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Desc: Sex Story: A first for a very beautiful girl.

I met my beautiful Tina at the Garden Club in June. I was home for the summer from college and available to take care of small chores. My mother insisted that I attend that month's club meeting to get the guidelines for the neighborhood enrichment project. It seems the Garden Club sponsors an annual contest, judged by four of the founding ladies. Its purpose is to encourage more up-scale landscaping.

Tina was there for the same purpose as myself. Each of our mothers, busy with other functions, had insisted on having the guidelines going to be passed out today. The meeting was very boring, until I laid eyes on Tina. What a beautiful girl. Well, actually she's eighteen, which makes her a woman in the legal sense. Her long shinny black hair hung straight to her waist. When she turned to speak to a lady sitting next to her I saw the clearest blue eyes. Black hair and blue eyes are my favorite combination of coloring. Her complexion was flawlessly ivory white. When she bent to whisper in the ear of her neighbor I could see her luscious breasts pressed out from her chest in a wonderful display of womanhood's richness. She wore a sundress of red cotton. Unfortunately for me, I could only see her from the back and a little to the side. Her lower body was completely hidden from me by the scattering of club members in their folding chairs.

The meeting finally broke up and we were offered punch and cookies on the patio. I picked up the white sheet of printed guidelines from its pile and moved onto the patio. I really didn't want any of the refreshments, but desperately wanted to drink in the sight of Tina once more. I wavered there for a moment just outside the entrance, not sure if the dream woman was still around. Yes, there she stood in her red summer dress. The hemline was shorter than I expected. The material of her skirt was so soft and light and full that the bottom tried to rise to her waist every time the tiniest breeze passed. She was attempting to hold a glass of punch in one hand and keep her skirt in place with the other. I noticed she had placed a paper plate containing a couple of cookies on the garden wall.

I refused to let this lovely lady get away from me without talking with her. "Are you enjoying the Garden Club meeting?" I asked.

"Not really. I had to stand in for Mom. Otherwise I would be home soaking up the sun," she told me.

"I would prefer something close to that myself," I said. "My name is Peter Rosenbloom. You're?"

"I'm Tina McClary. Do you live in the neighborhood?"

"Not really. I'm home from college. Staying with my folks during break. They bought the Furgenson place. Do you know it?"

"Yes. The property is just beautiful." Tina's fingers twirled a lock of hair between her fingers. She looked away for a moment, only to turn those wonderful clear eyes back and look deeply into my own.

When she looked out over the crowd again I studied her more closely. I took in her trim body, imagining the sleek lines of her waist and tight stomach accented by the dress's lines. The flare of her skirt emphasized her tiny middle, pulling in from the width of her shoulders and chest to such a narrow waistline I was sure I could span the circumference with my fingers. Her dress swelled out to rounded hips and fell in straight lines to the hem. Her legs looked marvelous accented by the three-inch heels she wore. Her feet themselves were tiny and delicate; the line of her ankles did nothing to distract from the whole picture.

"I'm afraid I have to go shortly," she told me. Her voice said she didn't want to leave. For my part, I would have stood here talking with this lovely lady even were it stormy instead of sunny.

"Would you be interested in a date?" I asked.

"Maybe. Where would we go?"

"A movie. Maybe lunch?"

"I don't date much, but yes. I think I would like to see a movie with you." Tina's smile lit a fire in my middle I knew would need to be extinguished, but doubted she knew anything about the effect she was having on me.

Our movie date was great even though I didn't get to hold her tightly like I wanted to. She seemed so deliciously innocent, so alive with the possibilities of life. I could not imagine her getting sexually excited by my company. She was exciting me, though. I would have done just about anything in the world to get her to feel the same way about me.

The next three weeks we saw a lot of each other. She was so much fun to be around. And, she was no dumb girl either. She had some very strong opinions, giving me a run for my money in any discussion. We talked about everything except sex. That only came up once and the reaction to my simple question took her completely by surprise. Her blush of color told of her embarrassment and by that time I was so in love with her I could not allow anything I said to cause her discomfort.

Then last night, when I walked my beautiful Tina to her door she turned and wrapped her arms around me, her chin came up and her lips opened slightly. Our eyes were locked and I could just make out the slight movement she made toward my mouth. Her lips were soft and sweet, the pressure of her breath felt warm and tender against my cheeks. My blood pressure went off the scale as I felt just the tip of her tongue touch my lips. We held the contact for a long moment.

"Please, come over tomorrow," she said in a breathless whisper. "We'll swim and I'll fix us a picnic lunch."

"I'll be here by ten," I agreed.

This next morning dawned bright and clear. The weatherman predicted temperatures close to a hundred. I was forced to eat a leisurely breakfast and even that wasn't enough to burn the time until I was due at Tina's. I washed my Ford Mustang and even cleaned out the interior. Finally, it was nine-thirty and I could go. It only took five minutes to drive over there, which made me a half-hour early anyway you looked at it.

I rang the front doorbell and waited. It seemed an eternity before she opened the portal. My eyes must have widened at the sight. She wore a cover up over a one-piece suit. The silky material was tied with a sash and it allowed me to see more of my lovely Tina's breasts than ever.

"Hi," Tina said and turned and bounced back into the house, leaving me to close the door and follow. What a sight that was. The cover-up only came to just below her butt, treating me to the sight of the lower swell of her ass at every step. I held my towel in front of me to hide my sudden excitement. What I would give to be able to squeeze those hard tight butt cheeks, one in each hand.

The pool was huge and crystal clear. I changed in the pool house, noting there was a bed in there as well as a shower. Once outside again I took one look at Tina laying on the lounge and dove in the cool water to hide my reaction.

I swam a couple of laps and moved to the side of the pool where I held onto the coping and watched her climb from her lounging chair. As she swung her legs out to get up I was treated to a glance at her tiny swimsuit covered crotch. The whole of her lower body opened to me for that brief moment, the tendon of each leg accenting the treasure hidden there by the suit's tight material. As she walked toward me, I made out the press of her pubic hair. Rocking my head back I watched her breasts bounce with every step she made.

Tina moved to the edge of the pool and sat on the concrete apron with a leg on either side of me. I pulled myself up out of the pool. The insides of her thighs pressed close to my shoulders and the V of her crotch only inches from my face, I smelled her scent. My cock was so hard it stuck out, pressing my swimsuit out like a like an iron bar was in there.

"How's the water?" she asked.

"Great!" I said. "Come on in."

"All right," Tina said as she pressed her crotch toward my head. I pulled away from the pool's side to keep my face from being buried in her crotch. Not that I would have minded, but didn't think Tina would enjoy it. Her legs folded against my upper arms as she slipped into the water. I released my hold on the side to give her room. She grasped my shoulders and slid down my front. For just a second I felt her thigh brush against my hard-on as she summered herself between me and the pool's side.

"What was that?" she asked me.

I felt my face turn red at the question and I gasped as I attempted to find a response.

A coy smile filled Tina's eyes. Her hands wrapped around my waist. I watched in an embarrassed stupor as she pulled herself against me. There could be no doubt in her mind exactly what pressed against her mid-section then. The material of her swimsuit brushed my chest as she swayed her titties against me and our lips came into contact once more. In seconds my breath whistled out of my chest, the feel of her lovely body pressed so tightly against me drove my lust.

I was fired up and there was no place to go. She was much too innocent. I could not force myself on her. She would never forgive me if I did.

Tina's hand slipped from my back and down over my hip. I felt her moving, but never expected her to grasp my dick. That is exactly what she did however.

"There isn't anyone home," she said. "Why don't we go inside the cabana and let me find out exactly what this is all about."

"Are you sure Tina? I mean... Do you know what you're playing with?"

"Oh yes. I know. Well, I know from books what it is. I haven't ever played with one the way I want to play with yours." To show me she did know what she was talking about she squeezed my cock through my swimsuit.

If she was going to do that sort of thing, I figured I had every right to feel her body to. My free hand slipped around her body and grasped her breast in a cupped palm. I halfway expected her to yank away from my fingers, but instead she moved even closer, smashing her tit in my hand, her mouth coming back against my own in a lusty kiss.

She broke the kiss, slipped from between the pool's wall and me and swam to the shallow end. She climbed out onto the decking to treat me to the sight of her fabulous ass as she crossed to the pool cabana.

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