirt some with him, just to test out the waters of her powers as a female. She had so little experience with this sort of thing.

She commented on his build as they continued to rub hips and shoulders and touch fingers to each other. "You must work out a lot to get all those muscles," she observed.

He smiled, setting a serving platter in the rack and reaching over to grab a plate from her. "Three or four times a week," he said. "I have a lot more time to do it now that I've make partner at the firm. Once you get to be a boss the workload gets cut in half."

"That's pretty tight," she said, giving an extra slow rub of her hip as she handed it over. "What's up with the goatee? I thought that law firms were pretty strict on that sort of thing."

His smile broadened, his fingers going up to stroke the growth of hair for a moment. "It annoys the hell out of the other partners," he said mischievously. "I never would've been able to get away with it before my promotion. But now that I'm up the ladder I can pretty much do what I want, within reason anyway. I thought about getting an earring as well, but that might've been just a tad over the line."

Stacey giggled, feeling a warm flush as he seemed to fight to keep his shoulder in contact with hers. "Well, if you can't get an earring, maybe you could pierce something else then. That's what I did when I wanted to rebel against my parents. Of course they don't know that I have it, but... well... you know."

"Really?" he said, raising his eyebrows in interest. "And what exactly did you pierce young lady, or dare I ask?"

Another giggle, another rub of the shoulders. Yes, her flirting was definitely having a pleasant affect on Michael. It made her feel powerful and sexy. She slapped at his shoulder playfully. "Nothing obscene," she told him. "Just my belly button. In my family that would be quite an atrocity though. My parents are kind of religious."

"So you said," he said, and then gave a quick glance around, as if to see if anyone was in earshot. No one was. Anne and Sarah were in the dining room, wiping down the table. "I bet it looks real sexy on you," he told her.

She took a glance around herself and then almost whispered, "Do you want to see it?"

"Uhh... sure," he said, blushing a little himself now. "I'd love to."

She turned towards him and pulled up her UC Davis sweater to just below her breasts, baring her smooth, sexy stomach for him. A gold ring was threaded through the top of her belly button. He swallowed audibly as he looked at it. She saw the bulge in his pants actually twitch a bit, giving her another rush of tingly power. She was actually turning him on! He was practically drooling at the sight of her tummy.

"You like it?" she asked.

"It's very nice," he told her. "Doesn't it... uh... doesn't it hurt though?"

"No, it makes awesome tingles when someone touches it. Do you think it's sexy?"

"It's very sexy," he confirmed. Tentatively he reached out his hand. "Do you mind? I've never felt one before."

She giggled. "Not at all. Go ahead."

His fingertips touched her just above the ring, resting for a second on the tanned skin of her belly and then gently caressing the ring itself. Tingles of excitement went radiating up and down her body at the touch. She felt a gush of moisture flooding her sex and rubbed her legs together involuntarily. The bulge in his pants, she noticed, took another lurch and grew a bit.

"Better stop that," she whispered. "Touching it has... well... an affect on me."

"Really," he said, giving it another soft rub. "Well we can't have that, can we?"

She smiled. "At least not right now," she told him, causing another flush to rise to his face.

He finally took his hand away and she let her shirt drop back down. They went back to washing dishes for a moment, both of them silent. Stacey was really enjoying herself now, was feeling powerful at the affect her flirtations were having. She really was a sexy thing! She really could attract men as well as Sarah. She really could play the game. The only thing that she didn't know was just how dangerous the game that she was playing really was.

The lower level of the house had been converted into a large family room, complete with a large-screen, high-definition television set that was hooked up to a satellite dish, surround sound, a stereo system, a pinball machine, and a pool table. After clean up was complete and an after-dinner brandy was consumed by all (it seemed to be a bit of a tradition in Sarah's family) the four of them went down to this room and teamed up for a few games of eight ball on the green table. The team composition was rotated every game. It was always Sarah with Michael and Stacey with Anne or the other way around. Anne and Michael never teamed up together against the two girls, obstinately so that their superior pool shooting skills would not be set against the two girls' more meager ones, but in reality it seemed to Stacey that they just didn't want to play together. And though everyone seemed to have a good time during the game, Stacey noticed that Sarah's parents still never engaged in any sort of conversation with each other. They would each talk freely with their daughter or with Stacey herself, but never did they talk to each other. Sarah didn't even seem to notice this, so used to it was she.

Flirtation with Michael was a little more difficult with his wife and daughter in the room but she still managed to do it in a subtle manner. Looks and secret smiles were exchanged between the two of them when the other two weren't looking, looks full of naughty intention, smiles that were more than just friendly. Several times Stacey managed to brush against him as she moved from one position on the table to the other and once she managed to slide her jeans-clad buttocks directly across the front of his pants as he passed behind her and she bent over to take a shot. It was during that encounter that she actually felt the bulge in his pants against her for the first time. She felt it pushing on her ass for the briefest of instances, felt it bulge just a little bit more at the delicious contact. When she saw the flush on his face as he retreated to the other side, when she heard the stammer in his speech when he spoke a second later, she thrilled again at this power of flirtation that she was discovering. The sensation was doubled, tripled even by the impropriety of it, by the fact that they had accomplished it right in front of Sarah and Anne and that the two of them had not even noticed.

These moments during the pool game swelled her confidence and made her more brazen later in the evening, as everyone settled down just prior to bed. The two girls went upstairs to change into their nightclothes. Sarah chose a pair of rather conservative silk pajamas to wear. Stacey, though she had a pair almost exactly like them, elected instead to go with a knee-length red T-shirt. As an added enticement she removed her bra, allowing her generous breasts to bounce and jiggle in a most sexy way. She waited for Sarah to make some comment on her attire, to maybe tell her that it wasn't exactly appropriate for her household, but if anything Sarah seemed to like the way she dressed.

"You've got the prettiest boobies," she told her, unabashedly staring at them as the t-shirt fell into place. "I wish mine looked that good without a bra on."

"Thank you," Stacey said, a little embarrassed, but a little excited as well. She had already decided that if her friend wanted to finger her pussy for her tonight that she would let her. And the way that Sarah was looking at her, it didn't seem that that was going to be a pipe dream.

Michael and Anne had moved to different parts of the house but both were still awake. Anne was in the living room, a few legal texts spread out before her as she worked on some briefs for her job. Michael was in the family room, working on some paperwork of his own and sipping out of a mixed drink of some sort. The two girls, after briefly exchanging a few words with Anne, found their way back to the family room.

"Do you mind if we play a few games of pinball Daddy?" Sarah asked Michael.

"Not at all," he said, casting a pleased look at Stacey's bare legs.

"Tight," Sarah responded, oblivious to the look. She pushed the button to launch the machine into its cycle and set it up for two-person play. A moment later she was banging the ball around the table while the lights flashed and the buzzers buzzed.

When it was Stacey's turn she made an extra effort to move her body in exaggerated fashion as she manipulated the flippers and pushed the machine from side to side. This caused her breasts to jiggle about beneath her shirt in a way that she hoped would be alluring to Sarah's father. She noticed right away, before her first ball even drained, that it was working. His eyes would keep coming off of the paperwork before him to lock onto her chest and the hem of her t-shirt. The bulge in his pants began its slow growth again and he had to shift from side to side, as if it were uncomfortable. She thrilled once again in the thought that she could give a grown man an erection. She felt like such a woman! Such a sexy, desirable woman.

After twenty minutes of this bouncing and jiggling, the bulge was quite an impressive size indeed, so large that he repositioned the work folder he was perusing so that he could hide it. She decided to up the ante yet again, to give him a view of her that he wouldn't soon forget. While it was Sarah's turn she "accidentally" dropped the coaster that she was using for her drink to the floor. Feigning absent-mindedness she bent over at the waist to pick it up while her rear-end was pointed directly at Michael. She felt the hem of her t-shirt ride up in the back, well over her tanned upper thighs. Had it gone high enough for him to catch a glimpse of her lavender panties hugging her ass-cheeks? The muted gasp she heard from behind her told her that it probably had. She let the coaster slip through her fingers a few times, as if she was having trouble grasping it. Finally she slowly stood back upright, her hem falling back down to where it belonged. She took a moment to glance at Michael and saw that he was flushed once again, a strange, almost hungry look in his eyes. He was looking at her face now, staring directly at her as if he knew exactly what she was doing. Perhaps he did. She gave him a flirty smile in return.

When they tired of playing pinball Michael invited the two of them to join him in a game of three-handed cribbage. Sarah was not too keen on the idea - she said she was tired and wanted to go to bed - but Stacey finally convinced her that one game wouldn't hurt. When they sat down on the sectional couch, the board set up on the coffee table, Stacey deliberately positioned herself directly across from Michael. She made sure that the hem of her shirt rode up once again, displaying about half of her smooth thighs for his inspection. Every once in a while, when Sarah wasn't paying attention to her, she would allow her knees to fall apart just a bit, just enough so that Michael, if he was looking, would be able to catch the briefest glance between her legs. Each time his gaze fell there he would flush again and swallow audibly. He took to holding a couch pillow on his lap so that his hard-on wouldn't show.

Sarah ended up winning the game by more than twenty points. She declared that it was the first time in years that she had ever beaten her father at cribbage.

"I guess my mind just... uh... wasn't completely on the game," he offered, still holding his pillow firmly in place while Stacey allowed her legs to slip open one last time.

"I'll take any victory I can get," replied Sarah, still seemingly oblivious to the tension between her father and her friend. She yawned, stretching her arms out and then turned to Stacey. "Well I'm about beat. You ready to call it a night now."

"Yeah," Stacey said, "I guess so." She actually wasn't. She was quite enjoying the flirtation and the teasing but she wasn't really sure that Sarah would like it if she decided to stay up with her father. And she also knew that Sarah had some plans of her own once they climbed into the double bed upstairs.

They both said goodnight to Michael. Sarah gave him a daughterly hug and a peck on the cheek. As she stepped away to head for the living room and her mother, Stacey stepped up and put her arms around him as well, pulling her body against him.

"Thank you so much for having me here Michael," she told him, her hands touching the muscles of his back. She felt her braless breasts pushing against his chest and she moved her shoulders just a bit, increasing the pressure, rubbing her nipples against him through their clothing. She was actually able to hear the harsh intake of breath in her ear as she did this, as he felt her globes pressing into him. His pelvis, seemingly of its own volition, pushed forward against her, bringing his bulging hard-on directly into her lower stomach. She could almost feel it pulsating there, a living, caged beast that she had been teasing unmercifully. Once again she felt the power of her femininity rushing through her, sending wetness to her sex, soaking her lavender panties.

"You're uh... uh... welcome," Michael managed to squeak, his hard-on still pushing her stomach, his arms around her back, caressing the skin beneath her shirt.

They broke the embrace only reluctantly, and only because Sarah was still standing there, and would begin to wonder in a moment why they were hugging each other so long. When she pulled away she saw the look in Michael's eyes had become almost dangerous in its wanting. For the first time she began to wonder if maybe she had taken things a little too far.

The girls went into the living room and told Anne goodnight, each giving her a brief hug as well. Stacey, still reeling from her encounter with Michael, hardly noticed that Anne gave her a little more than a friendly hug as well, hardly registered the fact that she seemed to enjoy the touch of her breasts against her own as much as her husband had.

"I told you that you and my parents would hit it off," Sarah said as they ascended the staircase.

"I guess you were right," she replied. "They're really cool. Both of them."

Neither of the girls noticed that both Michael and Anne had positioned themselves at the bottom of the stairs and that both of them were looking up the hem of Stacey's shirt while pretending to do something else.

"I'm sorry that we don't have a guest bedroom," Sarah said as she pulled back the covers and slipped between them. "Daddy's been sleeping in it for years now and the other spare room is being used as an office."

"That's okay," Stacey told her, noting that her friend sounded anything but sorry about this and not really caring at the moment. She was so horny right now that she thought she would cry in frustration if Sarah didn't try something with her. "It's not like we haven't... you know... been in the same bed before."

"No," she said with a sweet smile. "It's not like we haven't."

They climbed in and Sarah flipped off the bedside lamp. They lay together on their backs, about eight inches apart, both of them staring up into the darkness, their bodies not touching. Finally Sarah turned her head towards her, her hand creeping over and landing on Stacey's knee.

"Stace?" she said hesitantly. "Do you think that maybe we can... you know..."

"Do it Sarah," she said, opening her legs. "I could really use it tonight."

Sarah sighed in contentment and let her hand slide upward, along her inner thigh and under the hem of her shirt. Stacey opened her legs wider and moaned as the hand touched the crotch of her panties.

"My God," Sarah whispered, lust in her voice. "You're soaking wet girl. Were you thinking about this all night?"

"Something like that," Stacey told her. "Now do me baby. I really need to come."

"Take your panties off," she said, her breathing excited now.

Stacey quickly pushed them down to her knees and pulled one leg out. She used her foot to kick them the rest of the way off. She then opened her legs widely again, resting her right one over Sarah's left. Sarah's hand slid up her thigh again and soon her fingers were slipping between her saturated lips, probing inside of her, while her thumb circled slowly around her clit. Stacey began to moan almost immediately as the joy of her friend's touch worked its way through her being. Sarah's fingers felt so good inside of her, against her. Her pelvis began to rise and fall.

"Oh god, that feels nice Sarah," she said softly.

Sarah's lips were suddenly against her neck, her tongue licking at her skin. "I can make it feel nicer Stace," she whispered into her ear.

"Huh?" Stacey grunted, although she had a pretty good idea what her friend was talking about.

"I can use my mouth on you," she told her, giving an extra hard tweak on her clitoris. "I can suck you off and lick you. Do you want that?"

Stacey trembled in place, her emotions tearing her in two directions. "Ohhh Sarah... I just... I can't do that. I'm not ready to do that yet."

Sarah seemed disappointed, but she didn't stop what she was doing. "That's okay," she whispered. "I'll do it this way. Will you do me after? Just like before?"

"Yes," Stacey promised. "Just make me come."

Sarah's fingers drove in and out while Stacey's tightness gripped at them, massaged them. Sarah's thumb found her clit and began to rub it, tweaking it back and forth like a joystick. Her lips went back to Stacey's neck, kissing it and sucking on her earlobe - something that she had never done before - something that nobody had ever done for her before. She moaned as she felt her orgasm approaching, her hand grabbing onto Sarah's leg and squeezing it nearly hard enough to be painful. When Sarah bit down on her neck, she came, the waves of pleasure bursting through her, making her nearly convulse in pleasure.

"Wow," Sarah said when it was over, her voice almost awed. "I never saw you come like that before. What came over you?"

Stacey was still panting a little, a sheen of sweat on her brow. "It must've been you biting my neck like that," she lied. Although that had certainly put a new dimension on their frigging, she had been imagining that it was Sarah's father's teeth that were biting her, Sarah's father's hand that was caressing her.

"I'm glad you liked it," Sarah told her, snuggling up a little, so that her small breasts were pushing against Stacey's arm. "Will you do that for me? Will you kiss my neck while you finger me?"

"Yes," Stacey whispered, letting her hand slide up her leg along the silk of her pajamas. "Why don't you get these things off?"

She took them off, along with her pink cotton panties, and Stacey put her hand between her friend's legs and started to rub her off. As Sarah had done to her, she plunged her fingers in and out of the slippery membranes while rubbing her swollen clitoris with her thumb. As always, the experience of getting her best friend off with her hand gave her a naughty, forbidden thrill of excitement. This sensation was doubled as she leaned over and kissed Sarah's neck, tasting her female flesh, biting it and nipping at it enough to leave little red marks.

Sarah came almost as quickly as Stacey had, though not quite as violently. Her body tensed up and a low growl, almost feline in nature, came from her mouth. Stacey felt her pussy contract and spasm around her thrusting fingers. Sarah's head whipped back and forth a few times and then suddenly her lips were on Stacey's, kissing her, her tongue darting out and entering her mouth. Stacey kissed her back, letting out a little growl of her own as she felt the slippery girl tongue tangling with her own, as she felt the soft, lips, as she tasted her friend's saliva. Sarah moaned into her mouth as her body had its way with her.

When it was over they broke the kiss almost reluctantly and then lay together, snuggling up, their arms and legs still intertwined. Stacey's hand slipped from between Sarah's lower lips, the juices saturating her to the wrist.

"Mmmmm," Sarah said with a contented sigh, her own fingers stroking Stacey's hair. "That was tight. The absolute tightest. I loved it when you bit my neck. I loved it when we kissed each other."

"Yeah," Stacey said softly, her mind confused over what had just happened, her thoughts troubled and guilty like they usually were after she and Sarah had one of their little sessions. Was she turning into a lesbian? Was it possible to be converted into one? She didn't know, had no one to talk to about it. But didn't her flirtations with Michael earlier at least prove she was interested in men as well?

Sarah soon drifted off to sleep, as she usually did after a good friend-induced orgasm. Her soft snores sounded in Stacey's ear, her fingers still entwined in her hair. Stacey was unable to sleep however. The guilt and fear at what she had just done coupled with the excitement of her earlier encounters with Michael kept her mind buzzing along, not allowing it to shut down into sleep mode. She tossed and turned a little, breaking free of Sarah's grip and rolling to her own side of the double bed. Sarah herself rolled over onto the other side and continued snoring away.

For perhaps twenty minutes Stacey lay there, turning from one side to the other, trying to will herself to sleep but it was simply no use. Her body was buzzing all over, unsatisfied by the orgasm that she'd experienced, her mind troubled and wondering where her sexual life was heading. Her mouth was dry as well, a result of the panting that she'd done during her session with Sarah and the alcohol that she'd consumed earlier. At least, she thought, she could rectify that problem.

She rolled out of bed and, navigating by the moonlight streaming in through the window, located her panties at the foot of the bed. She pulled them back on and then padded softly to the door to the room, opening it and stepping out into the hallway. She shut the door behind her again, although she didn't pause to think just why she was doing that. She then made her way down the darkened stairway to the kitchen.

The house was silent as she searched for and finally found the switch that activated the small light over the oven. It came on and cast a mellow glow across the sparkling clean cooking area. She rummaged around in a few cabinets for a minute until she located one that had drinking glasses in it. She pulled one down and then, figuring that there would be either a pitcher of cold water or something else to drink in the refrigerator, she turned around.

Michael was standing behind her. He was shirtless, wearing only a pair of black and green flannel pajama bottoms. They were tented out with an obvious erection and the look in his eyes was not exactly sane.

Stacey let out a little squeal of surprise and nearly dropped the glass she was holding. "My god," she said, her heart hammering in her chest, adrenaline flooding through her. "You scared me half to death."

"Did I?" he asked, his tone anything but apologetic, his eyes looking her up and down in a manner that could only be described as greedy.

"Yes," she said slowly, not exactly liking the way he looked or sounded, but not exactly not liking it either. She felt a stirring in her belly that was unmistakably sexual. "I was just... uh... just uh... getting a drink of water."

He didn't seem to hear her. He took a step forward. "Did you like teasing me with your body all night?" he asked her.

She took a nervous step back, feeling the edge of the counter push against her butt. "I... uh... I'm not sure what... uh... you're talking about."

He smiled, a lascivious, hungry smile. "You're not sure what I'm talking about?" he said mockingly. "You flash your legs and your panties at me all night, you rub those gorgeous tits against me, you show me your ass in those little purple panties, and you don't know what I'm talking about?"

He intended to fuck her, she realized. Right here in the kitchen. Right now, at this very moment. She swallowed, her mouth now drier than it had been, but her pussy suddenly flooding with a fresh bout of juice. She needed to put a stop to this before it got out of hand. Or did she?

"Cat got your tongue?" he asked, sliding another step forward, so that he was now less than eight inches from her, close enough for her to feel his body heat.

"No... uh... I... well," she stammered, feeling her nipples harden, feeling her belly tighten even further. "Maybe we should... you know..."

"Didn't know that you were teasing a man who hasn't had sex of any kind in more than two years, did you?" he asked her. "Didn't know that you were dealing with a man who was so desperately horny that he almost took you on the family room floor right in front of his daughter, did you?"

"No," she said softly, wondering if she should scream. Part of her thought that she should do just that, scream and bring everyone downstairs to see what was going on. That would surely stop Michael directly in his tracks. But her eyes kept flitting down to that huge tent in his pajama bottoms. His cock had to be enormous, she realized, to push it out like that. Much larger than the meager five inches that had belonged to Steve Hendrickson, who had taken her virginity the night of the senior prom in the back of his father's BMW. Steve had not known how to use his weapon very well. He had slammed it into her like a crowbar, rupturing her maidenhead and causing her to bleed all over her prom dress and the leather seats. It had felt a little like she had been reamed out by a sewer pipe snake. But Michael, despite having an obviously larger tool, would know what to do with it, wouldn't he? One did not go through twenty years of marriage without learning how to do it properly, did they?

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