Marti: Home Alone

by Trapper

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Rape, Spanking, Rough, Anal Sex, Violent, .

Desc: Sex Story: A young single mother living with her young daughter in a rural setting wakes up to a man looming out of the dark over her naked body. She fears his threat to have her daughter watch as "mommy is raped" if she does not cooperate. She is taken in every orifice in her body all night long... and learns to love it!

As usual, this is heavy NC, Rape, some torture and mind-fucking going on too. If you are to young to read this legally or it is not legal to read this in your little part of the world; DON'T! This is a copywrited story. You can download in its entirety or you can put it on a free erotic story site. You cannot use it for profit or put it on any pay site without my permission! Got It? I have found several of my pieces on pay sites; thanks to sharp eyed fans. That brings up another point. I get about 50 "I like it, write another chapter," comments from readers and 2 "You fucking pervert, how dare you write about rape you anti-social misfit," for each story. For you 2 who don't like dark side, rape FANTASY, stories, DON'T READ IT!!! And as always, this is pretending, a story, don't you dare go out and rape anyone. That is a crime I certainly do not condone. Just read a good rape story and take things to HAND!

Marti clenched her teeth and held her breath. She hurt so badly, her pussy was throbbing, she could taste his foul scummy semen in her mouth. Now he was trying to commit anal rape upon her. She clenched her ass tightly, determined to not let him in her one remaining virgin orifice. Suddenly a loud smack rent the air, a searing pain flashed through her ass. She realized a second later that her had slapped her across the right cheek of with an open hand. The loud noise and pain startled her; it momentarily made her relax her tightly clenched sphincter. "Nooooooo, Please Ieeeeeeeee, Awwwwww, Ughhh, Ieeee, she screamed and begged into the pillow. Her 3-year-old daughter was asleep down the hall. The rapist had promised her that if the little girl woke up, he would make her watch as her raped her mommy!

"Relax your ass bitch, that's it, now start shaking it left to right, nice, now push back, relax, push back until you feel my nuts on your pussy. Good, good, now clamp down and pull your ass forward until I pop out. Good girl. Now reach back and put it back in your ass, That's right bitch, now push back and all the way in, Great job, now milk my nuts dry with your dirty little asshole bitch" "Har har har," he laughed as he grasped her hips and began to fuck the sobbing young mother's bleeding anus. "Oh yeah baby, yeah, take this," he said as he pulled back hard on her hips and jabbed her big cock all the way up her ass. "Nawww, Ohhhh, Noooooooo," Marti squealed and fought to get free, the agony, she couldn't take it. She tried to scramble up onto the bed, tried to lunge forward to get the painful rod out of her bleeding rectum. It was no use; he held her by the hips and rocked deeply into her with increasingly faster and deeper strokes. Finally she hung her head in shame as he began to huff, "Ugh, Uh, Uh, Uh, yessssss," he moaned as he rammed her asshole with every bit of strength he had in him while holding the bent over young beauty by the hips. "Ahhhhhhhh, Nooooooooo, IEEEEEeeeeeeem" Marti screamed into the pillow as his large rampaging cock went clear up into her colon and let loose a torrent of salty, stick white jism. The salt stung her torn and bleeding anus so bad she could not help screaming.

Marti had moved out on her husband of four years. He was turning to drugs and alcohol and was staying out late at night. The end came when he came home with half a paycheck and a bag of white powder. When he went to work the next day, Marti went to the jar of hidden money. She had scrounged and saved over two thousand dollars in the four years they were married. It was the money she saved for emergencies. This was an emergency. She had to get away from him before his drug habit brought her and her daughter down too. She had found the old farmhouse about 15 miles out of town. It was mid-way between the larger town of one hundred twenty five thousand they lived in and a tiny community of one hundred fifty mostly farmers, ranchers, and loggers. It was blissful, ideal for raising her young daughter. She bought a horse and kept it in the small barn and ten acres of pasture that came with the old farmhouse. It was a beautiful old house, she was comfortably housed, had lots of quiet county for her and her daughter, but Marti could not help but feel she was being watched. Then today came and she knew that she should have trusted to her intuition, she should have called, asked someone, anyone, the county sheriff, for help.

She felt the partially deflated penis being withdrawn from her rectum. It hurt, hurt almost as bad as the initial brutal thrust up her ass. Slowly, slowly, her rapist teased it out of her ass. Just as her sphincter was being stretched to it's maximum to accommodate the large purplish knob, he jerked it out of her. "IEEEEE," she screeched into the pillow at the top of her lungs. Despite pressing her face deeply into the pillow, the painful extraction brought the shrillest scream of the pre-dawn morning from the battered and raped young woman.

His weight lifted off her; at last, he was going to leave. She wanted to run to the shower, to use her douche bag so very badly. She had to get the dirt off of her body, out of her body. She knew she would not feel clean as long as she could remember the foul and beastly things he had done to her today.

She had gone to bed early, her nearest neighbor's daughter was coming over at noon. It would be a good day to go ride up the river, to enjoy the sounds of the forest. She only worked three days a week to supplement her child support. Today, Friday was her day off. She always had three-day weekends to work around the house, ride her horse and to spend with her little girl. She was naked beneath the light sheet; she could not sleep in any bedclothes. Little did she know that a distant neighbor had spied her standing in her window with her filmy robe on several weeks ago? The perverted old logger had been hiking out of the hills from his end of the road shack for supplies. As he neared the old highway he stopped to glass for deer. He carried a short carbine with him when he hiked to the road. If he saw a deer or someone's wandering calf he would pop it and put some of the meat in his freezer and can the rest of it. He always hid the gun in the deep brush across from the old farmhouse before walking and hitchhiking into town.

On the day he spotted her standing in the sunny window, old Mike almost came in his pants. She might as well have been naked. Backlit by the kitchen window, sun pouring in on her from the front room window, the flimsy robe showed her large firm breasts, he could see a deep shadow of the dark triangle of curls at the juncture of her thighs. His old cock jumped for joy at the sight.

It took Mike a month of watching to get her schedule down. He knew she would be alone most of the week. Sometimes a girl in her late teens would come by unexpectedly, but other than that he saw no one but the postman once a day and the occasional vehicle heading to the big lumber town.

He slipped down out of the dark timber way before dawn on a Friday. The old house was familiar to him. An old logger he worked with had owned it for years. Mike new every room in the house, the layout of the barn and he knew of a way into the basement that no one else did. The front door he figured was locked, but he had tried it just to see if she was the cautious type. The back was locked too and he could see a chair propped up under the knob. She was not only beautiful and built, she was very cautious,"and very alone too," Mike said under his breath.

The old laurel bush beside the house had a little hidey-hole under it. Once he got in under the old bush and got into the hole he sat up and grabbed hold of the foundation trim. He wiggled it and lifted. An access hole for the old unused coal chute opened for him. Mike carefully let himself down the hole backwards until his feet touched the cement floor. He lifted the door back into place and turned to the steps. The stairs led to a door that had a knob but not a lock.

Slowly, testing each step in the pre-dawn darkness, Mike eased up the steps. He had watched to see when her lights went out. She was in the first room to the left of the head of the stairs. Her room was partly opened. Mike slipped down to the bathroom, the next door across from her and down the hall. Quickly he slipped out of his clothes and turned to look at himself in the mirror. The nightlight lit up the room enough to show his lean whipcord tough frame. His body looked like a young man in damn good shape. His face was that of a sixty-year plus old timber bum. He glanced down at his cock. It was his pride and joy. It hung flaccid for nine inches. When he was hard he was an honest ten inches long and two inches across. In his prime, most of the whores in the lumber town refused to service him because of his massive tool and his proclivity for rough sex. "This little bitch isn't refusing," he said quietly to himself. He quickly slipped the panty section of a pair of cut off pantyhose over his head, carefully adjusting the mouth and eye slits so they would not bother him. He took the two legs he had cut off with him in case he had to tie her up.

Her nightlight let him see the look on her face when he ripped off her thick warm comforter and quickly followed with a hand over her mouth. He would never forget the sheer horror in her eyes when she realized a totally naked man was standing over her with a hand over her mouth.

She had tried to struggle, tried mightily to get out from under his powerful grip on her left shoulder and to move the hand off her mouth. It was futile and he warned her, "Little lady, I came to see you about some pussy. That is you got one and I want some. You fight me and don't give me what I want and I'm going to hurt you. I won't hurt your little girl, but I will tie her into that chair over there and let her watch while we fuck if you make enough noise to wake her. Now do you understand me and are you going to be quiet? She had nodded her head and he pulled his hand off her mouth. Don't make a peep little lady and I won't have to go get her. I 'm not blowing hot air, I mean it., "You want her to watch mommy sucking a cock?" Marti had sobbed, "OK, I got it, I won't make any noise. What do you want, can I use my hand on you?" she asked hopefully. "Nope, lets start with you getting up and getting on your knees right her beside the bed. For the first time in her life, Marti regretted sleeping in the nude.

His cock was huge, it gagged her when he jammed through her lips and hit the back of her throat. She still her hand had wrapped around the shaft, stroking it and it was still that deep in her throat. She unconsciously squeezed her thighs together at the thought of being penetrated by something that long and thick.

The oral rape wasn't a long one. At least the first one wasn't. He had made her perform fellatio on her, had insisted she take him deep into her throat. She tried for five minutes before she could take him down every second or third stroke. It was disgusting to her, she wanted to vomit when she felt the big cock suddenly twitch and swell just as she took it down her throat. Her head was firmly grasped and she was held with her nose in his pubic hair as a big glob of hot sticky semen gushed up out of the big penis and stuck at the back of her throat. She could feel it sliding down towards her stomach. Quickly he pulled back and pumped the remainder of his foul tasting cum into her mouth. He insisted that she swallow it all. She complied as she held her stomach with one hand and put the other over her mouth. She retched several times before she could keep it down.

With her hands tied behind her she was unable to stop him from spreading her legs and attacking her vagina with his mouth. He bit and chewed, licked and nibbled on her as he painfully finger fucked her for half and hour. Then the rapes started. He lay heavily upon her cramping the arms tied behind her back. When she complained, he untied them and told her to lay down and spread. Again he lay heavily upon her and began to kiss her. She tried to turn her face away from the slightly fishy smell of her own juices. He would not have it and forced her to open her mouth and suck his tongue, lick his lips, clean off her womanly juices as he fumbled around between her legs trying to get his cock lined up on her dripping wet vagina. He had licked and fingered her until her lips pulled back in full bloom giving him unimpeded access to her. Finally he felt the big egg sized knob strike the top of her slit and stick. He mashed his mouth down on hers and drove the ten-inch man spike into her center. She screamed like a cougar but his lips sealed most of the noise between their joined mouths. Frantically she pulled back, tried to roll, bucked at him as a screaming raging pain tore through her vagina and her womb. She hadn't had sex in months now she was filled with a cock of monstrous proportions. He was in her deeper than her husband had ever been. "GAHH, not so deep, please, not that deep she begged. The tip of his cock was spreading open the mouth of her womb! It did her no good. Gleefully, Mike hung on to the bucking fighting young woman and rode her out until she was exhausted. When she slumped in defeat, he reared back, slung her legs over his shoulders and began to fuck her again, slamming into her battered vagina with gusto. Once he had crouched with her legs over his shoulders he only fucked part of his cock into the extremely tight young woman. Then he began to put it to her, a little faster, a little deeper each stroke, sometimes popping out though her tightly clenched pussy then stabbing back quickly popping through her tight orifice before she could roll to the side. He teased her for twenty minutes staring down at the beautiful tear filled eyes and then, suddenly, he stated fucking her full length, slamming into the sobbing girls tight, tight cunt. Finally he began to ram into her as hard as he possibly could and grunt, "UGH, UGH, UGH, " as he neared climax. "Please, don't cum in me, I'm not protected," she begged. He answered her by covering her mouth with his and stabbing the big tool clear into the mouth of her womb. He smiled to himself as her scream poured into his mouth and his semen poured into her fertile unprotected womb.

He felt her hips start bucking, her thighs suddenly gripped him in a vise and her head flailed back and forth as grunting noises came out from behind her clenched teeth, sweat popped out on her forehead, her fingernails dug into his shoulder blades. She had cum, too, cum in a way that left her collapsed, laying on the bed shaking. He knew the signs; this little lady liked to be held down and fucked!

He finally pulled out of her, his semi hard cock made a wet squishy sound as it came free. He rolled to the side and got his breath back. For ten minutes he lay thinking about how she had gotten off, how good it had been for him. Then his cock started stirring again. Reaching over to Marti, he pulled her left hand over to his thickening cock. He felt her shudder when her fingers made contact with the hot hard-on. She started mewling and making little protests until he whispered, "you liked it cunt, you fucking sucked my balls half dry when you cunt clamped down on my cock and started milking me. Don't try to deny it!"

She couldn't, she had been horrified when she climaxed spectacularly, and he was right, she had never climaxed like that when her husband and her had sex. Oftentimes she would fantasize about being held down, mounted from behind and being forced to fuck an unseen rapist, one who would take her, do what he wanted, take what he wanted, do it forcefully and then disappear as quietly has he had when he came into her room. But that was only fantasy.

"Roll over sweetheart, I'm gonna take you doggie!" The voice, the statement shocked her. She heard a sharp intake of breath, her own. "What was he, a mind reader?" "Please, don't, please go, no more, I'm so sore, ple!" She never finished the sentence. He had slapped her bare right breast so hard the "smack" had reverberated in the room. Pain tore through her breast, ached and throbbed, she looked down and saw a bright red handprint. "OK, please don't' hit me anymore, I'll do what you want," she told him. "Get over on the hands and knees, put your ass up in the air, that's it, now spread the knees, you been fucked doggie before honey, you know the position!" Slowly, apprehensively, she lowered her head a little and thrust her ass up into the air. Her knees were widespread, he could look down and see her gaping cunt, the last of his last load into her was drying there on her lips, matting the downy pubic hair.

"Put it in sweetheart, and give me a good ride. You don't make me happy, I'm gonna use your ass again and this time I wont' take my time or take it easy on you," he threatened.

Marti reached behind and through her legs. She felt the big cock bouncing into her thighs. He was right, she loved it when her husband did it to her this way. She always thought of him "taking" her this way, never thought of it as making love. She would usually fantasize about a stranger coming upon her in some remote setting, of being grabbed and forced ho her knees. He would always push her dress up, pull the crotch of her panties aside and force his large, thick cock up into her as she knelt trembling hoping her would use her any way he wanted.

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