Vicky's Challenge

by Traffic Guy

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, .

Desc: Sex Story: A rich bitch tries to break up a 'normal' loving couple.

Copyright 2003

It was obvious to all concerned that Vicky was bored. And when Vicky was bored, she did something about it.

Her full name is Victoria Helena Andrews-Hawkes. Yeah, her. One of the 'kids' inheriting the Lockhart fortune. Plus of course what she got when elderly hubby Reginald Hawkes died. We're not just talking jet-set here, we're talking rocket-to-the-moon-set. A 32 year old woman who has everything, including the requisite blond hair, blue eyes, and buxom shape kept nice and tight, first to land Reginald and keep him from straying and then after his death because, well, she liked the way it got her her way with men.

This time her way out of boredom evolved during a little chat with a few of her closest friends on the day after Thanksgiving. Somehow the topic got to some sort of challenge. Kind of a Truth or Dare deal without the Truth. Since Vicky was the one complaining about being bored, the others had to come up with a challenge that would make her unbored. It took a while, but eventually all concerned agreed on what Vicky could do to keep herself gainfully occupied.

"So you will find me a happily married couple that is sickeningly close and still making goo-goo eyes at each other?"

Dana nodded, "Yes, dear. Stanley's security firm will cull out about a dozen couples over a five month period that definitely are monogamous, pick three finalists, and then Stanley, Rhonda, Thomas and I will vote on the final choice."

"Shouldn't I get a say?" she pouted.

Thomas snorted, "Not a chance. There is absolutely no way we're even letting you get an idea of who we're looking at until it's over. Knowing you, you'd find a way to fix it so it'd be a couple you wanted to take on. And then it wouldn't be much of a challenge."

Vicky knew that was true, and had to concede that she would, indeed, do anything she could to make the outcome more favorable - and, in fact, still intended to do so if at all possible. She may be bored, but that didn't mean she was going to let her friends walk all over her.

Vicky's challenge was to take that happily married couple and get the husband to divorce the wife and marry her. Of course, a couple of conditions were added so it wouldn't be too easy. First, the husband couldn't know she was rich. Second, she couldn't use her money for blackmail.

After thinking about it, she realized it could take her a couple of months to do this, and she was starting to wonder how much fun she could really have doing it. At least, that's what she told herself as she started to think about backing out of the deal.

"I know I said I was bored, but, my god, isn't this a little much? I mean, I could end up with some stupid nerd, wasting a couple months, and what would I have to show for it?"

"Here we go again," Rhonda smirked. "Little miss 'my life is boring as hell and I'd do anything to change it' is climbing back into her 'Princess' shell. Why do I ever even try with you. Go back to the Riviera and hump a couple of those suave, debonair and shallow French gigolos for a while and pretend you took one of them from their mommy!"

"Yeah, Victoria," intoned Stanley, "it's time to put up or shut up. You asked us to come up with something that was sort of nasty and involved sex, but was also 'safe.' Well, taking a guy from his wife is sort of nasty and marrying him should involve fairly safe sex, given the scenario we've created for you."

"And really," Dana added, "how much of a challenge is there? I mean, after all, have you ever NOT gotten a man that you were after?"

"Yes, once," snapped Vicky.

"And he was gay!" They all chorused, and started laughing. And Vicky ruefully nodded and joined in.

And that was how, on a warm Tuesday morning in June almost seven months later, Vicky showed up at the door of a small business office near Chicago. She had come in a new (shudder) Toyota Camry. In her hand was a resume that bore little resemblance to the truth, but when checked would reflect several years of exemplary work and an address nearby in a rather mid-scale apartment complex. She was allowed to use her money as long as the couple didn't know about it, and she wasn't shy about using it.

Vicky was applying to be the assistant to owner William Bellman, a job that just opened up due to the previous assistant getting a research grant that took her out of state (surprise, surprise!). She also had, according to her resume, the perfect qualifications for the job. And, to top it off, anyone else applying who appeared to be remotely qualified would be finding a better paying job elsewhere. 'As dear Reggie often said, like shooting fish in a barrel,' she thought as she walked up to the receptionist and announced her arrival.

"Well, honey, I've got an interview to do." Bill Bellman was on the phone with his wife Jackie, a normal thing a couple of times a day, as they worked at different jobs in the same field and often compared notes about common problems.

"How's it going so far?" Jacqueline Bellman was genuinely interested. Bill had had a lot of trouble filling the post the last time, due to the necessity of finding someone detail oriented enough that would work for the rather middling pay offered. Not too many people seemed to want the job.

"Two call-backs yesterday, both of whom were hired by someone else," Bill admitted. "I have a 10 o'clock with a woman whose credentials and background are excellent, but I'm not expecting much, since her resume qualifies her for a much better job. In fact, she could do mine."

"Don't give up yet, dear," chirped Jackie, "Just turn on that famous charm of yours, and she'll be eating out of your hand."

"Yeah, right," he murmured. "I think I see her up at the reception desk. What time are you meeting me for lunch?"

"How about elevenish? You should be wrapping up the interview by then." Bill agreed, then tidied a few things up and went up to the front desk to collect his applicant. When he got there he was surprised to find she was, basically, a knockout.

"Uh, hi, I'm William Bellman."

"Victoria Anderson. I'm pleased to meet you."

They both tried not to stare at each other, for different reasons, of course. Bill's reason was obvious... after all, it wasn't often a beautiful blonde walked into his life, let alone one that was looking to work for him. The blonde hair was pulled away from her face in a moderate bun and she wore rather severe glasses, but it was hard to hide the high cheekbones, flawless skin, and, of course, the deep blue eyes. It took him a moment to compose himself.

Meanwhile, Vicky didn't really notice his moment of stunned silence for a couple of reasons - first, she was used to it happening, and second, she was busy sizing him up. Funny, he looked a little different than the photos. He was, of course, six feet tall, so that with her two inch heels she only had to look up a little to see his gray eyes. He had a medium build that was in okay shape due to fairly regular visits to the local Y to play basketball and racquetball, and his brown hair was full and fairly thick.

They finally started down the hall talking about a few inanities, and when he got a little ahead of her she took a long look over his whole body, wondering what he was like in bed. One thing the report didn't provide was how big his cock was when engorged. At the Y, of course, they could see it limp, and the report had listed it as average size, at best, about three to three and a half inches. But the reports also noted a fairly active sex life at home, in which both partners apparently were well satisfied. Vicky had asked why they hadn't been able to get some video, and Stanley had shrugged his shoulders and said it didn't seem necessary at the time. And besides, according to Stanley, a little mystery in life was good.

Once in his office, it took about 20 minutes to go through the preliminaries. Another half an hour was spent going over the specifics, work rules, software, etc. As far as Bill was concerned, if Vicky wanted the job, she could have it.

"Well, that's about it Miss Anderson." Bill paused for a moment, trying to think how best to put this. Oh, well, better just say it and get it over with. "I'm sorry, but I have to ask you... why are you interested in this job?"

"A fair question, Mr. Bellman. I've been in the area only a couple of months, and I must admit I don't really need the job, since my late husband's insurance is enough to cover my basic needs with a little left over." Vicky smirked to herself about having to make do with 'just' the 80 million Reggie had left her. And that wasn't even within sniffing distance of her own worth. "You may find this unusual, but I've found myself looking for things to do, and since this is convenient to where I live and right up my alley it provides me with purpose without some of the hassles of running my own shop."

"I guess that leads to another question, then. If you get the job, can I count on you to stick with it? This isn't the easiest job in the world to fill, and I'm looking for some kind of commitment here."

Vicky thought this was as good a time as any to start her campaign. "After meeting with you, Mr. Bellman, I think I can safely say that I'm willing to make that commitment. In fact," she looked him straight in the eye, "I think I'm going to like working with you," and smiled.

Bill smiled back, although a little nervously, as his phone rang. It was the receptionist telling him Jackie was there. He hit the mute button. "Miss Anderson, my wife is in the office. Do you mind if she drops in for a moment or two?"

Bill caught a look in Vicky's eye, but wasn't sure what it meant. "Of course not. Do you wish me to step out?"

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