Dr. Jordan's Amazing Nanites

by The Sympathetic Devil

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mind Control, Science Fiction, Humor, MaleDom, Humiliation, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Transformation, .

Desc: Sex Story: Just before being kicked out of the Institute for Advanced Technology, Dr. Jordan develops nanotechnology that allows him to play with women's minds and bodies.

They were too late, but just barely. Security guards burst into Dr. Jordan's lab just as the chrononites he had injected into his blood stream activated. Now he had all the time in the world. The nanites were able to interact with subatomic particles that existed outside of time and, by manipulating those particles, they took themselves and Dr. Jordan outside of time as well. The scientific implications were astounding, as were the implication for Dr. Jordan's future. They had said it couldn't be done. They had said it was too dangerous to even try. They had sent security to remove them from his lab. But there were the guards, as motionless as the second hand on the wall clock.

Within a single atosecond, stretched to infinity, he walked past the guards to the Institute for Advanced Technology's commissary. He was going to need food. Here within this frozen moment, he intended to continue his development of the nanotechnology IAT's director, Dr. Jack Harris, had forbidden him to work on. He could use his own time-phased body as both laboratory and production facility, using his own digestive system to power the operation. The quasi-temporal chrononites were just the beginning. Soon he would be master of time, space,and dimension!

There was Molly, Jack Harris' daughter. She was a student at the near by college had she ran the commissary in a blatant act of nepotism. Dr. Harris had sent the guards. He was going to regret that. His daughter had great tits. Dr. Jordan would have to have a little fun with her, once he had perfected the rest of his illegal nanites. He grabbed some food and went back to the lab.

After three months inside that one atosecond, Dr. Jordan had developed all of the other nanites that he had been forbidden to work on. They would be his severance package. So would Molly Harris, he told himself as he went back to the commissary.

"Glick-Obsession:" he said, priming the nanites that would be produced in in his blood stream and secreted through his salivary glands. "Molly loves wieners." He stuck his tongue in her ear to deliver the little machines. "Glick: Nympho" he said, and stuck his tongue in her other ear. Time for the fun to begin.

"Hello Molly," he said as time resumed around him.

"Oh, um, hi Dr. Jordan," she said, disoriented as the nanites went to work on her brain and nervous system. "Can I help you?"

"Yes. Can you get me a wiener?" he asked.

Her eyes went wide with a new found obsession. The obsession-nanites bombarded her with one thought--her love of wieners. Meanwhile, the nympho-nites were making her horny as hell.

"Molly loves wieners!" she exclaimed, and grabbed a big pack of hotdogs from the fridge and started liking them, swallowing them, rubbing them all over herself, moaning as the nympho-nites overwhelmed her in response to the sensation. She started pulling off her clothing.

"If you like those wieners, you should try this one," said Dr. Jordan, pulling out his nano-enhanced dick.

Molly's eyes went wide and she jumped over the counter to deep throat his cock without any preamble. Her head pistoned along his shaft like her neck was a cybernetic implant, her lips and tongue pressed hard against his cock. She groaned and grunted, reaching down to stroke her own sex, her eyes filled with lust and obsession. Dr. Jordan eventually rewarded her with a shot of semen down her gullet that carried with it more nanites that would cause a great fondness for the fluid. The young woman collapsed to the floor, moaning as she continued to finger herself.

"That was great, Molly," he told her. "But I have to be going. Your dad doesn't want me here anymore."

"Aww!" she objected. "I want more!"

"Oh, don't worry," he consoled. "You have plenty of wieners. Why don't you see how many you can fit into your three fuck holes?"

Molly giggled, remembering she still had a huge pack of hotdogs. She scurried back into the commissary, discarded what remained of her clothing, and went to work. Dr. Jordan left her there, shoving frankfurters in places they were never meant to go, moaning. He wondered how long it would be until Dr. Harris was called to try and make her stop.

Dr. Jordan time phased again to avoid detection and headed out to the beautiful IAT campus, enjoying the time-stopped sunlight after so long in the lab. There on their afternoon walk were his colleagues, Dr. Celia Ramon and Dr. Carol Perce, two of the most respected scientist in the field. What was it Carol had said at the meeting where he had proposed developing his chrononites? That is was the irrational fantasy of an immature mind. Celia had burst into laughter over that. Dr. Jordan finally had a rebuttal:

"Glick: Age Regression--18" he said, then dispensed the nanites into the senior scientists, both of whom were nearing retirement. The nanites went to work and soon the distinguished women were barely-legal girls.

"Ha!" exclaimed Dr, Jordan, and on a whim bared their newly-nubile bottoms and paddled the firm flesh. The two ladies were quite attractive now that his nanites had shave of 40+ years.

He had another idea.

"Glick:Lesbian-slut. Glick:exhibitionist." he said, and dispensed the nanites again, enjoying it much more now that the ladies were younger. He then stepped behind a tree and resumed his travel through time, watching the effect of his marvelous tiny machines.

"Oh!" exclaimed the two girls at their sudden partial nudity, and then "Oh my God!" their sudden youth.

"What happened?" asked Carol.

"I don't know! It's incredible, but you are looking so hot," said Celia.

"God, so are you! And I feel so... strange. You wanna... you know" asked Carol lustfully.

"Right here? Some one could see..." observed Celia,though not with any great reservation. More like hopeful anticipation.

"So let them watch," said Carol.

There from his hiding place, Dr. Jordan did just that. They finished what Jordan had started, pulling off each other's clothing. Carol grabbed hold of Celia's substantial rack with both hands and squeezed her nipples hard.

"Ooooh!" moaned the dark-haired woman, then grabbed her colleague's blonde-fringed pussy, placing her thumb firmly on Carol's clit.

"Ah-ah-ah-oooo!" exclaimed Carol. "Oh God, Celia! You make me so horny! <pant> I've never felt like this about a woman, but now all I want to do is fuck you! I don't care who knows, who sees!"

"Shut up and kiss me, slut!" said Celia, and shoved her tongue down the blonde woman's throat, much to her delight.

It was a beautiful day and it was a popular place for walking. Soon two young men--low level technicians at IAT out on a smoke break--came upon the youthened senior scientists naked and pawing at each other. They stared, dumb founded.

"Look, Carol," said Celia. "They're watching us!"

"Oh!" exclaimed Carol. "You like to watch, boys? Isn't Celia the hottest lesbo-slut you ever saw? Aren't her tits just incredible?"

Carol squeezed Celia's rack again, displaying her fine titties to the on lookers.

"Oh God, Carol! You make me so horny! Lick me!"

"Should I lick her, boys?" Carol asked, stroking Celia's labia. "Would you like to see that?"

The technicians nodded enthusiastically and Carol dove for Celia's muff.

"OH GOD YES!" cried Celia, apparently loud enough to be heard from quite a distance, as soon there were a dozen more people there to see the show, some bewildered, some acting disgusted (though not leaving) but most enjoying it thoroughly, though not nearly as much as Carol and Celia.

Eventually he left his two colleagues eating each other out beside the walking trail, delighting in the crowd they were drawing. He wondered if any of his other ex-coworkers were about that deserved going away presents.

He rounded a bend and saw Janet Mitchell, the Institute's lawyer, whose job it was to make sure the bulk of any patent money went to the Institute rather than creators like himself. Always curious about what she hid beneath here suits, he opened her blouse and pulled down her panties and was not at all disappointed. Janet would no doubt be called in to take legal action against him for his misappropriation of funds and also to secure patents on his illicit inventions. Dr. Jordan decided to give her better things to do.

"Glick: Reprogram--whenever Janet hears any legal term, she has a tremendous urge to pee. If she doesn't find a toilet after three such terms, she will pee herself."

He licked her ear and resumed his position in time.

"Hello Janet," he said.

The attorney looked up, not noticing her state of undress.

"Ah, Dr. Jordan. I would have thought they would have escorted you off the Institute's grounds. You do realize that you have been legally banned from all institute property, not just the laboratories."

So she had known about Dr. Harris's plan to have him removed. She had even drawn up the paperwork to make it legal. She looked suddenly uncomfortable as her bladder screamed. Looking down, she finally noticed her open blouse and the panties about her knees.

"Oh God!" she exclaimed, leaping to her feet and scrambling to cover herself.

"Well, that certainly showed a lack of Juris Prudence," smirked Dr. Jordan.

The embarrassed woman's face contorted with discomfort and she continued to hold her crotch after replacing her panties.

"Please, I need to... to go. You should get off Institute property right now."

"Or you'll get a restraining order?" he asked.

"Aaa!" Janet exclaimed and urine trickled from beneath her skirt.

"Well, I will go ahead and leave the Institute, then. My talent is wasted here anyway. You should consider a career change too--as well as a change of underwear."

He laughed and time phased right in front of her so that she would think he had vanished in mid air. She would have a hard time causing him legal troubles now! Actually, she would have a hard time working at all. For a moment, Dr. Jordan felt pity and decided to give her a way out.

"Glick-Reprogram: Every time Janet pees herself, she will have an urge to quit law and become a stripper. Every day that she dances and strips for an audience, she will be able to hear legal terms without needing to pee. Stripping will make her very happy and very horny."

Dr. Jordan stuck his tongue in the motionless lawyers ear to deposit his gift, then laughing all the way, the scientist left the IAT campus.

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