Underwater Surprise

by Valin

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Flirting in the pool leads to a lot more. A Short encounter with a stranger.

Swimming toward her I noticed she was doing it again. She liked to rest at the side of the pool with her arms up on the side, and her tits pressed forward for all to see. Underwater she would stretch her legs as far apart as she could. Possibly imagining her boyfriend entering her wet cunt.

Staring at her under water I realized that I was quickly running out of breath, but my mind was running wild with the thought of what was under that swimsuit between her legs.

Reaching the wall I took one final look and turned to swim back down the pool.

Each time I would return to that end of the pool she would be floating there with her arms out on the pool deck, and her legs spread wide welcoming me back from another lap.

Taking a rest, and massaging a knot out of my shoulder I couldn't help notice her looking at me. I generally ignore people in the pool as I'm there to work out just as they are, but this girl was too much to resist.

I slid over beside her and allowed my arm to touch her side. She continued to look me straight in the eyes and didn't move. I turned away to do another lap and as I pushed off she ran her hand dangerously close to my now-hardening cock. The water was cold, but you wouldn't know it from my hard on.

She swam after me nipping at my ankles the whole way. Several laps later, and out of breath I stopped and she came up right behind me and moved to the wall assuming her normal position. I moved in front of her, between her legs. Very little water separated our bodies.

With each deep breath, her now hard nipples would brush against my chest only becoming harder with each movement. She allowed her hips to float upward coming into contact with mine. My rock-hard dick was pressed against the thin layers of fabric separating me from her warm cunt.

Putting my arms under her ass and lifting her from the wall we pressed ourselves together and kissed long and slow. We explored each other's mouths carefully and gently.

She wrapped her legs around my ass as I moved my arms up to the shoulder straps of her one piece black suit. I slowly slid them down her shoulders, kissing down her neck and onto her shoulders. She pulled her arms up and out of her suit, pausing for a moment I admired her soft white skin before releasing her tits from their prison. Rolling her suit down to her waist, I stood in awe of her perfectly shaped breasts.

Putting one hand back under her ass and moving the other to one of her tits I began to play with her nipple pulling and tugging on it making her moan quietly.

After kissing and fondling her tits for several minutes, her breath came is short bursts and she began to press herself tightly to me. After a long embrace she pulled away, and looking me in the eye moved her hand down from my chest to my swim suit. Slipping inside she grabbed my cock which was aching to be released and started to give me the hand job of my life.

Removing her hand she dipped underwater and pulled my suit down around my ankles. She stayed under water for what seemed like forever kissing and sucking on my cock. I marvelled at her ability to give head underwater but made a note of trying to reciprocate later.

Coming up for air ever short while she would never stop playing with my dick in one way or another.

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