The Restaurant
Chapter 1: Preparations

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, MaleDom, Light Bond, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1: Preparations - Dinner at the nicest restaurant in town is a delight for Paula and her dominant lover Kevin. He enjoys teasing her, and seeing her tease others. When the waiter gets a close look at Paula's lovely breasts and spills the wine all over here, what will be the result?

Paula smiled as she stepped from the shower and used the big fluffy towel to dry herself. The faint scent of citrus in the bathwater tickled her nose, and she was delighted that she would carry it with her throughout her evening out with Kevin. She ran the towel over her short blonde hair, then dropped it on the floor as she gazed at herself in the full-lnegth mirror.

She frowned a bit as she examined her body. At 40, she knew she was by no means an example of perfection, and she was highly critical of the way she looked. Her 38 inch, D-cup breasts sagged more than she liked, though she had to admit that her large, pink nipples were pretty nice. She did not like the thickness of her waist and hips, and had undertaken an exercise regimen to get rid of what she considered excess.

At the same time as she viewed herself through her own critical eyes, she also tried to see herself as Kevin saw her: as a highly desirable, well-built woman. Her face was attractive, her body pleasantly plump and rounded. Her skin was pale and a healthy pink, her arms and legs long and shapely. Her breasts were large and, she had to agree, suckable. Her tummy was becoming firmer, but even now was not bad. Her sex was shaved smooth, and was always fresh and pink--she kept it as clean as possible since she never knew when Kevin might want "his favorite meal"! Finally, her hips and ass, while broad and very full, were her man's favorite parts, and she could not deny that she was the image of an ancient fertility goddess: full, lush, and erotic.

Paula smiled as she saw the puffy pink lips of her sex beginning to glisten. Just thinking this way about herself and about her lover made her so horny! She wondered if she had time to play with herself before Kevin arrived. A look at the clock showed that just maybe she could squeeze in a quick self-fuck. She hurried to her bedroom.

Laying on her bed, she reached into the drawer of the side table and pulled out her best toy: a dildo made from a mold cast from Kevin's lovely cock! Actually it was a dildo vibrator made of a deep purple gel, and it had been stretched and expanded to make a 9 inch long, 2.5 inch diameter monster. She had a second vibe exactly like this one, except that it was a direct copy of Kevin's 5.5 inches, and perfect when she wanted both holes filled at once.

Paula moaned as she pushed the big rubber cock into her already sopping pussy and turned it on. The pleasurable buzz immediately filled her loins and shot straight to her head, making her wriggle on the comforter that covered her bed.

She remembered when Kevin gave her the two toys, which he had had made especially for her. What a scene that had been, with her tied to the bed, her legs held apart by a spreader bar, the big vibe in her pussy and the small one in her ass--and Kevin driving his cock down her throat until he filled her belly with his thick, steaming cum!

Giving a low growl, Paula began moving the monster dildo in and out of her tight, dripping cunt. "Oh god yessss," she hissed, "That feels so good!" She imagined Kevin's heavy body atop her, driving mercilessly in and out of her, his hands running over her body in tantalizing, teasing strokes. She thought of his lips on hers, then on her nipples, as his prick thundered in and out of her throbbing, spasming hole. She dreamed of what he often did, just as they were reaching their peak, when he would lean in close, his breath hot at her ear, and his voice singing softly some snatch of opera, or ballad, or some song that he had written. She could look into his eyes as he did so.

The combination of his love-making on all her senses would send her crashing over the edge in a long-drawn out keeing orgasm. The sudden gripping and wrenching of her pussy, sometimes with her whispering her own naughty things in his ear, would drive him up until his cock expanded inside her and hosed her with his hot, wonderful spunk.

Remembering, Paula shuddered into a satisfying climax, writhing on the bed as the buzzing rubber cock filled her to the brim and her fingers tweaked at her large, erect clit.

"Dear, darling, glorious man," she sighed, looking at Kevin's picture on the nightstand. "You make me cum so magnificently, even when you aren't here!"

When she had recovered from the pleasure of her orgasm, Paula swung her legs off the bed and sat up, looking at the box which lay open on her bureau. After a moment sitting, biting her lip, she stood and stepped to the chest. Reaching down she picked up the silky, pale red blouse which lay at the top of the box.

It was soft and sensuous, and felt lovely against her flesh. She shivered as she let the fabric carress her skin, and moaned as she thought about the instructions that had come with the outfit which the box held.

Beloved slut,

Tonight you are mine. You do as I say. I own you. You will not argue, you will not question. Your will is to do my will, and your trust is that I will not make you do anything outside your limits. Our game tonight will titillate and impassion you, but should you need to, the safe words as always are emerald, amber, ruby. But beware, saying ruby will stop the game and the evening, and we will return home to a quiet night, without sex.

Trust me.

Enclosed in the box is your outfit for our dinner and evening out. You will see there is only a very brief thong for underclothing. You will also see your special inspiration: the clamps and chain, which you will wear on your nipples under the blouse.

There can be no argument. You belong to me, my whore. Tonight you will do as I command. Trust me to give you pleasure, and to keep you safe. I am my beloved's and she is mine,

Kevin, MasterSinger

Paula shivered and moaned as she read her lover's words again. She held the silky blouse against her breasts and felt her nipples harden, knowing that she would be naked beneath her clothing once she slipped on the top and the short, black leather skirt he had chosen for her. Even with the thong, she knew very little would be covered beneath the fabric of the outfit. Just thinking of it made her wet.

She laid the blouse back on the box and picked up a small bottle of his favorite perfume. She spritzed it lightly on either side of her neck, and also right over her bare, pink pussy. She knew she smelled of sex now, after her masturbation session, but she knew the odor would simply heighten Kevin's pleasure, so she didn't wash.

Reaching into the box, she pulled out the black thong. The tiny strip in the front barely covered her slit when she pulled it on, and around her hips across her buttocks were three strips of black silky which joined with the almost non-existant thong that slid deep into the cleft of her ass. It was almost more obscene than going naked.

Next Paula pulled out what appeared to be a chain. At either end of the gold length of metal were small clips, the teeth of which were covered with soft rubber. She sighed with pleasure as she slipped first one clamp onto a turgid nipple, tightening it deftly just to the point of pain, and then the second one on her other nipple. The chain hung between them, ready for Kevin to tug it lightly from time to time, keeping his girl on the edge of sexual tension. She could hardly wait.

The skirt was next, and it was elegant in its simplicity. It was just a shade tighter than she would have chosen for herself, but she knew that was to make sure her charms would be displayed whenever Kevin chose to draw attention to them. Especially her ass--he was a confirmed buttman, and had pleased her more than once with entire evenings devoted to ass worship, experiences that had amazed her because he had not touched her pussy once during them, yet she had had some of the most intense and soul-searing orgasms of her life.

Paula looked over her shoulder at herself in the mirror, smiling when she saw how well the fabric and the cut accentuated the plump globes of her bottom.

She was a little less sanguine about the length of the skirt. It was cut above the knee by about three inches. She knew that if they went dancing, it would flip up and her cheeks would show. On the other hand, she felt a little thrill of danger and excitement at the thought that Kevin wanted to display her charms. She smiled and settled the skirt in place.

Finally she slipped her arms through the sleeves of the silk blouse. It was cut very low, exposing the tops of her breasts. The thin cloth did little to hide the clamps on her nipples, and Paula panted with lust as she realized that anyone looking at her would be able to see the special hardware Kevin was requiring her to wear.

She padded across the bedroom to her vanity and sat, opening her jewelry box and pulling out the dark green leather choker he had given her. She had not worn it for months, frightened as she had been by her growing love and desire for this man and his strong love for her. She still was not sure she was ready for the committment of collaring, and surely not for the committment of marriage--but she knew that as they grew closer, the possibility was blooming like a flower in both their hearts.

She closed the buckle on the back of the choker and sighed at the feeling of this symbol of her submission hugging her warmly around her throat.

A pair of gold earrings, and then slipping her feet into the black, 4-inch stiletto heels, and she was done. She stood and looked at herself in the mirror.

"Paula Janelle," she smiled, "If you weren't his willing submissive, you'd surely be his delighted Goddess!"

She grabbed the black velvet wrap from the back of her chair and slipped from the room, to wait at the door until he arrived for the brief journey to the restuarant.

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