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Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Coercion, Blackmail, Heterosexual, Slut Wife, MaleDom, Humiliation, Gang Bang, Orgy, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Size, .

Desc: Sex Story: Mona Brewton, upright, moral wife of a Baptist pastor, is caught shoplifting. A strange phone call leads to a way for Mona to protect her marriage and her husband's job, a simple poker party. Well, at least at first, it was simple, but then the fun started.

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Mona Brewton

Mona Brewton touched the low neckline of her bejeweled blouse. Her hands trembled so intensely that she could hardly grasp the tiny top button. She was about to undress before a group of total strangers. She glanced quickly down at the people seated around her hoping that they somehow might be ignoring her. Instead, eyes of lust and lasciviousness stared back at her. She was mortified. Her mind and her emotions were on high alert as she tried desperately to comprehend all that had happened.

How could I have possibly gotten into such a dire predicament? Me-quiet, conservative Mona Brewton? Traditional, religious, devout, pure Mona, wife of a Baptist preacher and a living example of things righteous and moral?

It had started so innocently.

It was one of those perfect spring days. Birds sang sweet songs, the fragrance of flowers perfumed the air, and Mona was bored. There were no church meetings to attend, no Sunday school lessons to prepare, and no wifely chores to perform. On a whim, Mona had decided to go shopping. She knew from the outset that she could not afford to buy anything in particular. Her husband made a meager pastor's salary and proper preachers' wives didn't work outside the home. But, today was a gorgeous day, so Mona had decided to treat herself to a brush with the finer things in this life by going to the most exclusive department store in town, just to look.

After browsing about the store and even trying on a delicious dress (she had gasped at the $900 price tag on the dress), she felt somewhat ashamed. Covetousness was a sin after all, but Mona instant solace in that it wasn't another person's possessions she coveted. It was just a store's merchandize, for goodness sake, reasoned Mona. It was just a bit of fun, not a sin.

Mona was about to leave her fashion revelries when she found herself in the store's jewelry section. Sitting on top of the counter, left there by a careless sales person, was a tray of beautiful bracelets. Mona reached for the loveliest of the group. Suddenly she realized that there was no other person in sight. She held the bracelet for a moment, felt its exquisite weight, and, on impulse, dropped it into her purse. She would never in her life be able to buy a bauble like that. Other women had such beautiful jewelry and didn't appreciate what they had.

She instantly knew that what she had done was wrong. But, she rationalized, whom am I hurting? Just a store owned by a giant conglomerate? They won't miss this one little trifle. And I will never have this chance again.

Mona looked around once more and saw the sales clerk emerging from the stockroom.

"Can I help you," she asked Mona in a charmingly unsuspicious voice.

"No, thanks. Just browsing. These are gorgeous bracelets," said Mona. She tried to act as nonchalant as possible.

"Yes, they are," replied the clerk. "We just got those in."

"Too expensive for me," sighed Mona.

"Me, too," laughed the clerk. She slipped the tray back under the glass-topped counter.

Mona slowly headed for the door, stopping along the way to gaze into the lovely displays.

When Mona arrived at the doorway, the obviously bored clerk drawled, "Come back to see us now, you here."

Mona was about ten yards out the store's entrance when suddenly she found herself in the grip of a very large security guard. Terror shot through her. It was as if all of her insides had disappeared at once, leaving a big, empty void.

"Would you come with me, please," ordered the guard.

In seemingly seconds, Mona was seated in a security room with no windows, a table and a couple of chairs. The guard wordlessly emptied the contents of her purse on the table. Out dropped the bracelet with the $1,800 price tag still dangling from its clasp. Mona made eye contact with the guard and realized that she was in trouble, serious trouble, for the first time in her life.

"Ma'am, I am going to have to turn you over to the police on a charge of shoplifting merchandize greater than $1,000 in value. I must tell you that this is a felony in our state. Just remain seated right there."

Mona burst into tears. All at once, her life, at least as she knew, ended. She was ruined. She had been a perfect person all her life and now, in one brief moment, she had become a common criminal.

"Please," she whimpered through the tears. "This will wreck my life. It's not just me." She gulped for air sobbing uncontrollably. "This will ruin my family too. I'm a good person. My husband is a pastor. His congregation won't understand this. He will be fired from his job. We will be homeless!" She put her head in her hands. The cold metal chair in which she sat seemed to get colder and harder. "And, I have a young child at home." The words wouldn't come out anymore. She gasped for air and she looked up at the guard helplessly. Her tears ran freely off her cheeks and splattered on the table in front of her.

The guard stared back strangely. It was as if he was trying to make a decision.

"Wait here." He took Mona's purse and abruptly left the room.

In the next office, the guard consulted a card in his wallet and dialed the phone. "I think I have another candidate for you, sir. She is a pretty one-beautiful, in fact. Preacher's wife. Very upset. Has a lot to lose."

The voice on the other end said, "Give me her number. Your fee will be on its way to your bank account immediately. Keep up the good work."

Moments later, the guard returned to the interrogation room. Mona looked and felt as if she had been kicked in the stomach.

"I think I can help you, ma'am," said the guard.

Mona gave him a puzzled look.

"Listen to me carefully," he said in a soft voice. "Go home now. In a few days, a man will call you. He will explain how you can make restitution for your offense without going to the police. If you do what he says, this won't be made public and we will destroy the videotape I made of you shoplifting that bracelet. If you don't do exactly as he says, then everyone will know, starting with the Chairman of Board of Deacons at your husband's church. Is that clear?"

Mona's heart leaped. "No one will know?"

"No one," answered the guard. "Now, go home and remember what I said."

Mona sprang out of her chair, grabbed the guard, and hugged him exuberantly. Suddenly, she realized what she was doing and released the stone-faced guard with a blush.

"Thank you, oh, thank you so very much." And, out of the room she ran.

The Call

"Mrs. Brewton," the man's voice on the other end of the line said softly. "I'm calling in regard to the... uh... incident last week at the jewelry store."

Mona's heart began to pound. She hoped that her husband, who was sitting near by, couldn't actually hear or even feel the horrible thumping of her heart.

"Yes," she said trying for nonchalance.

"Mrs. Brewton, we are willing to keep your little indiscretion quiet, if you will cooperate fully with us." The man sounded like anyone's grandfather--so calm, so trustworthy.

"Yes, of course," she replied.

"Remember this address, please. Don't write it down. 5 Alabaster Circle. You will join us there this Friday evening at 7:00 p.m. sharp. Come dressed as you would if you were going to church. Do not tell anyone where you are going."

"What?" Mona was completely confused.

"Seven o'clock, 5 Alabaster Circle. We are having a small party and you will be our guest. Remember what the security guard told you?"

"Yes," she uttered. The phone line went dead.

"Who was that, honey?" asked her husband.

"The... uh... the women's Bible study group is shifting to Friday night this week."

"That's nice, dear," said her husband returning to his newspaper.

The Others

Tears welled up in Mona's eyes again as she drove down a narrow lane leading to Alabaster Circle. She had never lied to her husband before. She felt so ashamed. He had even kissed her good bye and told her to enjoy her Bible study. Guilt brought a flood of tears once again.

"But, Mona, old girl," she said aloud as she regained control of herself, "whatever this is about, you are one lucky person. You can make it through anything if the alternative is a jail term and losing your family. Anything!"

She turned at a broad gate marked simply with a 5 and was confronted by two burly guards.


"Mona Brewton."

The guard smiled. "Park there. Go in the white door on the side of the main house. The others already are here."

Others, thought Mona.

Mona found her to the door and warily stepped inside. In a very large utility room stood two other women, both with terrified looks just like Mona's. One of the women had dark features, dark black hair, and a strikingly beautiful face. She was either Hispanic or Italian, Mona surmised. The other woman obviously was very wealthy. Her blond hair screamed expensive salon and her clothes were straight out of the latest women's magazines.

"Shoplifting?" said the dark-haired woman in a weak voice. Mona blushed and nodded affirmatively.

So, there are others in the same boat, she thought.

" Us, too," sighed the blonde. "Isn't this a bitch."

An interior door squeaked opened and an elegantly dressed, gray-haired man stepped into the room.

"Welcome, ladies. I know that right now you are afraid. I also know that you are very safe here. You will not be forced to do anything tonight. You always will have a choice. However, I hope that you will do as I... ah... suggest during the evening. And, I hope you will stay here for the entire time. If not, my store will bring charges against you in a court-of-law. Clear? Good. The first thing that you must do is smile. You are each so much more beautiful when you do so."

His voice was soft and reassuring. All three women smiled weakly.

"That's much better. I have even better news. Tonight, all of you will be guests at a lovely party for a small group of my friends. This is a formal affair, hence my tuxedo, so each of you will need to change clothes. There are some wonderful dresses from my dress shop in that closet. At least one should fit each of you. I'll give you fifteen minutes to freshen up and then you should come upstairs."

The dark-haired woman's eyes flashed.

"What kind of party?" she said.

The man exhibited a hint of anger. The appearance of reassurance left his countenance and he frightened Mona. Suddenly, his smile returned.

"A fun party. Drinks and a card game," he said returning to his calm demeanor. "I assume that all of you know how to play draw poker. If not, those little sheets there on the table have a simple version of the rules. Read them, please. Now get dressed. The guests are waiting." He disappeared through the doorway.

The Party

Mona selected the most demure evening gown in the closet. Most of the choices reminded her of lingerie. She would not be caught dead publicly in one of those outfits. The gown she chose, however, was exquisite. It was a delicately sequined blouse with matching long skirt made of the most marvelous material. She felt like a million dollars in the dress. The other women had chosen more revealing outfits. Both wore them well, but both also wore grave expressions on their faces. Mona tried to be calm and remember that, regardless of what would be required, it would protect her dirty, little secret forever.

A man who appeared to be a servant led the women from the utility room into a giant living room, actually one of several living rooms in a very large, well furnished mansion. Four men were gathered around the bar. They all looked normal, cultured, and rich. Their eyes lit up when the three women approached. The butler appeared with a tray of full champagne flutes for the ladies and the men greeted them in most gentlemanly ways. Mona's apprehension started to lessen when suddenly she noted that that there were no other women present.

Something is not quite right here, she thought.

"Ladies and Gentlemen?" said the host. "Let's play some cards." He motioned the ladies to the table and three of the men graciously held chairs for the women.

Very cultured and genteel, noted Mona. She began to relax a bit.

After being seated, the dark woman said, "I'm afraid I have no money. I had better just watch."

"I'll stake you a few chips," smiled a tall man. "But, you have to promise to pay me back."

"I've never really played poker," whispered Mona taking out her instruction sheet.

"No time like the present to learn," said the gray-haired man. "I'll stake you your chips. Five blue ones, worth $1,000 each."

Mona gasped. "$5,000? Just like that. I can't pay that back if I lose it. And, I have never played poker before, so I surely will lose."

"Oh, we'll figure something out," winked the man. "This could be your lucky night. Everything you win, over $5,000, you get to keep."

With that the blonde's eyes lit up. "Well then, gentlemen, let's play some cards."

"That's more like it," said the gray-haired man.

The first few games progressed smoothly. Mona was getting the hang of playing, but she also was losing. So were the tall man and another man much younger than the rest. The younger man was much larger in stature and appeared to be most athletic. He struck Mona as being very handsome, but she quickly put the thought out of her mind.

The chips in front of her were vanishing quickly. She couldn't believe that the men treated losing so much money so casually. The butler filled her champagne glass. Mona never used alcohol, but her throat was dry and she began to take a few tentative sips. She felt a pleasant warmth grow inside that led to a few more sips.

The gray-haired man definitely was the consistent winner, along with another gentleman who had barely spoken a word. Mona was lost in her musing when suddenly the gray-haired man flipped over his cards with a flourish and shouted, "Full house!" He began to pull the chips on the table toward him.

The dark-haired woman sighed, "Well, that's the last of my chips. I guess I'm out of the game."

"Wait up, missy," said the tall man. "You still owe me $5,000."

A look of severe shock came over the woman's face.

"Tell you what," continued the man, "I'll forgive your debt at a thousand dollars for each article of clothing you take off and give me right now."

The breath went out of Mona's body. She suddenly understood what was going on here. Now all the secrecy and intrigue made sense. Mona suddenly felt sick at her stomach.

"Listen, you old sack of shit. I'm not playing your sick little perverted fucking game." The dark-haired woman's eyes flashed fire.

"Harvey, I believe this one wants to go to jail," said the tall man.

"Too bad," said the gray-haired man. "James, show Miss Gomez to the gate... after she gives back my dress. The police will be by to see you, madam."

"Wait!" said Miss Gomez.

"Too late," answered Harvey quietly.

The dark-haired woman was escorted out in a flash. Mona's hands began to tremble. She felt like a fly in a spider's web with no where to go or hide.

"Shall we continue?" said Harvey dealing the cards and smiling as if nothing had happened.

Mona stared at the lone chip in front of her. She would have to use it as ante for this hand. Tears began to well up in her eyes. The blonde had only two chips left. The tall man tossed one of his two remaining chips into the pot and the betting proceeded.

"Mrs. Brewton, the raise is one to you. You may fold and lose your chip for sure... or you may use your blouse as a chip, if you like. If you win, you get it back."

Mona looked at her hand. Three jacks. She thought quickly, if I don't play along, Harvey, the gray hair, might ask me to pay back all my debt at once in clothes. She took a quick inventory--blouse, skirt, pantyhose, bra, and panties. She would have to strip naked!

"I'll play," she said, tears now began to overflow her eyes and slowly make their way down her cheek. For my family, my husband, his job, and my secret... for all that, I'll play. Somewhere deep inside her, however, she felt something exciting about all this.

"Stand and remove your blouse then," said Harvey.

Mona nervously chewed on her lip and tried to get her hands under control enough to unbutton her elegant blouse. She could feel the four men staring lustily at her. She finally opened the blouse and took it off one arm at a time, eyes downward. She tried vainly to hold one arm across her bra-covered breasts. She could feel the men's eyes almost piercing her.

Mona thought, This is not me, this is so, so not me!

Normally she felt uncomfortable when she simply looked at herself naked in the privacy of her own bathroom mirror. She and her husband always made love quickly and in the dark. And, now she was brazenly exposing herself to a room full of strange men.

I am being punished for my sins, she thought. That's it... God is punishing me. But, I also am saving my marriage. So, it is worth it... every bit of the shame is worth it!

"A Flush! Sorry, miss," said the quiet man. "I believe I won that blouse."

Mona sat holding her arms closely to her bosom. Now what... now I have no chips and no blouse, she thought.

"Frank, you are beating us like a drum tonight! What a lucky streak!" said the young muscular man.

"Skill, only skill, my man!" replied Frank.

"I see that you have lost all your chips too, Mrs. Moore," said Harvey. "Would you like to use your dress as ante now?"

The blond rolled her eyes, quietly stood, unzipped her dress and let it fall around her ankles. Mona stared at the blond woman in utter shock. She wasn't wearing a bra. Her large, pendulous breasts swayed when she bent to retrieve her fallen dress and toss it aside. The woman placed her hand across her chest, but did not succeed in covering her nipples. Mona, and all the men, could see blue veins through her very fair skin. Her areolas were pink and puffy. Mona watched as the woman's nipples began to slowly stiffen into hard points. Without warning, the blond woman whipped her arm away from her breasts.

"Like what you see, boys?" Mrs. Moore sneered as she returned to her seat.

"God, yes!" said the younger man. He stared directly at the woman's breasts as they sagged under their own wieght. Mona could not believe that the woman was so unconcerned by her nakedness.

"I seem to be out of chips too, gentlemen," said the tall man.

"Well, Earl, my man, you had better take something off. We want to be very fair here. No gender discrimination allowed. So, off with some clothes!" The room filled with laughter while the tall man removed his tux coat in a mock striptease.

Mona's mind was ablaze. Shock commingled with excitement. The strange feeling that a while ago had been lurking in the back of her mind began to grow and tingle within her. She felt a bizarre excitement began to build. She had never felt anything like it. Shame, yet pleasure. It was, at once, a horrible, yet wonderful feeling.

"Ante up, Mrs. Brewton."

"Oh my! Must I? Please, I don't..." Mona's voice faded away. She had been so focussed on Mrs. Moore's breasts that she had forgotten her own condition.

"We'll accept that skirt."

Mona stood, unzipped the skirt, and stepped out of it. She unexpectedly almost laughed when she thought, I bet I look pretty ugly with these pantyhose over my panties. Without thinking she downed her Champagne in one gulp. James instantly refilled her glass and the game progressed.

"One chip raise to you, Mrs. Brewton,"

Mona's embarrassment now was profound. She had a promising hand, but she had to take something else off in order to play. She awkwardly slipped off her pantyhose and tossed them on the table. When she looked up, the muscular man was staring directly at her crotch. Mona felt her face begin to burn.

I have to win this time, she thought. Then I'll get my clothes back.

She didn't. Now she sat before God and everyone in panties and bra. Her mind was spinning, as was the room. She abruptly felt nauseous and all the air seemed to have been sucked out of the room.

"Earl, we'll have those pants. Tom, you owe a coat." Both men complied to the accompaniment of gales of laughter from the winner.

Earl, who was seated just to Mona's left, tossed his pants aside and instantly Mona became aware of the large bulge in his crotch. His erection was obvious even under his white boxers. Adrenaline began to pump through Mona. She had never seen a man's penis, other than her husband's, and she saw his only by occasional accident. Now a fully-grown man sat inches away from her with an erect penis.

Mona's attention returned to the game with a jolt. Mrs. Moore stood and slowly removed her last piece of clothing. Mona gasped when she realized that when Mrs. Moore stood, her most private spot was at everyone's eye level. Mrs. Moore slid her lace panties over her hips. The wispy piece of soft fabric floated quickly to her ankles. She stood motionless. Her pubic hair was bright strawberry blonde in color and her bush was neatly trimmed into a small triangle. She still held her arm across her breasts, but made no effort to cover her pussy.

My god, she shaves her... oh my, thought Mona.

"Time to ante up again, ladies and gentlemen," cried a voice that seemed so far away.

Earl tossed away his shirt making his cock even more visible. Earl's package now stood at full attention. Tom removed his pants, but the tail of his shirt covered his groin from view. Mona had a difficult time taking her eye off Earl's protruding crotch.

"Mrs. Brewton?"

All at once reality set in for Mona. This is it, she thought. Now I have to reveal my breasts. Mona fought to unclasp her bra without success. Tears came again to her eyes. Nonetheless, she had the most remarkable feeling deep in her genitals and she couldn't ignore it any longer.

"Allow me to help with that, my dear," said Harvey. He reached behind her and deftly unhooked her bra. The tears began flow freely down her cheeks.

"Come now, Mrs. Brewton. Think of your family... your husband's career... and, let us see those lovely knockers of yours."

His words seemed completely vulgar. Knockers, she thought. She leaned forward and her bra popped loose. She defiantly threw it on the table and sat cupping a hand over each breast.

"Oh, Mrs. Brewton, por favor, pick up your cards!" said Tom with a fake accent.

Mona reached for her cards and glanced down at her own breasts. Her own body betrayed her excitement. Her nipples, usually tiny and brown, were red, erect, and protruding.

"Your ante, Mrs. Moore?" Harvey was so matter of fact that it seemed normal that he was talking to a naked woman.

"Look, I'm naked. I have no chips!" said Mrs. Moore angrily. "I have nothing else to bet!"

"Not so fast, Mrs. Moore. Let's consider this a bit further," said Harvey.

"I knew it would come to this," ventured Mrs. Moore. "I wasn't born fucking yesterday and I didn't get where I am through purity, sweetness, and light. So, how much is a blowjob worth these days?

Blowjob? Mona's faced turned bright crimson. It was difficult for her to breathe. Her face burned with embarrassment. That is oral sex, she reasoned. They would take this that far... would they? Oh God, please don't let them go that far with this. Please, she prayed.

"That's an interesting proposition, Mrs. Moore," said the quiet man. He had a large pile of chips in front of him. "I am very glad you thought of it. Let's say forgiveness of all your previous debt and two new, free chips for your services?

"Five free chips!" negotiated Mrs. Moore.

"Done," said the quiet man. "Gentlemen, could we suspend the game for a little while? I'd like to relax a bit with Mrs. Moore."

An evil smile crawled across Mrs. Moore's face. "He may not be able to return to the game, gentlemen... cause I can, as they say, suck the chrome off a trailer hitch!"

Mona couldn't believe her eyes or ears. How could this woman do such a thing? It was as if she wanted to do so. Mona watched as the quiet man led Mrs. Moore into an adjacent room and took a seat on the couch. From where Mona sat, she could barely see the man's knees. Mrs. Moore knelt in front of him and began to unzip his pants. Mona watched as she slipped his pants and underwear down his legs and then moved her face toward his lap. Mona wanted badly to turn away, but she could not take her eyes off the scene as it unfolded.

"Go for it, Frank," said the younger man as he made his way to the bar.

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