Geri and Stan; The Married Life

by In2thisshit

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Desc: Sex Story: Geri meets Stan in college and puts her slut life behind her. That is until one afternoon. Now watch out!<br> As a way of saying "Thank You" for all of the emails and support you have shown I wrote this saga as a stand alone story but it really continues following the life and times of our lttle slut. Sit back and enjoy. I hope this gets you all off!

As the proceeding story told you, I wasn't a virgin when I met Stan in fact I was quite the sexual deviant. But, contrary to your dirty minds, outside of Bob and Julie, oh yeah Hans, I was far from sexual active. Other people didn't interest me so I was more or less sexually infrequent with anyone else. Then came college. That is where I met my true love.

Stan and I met thru mutual friends at college, dated for weeks before we had sex, and no it wasn't mind altering sex, but very nice and natural. We fell in love and married soon after we graduated. Stan got a marvelous job offer from a newspaper in San Diego. That's in California for the interested and yes the weather is fantastic and no we hardly ever feel the earthquakes that seem to plague the greater LA area. Life was very good for us and I soon became pregnant and we had a little boy. The following year I was pregnant again and this time I had a little girl. We adore each of them. I gave up any career ideas and allowed my husband and my children to consume my life. My sex life returned to what everyone calls normal, which is very infrequent if at all. All that changed one afternoon.

It started on a Friday afternoon while cleaning the house. I was in the master bath when I picked up, for the thousandth time, a Penthouse Forum magazine that Stan had left out conspicuously next to the toilet. I had glanced at them before but never sat down and read one. That afternoon I was determined to find out what my husband got out of these porn magazines. I went into the bedroom and made myself comfortable on our bed. I immediately noticed the pictures of all the beautiful people. The women were sexy and the men were wet dreams. I had never really thought about men shaving their pubic hair but that got my juices running. I pulled off my sweatpants and ran my fingers through my swollen labia. I was just getting into masturbating when I noticed that many of the pages were dog-eared. They were all stories about nasty wives taking lovers with their husband's knowledge. As I read these stories I began to rub my clit faster and faster. After my first orgasm that afternoon I had to agree with Stan that those stories were my favorite too. I needed to cum again but my fingers weren't getting it done. I hurried through the house hoping to find anything that might help me masturbate better. In the kitchen I found what I was looking for, a nice thick firm cucumber. I rubbed it with cooking oil and went back to my bedroom to finish my reading. As I lay back sliding that veggie deep into my twat, I pictured myself in the role as the cheating slut wife who fucked other men with her husband's consent. Damn, I wished for a dildo at that moment. As my body quivered through several nice orgasms, I had to admit that the cucumber was a nice substitute.

Prior to Stan getting home that night I had packed the kids off to a hastily arranged sleep over and I made myself ready for a night of sex. I trimmed my bush and soaked in a hot tub. Afterward I rubbed my body with a very expensive moisturizer and applied just the right perfume for seducing Stan. I put on my makeup and did my hair up wild and full and then slipped into my sexiest outfit, a man's white dress shirt and high heels. All my preparation worked! When Stan stepped through the front door his adoring slut kissed her man then slid to her knees and greeted him with a sloppy blowjob. I licked and sucked his cock until his cream filled my mouth and then I made a big show of swallowing his cum. I took him upstairs and made sure he was hard again before slipping my juicy cunt onto his thick cock. I remember thinking to myself as Stan's cock stretched my pussy that a cock is much nicer than a vegetable.

Stan was buried deep in my twat as I ground my clitoris against the base of his cock when I informed him of this afternoon's discovery. He wasn't very surprised but was a little taken back at my request about which stories excited him the most. I squeezed my vaginal muscles as encouragement for him to tell me which were his favorites. It worked! Stan admitted that he liked the stories about slut wives. I let a low moan escape my throat as I closed in on another orgasm. I too admitted that I found those stories a big turn on. I then told Stan that I had spent the better part of the afternoon masturbating to those stories.

I was pumping my hips up and down on my husband's hard dick when he told me that he had recently found my letters from Bob and Julie. My body stopped as if frozen in place. Stan held my hips and started grinding his thick cock into my cunt and asked me how long my affair went on with these two people. Slowly I regained my composure somewhat and confessed that I had known them most of my life but that we had not become lovers until after my eighteenth birthday. I admitted to seeing them even after Stan and I began dating when I was home during school breaks. I asked if he were angry with me. Stan smiled at me and flipped me over and pounded his cock into my sloppy puss until we both came. It was as we were cuddling that he dropped the bombshell that I dreaded. Who was this Hans character that Julie referred to so often?

I knew that I had to answer him. I knew that I could not lie to him. I am not very good at lying anyway and Stan always found out the truth. Besides earlier in our marriage Stan caught me in a lie one night before bed. He had grown very angry with me to the point of turning me over his knee and spanking my bare ass. I have never lied since. But now confronted with this question. How was I to tell my husband and dearest friend that I liked to be fucked by a dog? After hemming and hawing around he rolled over, propped himself on his elbow and looked me straight in the eye and said, "Sweetheart, there isn't anything that you could tell me that would change the way I feel about you. So go ahead and tell me about Hans."

I don't think that Stan was ready for the story that I told him that night. He lay on the bed and was wordless as I explained the aberrant behavoir I shared with Hans. When I was finished, Stan was very quiet and I was pretty sure that my marriage was over. I could not stand the silence any further so while staring at the ceiling I asked him, "Stan, do you still love me?"

"Yes, baby. I still love you. It is just that I wasn't quite ready for all of that. You have to admit that it is a lot to take in when you find out that your sweet wife likes to fuck a dog."

"Oh, baby, I am so sorry," I broke down in tears and I fell against his chest sobbing. I felt that I had betrayed his love and I was heartbroken. I would have done anything to turn back the clock so that he would never know. It seemed an eternity before Stan pulled me to him and began stroking my hair. There in his arms with him stroking my hair I knew that he truly had forgiven me. In my place of comfort and I know that all was well once again.

His hand trailed down onto me back and rested on the cheek of my ass and in a soft voice he told me, "Well I guess I will have to log onto the Internet and do some research. I had heard stories of women fucking dogs but to find out that my wife has done it and loves it. Well, maybe I need to find out more about bestiality."

"Stan, then you forgive me?"

"Oh sure baby. It was a bit much to take in all at once but hell you are the woman of my dreams and I love you. I would forgive you anything."

I looked into his eyes as I wiped the tears away and in a timid voice asked, "Can I be with you when you go online?"

A big knowing grin broke across his face as he replied, "Sure baby. You can be there with me. I never knew that you were such a little slut. Even after all these years you surprise me." He turned me over and slapped my naked ass. I pretended to resist but he easily overcame my struggles and he reddened my ass nicely before he "commanded" me to my knees so that he could "fuck me like a bitch in heat." Stan pounded his cock into my cunt like a jackhammer. This session wasn't lovemaking it was purely about the fuck. We soon came together screaming and howling like mating animals. Thank goodness the kids were at a friend house clear across town otherwise I might have had some explaining to do.

After we napped we eat a light supper and went to soak in the hot tub. Since the genie was out of the bottle I decided to take the conversation as far as possible. I needed to know what Stan wanted of his wife. "Honey," I croaked, as my mouth was suddenly dry. I gulped at my wine and continued, "do you think of me when you beat off?"

"Always sweetie. To answer your next question, and those that are sure to follow, yes, I have pictured you with other men. I have even pictured you with more than one man. I have seen you as a chaste woman ravaged and raped by men with huge cocks. I have seen you act like a whore in a bar letting complete stranger's use you for their enjoyment. You would be surprised at all the cock you have taken in my fantasies. I have never pictured you though with an animal. I might have to add a new fantasy next time that I masturbate. Just think, my wife in a staring role in an Amsterdam porn production. Yeah, I can see myself whacking off to the image of my beautiful wife being ravished over and over again by a sex-crazed beast."

"Oh Stan, stop it. Don't tease me."

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