Mom and I: A True Story
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2003 by Mark Anderson

Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Conversely from many other stories about the relationship between mother and her sons mine is a true one. All facts here are true, just names and some situations were changed to protect the people involved, most of them still alive

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   True Story   Incest   Mother   Son   Anal Sex   Water Sports   Exhibitionism  

Every boy has at some moment of his youth dreamed about his mother. It might be simple curiosity about women's bodies or a stronger physical attraction to her alone. Only a very few have the opportunity to make these dreams a reality. I was one of the lucky few and this is my true story.

I was eighteen years old when my story begins, the youngest of three children. My sister was twenty two and at college whilst my brother and I, due to health problems during childhood, still had another year of high school. When I was sixteen our parents had decided on an amicable divorce to give them a chance to start a new life. Mom was forty-one years old at the time and daddy almost fifty. They both had careers: daddy was an engineer and mom a successful attorney. My brother was at college in another city and my sister had married a hotel manager and was living in Hawaii. I stayed living with mom in a very nice apartment in mid-town, close to mom's office.

Mom and I always had a very close relationship mostly due to her nursing me during my illnesses and this relationship became even closer after the divorce. She took on the role of both parents, guiding me through that most difficult time in a boy's life, adolescence. Mom's main concerns were drugs and homosexuality, the latter after there was a scandal at school involving a boy who had had passive sexual relationships with a great number of male students. Mom was clearly relived when I assured her truthfully that I had had no involvement with the boy.

I had my first sexual experience with a girl when I was seventeen. She was one year older and a real expert on the subject, introducing me to the pleasures of both oral and anal sex. When I told mother about it she just recommended being careful to avoid an unwanted pregnancy.

Despite her otherwise liberal views on sex, mother was very conservative when it came to what she wore at home. Until the time I am writing of I had never had seen mom naked or even in her underwear. At home she usually wore jeans or, in the summer, a light cotton dress. At night, after coming back from work she would have a shower and put on a demure nightgown to watch TV. We would often work together at home in her small office until late at night, she on her business and myself doing homework.

One Friday I came home from seeing my friends and when I opened the door I saw mom seated on the sofa. She was motionless, looking into the darkness, only a lamp illuminating the living room. I could immediately tell there was something wrong. Unlike her normal habit, she hadn't changed out of her work dress of a dark skirt and white blouse, which she wore beneath a blazer, and on the coffee table there was a half empty bottle of vodka, an ice bucket and her pantyhose.

"What's going on?" I asked, approaching her.

"Nothing," she whispered after a while. Her eyelids were reddish revealing that she had been crying.

"Are you ill?" I asked, hoping it wasn't serious.

"No, I'm fine. You don't need to worry." Teardrops started to roll down her face.

"Mom come on!" I urged, "I never saw you in this condition. You don't usually drink! I always trust you and share all my problems. It shouldn't be different now."

"Sorry, I just don't want to bother you with my problems, but you're right, maybe it would be good to share this with you. It's a long story." I sat down next to her on the sofa and she continued.

"When I got divorced from you father our marriage was already over long before. To be honest with you I had been dating other men for a couple of years and your father and I came to the conclusion that we should split up. Two years ago I met a man and I fell in love with him. He was married and said that he couldn't get divorced until his only daughter got married. He is an influential person and I understood the situation. A couple of months ago he came to me and told that we needed to put an end to our relationship and I understood that he had had some sort of reconciliation with his wife. It was very painful for me but I loved him too much to want to become an obstacle to his happiness. Today I found the real reason for everything: he is leaving his wife to live with a girl that is only a little bit older than his daughter! I never felt so bad in all my life! I found out in the worst possible way that I'm getting old..." She tried to grab the glass but I held her by the wrist.

"Stop Mom! You already drank too much. What you need now is a cold shower and some hot black coffee. You go to the bathroom while I fix it." Mom tried to stand up and sat down again. She obviously couldn't do it by herself so, holding her by the shoulders, I led her to the bathroom. She sat on the toilet seat while I started the shower.

"Now take a good long shower. I'll be back with the coffee," I said closing the door. After I'd made the coffee I went back to the bathroom and heard the sound of running water. I knocked on the door but there was no answer.

"Mom, are you OK?" I shouted but there was still no answer. I figured there must be something wrong; maybe she had fallen and injured herself. I opened the door and to my relief she was still sat on the toilet seat, fully dressed.

"Hey, I think you need some help..." I told her, helping her stand up. She stood up weavingly, evidence that she was still really drunk. I unbuttoned her blouse and help her remove it. Next came her skirt. I unzipped it and the skirt fell around her feet. Mom was wearing a white lacy bra and matching bikini pants which barely covered her butt and crotch.

"Turn around," I told her. She obeyed and I unclasped the bra and pushed mom under the shower head. Up to that moment she had been silent but then she started to complain about the coldness of the water.

"No, you must stay there a while. It will be good for you," I instructed. I tried not to look at my almost naked mom but was impossible. At forty-three years of age she was a very attractive woman; 120 pounds, long muscular legs and an almost flat belly, a consequence of a three times a week workout. Her breasts, after bearing three children, weren't exactly firm but were still good for her age, crowned by two large light-brown areolas and long, thin nipples. The soaking panties revealed a large dark shadow underneath. To my surprise I found myself enjoying the sight of mom's almost bare body. After complaining several times that she was freezing I turned off the water and wrapped mom's body in a large towel.

"Let's remove your panties," I said, putting my hands under the towel. I slipped them down and ordered her to sit down again on the toilet seat and then with another towel I dried her hair. Mom's teeth were rattling uncontrollably and I placed both my hands on her shoulders and began massaging them.

"Hmmm, that's so good!" She murmured.

After massaging her for a long time I said, " OK, that's enough, let's go to bed." Mom could stand up on her own by now and hesitantly walked to her room. She was patiently obeying my directions like children do with their parents. I selected a short, see-through nightgown.

"Time to get baby dressed for sleep," I said trying to hide how nervous I was faced with the prospect of seeing mom completely naked. Maybe she, still a little drunk, didn't noticed my slightly stammering voice. To my surprise she undid the towel and dropped it, revealing her nakedness. I did my best to disguise my stares but when I was pulling on the nightgown I couldn't help but see the large triangle of auburn hair that partially covered her lower belly.

I put her to bed, arranging the pillows so she could comfortably drink the coffee, then covered her body with a sheet and rushed to the kitchen. I was trembling while I poured coffee into a large bowl and felt an erection growing inside my jeans when I thought about what I had just done.

I had broken up with my girlfriend sometime before and since then I hadn't had sex. I tried to get rid of these thoughts. It wasn't fair to take advantage of my own mother while she was in such a condition. I went back to her bedroom and sat on the bed, silently waiting for her to finish her coffee. She was drinking in small sips, reclining on the pillows with the sheet down to her waist, her breasts almost fully exposed under the thin fabric of the nightgown. I pretended not to pay attention to her, moving my eyes in all directions but always returning to her breasts.

Finally she finished the coffee and handed the cup to me.

"Thank you Mark, you're so sweet."

"C'mon it hardly makes up for all you've done for me. Are you feeling any better now?"

"Yes, I am." She said, but her voice betrayed some sadness. I came close and held both her hands, feeling her firm belly underneath the sheet.

"Mom, you must stop thinking about this guy. The bastard doesn't deserve you. I'm sure that pretty soon he will find out the big mistake he's made. What you must do is forget what happened and start a new life."

"You're right, it's time to start all over again."

"Great! That's the mom I know! You are a young, beautiful woman, in great shape. It will be easy for you to find a new man. I know I'm only a boy but if I may give you some advice, you should be looking for a single guy who can give you all his time and not someone to get you into bed for a quick sex session." I then wrapped mom in my arms pulling her tightly against my chest.

"I realized this afternoon that very soon I will be alone," she said. "Three years ago we were all together; all of a sudden one by one you started leaving: your father, your sister, then your brother, and very soon you will be leaving as well."

"I don't need to leave," I answered, "I'll do my best to stay here, or at least I can find a college close enough to see you every other week." I felt my sleeve moisten with her tears and at the same time heard a quiet sob.

"Mom, please don't cry, you can't image how sad I feel when I see you crying."

"I'm a fool, I'm crying because I'm feeling so happy with my dear son." I waited until her sobs subsided then said,

"Sleepytime for young babies. Any problem if I stay here with you until you get to sleep?"

"I'd love it! You are such a sweetie!" I rushed to my bedroom and quickly changed into short-legged pajamas and a tee-shirt.

"When you were young there was some nights that you'd only go to sleep when I lay down with you and held you in my arms," mom told me when I returned.

"Today will be the opposite, I'll take care of you," I said and slipped under the sheet, holding mom in my arms and caressing her still-damp hair. The vivid images of mom naked a few minutes before were still flashing over and over in my mind. I found myself thinking about the woman at my side not as my sweet mommy but as a sensuous woman. I had an erection and was feeling miserable, first of all because I felt I was betraying mom's confidence. What would she think about her dear son taking advantage of this odd situation? Secondly because at any moment she might notice and it would be another disappointment in a so short a period of time. The only solution would be go back to my room. Quietly I started to move away from her but when I tried to raise her arm she protested.

"Please no! I want you to stay with me!"

"Aren't you feeling well again? Do want some water or an aspirin?"

"Water would be good," she said. I stood up and rushed to the kitchen. On the way I positioned my dick in a way that would make my hard-on less noticeable. Fortunately the tee-shirt was loose enough and I was wearing briefs so I placed my dick underneath the elastic. Back in the bedroom another surprise awaited me, mom was sitting on the bed, with her legs crossed, which had made her nightgown rise up, revealing her thighs and part of her furry mound. I tried my best to keep my eyes from mom's crotch but was impossible. She eagerly drank the water and asked for more. After the second glass she lay down again.

"I'm ready now, I promise to won't disturb you anymore." I got in beside her and turned off the lamp and she again came close to me, I held her in my arms and started caressing her back, feeling the smoothness of her skin under the silky fabric of the nightgown.

"Mark, may I ask you a question?"

"Sure, go ahead."

"When you said that I'm still an good-looking woman was you telling the truth or just trying to be supportive to mom?"

"It's the total truth, I swear. Today was the first time I've ever seen you naked. I was amazed to see you have such a young-looking body, you must be so proud of it. I bet many girls much younger than you would willingly give years of their lives to have a body like yours."

"Really?" It was all mom could answer, she was obviously surprised by my statement. "Yes except for one small detail," I said, encouraged by the darkness.

"And what is that?" She asked with a trace of disappointment.

"Forget it, I wouldn't have mentioned it..."

"Oh, please tell me. Now I need to know."

"If I tell you you must promise not to get upset."

"I promise, now tell me."

"Its your hair down there... you know, your pussy. You should trim it..." I heard mom giggle and I went on, "You should have it cut in a small triangle. Your belly would look much sexier." After I said it there was a long silence. I was thinking that I had crossed the border and mom had decided to put an end to the subject. On the other hand she hadn't made any attempt to move her body away from mine, our bare thighs were still pressed together.

"Please don't stop, it's so good." She protested when I stop caressing her back.

"I was trying to let you sleep." She moved her body even closer, nesting her head against my chest. The warmth of her breath on my neck and her breast mashed against my chest became a torture. My dick was aching and I was afraid I might cum at any moment. It would be a complete disaster, I was thinking, to go to the bathroom to relieve my tension. At the same time I was working on my mom's back again, the palm of my hand strolling in large circular movements from the neck to the waist.

At a certain point I stretched my little finger so that when my hand was over her waistline I could touch her butt. Once again I didn't detect any negative reaction from mom. Instead of going down over her spine as I was doing I began to made wide circular movements. I reached her waist on one side and slid my hand horizontally so my finger could run over her butt. I could feel my fingertip sliding down into the top of her ass cheeks, going down as much as an inch into the crevice, still outside her nightgown. The only noticeable reaction was an increase in her gasps. With every movement I was going further down with my hand.

Trying not to go too fast, sometimes I caressed just the nape of her neck and upper shoulders then, slowly I started again to travel to the 'Southern Hemisphere'. To my delight after several advances over mom's butt my finger touched her bare skin. The short nightgown had moved up enough to expose a substantial part of her ass! Suddenly mom moved her body briskly, my heartbeat went up instantaneously.

"Mark, are you sure about what we are doing?" she eventually said in a serious tone of voice and turned the bedside lamp on. Without waiting for my answer she added, "A few hours ago we were just a very close mother and son. As you said, you had never seen my naked body before. Now we are a woman and a man playing an adult game, and this game between a mother and her son has a name - incest. And incest in our society is illegal. I must be pretty sure that, tomorrow, when its all over, you won't regret it or feel guilty."

I really didn't know how to answer. Of course I was aroused by all that happened in the last hours, but to say, face to face to your mother, that you are sexually attracted to her is quite different. Mom took my silence as doubt and went on, "The last thing I want is you hating me because I let it happen. There is still time to put an end to this episode before it goes too far."

A very peculiar circumstance had put us in this strange situation. This was not a mom and son behaving normally but it seemed that mom had decided to put an end to that stuff.

To my delight mom moved her body to a more comfortable position and placed a leg over mine. I could feel her hairy crotch rubbing my bare thigh. I lost any last qualms and grabbed her nightgown, raising it up to fully expose mom's butt. My hand travelled eagerly over that lovely set of smooth fleshy mounds. Mom was quietly grinding her pussy against my leg leaving a warm layer of moisture over my skin. My finger hastily travelled to her crack and reached her soaked twat. Mom was then panting heavily and rubbing her body shamelessly against mine. I momentarily stopped caressing her body and, grabbing her chin, kissed her mouth. She immediately opened her lips and darted her tongue inside my mouth. I pulled her body over mine.

"Let me take your nightie off," I pleaded, "because I want to see your naked body." She raised her body and freed the nightgown. I pulled it over her head.

Removing the sheet, I unveiling mom's nakedness. Now I could look closely at my mom's bare body openly. Slowly and devouringly I took in every single detail, from her nice face, her eyes wide open and watching me, her parted, full and sensuous lips; then my eyes travelled down to her tits, topped by stiff nipples. The next stop was her belly, crowned by a perfectly shaped belly-button. A few inches lower the dark forest of thick pubic hair began. It was wide enough to spread over the sides of her crotch. As I'd seen when I was undressing her, small panties it weren't able to fully cover her fur.

I couldn't resist anymore and lightly placed a hand over the black triangle. Surprisingly the hair was thick but soft. My hand slowed down, one finger at each side of her slit and gently open the labia, exposing the pinky flesh, coated by a glistening fluid. The top of mom's pussy was graced with a large, dark-coloured clit. Mom panted heavily when I spread her cunt lips. She then sat up in the bed and holding my chin, stared directly into my eyes. We stayed looking into each other eyes for a long time. Mom was striving to build up the courage to say something.

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