Little Sister Know it All

by Iceman

Copyright© 2003 by Iceman

Incest Sex Story: Sister thinks she can't get preg. the frist time.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Teenagers   Consensual   Incest   Brother   Sister   Father   First   Pregnancy   .

Chapter 1

I was 17 when this happen. I had just come home from school and didn't think anybody was home our parents work late and are never home before 6 p.m... As I went upstairs to go to my room I heard my 14 year old sister Jennifer talking to somebody so I walked very quiet to her room and listened. She was there with her best friend Ashley they were talking about boys and sex Jennifer was saying she couldn't wait to feel a hard cock shooting its stuff in her pussy. Ashley said, you want to feel sperm shooting into your belly. Jennifer said, yes I want to see what it feels like. Ashley said, you could get pregnant if you let a boy shoot his cum in your pussy. Jennifer said, you can't get pregnant the first time you do it. I was thinking to myself how wrong she was. Ashley said, you really can't get knocked up doing it the first time. Jennifer just said, yes.

I was getting a hard-on just listening to them talk about it. Ashley was saying her pussy was on fire just talking about it. Jennifer said to Ashley, would you like a cock in your pussy my brother should be getting home soon I bet we could get him to stick his cock in your pussy and fuck you. Ashley said, you think he would really do it. I thought to myself fuck yes I would love to fuck that virgin pussy. Jennifer said, let's wait till he comes home and we will find out. I slipped out of the house and waited a few minutes before I went back in.

When I came back in I went into the kitchen to get a drink soon Jennifer and Ashley came in and was standing there looking at me funny. I asked them, what they wanted like I didn't know. Jennifer said, that they wanted to ask me something. I said, go ahead and ask. Jennifer said, they were talking about sex and how you couldn't get pregnant doing it for the first time. And she said, Ashley wanted to know if you would fuck her. I looked at Ashley who was standing there rubbing her crotch smiling at me. And I said, I would on one condition and Jennifer asked, what that was and I said, I would fuck Ashley only if you let me fuck you to. Jennifer said, your my brother I can't do that. Ashley said, let him fuck you a cock is just a cock we can both find out how it feels to be fucked and filled with cum. Jennifer finally agreed and we went upstairs to Jennifer's bedroom were we all took our clothes off.

Jennifer and Ashley was staring at my hard cock and I told them to come over and feel it. Ashley wrapped her hand around it and rubbed it up and down saying she couldn't believe it was so hard but it felt soft to the touch. She let Jennifer feel it to they were taking turns rubbing my cock. I told Ashley to kiss my cock and she got down on her knees and started kissing my cock all over then she started licking up and down my shaft. I told Ashley to put it in her mouth and suck it. She slid her lips over the head and down the shaft and worked it back and forth. I let her do it for awhile and told her to give Jennifer a chance to. She pulled off and Jennifer started sucking my cock she was doing a good job because I could feel myself getting ready to cum. I told Jennifer to stop sucking me and she stopped. It would've been nice to cum in my sisters mouth but that would have to wait for later. I wanted a big load for Ashley's pussy.

I told Ashley to get on the bed and to lie on her back and to spread her legs she got up and did what I said and I got up between her legs and looked at her pussy she had just a little bit of hair on it. Ashley asked, if I was going to put my cock in her and fuck her now. I told her not yet that I was going to lick her pussy first and lowered my head between her legs and started licking her pussy. It didn't take long before Ashley was moaning pushing her pussy against my mouth I continued eating her till she had a organism when she finally relaxed I got up and took my cock and started rubbing it on her pussy and said, it's time to put my hard cock into your virgin pussy and fuck. I started pushing my cock into her tight pussy slowly till I felt her cherry. She tensed up when I hit her cherry I pulled back and thrust forward taking her virginity and sliding my whole cock into her. I held it there so she could get accustomed to it. When she said, it feels so big in me I started pulling it out and she said, don't take it out. I slid out till just the head was still inside her and pushed back in. Her eyes got really big when she felt my cock sliding back in then I started pumping my cock in and out of her pussy.

As I was fucking Ashley my sister was watching my cock going in and out of her girlfriends pussy. She was rubbing her own pussy as she watched and I told her it wouldn't be long before she had my cock in her pussy. She just smiled. I turned my attention back to Ashley and asked her, how she liked my cock in her pussy, she said, she loved it, it's feels great I can't wait to feel you shooting your cum in my pussy. I told Ashley it wouldn't be long and told her she would feel my cock swell and jerked in her pussy when I came. I started fucking her faster and felt at familiar feeling and told Ashley to get ready because I was close. As my cock sled in and out of her tight pussy I felt it coming I pulled out and slammed into Ashley's pussy one last time and held it there as I came. Ashley said, it's getting bigger then she felt it jerk in her pussy as I shot my cum into her. She laid there saying you're doing it in me I can feel it jerking in me, you're filling me with your cum. After I was done I pulled out and got up off the bed.

Ashley was looking down at her pussy as my cum was leaking out of it and said, I'm glad you don't get pregnant the first time because he really filled my pussy up with his sperm as we stood there watching her pussy close up sealing my cum inside her. I told Jennifer that it was her turn and she got on the bed I got up and proceeded to eat her pussy she tasted so good as I licked her hot pussy she had a couple of organism before she started moaning, fuck me, fuck me please. I rose up and placed my cock at the entrance of her pussy and pushed it in and worked it back and forth playing with her I bumped her cherry a couple of times toying with her. She was saying, take my cherry, pop my virginity. So I pulled back and slam through her precious cherry and took her virginity and started fucking her. I was driving her nuts with my cock I knew I could last quite awhile having just fucked Ashley. Jennifer had multiple organisms before I was ready to fill her pussy with my potent seed. I started moaning that I was ready to cum. Jennifer was saying, do it John, shoot it in me, I want to feel your big cock filling my pussy with your hot cum. I told Jennifer that she was going to it a big load to as I thrust into her with everything I had and blew my load.

Jennifer said, she could feel me doing it, she could feel it jerking. She knew I was filling her with my cum. After we relaxed I pulled out and Ashley said, he really filled you up its running out of your pussy. Jennifer put her hand over her pussy to hold it in and said, she wanted to keep it in her so she could feel it. I was thinking how my little tadpoles were swimming around in their pussy's looking for a egg to fertilize. I would have to wait to see if either one of the got knocked up. We all got dressed and I went over to my friend Joe house and I told him about fucking Ashley and my sister hand and he said, I wonder if Kim, who is his 13 year old sister, would let me fuck her. I told Joe to wait a couple of weeks and bring her over to my house and we would see if she would. I told Joe to let Kim catch him nude like coming out of the bathroom after taking a shower so she could see his cock.

A couple of days later I was home after school when Jennifer and Ashley came in and I asked them if they wanted to go upstairs and fuck again. Ashley said, she would like to feel my cock inside her again but she didn't want to take a chance of getting knocked up. I told her that I would use a condom and she said, OK so we went upstairs and I fucked her and filled the condom with my cum. Jennifer was standing there with one of her fingers in her pussy playing with it when I asked, you want some cock to. She said, yes and I put another condom on my hard cock and slid it into my sister and fucked her to till I blew my load. I pulled out and said, I wished I could shoot my cum into their pussy's and they said, we don't want to take a chance of getting pregnant.

I told them that they had already taken a chance when they let me fill their pussy's with my sperm the first time. Jennifer said, you can't get pregnant doing it the first time. I said, sure you can and Jennifer said, you can not. I said, we'll see and asked Jennifer, when her period was due and she said, in a couple of weeks. I asked Ashley when hers was due and she said, any day now. So we waited and Ashley's period started in a few days and Jennifer said, see I told you. And I said, just wait and see if you have yours when it's due. So after a couple of weeks had gone by Jennifer hadn't had her period and she was starting to worry. We kept having sex but she always made me wear a condom.

Joe brought his sister Kim over and they watched me fuck my sister and Jennifer told Kim how good it felt. But we couldn't talk her into trying it so Jennifer told Joe that he could fuck her as long as he used a condom. Joe took his clothes off and rolled a condom down his cock and slid it into Jennifer's pussy and fucked her. Jennifer kept telling Kim she should try it that it really feels good but Kim said maybe layer. Joe got to fuck Ashley a few days later and he loved her tight pussy. Jennifer was over a week late and we got a home pregnancy test and we went into the bathroom and did the test and stood there waiting for the results it turned up positive she was pregnant.

Jennifer wanted to know how we were going to tell our parents that she was pregnant I told her that I would think something up. But for now sense my baby was already growing in her belly we could fuck and she could feel my cum shooting into her and she smiled and took my hand and led me to her bed and we fucked till are parents came home.

Chapter two

It had in three months since Jennifer got pregnant and was just starting to show her belly was swelling with my baby. Joe and I had been fucking Jennifer and Ashley all along. Joe loved to fuck Ashley's tight pussy but she always made him wear a condom as she did to me. But when it came to fucking my sister we went bareback and filled her pussy with or cum. She loved to feel us shooting into her. Having our hot cum flowing into her pussy. She would lie there as we fucked her saying, do it, shoot your cum in me, and as we would fill her with our cum. When we were done she would tell us, if I wasn't already pregnant I would be soon because you guys really filled my pussy full of your sperm.

Jennifer kept telling Ashley how good it felt feeling our cock swelling and jerking in her pussy knowing we were shooting our cum into her belly were it belong. Don't you wish they were fucking you with their bare cock's so you could feel them shooting there cum in your pussy just like John did the first time. A few days later Ashley's parents had gone away for the weekend and Ashley was staying at our house till they got back. we all met over at Ashley's house and Joe even brought Kim with him. We had gone up to Ashley's parents bedroom to use their big bed. We wasted no time getting nude except for Kim who was till hesitant about having sex. Jennifer and Ashley was up on the bed waiting for us. They were rubbing there pussy's in anticipation. I had told Joe before we got their not to bring any condoms and to fuck Jennifer first but don't cum in her I want you to save your load for something special. He said he would.

Joe slid up beside Jennifer and they were kissing and feeling each other as Kim sat there watching I went over to the other side and started kissing and feeling up Ashley. I had moved down and was sucking Ashley's tit's making her nipples hard. She was moaning already she was getting hot so I kissed my way down her flat belly that would be swelling with a baby if I had my way. I made my way to her sweet pussy and was kissing and licking it. Ashley was going nuts as I ate her pussy. I kept it up till she had quite a few organisms and she was saying, fuck me, fuck me please. I raised up and said, soon. As I slid a finger into her pussy and was pumping it in and out driving her crazy as she kept saying, don't stop, fuck me, put your cock in me and fuck me with it.

I had worked two fingers into her pussy and was pumping them fast when Ashley said, please take your fingers out of my pussy and put your big cock in me. I pulled my fingers out and took her juices and rubbed it on the head of my cock as Ashley watched. I told Ashley if she wanted my cock in her pussy she was going to have to put you in her pussy herself. She reached down and wrapped her hand around my bare cock and guided it to her pussy and slipped it into her sweet hole and pushed her hips up driving my hard cock into her pussy. I slowly fucked my cock in and out of her tight pussy as she laid their saying, that feels so good.

As I was fucking Ashley I noticed that Joe and Ashley was sitting there watching us fuck. They could see my bare cock sliding into Ashley's pussy. I looked it Joe and he was smiling and shaking his head yes he knew what I was going to do. Jennifer sat there talking to Ashley saying, does it feel good having my brothers bare cock in your pussy knowing he's going to fill your pussy with his hot cum. Ashley said, I can't wait to feel it shooting into me. I was fucking her faster and was getting ready to cum and told Ashley I was ready to cum. She said, yes cum in me, do it, put your hot cum in my pussy. I thrust into her a few more times before I held it in her and blew my load.

Ashley could feel me doing it in her. She was telling Jennifer, I can feel him doing it, it's jerking in me filling me up. After I was done and pulled out. Ashley was laying there smiling knowing I had filled her pussy full of cum. I got up and Jennifer reached down and rubbed Ashley's pussy with her finger getting some cum on it. She showed Ashley the cum on her finger and said, John did a good job as she put her finger in her mouth and suck on it saying, that taste good and got between Ashley's legs and started licking her. Jennifer licked Ashley till she had a organism them she got up and looked at Ashley. Ashley looked back at her and said, you can do that anytime you want, I'll even do you.

Jennifer said, not now, later. She turned to Kim and said, would you let me eat your pussy. Kim hesitant and Ashley said, it really feels good you should try it. Kim finely agreed and Jennifer told her to take her clothes off. We watched as Kim undressed revealing her body to us. She had small breasts but what she had was firm. When she slid her panties off we got our first looked at her bare pussy it was great. Jennifer had Kim lie on the bed and spread her legs and she lowered her mouth to her sweet pussy and started licking her. It didn't take long before Kim was moaning and shoving her hips up at Jennifer.

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