Lover's Lane - Valentine Day Rape

by Trapper

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Teenagers, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Rape, Drunk/Drugged, Spanking, Rough, Sadistic, Torture, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Anal Sex, Violent, .

Desc: Sex Story: Two couples, all high school students, all virgins, park at the wrong place on the wrong evening. An ex-con abducts them for the pleasure of his holed up bank robbing gang. The girls are thoroughly broken in. Another of the gang looking for more supplies finds two more beautiful young teens; they are from the same school as the first two. A rape fest ensues while the gang waits for the heat to cool down. The girl's cunts and asses never get a chance to cool off.

Of course it is fiction. Nothing but. I don't condone rape; remember, this is just fiction and it is a very small and weird genre. DO NOT, I repeat, do not lower yourself to attack and brutalize a fellow human being.

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Janey gasped as Ron's hand "accidentally" brushed up against the crotch of her shorts. "No, don't do that," she warned him. "Sorry Janey, it was an accident," Ron told her. From the front seat, Janey heard Marsha giggle. That was it, the last straw. "Lets go Marsha, I want to go home NOW," Janey demanded. No answer, she raised up and looked over the back of the front seat for Marsha and her boyfriend Billy. "Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't know, MARSHA!" Janey gasped. Billy was slouched on the front seat, Marsha was kneeling between his knees, with his penis in her mouth. Janey watched dumfounded as Marsha's head bobbed up and down on Billy's shiny appendage. Suddenly she realized what she was seeing, her girlfriend was actually giving a guy a blowjob, right here in the car, parked in lover's lane, while her best friend and a date were sitting in the back seat!

"LETS GO," Janey yelled over the front seat. She had sat back down and waited until Marsha and Billy finished what they were doing in the front seat. It was so embarrassing. She was fixed up with Ron as a blind date. It was the valentine day weekend, the two girls wanted to go out and have some fun. He was a great looking guy, but he was a little fast and his hands kept straying to her breasts... and lower. It was obvious what Ron wanted. Shit, she only just met him and he had mauled her tits and treated her like a slut. Janey was getting pissed at Marsha, wondering just what her best friend had told Ron about her.

"Slurp, slurp, cough, cough, tee hee hee," Janey was ready to die of embarrassment. It was obvious that Billy had cum in her girlfriend's mouth and that this was probably not the first time she had sucked a cock. Janey was pissed, they always shared secrets, always had since kindergarten, and here she sat in the back seat of a car with a masher, listening to her best friend going down on the guy in the front seat. Just wait until they got back to the house. Marsha had never told Janey about her "new" hobby! And they shared every secret. Just last week Janey had told Marsha about the drive-in and letting Mark kiss and suck on her tits and put his hand in her panties.

Janey and Marsha had grown up together. Janey was a petite blonde. She was knockout beautiful, an innocent looking little blonde with 34 inch breasts and an ass that was a magnet for every boy in high school. Her best friend, Marsha was 16 too, and was also a freshman at the local high school. Marsha was tall, 5' 10" tall, and had a body as nice as her shorter friends. Marsha was considered beautiful, but her finest feature, besides her 38" bust, was her hip length curly brown hair. It shimmered with blonde and gold highlights when she walked. She hypnotized the boys when she shook her ass, framed in her beautiful hair, as she pranced down the halls of school.

Marsha and Billy sat up and drank out of the bottle of vodka. Marsha tried to pass the bottle to Janey, but Janey refused. "No, lets go home," she said. "Oh, Janey, don't be a party pooper," Marsha told her. Billy fired up a joint and passed it to Ron, Janey took a hit each time the number was passed to her. In a few minutes, she was calmed down and she began to drink the vodka as it came by. Soon, all four teens were drunk and stoned... oblivious to the danger that had crept up on them.

Suddenly the driver's door was yanked open. A deep gruff voice yelled, "Freeze, you're all under arrest!" Shit, a cop! A flash lit up the car, then another and another. He was taking pictures. They watched dumfounded as the instant prints flew out the front of the camera one after the other. Marsha's panties were pulled down to her knees, her blouse was half unbuttoned with her bra unfastened and one of her breasts almost exposed. Billy was disheveled, his shirttails hanging out, his pants still unzipped; the vodka bottle was grasped in plane sight in his left hand, right was quickly jerked from Marsha's cunt. Ron and Janey gasped and sat back, horrified the law had caught them with booze and weed. There was going to be trouble now.

The tall man leaned into the car; the badge on the lapel of his jacket glimmered brightly. He stared stone-faced at all four of the terrified teens. Marsha and Janey burst into tears, Billy and Ron sat shocked, both wondering if they could talk their way out of only having an ounce of pot, wondering if the cops lecherous stare at Marsha's exposed tits, her glistening wet cunt. Slowly, he held the photos up; you could see Marsha's bare tit in one, her hand was on Billie's cock. He turned the photo to Marsha. Shit she thought, wait until her parents saw those. There was going to be some big trouble!

"Get out of the car boys, up to the hood, spread our legs, face down, hands behind your backs. Cuffs were applied to both boys quickly and professionally. All right girls, get out, up front, face down on the hood, hands behind your backs. Both girls slowly got out of the car. Marsha pulled her panties up and tried to fasten her blouse. "Move," the cop barked at them. They jumped to do his bidding. "You aren't going to search us are you?" Janey asked. "You see anyone else here that can do it?" the cop asked. "no, I mean, us, the girls, you don't have a woman police officer here." "Yeah," he answered, I see everything your friend has to hide and she ain't bitchin!" Quickly, he patted Janey down, his hands roamed her breasts, squeezing and rubbing, then his hands slid down to her shorts. "Stop it," she wailed as he rubbed his hands between her thighs and squeezed her ass. "Ouch," she moaned loudly as her face was pushed into the hood of the car. "Ouch," she shrieked as he slapped her on the ass, grasped her crotch and squeezed hard. "Shut the fuck up bitch, you're already in trouble," he barked at her. Janey peeked and saw Ron and Billy, face down on the other side of the hood.

"Please, don't, don't do that," Marsha cried. She was face down, bent over the hood of Billy's car. The cop held her head down with one hand while his other hand slid down over her crotch. He rubbed his big rough hand over her mound; she knew he could feel her wet cunt through her damp panties... "Just looking for drugs," he laughed. The other three wondered what he was doing, but they were afraid to stand up and look. His curiosity satisfied, the cop began to search the car.

All he found was the ounce of pot, some papers, and the half empty bottle of vodka. In the trunk, he found a case of beer and two more bottles of vodka. "Well, time to take a little ride," he told the terrified couples. "Please, please, can't you let us go, we promise not to do it again, please, please?" All four of them begged and pleaded simultaneously. He stood looking at them for a moment. "How old are you" he asked Billy? "Eighteen," was the hushed reply. "You' he asked Ron? "Eighteen too." "You two' he asked the girls? "We just turned sixteen," they answered together.

"You boys are adults in the eyes of the law, you both are going to get about a year in county jail for drugs and alcohol. Add another year for contributing to minors, and for statutory rape you get another year or two" he told the obviously frightened boys. "Sounds like about four years, sounds like a state institution instead of county. Maybe, just maybe you will only get two years if you're first time offenders," he said. "The girls will be wards of the court for a month or so, then back home to mommy and daddy," he said.

"Please, please, let us go, they didn't rape us, we got the booze and dope, not the guys," Marsha pleaded. "Doesn't make any difference sweetheart, they're both eighteen," the cop told them.

Marsha could see the cop eyeballing her half opened blouse. Looking down, she could see one breast was exposed to the nipple. She knew from the intimate frisking that the cop was sporting a hard on. "Maybe this was the way out," she said to herself. "Officer, can I talk to you in private for just a minute?" she asked. "OK, but you're going to jail, little girl, the law is the law," he said.

Billy, Ron, and Janey were put into the back seat of Billy's car. The cop and Marsha walked off a few feet. They could hear Marsha begging and pleading to let them go.

Billy looked around, "Something is not right," he told the other two. Where's the cop's car, where's his identification, what was he doing when Marsha started telling him to stop?" "Where the fuck did he come from, we could see headlights coming for a mile or more if he came up the road, and it's the only road up here?" Ron and Janey looked at each other, they realized Billy was right.

"OK, sweetheart, you got a deal," they heard the cop say. "Lets go," he said as he led Marsha over to the car. "No, in the woods or back behind the car" Marsha pleaded. Grabbing the handcuffed girl by the arm, the cop led her off behind the car towards a picnic table. "You kids stay sitting right there; your friend is going to try to talk me into letting you go," he told the other three.

The cop unzipped his pants, pulled them and his shorts to his knees. He sat on the picnic table seat and motioned Marsha closer. He reached up and opened her blouse, fondled her bare breasts then pulled her closer. She heard him sniff at her, inhale her perfume and then begin to lick and suck at her breasts. "Stop it, please, I'll do what you want, but don't do that, please," she pleaded and begged. The cop stood up, put a hand over her mouth and pulled her shorts and panties down to her knees. "You shut the fuck up you little cunt, shut the fuck up right now or I'll bend you over the table and fuck you so hard your teeth will fly out," he snarled. Terrified, Marsha stood still, shorts and panties to her knees, her blouse unbuttoned and bra pushed up over her breasts. With her hands cuffed behind her and her shorts pulled down, she couldn't defend herself or run.

He sat down and looked up at the beautiful teen. He hadn't had any pussy in years. They didn't supply pussy in prison, and he hadn't been out long, only a matter of days! He leaned forward and put his nose in Marsha's light brown curls and inhaled. "Damn, that's one nice smelling cunt you got there baby. He moved closer, putting his nose in her slit, inhaled deeply, his cock was throbbing! " Did that punk in the front seat put his cock in that wet little snatch?" "Nooo, noo, don't talk to me like," Marsha cried, "I'm not a slut, I didn't fuck him with my friends in the back seat." "Good, I was hoping that was pussy juice I felt, it wasn't sticky enough to be cum," Marsha's stomach flip flopped; why would he care if there was cum in her pussy?

Marsha stood trembling, the pervert cop had his nose in her pussy and was sniffing the damp slit. "Uhh," she gasped as she felt his tongue lick at her wet inner lips. "Nooo, please, noo, don't do that," she whined. He licked at her wet opening a few more times than reached up and grabbed her breasts. He used them as handles to pull her to her knees in front of him!

"I watched your pretty head bobbing up and down in your boyfriend's lap earlier sweetheart. I want what your boyfriend got, exactly what he got. You start sucking and deep throating and don't slow down until I blow a load down your pretty throat. You scrape me with your teeth or slow down, or don't give me the best blow job you ever gave, you get the shit beat out of you and go to jail for resisting arrest and bribery," he told her.

Tears rolled down Marsha's cheeks as she leaned forward and enveloped the cops big purple cock headchead into her mouth. She began to lick and suck at it, then when it was wet, she sank her mouth down over it and took him deep in her mouth and throat; just like Billy had taught her to do. She began to bob her head up and down quickly, licking and sucking, wanting to give him the best head she could so she and her friends could go free. She hoped her friends would never find out how she talked the cop into letting them go! Suppressing her gag reflex, she began to take him deeper into her throat and prepared for the sticky salty jets of cum she knew would soon pulse out of the slit in the head of his cock.

Sitting in the car, Billy and her friends could see in the rear view mirrors exactly what Marsha was doing to earn their freedom. "That son of a bitch," Billy growled. "He's going to pay for this!" "Shut up Billy," Janey snapped at him, "were not sure what is going on. If this guy lets us go, do you think Marsha is going to tell anyone we got busted with drugs and booze and two guys who could go to jail for statutory rape?" Silently, the three looked up at the mirror. From 50 feet away, they could hear Marsha slurp and suck on the cop's big hard-on.

"Mpphhh, UGHHH, NOOO, MPHHH, YUCK!" Marsha was pissed and scared. This motherfucker had literally raped her mouth and throat. She tried to suck him off, to give the good blowjob he had demanded, and he kept shoving down her throat and holding the head of his cock there until she was ready to pass out. She wasn't that experienced that she could keep the head of his cock lodged so deep. True, her boyfriend told her she was a natural born cocksucker. Hearing that always made her blush and giggle; but it was their little secret! When he jammed into her and started cumming, she expected him to pull back and let her have a chance to swallow and to breathe. He had stayed lodged in her throat, his big cock pulsing as jet after jet of hot sticky sperm blasted into her throat. He must have pumped close to a half dozen gobs into her before he pulled back and spewed a couple more gobs into her mouth. She had gagged and swallowed as much as she could, but some had shot out of her nose and even more gushed out around the big cock and her cheeks and sprayed down over her bare tits. She had gagged and then fought the impulse to throw up. Finally, he quit spewing and she got the huge sticky mouthful down.

He pulled her shorts most of the way up, his fingers hesitating as they glided over her damp mound, spreading her puffy lips. Marsha jerked away from him and headed back to the car. She stood waiting for him, her shorts riding low on her hips, her breasts exposed. When he walked back to the car, she could see his big cock, still shiny with her saliva and his cum was sticking out from the open fly of his pants.

Marsha turned her back to him and raised her arms up behind her so he could get the cuffs off. "HEY, what the fuck, STOP THAT," she screamed as fear flashed through her body like electricity. The bastard had grabbed her shorts and pulled them and her panties back down. She was standing in front of her friends with her tits exposed and her panties pulled down to her knees. She started to turn around to hide herself from the gaze of her friends. She could see Ron's eyes bugging out as he stared at her tits and pussy.

She was spun around and shoved roughly face first onto the drivers seat. Her panties were painfully ripped down her leg, her jerked her up and pulled them past her feet and off. The cool evening breeze chilled her exposed vagina. Marsha struggled to get up as she looked back up over her right shoulder. The bastard, she had sucked him off, a deal was a deal.

He opened the back door all the way and rolled down the window. Glancing at the other cunt and the two boys, he smiled. They were frozen, terrified into silence by his violent treatment of their friend.

Marsha jumped around, stark naked, unable to get away from the grip he had on her cuffed wrists. He whirled her around and frog hopped her to the back door. Janey and the boys, as well as Marsha thought he was going to put her in the back seat. Instead, he spun her toward the door and jerked her forward by the hair. When she was bent over, he pushed her forward until her head went thought the opening made by the rolled down window. Roughly, he gripped her hips and raised her up as he shoved her forward. Marsha screamed, "Stop it, stop it, that hurts, let me down!" "Slap, slap, slap," loud cracks filled the air as he spanked the struggling teens bare ass with his open hand. "Noooo, OUCH, stop, please," the terrified teen begged and cried. Janey could see his hard cock still bobbing around. It was still wet from the blowjob Marsha had given in trade for their freedom. He cranked the handle, raised the window until Marsha's head was on the outside of the door, her body on the inside. The window was painfully tight on her neck. She could breathe, but she couldn't pull back through.

While the three terrified friends watched, he stepped up behind the struggling Marsha's wildly flailing legs and guided his cock up to her puffy vaginal lips. Turning to grin at the three friends he said," I bet she's a good fuck!" At that, he rubbed the big purple knob up and down the struggling, sobbing girls slit. Marsha began to cry and beg," no, please, no, not rape, I'm a virgin, please, I beg you, NOOOOOO, OUCH." He had shoved the head between her virginal lips. "PLEASE, I'll suck you again, PLEASE, NOOOOO." He was an inch or so into her when he stopped. "You'll do anything to keep your cherry?" he asked. "Yes, anything, please don't rape me, I'm a virgin." The terrified 16-year-old beauty sobbed. "OK sweetie, here's the deal, I'll leave your sweet little cunt alone. I already fucked your mouth. I want your ass, deal?" "Not my ass, let me suck you again," pleaded the terrified girl. "Then you want it up your cunt?" he asked. "NOOOO," she wailed. "Then do what the fuck I tell you to and you keep your cherry. You better cooperate, help me get it in your ass, stop fighting and give me what I want or I'm going to rip your pussy apart," he told the sobbing teen.

Silent, terrified, wide eyed, the three friends watched as the assailant spread Marsha's ass cheeks and squatted down to peer between the beautiful round cheeks. They were amazed when he stuck his face in her ass and began to sniff and lick at her. He reached forward with an extended finger and began to play with the wet brown star. Slowly, he got the tip of his finger into the sobbing girls ass and began to finger fuck her.

Marsha hung over the window's hard narrow edge, helpless to fight with her hands cuffed behind her, her legs and ass spread, his finger digging deeply into her burning rectum. He was finger fucking her ass. She was humiliated, knowing her boyfriend and best friend were in the back seat getting a close up view of her assault. "OUCH," she yelped as he wormed a second finger into her pain-wracked anus and began to stab them deeper into her virgin back passage. Suddenly she felt him stand up, felt the hot knob on the end of his cock brush upward on the inside of her thigh.

"Relax, help me get it in and it won't hurt so much, you'll get use to it quicker," he told her. "UHHH, UGHHH, OUCH, ' the crying teen sobbed out as her pushed against her tightly clinched anus. "Relax or I jam it in," he ordered. Stifling another sob, Marsha slowly relaxed her ass. She felt him rubbing around on her crinkled opening, making little circular motions. "NOOOO," she screamed as she felt her sphincter suddenly pop open and the head of his cock slipped into her ass. "OUUUUUCH, STOPPPP, NOOOOO, AHHHHHHH, NOOOOOOOO, STOP, PLEASE, AHHHHHHHHH," she shrieked as he forced eight inches of rock hard cock straight up her virgin asshole. Blood curdling shrieks came out of the terrified young girls mouth as her began to pump her. He reached through the opening and cupped a hand over her mouth as he steadily pumped into the girls bleeding pain-wracked back passage.

Helpless, the three teens watched while Billy's girlfriend was anally raped. They sat quietly on the back seat, afraid to move or make a sound. Stunned, they watched him spread her cheeks, lick her ass until it glistened, finger her sphincter open, then rub his cock in circles until it snagged her puckered opening. Horrified, they watched the angry red shaft disappear up the screaming girls ass. Her legs flailed uselessly in the air as the cop grasped her hips and pumped eight inches of steel hard cock up their shrieking friends virgin ass. "Ohh, ohh, ohhh, stop, please," Marsha cried out weakly. He had fucked her ass for five long minutes. Her voice had given out from the screaming. Defeated, she hung, her head turned so her air was not cut off, as he steadily pumped his meaty cock deep into and out of her bowels. "Uh, uh, uh, uh, ahhh," he gasped as he drove harder and faster into the sobbing girls ass. "Yeah, oh yes, nice," he gasped as he tensed up, pulled clear out of her burning sphincter and brutally rammed back through and clear up to her colon. She felt the meaty rod pulsate and a sticky heat deep within her guts as he fired hot wad after wad of sticky salty cum up the frantic teen's torn and bloody ass. "Oh, it burns," Marsha cried out as the salty load stung the raw lining of her back passage. "Plop," they all heard the noise as he pulled out of their sobbing friend's torn rectum. The three friends stared in horror, they could all see white gobs of red streaked cum bubbling out of Marsha's dilated anus. Marsha stood, head stuck through the opening, sobbing as the mess trickled out of her.

The cop took the keys around back and opened the trunk. Roughly, he jerked them all out of the back seat and then pulled the naked sobbing Marsha back through the opening in the back door. She stood on wobbly legs beside the car as he pushed Billy and Ron towards the open trunk. Roughly, he turned them so they faced away from the trunk and ordered them to sit on the opening. "Now, lay back down in there, and not a fucking word," her ordered. Clumsily, the two terrified boys fell back into the trunk. "Come here you tight ass bitch," he ordered Marsha. On wobbly legs, she walked to the back of the car. Quickly, he hoisted her to the lip of the trunk and laid her beside her friends. "Who the fuck are you, you're no cop?" Billy asked. I'm the guy who fucked your girlfriend in the ass, punk!" he answered as he slammed the trunk. "And don't think I'm going to share her with you either," he yelled down at Billy. Marsha began to shake and sob as she realize her ordeal was probably far from over.

"Slam," the noise made Janey jump. She was alone with the mad man who had just raped her friend's ass. "You, you're not a cop, are you?" she stammered at him. "You learn fast sweetie, real fast. Lets see if you can follow orders and keep from getting hurt." Dumbfounded, she watched him pour a bottle of beer on his still hard cock as he cleaned himself with Marsha's panties. "Now listen up," he told her. "You try to run or get away and you and your friends die, so do you understand?" he asked. Trembling, Janey answered, "Yes!" He walked over to her and lifted her top, stared at her tits. "Nice, not bad," he commented. "How old are you again?" he asked. Six-six, sixteen she answered, her voice quavering and breaking. He reached down and pulled her shorts down over her ass, gazed at her little white silk panties. Slowly, staring into her eyes, he slipped his hands into her panties and slid a finger into her slit. His finger probed her dry opening causing her to flinch and cry out. Faintly, Janey could hear the Marsha crying in the car trunk. She wondered how long it would be before he "used" her and threw her back with her friends.

He took the cuffs off and walked her around to the back of the car. "Sit on the bumper" he ordered her. "Get the top off, get the shorts and panties off too," her ordered. Quickly, Janey stripped, then sat back down. The cold metal bumper under her bare butt and the trunk up against her bare back made her shiver. He lit up one of the joints he had taken from them and took a couple hits, then offered it to her. She took the joint and inhaled deeply, holding it. He offered her a couple more hits. The high quality smoke got her off quickly. He offered her the vodka, told her to "take a couple big hits," and she complied. The whole time, he looked her up and down, his hard cock standing out in front of him, a big pink pole with a purple head the size of a plum. Janey's arms and legs trembled; she knew from his lustful gaze that she was going to be assaulted too. She has watched her friend's rape, now her turn was approaching. "You ever suck cock?" he asked. She shook her head no. "Virgin?" he asked. She shook her head up and down, afraid to look at him. "Stand up, turn around, hands on your hips, bend over and put your hands on the trunk, spread your legs, stay that way," he ordered her. With her head on the trunk, shaking with fright, Janey complied. She could hear her friend sobbing in the trunk, could hear Billy trying to comfort her. She heard Ron tell them to keep quiet. Her friends were going to hear whatever he had planned for her; tears in her eyes, she stood bent over at the waist, helpless, waiting for him to commence.

He reached up between her legs and began to stroke her pussy. Gently, he squeezed her vulva, spread her lips and flicked her clit. She heard him sucking on his finger just before the wet digit began to stroke her exposed slit. "Turn around, sit down, lean forward, now suck my cock, don't think of biting or refusing," he ordered. Slowly, Janey leaned forward as he thrust the purple knob to her lips. She felt the head of the big cock as it passed bumped her lips. It felt silky, velvety and smooth, nothing like she expected. "Now, suck, lick and take it as deep as you can, keep your head bobbing around it," he told her. Janey bent to the task determined to keep from being hurt. "Yes, oh yes, you're a good little cocksucker," she heard him moan. "Keep it up girly, keep sucking, deeper, faster, suck harder," he moaned. "Get ready, swallow it all," he ordered as he grasped her head and shoved the big knob into her throat.

Inside the trunk, the three terrified teens listened silently as the muffled slurping penetrated through into their prison. They could hear Janey gag as he fired a load of cum into her mouth. "Cough, cough, cough," Janey sputtered and gagged as several more spurts of creamy salty cum shot into her throat and mouth. She forced herself to swallow and keep her lips firmly around the spurting organ.

They drove through the woods for over an hour, always taking gravel roads, dirt roads and heading deeper into the wild backcountry. Janey didn't know where they were going, she was bent over in the front seat, sucking and licking his cock the whole trip. He kept one hand on the wheel and the other on her head, forcing her to deep throat him and to keep her head bobbing up and down. When he tired of forcing her to use her mouth he made her spread her cheeks. She heard him spit sucking on a finger and then she shrieked and begged him not to do something so dirty. He laughed at her and said, " shut the fuck up bitch, don't move and get the buns spread again, dammit, NOW," he hollered. Laid across his lap exposing her ass to him she moaned and fought back the urge to scream as he slowly worked the damp digit in slow circles, teasing her tightly clenched sphincter. "Yeah baby, oh yeah, keep it tight, fight me, make it good for me," he laughed as he slowly drove through the dark woods.

Finally he turned out the lights and slowly crept up a barely visible dirt track. When he turned off the road, he made Janey get out with him. They dragged a pile of brush out of the way, got back in the car and drove forward a few yards. He then made her get out and help him put the brush back. For five minutes they used branches to wipe out the tire tracks in front of the brush pile. Carefully sneaking glimpses, Janey only saw No Trespassing and Private Property signs nailed to trees. There was no traffic noise, no lights, only darkness and other than the low purr of the car's engine, absolute silence. She had no idea where they were.

They got back in the car and drove very slowly for another 5 minutes with only the parking lights on. There was barely enough light to see the dirt track. All at once a building loomed out of the darkness. He shut off the car and doused the lights.

A light flared as the door opened. A big man stood peering around the door. When the driver got out dragging Janey with him, the big man visibly relaxed and stepped out on the porch.

"All right, entertainment," the big man said. "Nope, not yet, this one is mine," her captor answered. "Here, check the trunk," he told the big hulk as he handed him the keys. The big man quickly opened the trunk and pulled the three frightened teens out. All four of them, the vodka, beer and weed were quickly hustled into the cabin.

Janey looked around, terrified, there were four men, all big, all mean looking, staring at her naked body. Marsha stood, quivering, dried blood streaking her thighs from her anal rape. The two boys were sitting in chairs, hands still cuffed behind them; they were also roped down tight.

"Where's John?" the thug who had abducted them asked. "He isn't back yet," another of the tough looking thugs, answered. "He took the van to get rid of it. He's going to find us a new ride and get some more supplies so we can stay here a little longer. "Good, I dumped the car about twenty-five miles back down the highway," they heard their captor tell the other three men. "I was looking for a farm or someplace quiet to boost another ride when I spotted these four parked. The tall bitch gives good head. I watched her suck her boyfriend off. She's cherry too, all I did was bust her shitter. You guys cut cards to see who gets her first, then take turns!" He turned to Janey, "come on Blondie, I want to try some of that tight little pussy of yours, my battery is fully charged again.

Janey squirmed, stared at the ceiling as tears flowed out of the corner of her eyes, she tried to think of anything but the big thug slurping at her vagina. He was thoroughly licking her pussy and ass. Several times he had terrified her when he put a spit-laden fingertip up to her ass and wriggled it around. He seemed to get some perverse enjoyment out of touching her there; she knew he was letting her know he was going to rape her anally just as he had so brutally done to Marcia. She knew he would soon tire of licking and tormenting her... then she would be raped too.

Turning her head to the right, she could see the two boys tied in the chairs and her girlfriend on her knees. Marsha was sucking off the biggest of the men. She had already sucked and gagged down the sperm of the other two. Janey could hear her gag and choke as she swallowed the last man's cum. Suddenly fear cast an icy shadow over her as the man licking her vagina raised up. He spun her around so her feet pointed out off the edge of the bed towards the door and spread her legs. "Please, don't, please, let me alone, NO," she cried. He leaned over her and grasped his cock then guided it to her sopping wet opening. She sucked in a big breath as she felt the hard knob touch her wet swollen vulva. She felt a sharp pain as the big head forced her pussy lips open. "NOOOO," she screamed as he slowly sank into her. He stopped at her maidenhead and began to slowly fuck in and out of her, completely pulling out and letting her pussy close up, then sinking back down, forcing her puffy wet lips to open and accept his unwanted cock. Janey could see past him through her tears. Her three friends and all three of the other men were staring, watching as she was forced to bend her knees up and let the sadist torture her tight virgin vagina.

Marsha held her breathe as she saw the man who had raped her up the ass spread her girl friend's legs. She knew Janey was a virgin too. She also knew how brutal the bastard could be. Without thinking, her right hand went back to her ass. She was still sore there, every time she took a step or sat down her anus felt like it was ripping open again. "UHH," she involuntarily jerked as she heard Janey scream at him to leave her alone, to stop. She watched wide-eyed as the big purplish head popped into Janey's vagina. Holding her breath, she watched, almost hypnotized as he popped in and out of the smaller girls vaginal opening a dozen times or more. He was torturing her, teasing her, not letting her know when he was going to take her cherry, making her beg and plead to him not to rip into her like she had seen him do to Marcia's ass.

Pain ripped through Janey's abdomen. A searing burn flashed up her vaginal walls. She felt her hymen give way and the head of his cock ram into her cervix. Janey bit her lip and cried. Only a small, "Uhh," escaped her lips. Suddenly, he pulled all the way out of her brutally, his huge cock pulling at her dry lining. "OUCH, NO, STOP, IT HURTS," she screamed. He flung her legs over his shoulders and grasped her right hand. "Put it back in," he ordered. With a shaky hand, she guided his cock back to her burning, stinging opening. Slowly, he sank into her torn vagina. She yelped as the big purple head rubbed and dragged along the dry walls. After a dozen quick ferocious stabs past her torn hymen, the blood was starting to lubricate her a little. It still felt like she had been scorched down there! "Uhhhh," she gasped as he began to fuck her slowly and deeply. Tears flowed down the beautiful blondes cheeks as she stared out the door and watched Marsha being bent over the kitchen table. The big man was approaching her friend from behind holding an enormous cock in his hand. It looked like it belonged on a pony, not a man.

Janey's assailant began to pump into her deeper and harder, she heard him breathing hard, heard his gasping, "uh, uh, uh, ahhhhhh"... his cock was traveling full length in her now. He would pull back until she felt her his knobby cock head stretch her opening wide, he would almost pull out of her... then he would slowly plunge back into her with the full length of his swollen pulsating cock and shove up against her cervix. She felt his cock begin to jerk and pulse. A hot fluid jetted into her, squirted up into her womb. He had cum in her. Janey sank back, legs spread obscenely over his shoulders as he pumped his seed into her fertile young womb. She felt pulse after pulse of the hot sticky liquid gush into her upturned opening.

"EEIIIIHHH, NOOOOOOO, STOP," she heard Marsha shriek. Opening her eyes, she could see her best friend still bent over the table. The big man was standing behind her shoving his huge cock into the terrified girl. "NOOO, PLEASE, NOO, YOUR'RE TEARING ME APART," Marsha screamed. The big man laughed as he continued to ram back and forth at the beautiful virgins unyielding pussy. Suddenly Marsha fell face forward on the table as the big man gave a grunt. "AH," he exclaimed, "finally got it in!"

Marsha moaned incoherently as the big cock ripped into her again and again. It felt like she had a log in her vagina. He had literally ripped her open; she felt blood on her thighs, felt wet inside, knew it was blood. "UH, UH, UH," she could hear him labor away. He had mounted her from behind like she was a dog, was ramming her torn and bleeding pussy from behind, He grasped her hips painfully tight and pulled her back every time his huge cock slammed into her. She could the opening of her womb being battered by the big cock. He slammed into her harder and deeper, she felt faint, fell face first into the table again. "NOOO, NOOO," she cried as she felt his hot cum squirt into her. The salty fluid burned her vagina, overfilled her and squirted out between his big cock and her overstretched vaginal walls. She heard a wet plopping sound as he pulled out. "Ouch," she cried at the painful extraction. She was jerked upright. All three men, and the two boys tied to the chairs could see the blood and sperm running down her legs. Marsha looked down at the mess gushing out of her torn opening and collapsed to the floor.

"Man, that is some good pussy," the big man exclaimed. "Still a little tight, but I think I got her broke in pretty good, ha ha ha ha, " he guffawed as he slapped his palms onto his thighs. Marsha lay moaning at his feet, a torrent of blood and sperm still leaking out of her raw vagina. Billy and Ron looked at each other, then back at the sobbing Marsha. They looked up at the doorway to the bedroom as a naked Janey was pushed out into the room with them. Janey's face was tear streaked, she was stark naked, blood and sperm were on glistening wet, slowly oozing down her thighs. Sobbing, Janey went to her knees and held Masha's head in her lap while she stroked her hair, Crying with her for their painful ordeals, crying because they had not only lost their virginity to rape, the ordeal was far from over. The two friends cried together as they huddled on the floor. The four big bank robbers looked down at them, all four had plans for the helpless young girls, plans that would cause pain, suffering and humiliation.

The money was in a huge pile on the table. Janey and Marsha were at the stove fixing breakfast for the men. All four teens had been separated earlier and had been questioned thoroughly. None had dared lie to the men, they knew how brutal their captors were and were afraid to make them lose their tempers. Now the men knew that the girl's folks were traveling together and wouldn't be home for two weeks. They also knew the boys were living together in a nearby town and neither had a job at the moment. None of the four would be missed for a while.

The smallest of the men reminded Janey of a weasel. He kept giving her furtive glances and would look away when she caught him staring. Marsha and her were forced to fix breakfast and serve it to the men while stark naked. The men would walk up behind them and grasp their breasts or put their fingers into their sore vaginas whenever it took their fancy. There was nothing the terrified girls could do. They were afraid to object or resist!

"Lets see, 2.6 mill split 5 ways, that's 520 thou each, time to divvy up and get lost," the big man said. "We wait for John and then we wait a few days until we make sure nobody is looking anywhere near this area for us," the man who had captured the teens told him. We are at just over a thousand miles from the last job, nobody looking for us, nobody looking for the kids, nobody leaves and fucks up our plans!" he stated. All three of the others nodded in agreement, but the man who wanted his money now looked a little annoyed.

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