The Problem With Neighborliness

by juanwildone

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Cheating, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: KK recently posted a great story "Just Being Neighborly" that inspired me to write my version of what may have happened the next day.

KK's story 'Just Being Neighborly' inspired me to write my version of the next day.

Some things you never want to see.

I just stood there staring through the window.

I watched my wife suck Mike.

I watched Mike fuck my wife.

Oh I fucked Mike's wife that night too - twice.

I was awoken in the morning by Sandy, Mike's wife, giving me a blow job - she was good at it, she was really good at it. Naturally, I went down on her. She hadn't cleaned herself from the night before - I guess it didn't matter. I fucked her, no... she actually fucked me. She came a couple of times - I couldn't seem to come inside her so finally she just jerked me off.

"I guess you're not too pleased with how this turned out." Sandy actually sounded as if she really cared. I just stared at her. 'This' was not what I had in mind when I arranged to have sex with Sandy - my first infidelity. That last thing I expected to see was my wife experiencing her first infidelity with Sandy's husband.

"Rich, talk to her. Obviously you were both looking for something like this. Talk it through, okay?" I continued to stare at her and just shook my head.

"If you had told me this was the price, I wouldn't have paid it. You weren't worth it." She flinched as if I'd hit her.

She picked up the phone and was soon talking to Mike. She asked him to come home as soon as possible. Then with her back turned to me she asked me to leave.

I took my time getting home. Jo was sitting at the dining table - it's always been our "we need to talk" spot. I hardly glanced her way as I walked right by her and trudged up the stairs. Our bed was still unmade - the images from last night flashed before my mind's eye - Jo and Mike fucking. I guessed that they had fucked some more this morning - after all I did. I don't remember how long I just stood and staring at the rumpled sheets.

Took my time showering and shaving. When I finally came out of the bathroom the bed had been stripped of the dirty sheets. Yeah that was the word that popped into my mind - dirty. This whole thing between Sandy and me had become a dirty soiled mess.

Jo was in the kitchen when I came down stairs. Fresh coffee was poured and... phew, man, where do you start with something like this? She was clearly waiting for me to... to do something; apologize, beg forgiveness, confess. I could see in the set of her eyes that she was spoiling for an argument. Since I rarely won any of our arguments I knew I needed a different angle into this. I needed some kind of leverage.

I grabbed some paper and pens and asked Jo to right down the timeline of events from when Mike and Sandy had moved in earlier this year to yesterday morning. Then on a separate piece of paper write down what happened from yesterday morning to right now. She looked at me kind of weird and started to object, but she started writing.

When we were both done I asked her to exchange timelines with me. She gasped when she saw mine. My mouth dropped when I saw when hers did. We noted each other's reactions and noted the noting. We'd been played big time. I said as much and she agreed.

Jo spoke first. "She actually came on to you the first time we met them?"

I nodded. "She never let up. Kept saying this was something that had never happened to her before... God I was so stupid!"

"Yes you were. She's a very beautiful woman Rich. I just wish you'd come to me or something." I was surprised to hear the understanding in Jo's voice. Although looking at her timeline she clearly had reason to be understandingm

"What did Mike say to you here?" I pointed to where she had written that Mike asked for her help regarding Sandy's affair.

"He said that he thought that Sandy was having an affair with someone in the neighborhood and that he wanted to know if I knew anything. You know, did any of the neighbors have a history of fooling around? Wow, I just remembered this, he said that he knew that Sandy loved him and would never hurt him but hat she was hook on romance novels, especially the one's where the happy, loving housewife is swept off her feet in a torrid affair yet inevitably comes back to her husband..."

I looked Jo in the eyes. "We were set up. This is a just a big game to them. They were working us as a team. Look here, Mike tells you that the other man is me and asks your help in setting Sandy and me up. That was right after I had told Sandy that there was no way I'd ever do anything while both spouses were in town. All of a sudden you tell me your visiting your mother, still no problem. Then "bam" Mike has the opportunity to go out of town fishing... and Sandy just reels me in."

"Oh come on Rich. You had the hots for her and you know it. You wanted this. Don't tell me that nothing would have ever happened between you two..."

"I'm not saying that Jo. I'm simply saying that if we had been talking to each other then the way we are now... they played us against each other. They knew what they wanted. They knew what I wanted. They... they used you to get me for her. And they used me to get you for Mike."

We must have talked for hours going over the timeline of the conversations and machinations that Sandy and Mike went through. It was like some strange forensic analysis of the neighborhood fling gone wrong. I was purposefully going over the chronology of events again and again until Jo stopped me with a simple statement.

"When Mike said it was you, I just fell right into it didn't I? I was only too ready to catch you with your pants down. I wanted to hurt you... I'm sorry Rich. I should have come to you."

I took her in my arms and hugged her. I'd apologized about twenty times already but I apologized again. I hugged her and kissed her and told her how much I loved her and needed her. She didn't want to look at the last 24 hour timeline but I knew we had too, well I had to. Everything had to be on the table so that we could see what happened and try to understand it. We flipped them over.

Mine was fairly simple.

930 am: Jo left

730 pm: I went to dinner with Sandy

900 pm: I went home to Sandy's house where we had sex.

11ish pm: Sandy told me Mike was doing you

I watched you and Mike together

I fucked Sandy twice more that night and again in the morning.

Jo's was a far more detailed narrative.

I left the house and checked in at the local motel at about 10

Mike called came by and we had sex and lunch.

At about 7 pm we went by car to a spot that let us see you pick up Sandy and we followed you to the restaurant. I gave Mike a blowjob in the car. We followed you back to Sandy's. Mike said that you were fucking his wife in his bed so I suggested we do the same.

He wanted to lights left on and I didn't object. We fucked for hours. He just kept eating me out - even after we'd just finished fucking.

This morning we fucked again and I let him fuck me in the ass. Not too long after that his phone rang and he left.

I let the paper drop to the table and sat there stunned, confused and tremendously aroused. She had fucked Mike before I even got home from work. I thought about Sandy's comment about sex at a motel being tawdry, damn she had played me like a fish. Jo had blown him in the car in a parking lot before I'd even seen Sandy nude. She has never blown me in the car! But it was the last entry that had my stomach in knots. I had been trying to get Jo to try anal for years and she gave up to Mike this morning.

"You let him fuck your ass." I know, I know I had no right but I just couldn't help it. I felt betrayed, utterly completely betrayed. I know she saw it in my face because she started crying - and I couldn't comfort her, I wouldn't comfort her.

When she stopped crying she said that it had just happened. He was doing her from behind this morning and kept pulling out and rubbing his cock up and down her butt crack. He told her how much Sandy enjoyed it (I can attest to that) and that they did it all the time and that I most certainly had done it with Sandy already (That was also true, it was the final fuck of the previous night). So she let him. And then she said something that actually made me smile. She said that if Mike hadn't been smaller than me, especially thickness wise she wouldn't have done it. (Hey you look for a silver lining where ever you can)

She saw me smile and called me on it. I had to laugh, what else could I do? The whole situation was absolutely absurd. Jo actually laughed with me. I could tell she was desperate to find some common ground for us. Then she found it.

"Rich, you may not want to hear this but I think you have to know. I actually liked it... the anal thing. It was uncomfortable at first but it actually felt pretty good towards the end (She stifled a giggle on that). I'd like to try it with you sometime... soon."

I guess it was the way she said "soon," because I took her right there in the kitchen. I kissed her and slowly stripped her. I hoisted her onto the countertop and ate her to a huge orgasm. (Yes, she had evidently showered before I got home, not that it would have mattered.)

She pushed me against the wall and blew me - just completely blew me away. I mean there is a serious difference between oral sex and a full-on "do me" blowjob. I was still shaking from my own orgasm when she took off running up the stairs. I knew what she wanted - I wanted it too. It was time for me to reclaim my wife and our marriage bed.

She was crawling across the mattress when I tackled her - playfully. I rolled her onto her back, held her arms tight and settled between her thighs. I felt my cock head nestle between her cunt lips. Damn that woman - she actually lifted her hips up and took me inside her. She hooked her legs around me and lowered her hips until I was almost out of her and then lifted up to me again. She did this again and again until she began to redden with the effort. She lowered her hips and just looked at me.

I looked down at her - in that very moment I knew how much I loved her, that I needed her, that I wanted her. I looked her straight in the eye and told her - and then I fucked her. I knew that I would make love to her later what was going to happen now was more primal. She was "my" woman and it was time for me to show her just how strongly I felt about that.

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