Lover's Lane - Valentine Day Rape

by Trapper

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Teenagers, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Rape, Drunk/Drugged, Spanking, Rough, Sadistic, Torture, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Anal Sex, Violent, .

Desc: Sex Story: Two couples, all high school students, all virgins, park at the wrong place on the wrong evening. An ex-con abducts them for the pleasure of his holed up bank robbing gang. The girls are thoroughly broken in. Another of the gang looking for more supplies finds two more beautiful young teens; they are from the same school as the first two. A rape fest ensues while the gang waits for the heat to cool down. The girl's cunts and asses never get a chance to cool off.

Of course it is fiction. Nothing but. I don't condone rape; remember, this is just fiction and it is a very small and weird genre. DO NOT, I repeat, do not lower yourself to attack and brutalize a fellow human being.

Once again I have to repeat that this is copyright protected trash, but it is my trash. It does appear on one pay site, with my permission. You can download it to your site if it is free, you can download it to your pay site IF YOU HAVE MY PERMISSION. If you do it without my permission and I catch you, I did find several of my stories on a pay-site thanks to a sharp-eyed reader; then you better get your checkbook out.

And finally, if you are not old enough to read this, if it is illegal to read it in your part of the world or if you are offended by fiction about sex, rape, torture and other dark subject matter, don't read it!

Janey gasped as Ron's hand "accidentally" brushed up against the crotch of her shorts. "No, don't do that," she warned him. "Sorry Janey, it was an accident," Ron told her. From the front seat, Janey heard Marsha giggle. That was it, the last straw. "Lets go Marsha, I want to go home NOW," Janey demanded. No answer, she raised up and looked over the back of the front seat for Marsha and her boyfriend Billy. "Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't know, MARSHA!" Janey gasped. Billy was slouched on the front seat, Marsha was kneeling between his knees, with his penis in her mouth. Janey watched dumfounded as Marsha's head bobbed up and down on Billy's shiny appendage. Suddenly she realized what she was seeing, her girlfriend was actually giving a guy a blowjob, right here in the car, parked in lover's lane, while her best friend and a date were sitting in the back seat!

"LETS GO," Janey yelled over the front seat. She had sat back down and waited until Marsha and Billy finished what they were doing in the front seat. It was so embarrassing. She was fixed up with Ron as a blind date. It was the valentine day weekend, the two girls wanted to go out and have some fun. He was a great looking guy, but he was a little fast and his hands kept straying to her breasts... and lower. It was obvious what Ron wanted. Shit, she only just met him and he had mauled her tits and treated her like a slut. Janey was getting pissed at Marsha, wondering just what her best friend had told Ron about her.

"Slurp, slurp, cough, cough, tee hee hee," Janey was ready to die of embarrassment. It was obvious that Billy had cum in her girlfriend's mouth and that this was probably not the first time she had sucked a cock. Janey was pissed, they always shared secrets, always had since kindergarten, and here she sat in the back seat of a car with a masher, listening to her best friend going down on the guy in the front seat. Just wait until they got back to the house. Marsha had never told Janey about her "new" hobby! And they shared every secret. Just last week Janey had told Marsha about the drive-in and letting Mark kiss and suck on her tits and put his hand in her panties.

Janey and Marsha had grown up together. Janey was a petite blonde. She was knockout beautiful, an innocent looking little blonde with 34 inch breasts and an ass that was a magnet for every boy in high school. Her best friend, Marsha was 16 too, and was also a freshman at the local high school. Marsha was tall, 5' 10" tall, and had a body as nice as her shorter friends. Marsha was considered beautiful, but her finest feature, besides her 38" bust, was her hip length curly brown hair. It shimmered with blonde and gold highlights when she walked. She hypnotized the boys when she shook her ass, framed in her beautiful hair, as she pranced down the halls of school.

Marsha and Billy sat up and drank out of the bottle of vodka. Marsha tried to pass the bottle to Janey, but Janey refused. "No, lets go home," she said. "Oh, Janey, don't be a party pooper," Marsha told her. Billy fired up a joint and passed it to Ron, Janey took a hit each time the number was passed to her. In a few minutes, she was calmed down and she began to drink the vodka as it came by. Soon, all four teens were drunk and stoned... oblivious to the danger that had crept up on them.

Suddenly the driver's door was yanked open. A deep gruff voice yelled, "Freeze, you're all under arrest!" Shit, a cop! A flash lit up the car, then another and another. He was taking pictures. They watched dumfounded as the instant prints flew out the front of the camera one after the other. Marsha's panties were pulled down to her knees, her blouse was half unbuttoned with her bra unfastened and one of her breasts almost exposed. Billy was disheveled, his shirttails hanging out, his pants still unzipped; the vodka bottle was grasped in plane sight in his left hand, right was quickly jerked from Marsha's cunt. Ron and Janey gasped and sat back, horrified the law had caught them with booze and weed. There was going to be trouble now.

The tall man leaned into the car; the badge on the lapel of his jacket glimmered brightly. He stared stone-faced at all four of the terrified teens. Marsha and Janey burst into tears, Billy and Ron sat shocked, both wondering if they could talk their way out of only having an ounce of pot, wondering if the cops lecherous stare at Marsha's exposed tits, her glistening wet cunt. Slowly, he held the photos up; you could see Marsha's bare tit in one, her hand was on Billie's cock. He turned the photo to Marsha. Shit she thought, wait until her parents saw those. There was going to be some big trouble!

"Get out of the car boys, up to the hood, spread our legs, face down, hands behind your backs. Cuffs were applied to both boys quickly and professionally. All right girls, get out, up front, face down on the hood, hands behind your backs. Both girls slowly got out of the car. Marsha pulled her panties up and tried to fasten her blouse. "Move," the cop barked at them. They jumped to do his bidding. "You aren't going to search us are you?" Janey asked. "You see anyone else here that can do it?" the cop asked. "no, I mean, us, the girls, you don't have a woman police officer here." "Yeah," he answered, I see everything your friend has to hide and she ain't bitchin!" Quickly, he patted Janey down, his hands roamed her breasts, squeezing and rubbing, then his hands slid down to her shorts. "Stop it," she wailed as he rubbed his hands between her thighs and squeezed her ass. "Ouch," she moaned loudly as her face was pushed into the hood of the car. "Ouch," she shrieked as he slapped her on the ass, grasped her crotch and squeezed hard. "Shut the fuck up bitch, you're already in trouble," he barked at her. Janey peeked and saw Ron and Billy, face down on the other side of the hood.

"Please, don't, don't do that," Marsha cried. She was face down, bent over the hood of Billy's car. The cop held her head down with one hand while his other hand slid down over her crotch. He rubbed his big rough hand over her mound; she knew he could feel her wet cunt through her damp panties... "Just looking for drugs," he laughed. The other three wondered what he was doing, but they were afraid to stand up and look. His curiosity satisfied, the cop began to search the car.

All he found was the ounce of pot, some papers, and the half empty bottle of vodka. In the trunk, he found a case of beer and two more bottles of vodka. "Well, time to take a little ride," he told the terrified couples. "Please, please, can't you let us go, we promise not to do it again, please, please?" All four of them begged and pleaded simultaneously. He stood looking at them for a moment. "How old are you" he asked Billy? "Eighteen," was the hushed reply. "You' he asked Ron? "Eighteen too." "You two' he asked the girls? "We just turned sixteen," they answered together.

"You boys are adults in the eyes of the law, you both are going to get about a year in county jail for drugs and alcohol. Add another year for contributing to minors, and for statutory rape you get another year or two" he told the obviously frightened boys. "Sounds like about four years, sounds like a state institution instead of county. Maybe, just maybe you will only get two years if you're first time offenders," he said. "The girls will be wards of the court for a month or so, then back home to mommy and daddy," he said.

"Please, please, let us go, they didn't rape us, we got the booze and dope, not the guys," Marsha pleaded. "Doesn't make any difference sweetheart, they're both eighteen," the cop told them.

Marsha could see the cop eyeballing her half opened blouse. Looking down, she could see one breast was exposed to the nipple. She knew from the intimate frisking that the cop was sporting a hard on. "Maybe this was the way out," she said to herself. "Officer, can I talk to you in private for just a minute?" she asked. "OK, but you're going to jail, little girl, the law is the law," he said.

Billy, Ron, and Janey were put into the back seat of Billy's car. The cop and Marsha walked off a few feet. They could hear Marsha begging and pleading to let them go.

Billy looked around, "Something is not right," he told the other two. Where's the cop's car, where's his identification, what was he doing when Marsha started telling him to stop?" "Where the fuck did he come from, we could see headlights coming for a mile or more if he came up the road, and it's the only road up here?" Ron and Janey looked at each other, they realized Billy was right.

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