Geri and Stan; The Married Life

by In2thisshit

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Desc: Sex Story: Geri meets Stan in college and puts her slut life behind her. That is until one afternoon. Now watch out!<br> As a way of saying "Thank You" for all of the emails and support you have shown I wrote this saga as a stand alone story but it really continues following the life and times of our lttle slut. Sit back and enjoy. I hope this gets you all off!

As the proceeding story told you, I wasn't a virgin when I met Stan in fact I was quite the sexual deviant. But, contrary to your dirty minds, outside of Bob and Julie, oh yeah Hans, I was far from sexual active. Other people didn't interest me so I was more or less sexually infrequent with anyone else. Then came college. That is where I met my true love.

Stan and I met thru mutual friends at college, dated for weeks before we had sex, and no it wasn't mind altering sex, but very nice and natural. We fell in love and married soon after we graduated. Stan got a marvelous job offer from a newspaper in San Diego. That's in California for the interested and yes the weather is fantastic and no we hardly ever feel the earthquakes that seem to plague the greater LA area. Life was very good for us and I soon became pregnant and we had a little boy. The following year I was pregnant again and this time I had a little girl. We adore each of them. I gave up any career ideas and allowed my husband and my children to consume my life. My sex life returned to what everyone calls normal, which is very infrequent if at all. All that changed one afternoon.

It started on a Friday afternoon while cleaning the house. I was in the master bath when I picked up, for the thousandth time, a Penthouse Forum magazine that Stan had left out conspicuously next to the toilet. I had glanced at them before but never sat down and read one. That afternoon I was determined to find out what my husband got out of these porn magazines. I went into the bedroom and made myself comfortable on our bed. I immediately noticed the pictures of all the beautiful people. The women were sexy and the men were wet dreams. I had never really thought about men shaving their pubic hair but that got my juices running. I pulled off my sweatpants and ran my fingers through my swollen labia. I was just getting into masturbating when I noticed that many of the pages were dog-eared. They were all stories about nasty wives taking lovers with their husband's knowledge. As I read these stories I began to rub my clit faster and faster. After my first orgasm that afternoon I had to agree with Stan that those stories were my favorite too. I needed to cum again but my fingers weren't getting it done. I hurried through the house hoping to find anything that might help me masturbate better. In the kitchen I found what I was looking for, a nice thick firm cucumber. I rubbed it with cooking oil and went back to my bedroom to finish my reading. As I lay back sliding that veggie deep into my twat, I pictured myself in the role as the cheating slut wife who fucked other men with her husband's consent. Damn, I wished for a dildo at that moment. As my body quivered through several nice orgasms, I had to admit that the cucumber was a nice substitute.

Prior to Stan getting home that night I had packed the kids off to a hastily arranged sleep over and I made myself ready for a night of sex. I trimmed my bush and soaked in a hot tub. Afterward I rubbed my body with a very expensive moisturizer and applied just the right perfume for seducing Stan. I put on my makeup and did my hair up wild and full and then slipped into my sexiest outfit, a man's white dress shirt and high heels. All my preparation worked! When Stan stepped through the front door his adoring slut kissed her man then slid to her knees and greeted him with a sloppy blowjob. I licked and sucked his cock until his cream filled my mouth and then I made a big show of swallowing his cum. I took him upstairs and made sure he was hard again before slipping my juicy cunt onto his thick cock. I remember thinking to myself as Stan's cock stretched my pussy that a cock is much nicer than a vegetable.

Stan was buried deep in my twat as I ground my clitoris against the base of his cock when I informed him of this afternoon's discovery. He wasn't very surprised but was a little taken back at my request about which stories excited him the most. I squeezed my vaginal muscles as encouragement for him to tell me which were his favorites. It worked! Stan admitted that he liked the stories about slut wives. I let a low moan escape my throat as I closed in on another orgasm. I too admitted that I found those stories a big turn on. I then told Stan that I had spent the better part of the afternoon masturbating to those stories.

I was pumping my hips up and down on my husband's hard dick when he told me that he had recently found my letters from Bob and Julie. My body stopped as if frozen in place. Stan held my hips and started grinding his thick cock into my cunt and asked me how long my affair went on with these two people. Slowly I regained my composure somewhat and confessed that I had known them most of my life but that we had not become lovers until after my eighteenth birthday. I admitted to seeing them even after Stan and I began dating when I was home during school breaks. I asked if he were angry with me. Stan smiled at me and flipped me over and pounded his cock into my sloppy puss until we both came. It was as we were cuddling that he dropped the bombshell that I dreaded. Who was this Hans character that Julie referred to so often?

I knew that I had to answer him. I knew that I could not lie to him. I am not very good at lying anyway and Stan always found out the truth. Besides earlier in our marriage Stan caught me in a lie one night before bed. He had grown very angry with me to the point of turning me over his knee and spanking my bare ass. I have never lied since. But now confronted with this question. How was I to tell my husband and dearest friend that I liked to be fucked by a dog? After hemming and hawing around he rolled over, propped himself on his elbow and looked me straight in the eye and said, "Sweetheart, there isn't anything that you could tell me that would change the way I feel about you. So go ahead and tell me about Hans."

I don't think that Stan was ready for the story that I told him that night. He lay on the bed and was wordless as I explained the aberrant behavoir I shared with Hans. When I was finished, Stan was very quiet and I was pretty sure that my marriage was over. I could not stand the silence any further so while staring at the ceiling I asked him, "Stan, do you still love me?"

"Yes, baby. I still love you. It is just that I wasn't quite ready for all of that. You have to admit that it is a lot to take in when you find out that your sweet wife likes to fuck a dog."

"Oh, baby, I am so sorry," I broke down in tears and I fell against his chest sobbing. I felt that I had betrayed his love and I was heartbroken. I would have done anything to turn back the clock so that he would never know. It seemed an eternity before Stan pulled me to him and began stroking my hair. There in his arms with him stroking my hair I knew that he truly had forgiven me. In my place of comfort and I know that all was well once again.

His hand trailed down onto me back and rested on the cheek of my ass and in a soft voice he told me, "Well I guess I will have to log onto the Internet and do some research. I had heard stories of women fucking dogs but to find out that my wife has done it and loves it. Well, maybe I need to find out more about bestiality."

"Stan, then you forgive me?"

"Oh sure baby. It was a bit much to take in all at once but hell you are the woman of my dreams and I love you. I would forgive you anything."

I looked into his eyes as I wiped the tears away and in a timid voice asked, "Can I be with you when you go online?"

A big knowing grin broke across his face as he replied, "Sure baby. You can be there with me. I never knew that you were such a little slut. Even after all these years you surprise me." He turned me over and slapped my naked ass. I pretended to resist but he easily overcame my struggles and he reddened my ass nicely before he "commanded" me to my knees so that he could "fuck me like a bitch in heat." Stan pounded his cock into my cunt like a jackhammer. This session wasn't lovemaking it was purely about the fuck. We soon came together screaming and howling like mating animals. Thank goodness the kids were at a friend house clear across town otherwise I might have had some explaining to do.

After we napped we eat a light supper and went to soak in the hot tub. Since the genie was out of the bottle I decided to take the conversation as far as possible. I needed to know what Stan wanted of his wife. "Honey," I croaked, as my mouth was suddenly dry. I gulped at my wine and continued, "do you think of me when you beat off?"

"Always sweetie. To answer your next question, and those that are sure to follow, yes, I have pictured you with other men. I have even pictured you with more than one man. I have seen you as a chaste woman ravaged and raped by men with huge cocks. I have seen you act like a whore in a bar letting complete stranger's use you for their enjoyment. You would be surprised at all the cock you have taken in my fantasies. I have never pictured you though with an animal. I might have to add a new fantasy next time that I masturbate. Just think, my wife in a staring role in an Amsterdam porn production. Yeah, I can see myself whacking off to the image of my beautiful wife being ravished over and over again by a sex-crazed beast."

"Oh Stan, stop it. Don't tease me."

"Hell baby, I ain't teasing you." Reaching over he took my hand and placed it on his hard cock. "That should convince you that the thought of watching your pussy being fucked by another gets me turned on." I slid in thigh to his body and slowly stroked his hard cock as the warm swirling water soothed away the toil of the day. I convinced Stan to let me suck him off out under the stars that evening. So while he sat on the edge of the spa I worked his beautiful cock into my mouth and throat. Poor man never had a chance as my cocksucking brought him quickly to completion but tonight I added a little twist to our sex. I usually swallow Stan seed while he watches but this time when he announce that he was cumming I let him squirt his pearly goo onto my face. Then I rubbed his softening dick through the goo and licked it clean.

I sat back, closed my eyes and savored the flavor of my husband's jiz when Stan surprised me. He leaned down to me and planted a wet sloppy kiss on my mouth. His tongue licked away the remnants of his cum from my face. "Oh you nasty boy. Do you like the taste of your cum?" I stood up and sat on the edge of the spa and took his head in my hands. "Then lick my nasty cunt sweetie. It is still full of your warm jiz from our little romp in the bedroom. Now it needs to be cleaned." I guided his face to my twat watched with enjoyment as my man cleaned my cum filled hole.

I was determined to find out how for Stan wanted to go. Since long ago I had decided to bury my slut personality that was so much of my youth and now tonight is was resurfacing, I needed to know. Did my husband want a slut or his pure and chaste wife of before? "Stan, have you ever wished your fantasies to come true?"

"What are you asking Geri. Do I want to witness the ravaging of my wife by another man?"

I did not answer him. I waited for his answer. He needed to make up his own mind and answer from his heart. After a long silence where the only sound was the bubbling of the spa, Stan gave me his answer. It changed our sexual world forever.

"Yes," came his meek response.

I hugged him and said, "From this night forward I am your sex-slave to command as you wish. I will do anything that you ask of me. I am completely yours my love and you are in complete control of our adventures." We talked a great deal that night and decided how we would go about expanding our sexuality. We agreed to proceed cautiously at first, after all we were pillars of the community now. I probed my husband to make sure that he wanted to see his little slut in action. We agreed that it would be a human encounter (Damn it!) and that Stan would watch as another man fucked his wife. It was Stan who suggested that our first adventure would be for me to go into an adult store and buy myself a new dildo. I thought the idea was hot and I readily agreed. Boy, I am sure we didn't understand at that moment what we were getting ourselves into.

Together we planned the evening carefully. We made reservations to go out to very nice restaurant for an expensive dinner and liberal amounts of adult beverages. Naturally, we both dressed as sexy as we could. Stan wore slacks without underwear so that his seven-inch cock would swing freely in his pants. Also he selected a nice sports-shirt that allowed his very sex chest hair to show. I selected a new slinky black dress that was cut very short and showed way too much thigh. Its hottest feature was the slit, not on the side but high up the front on my right thigh. When I sat down the material would separate and my pussy, sans underwear, would show if I weren't vigilant. Let me assure you that our valet and waiter were pleasantly surprised that evening.

After dinner we drove to a local adult shop known as the 'Fun Stop". We were giggling like school kids as we parked the car. The scenario that Stan laid out called for me to go inside the establishment alone and check the place out. He would wait for fifteen minutes then come in to see how I was doing. I was nervous as hell but my pussy was on fire as our adventure got underway. The outer room was just sexy lingerie and "How To" manuals so I walked over to the young black man behind the counter, "Excuse me! Where do you keep the toys?"

He looked up somewhat startled but a warm knowing smile spread across his handsome features. He stepped out from behind the counter and I was taken back. The young man was about six foot tall and built like a rock. He offered his hand and introduced himself as "Jason." Taking me by the hand, Jason led me into a room just to the right of the counter that was curtained off from prying eyes. I was dumbfounded when I saw all the sex toys on display. I had no idea that there so many phallic devices on the market. My young sales rep conducted a very personal guided tour of the items on display. He held my hand as we walked from display case to display case while he described in great detail the function each device. I was very shocked by all the toys that were designed for anal penetration. Why would anyone want to have a toy shoved up his or her ass?

As he showed me the illicit items he would speak in great detail about each. There were dicks of every shape and size. One by one he would take the display model down and allow me to hold it (actual I think the real term is fondle it). It was a complete turn-on to hold these illicit toys. My pussy was dripping wet and I was breathing like I do when Stan and I are in the middle of foreplay. I was amazed by the assortment available for a woman's pleasure. Some had handles while others vibrated. Even others had suction cups molded into the base for solo use. Some were hard and ridged while others were velvety to the touch and pliable. They came in every hue of the rainbow. Jason asked very personal questions about my likes and dislikes. I was so shocked by all that was going on that I barely took notice that the young man began to fondle my bottom. My he had very large hands!

Finally, Jason asked, "Is there anything special that you are looking for?"

"No, this will be my first toy," I responded.

"Well then, do you enjoy the pleasure a smaller cock or is your fantasy to try something larger?"

"I once had a boyfriend that was on the large size. I..."

"Of course, Hubby doesn't measure up," he whispered in my ear. "Not to worry. What I have in mind for you, he will enjoy also. It is an odd thing about white husband's, they enjoy their women cumming on a bigger stick." Jason winked and smiled knowingly. He looked at my hand in his and then placed it on his crotch. "Holy shit!" That was what raced through my brain. "This young man has a massive cock hidden in those slacks." I was truly taken back by the size of Jason's cock that my hand now held.

"Then I suggest that you try this one," he decided. He handed me a nine-inch black dildo with a suction cup base. Holding it my hands it felt very real and he assured me that it was pliable enough to mold to my "every vaginal need". "I guarantee that this will please malady. I suggest that you step into the 'fitting' room and try it out," he said pointing to a closed door. "Of course you could just take it home and give it a try. But what kind of adventure would that be? No, I think you want to have your toy fitted. Don't you?"

Almost without notice Stan was at my side. I smiled at my husband as I hold the fake black cock in my hands. "Do you want to try a fitting love?" Stan asked. I nodded my head and Jason large hand guided my bottom through the red door leading to his private office. "I take it that this your husband?" Jason asked. I just shook my head again since word weren't yet forming in my mouth. The room was sparsely furnished, other than the large mahogany desk, which set to one side; the large overstuffed chair was the focus. It sat at the center of the room atop a plush throw carpet and several large throw pillows completed the setting. In front of the desk I noticed a straight-backed chair there for business visitor's use. Opposite the desk was a built in bar also of rich dark mahogany. What was most dramatic about the room was the lighting arrangement in the ceiling. They made the large overstuffed chair in the middle of the room the focal point for your eye.

"My name is Jason and it very nice to meet a husband that cares to participate. It is rare since most are unaware or chose to stay away and hear about the wife's shopping experience at some later date. I think that you will comfortable watching from this chair." Stan sat to the side where he could watch. "Your wife is such a lovely woman sir. I am pleased that it is I that will be assisting her with the "fitting" tonight. If there are any special request please let me know and I will try to accommodate your need," Jason said as he introduced himself to my husband. "Please have a seat." Jason said to me with a wave of his hand. I dropped into the large overstuffed chair that was dreamy soft and he adjusted the throw pillow at my feet. There he knelt and removed my shoes. He massaged my feet as I sat back into the comfort of the chair. Ladies, have you ever had a foot massage as part of your foreplay? I hadn't and let me tell you I was dripping wet from the pampering Jason was giving me. Plus a handsome black man was looking under my dress at my naked pussy. "I want you to relax and enjoy yourself," Jason said in a deep soothing voice. "If there is anything that makes you uncomfortable you only need to tell me and I will stop. Are you okay with that?"

My throat was still too dry to speak so I simply nodded yes. I watched as his hands moved up my legs and parted them. Slowly and sensually Jason massaged my inner thighs. I watched as if I was not in my body but floating just above watching everything unfold in surreal form. Jason spoke to me softly as he stared at my pussy. "Is this the first time that you have given yourself to another man while your husband watched?" Again I just nodded my head. My lips were dry and my throat was parched. I was shaking with excitement. "Would you like something to drink?" Again I just nodded.

Looking to Stan, Jason said, "Why don't you mix your wife and yourself a drink." Stan moved like a zombie to the bar. He was mesmerized as I as he watched this young black stranger massage my bare thighs higher and higher. My legs were now place on the arms of the chair and as if in slow motion, Jason leaned forward and used his tongue to open the lips of my labia. "Wow! I have seen lots of women with big clits but yours is most beautiful that I have seen!" His tongue wrapped itself around my clit and he gently sucked on it. My hips pushed at Jason's face demanding more from this stranger. "Mmmmm, I am truly enjoying eating your cunt lady!"

My cheeks felt hot as I flushed with embarrassment at his remarks. The truth told though they also excited me. He was treating me like a slut and that was exactly what I wanted. Jason continued licking my cunt up and down, sucking on my pussy lips and licking the inside of my vaginal opening. Jason never strayed far from my clitoris though. He paid it special attention. Stan handed me my drink and just as I raised the glass to my lips, Jason pinched and rolled my clit between his thick fingers. My whole body jumped as if my clit had been attached to an electrode and a current was flowing through it. "Mmmmmmm, yesssss!"

"Nice lady! Your pussy is very nice and very juicy. Look at all the juice running down the crack of her ass. Now show me those titties."

I drained the glass of liquor in my hand and handed it to Stan standing at my side. Then I practically ripped my dress over my head and threw it in the corner. I held my breasts in my hands and showed them to Jason. No I was offering them to him. I am proud of my big nipples so I pinched them as I held my breast for Jason's approval. "Well, what have we here. My slut has nice big nipples as well as a nice big juicy clit. I bet you like to have them sucked on don't you?"

"Yes! Oh yes I like my titties sucked on. Please suck on my nipples. Please suck on my clitty. Make me cum Jason!" I knew that I sounded desperate but I was in heat and I wanted to be pleasured. Nothing else mattered. I completely forgot about my husband. My world was now the young black man kneeling between my open thighs. Jason sucked each nipple and fingered my twat. His long black fingers worked pussy to boiling. I found my G-spot and rubbed the little nub with maddening expertise. He knew how to work a woman. He knew his power and he exploited it to its fullness. Again he pinched my clit only harder this time.

"Ohhhhh, yesssss! Use me as you wish. I want to be your white slut. Use my cunt and pleasure yourself deep inside me! I am your whore tonight and I need to be fucked like one. Show me how to be your slut." I remembered Stan standing over me. "Show him how to fuck me."

Jason removed his clothing and stood before me. His chest was rippling with muscles and he had a washboard stomach. He was built for fucking and as his trousers dropped to the floor and my eyes roved down his body I saw the massive hunk of meat hanging flaccidly between his legs. My eyes must have mirrored the shock I felt upon seeing the size of his cock. "It is so big!"

"It will grow to be ten inches long and is three-plus inches across. I will slowly work every inch of my meat into your hot little twat. You will be filled and stretched like never before. It will be weeks before you will be able to feel Hubby's little dick. There will never be another cock that will satisfy you like mine. Now suck it and get it hard! Get it ready to fuck that tight little cunt and that hot little ass." Jason saw the apprehension flash in my eyes. "Yes, slut, I am going to fuck that tight little ass of yours. Tell slut, have you ever been fucked in the ass?"


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