Gentel Dental

by Grey Beard

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Spanking, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Doctor/Nurse, .

Desc: Sex Story: This story reunites Bob with two of his former lovers. He fondles his Dentist, and then helps her Dental assistant fulfill a fantasy.

It might have been an accident, and I am really not sure who moved first. My cheek might have rolled into her breast, or maybe she leaned over a little too far, but there was no doubt that a very erect nipple was brushing against my face. Her lab coat was open, and I could see just below the name tag which read " Heidi Anderson, DDS " that her other breast was straining against her smock and also displayed that tell tail mark of excitement.

When I turned my head slightly and rubbed my cheek against her, she said " Oh that feels so good. I would let you suck on it, but we need your mouth open right now." Maybe not the sort of remark that you would expect from a Dentist, but in the past, I was more than just another patient. We had met in the County Clerk's office, both of us registering the deeds of our newly acquired houses which were included in our divorce settlements. When we realized that we were both there for the same reason, we laughed, and then had lunch, to celebrate our new freedom. She was 43, and I had just turned 55. We went out a few times, even extended a picnic to include an all night romp under the stars at a secluded campsite, but for some reason, the sexual spark never went beyond mutual lust.

It was the last appointment of the day, so I looked past the open door to the darkened hall and said " has everyone else gone home?" Before she could answer, I gently slid my hand up along her pants leg until I came to the delicate curve of her butt. Heidi took a deep breath and said " just Kim, my Dental Assistant, but she will be busy in the lab for at least another half hour. But really, Bob, I need to finish the prep work for your Crown unless you want to spend the weekend with half a tooth." I sighed, and took another deep breath as the Nitrous Oxidize continued to block the pain. She gave me a little pat just below my waist, and said " looks like the gas has really gotten to you." That particular gas works it's magic by depriving the brain of oxygen and just like a man who is being asphyxiated with a hangmen noose or a garrote, it also causes the penis to become very erect. This fact has caused more than a few accidental deaths.

I tried to behave myself while she was putting sharp objects and fast moving drills in my mouth. I was very horny, but too old to be stupid. After she removed the gas canella and put the temporary crown in place, she announced that she would have to stand there and hold my cheeks away, until the glue set up. That was my chance and my hand started to wander. I slid my hand back up the inside of her thigh and I started to rub the warm spot between her legs. She groaned a little and said " if you insist, let me get out of my pants". She pulled the drawstring on her scrub suit pants, and when they hit the floor, I hooked my finger between the leg holes of her panties and tugged them down to her knees. She was very wet, so I had no problem slipping my thumb between the twin folds of her vulva, and I started to gently caress her clit with my middle fingers. Funny, once you learn to properly grip a bowling ball, you never forget. Just as I was starting to let my magic fingers do the walking, the telephone rang. I groaned in frustration, but Heidi just whispered, " don't stop, Kim will get it and take a message"

My thumb pushed up against the wall that the vagina shares with her bladder, which is where many women have their G Spot, and my fingers tips slowly fluttered back and forth over the little man in the boat. She started to breath short but very heavy gasps, and when she closed her eyes, I slipped my very wet thumb out and started to run little circles around her tight brown eye. Suddenly she started to moan, her head flopped backwards, and as her knees started to buckle she impaled herself on my thumb and I could feel wave after wave of spasms as my thumb slipped deeper and deeper into her rectum. Heidi fell across my chest, and while I was gently rubbing the beautiful globes of her butt, the door opened.

A face appeared through the door. One with brilliant blue eyes, a cute up turned nose, and it was framed with blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail. " Hey you guys, it's a good thing everyone else is gone, I could hear you all the way back in the lab". I was startled, but then recognized Kim. She was a graduate student in microbiology and several years ago, we had spent afternoons together in her room while she " harvested " my sterile semen in condoms for one of her projects. Before I could say anything she said " the hospital called about your surgery patient, but it wasn't urgent, so I said you would call back when you were ahhh finished ". " What are you doing here " I sputtered. She smiled and said " graduate school gets awfully expensive, and I was a dental assistant for several years before getting my undergraduate degree, so when my partner opened up her practice, I took the job". I looked at her, and then at Heidi and said " as in domestic partner?". Heidi laughed and said " oh don't worry Bob, Kim and I love each other but we both appreciate having a real man around the house once and awhile ". She pulled up her pants and said to Kim " the gas seems to have left Bob a little uncomfortable, maybe you can help him while I am returning that call, but make sure he washes his hands first".

I got off the treatment couch and said " don't worry, I'll take care of that when I go across the hall to empty my bladder." Of course the first thing I noticed was that the effects of the gas had completely worn off. Then, as I looked at the tall man with the grey beard in the mirror, it suddenly dawned on me that at least two of my sex partners were lesbians or least bi-sexual. I would never believe that I had the charm, and certainly not the body that would make a lesbian go straight, so it must be that I offered a safe alternative. A good time with no long term commitment. Hey, why not... we all do what we can do.

I was washing my hands when I felt a warm body pressed up against my back and felt a little nip on my ear. " Hey, Dad, did you forget about me ". Granted all of my partners were younger than me, but I did wince for a moment. Kim reached around and started to unbuckle my belt and in one quick motion, her hands were down my pants. " Oh Oh, where is a good hard on when you really need one. " She purred and said " I think Heidi turned on the oxygen to soon, but we can take care of that". She spun me around and had my pants and shorts around my ankles quicker that you could say blowjob. I leaned back against the sink and Kim stuck her tongue between my legs and slowly licked her way up across my scrotum and up the back side of my penis. She stopped right at the base of the head and teased that little upside down V. Her eyes widened as the head started to swell and turned first bright red and then a deep purple. When the clear lubricant started to trickle out, she inhaled the head and I watched her cheeks implode as she sucked like a Hoover. When I thought that I was about to explode, she stopped and groaned " Oh, God; you will never know how great it is to not have to taste that damm latex." Between taking deep breaths, she said " Bob, there is just one fantasy that I have to play out, and you are the only one I would trust to do it".

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