Forced Inc - The Girl Next Door

by Finc

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Rape, Slut Wife, Rough, Light Bond, Humiliation, Masturbation, Water Sports, .

Desc: Sex Story: Older man takes the young woman next door in a fit of insane lust. This is an extreme unforgiving fantasy.

The young couple bid farewell for the evening and return to their house next door. And once again I was relieved and yet a little frustrated to see them go. With our children gone we had time on our hands and regularly whiled away the hours with people in the neighbourhood. The couple next door were newlyweds and had moved in six months earlier. The husband Dave was pleasant and down to earth, a real honest bloke. He and his wife had arrived in the winter now that the evenings grew hot we had come to see each other almost every day as we went about our business. Also to my wife's slight annoyance we heard them through the walls a night in rowdy love play. However I was becoming a little uncomfortable around them, not that they weren't nice people who treated us with respect. Both treated us as equals even though twice the age of them we must have seemed a little stuffy. No it was Dave's wife that worried me. She'd sat in shorts and t shirt that evening chatting, white plimsolls tapping as she crossed and uncrossed her legs. She was early twenties, waif slim with dirty blonde hair that she tied back tight in a ponytail. She had a freckled face with upturned nose, her lips not full but wide and sensuous. Her legs were long and trimmed with fine curvy hips, small boobs but a plump pear shaped arse. She spoke so chirpily, with a smile and sparkling eyes. No Dave I was fine with, it was his wife Stacey who made me uncomfortable; because I thought I was becoming obsessed with her.

Last week I'd seen her in the garden, jeans and straining top tight to her fragile frame; her neck long her face angelic yet not a natural beauty. She was the quintessential girl next door, cute, sweet and achingly fuckable. The conversation had been dull and like normal I had blushed and acted like a schoolboy. In fact it was getting embarrassing even my wife was starting to notice and gave me a suspicious look as we went to bed that night. "Do you think Stacey's attractive? She quizzed innocently. "Oh um haven't really thought about it." I replied unconvincingly." Hmmmmm? " Came her knowing response. I turned off the light hoping tomorrow my package would arrive.

Surfing the net earlier that week I has seen a company called Finc industries which claimed to be able to give men sexual prowess, total assure confidence. A potion which when drunk could enable you to ooze sexual magnetism and turn a shy man into OO7. I knew it would never come to anything sexually; but just to be able to charm her, see her eyes twinkle in delight would be enough.

The next morning my wife took the early train to her mothers like she had planned to. I knew she wouldn't be around to receive the package and create any embarrassment. What she didn't know wouldn't hurt her. As I signed for delivery Stacey was waving her husband goodbye for the day standing in her door way. She was dressed in a short white skirt and trainers with a white cardigan on. She looked like she was going to play the US tennis open. "Hi," She said smiling her green eyes delectable as ever. "Would you like a coffee?" I mumbled back apologising that I was too busy and quickly went inside. Once there I bang my head on the wall in mock frustration." What a jerk! A coffee, what do you think would happen? Why act so stupid?" I opened the parcel. The Finc industries label said take one thimble full every two days for roguish charm Rett Butler would have been proud of. I decide to take a swig direct from the bottle. The big mouthful burned like liquor and I coughed and choked. The stuff tasted vile and instantly I realised I'd been duped." Just another internet fool," I said aloud shaking my head. I decide to go in the garden and clear the shed as a form of self punishment.

As I worked in the dusty out building I could see Stacey in her kitchen leaning and stretching reaching for cupboards. The shed was full of junk stuff I'd never thrown out, for example I picked up a long rubber baton. I think I'd use it for panel beating. I couldn't be sure. "What a load of crap," I declared surveying my room, feeling a little light headed. My shoulders were aching, then my neck, the liquid I drunk surely doing this to me. "Ugh I feel sick," I moaned again out load. But it wasn't sickness in my stomach, but in my gut like when you realise you have just done something horribly wrong. I began to feel angry, a rage in fact. Angry with myself but also with the beauty I could see through the window. I was losing control. But I was always in control my confidence hardening to steel by the overdosed potion. No it was Stacey who was too sure of herself. Yes the little foxy bitch was just too damn hot for her own good.

Stacey saw me climbing over the back fence and opened the door. "What's wrong, erm there's a front door your welcome to use." She cocked her head in puzzlement the rubber baton and a length of cord in my hand. "What do I need them for?" She asked as I entered the kitchen pulling the door shut behind me." Hey, what's going on?"

I suddenly grabbed her pushing her across the kitchen table." Oh uggh get off me!" Nearly twice her size it was easy to pin her flat my breathing heavy as the cord wrapped round a tiny wrist, jerking her arm behind her back binding both wrists together." Ugggggghh awww stop, ugh god nooooo!" I grabbed her dirty blonde mane pulling her upright. "Up stairs you bitch, we don't want to be disturbed." She screamed and I had to put my hand over her mouth. In my pocket was a cloth that I roughly gagged her with." Hmmmfffff ugghhh!" Stacey kicked and wriggled but I was much stronger the potion seeming to also fill me with the energy of a young buck. She has a hand full and half way up the stairs I slipped Stacey falling on her back legs apart. I grabbed her blonde locks dragging her kicking the rest of the way.

Their bedroom was a sickly Barbie pink, in keeping with the tight waist bitch I flung on her fluffy pink bed. She was panting heavily her eyes wide, her pale skin pimply with nerves. I still had the rubber length in my hand. Waving it in front of her face I teased. "First I'm going to lick you bitch, and then we'll see you ride this monster." She squealed her green eyes welling up as she shook her head in defiance.

Her skirt came of easily showing a white thong, I was down pushing her thighs apart her shoulders pressed against the covers trying to raise herself up. My hand tugged the fabric then snapped it, her almost hairless slit dry and freckly. "Mmmmgggg" She moaned, as I parted her lips with my fingers her pink soft insides appearing. My tongue tasted her mound then into her slit. She wriggled and I put pressure on her tummy to pin her." Mmhhhhhh!" My other hand helped me probe as I began to slurp and suck." Oh mmmm yeah, that's it baby ummm!" Her thighs were trying to close squashing my face.

I sat back up and unravelled some more cord. "I'm going to spread you eagle you slut, pull them legs out real wide!" It was easy, one leg tied to each of the bottom bed posts, the slack taken up by winding the coil round and round cranking her energetic legs wider and wider till she looked like she was doing the splits. I pushed her cardigan over her head hooking it behind her long neck her small hard mounds still looking ample on her tiny rib cage. I began in ernest to suck her clit my hands able to caress her hips up to her tits with only the slightest resistance from her. Her pussy was dry but musky my saliva making the pink flesh glisten. She was still moaning and I decided I wanted to hear her beg.

"Oh please, no stop uuggghh," Came the pleas as soon as the rag was removed." Oh god, no, no uggggh, no you can't be doing this. The cops will uggg, you can't be doing it." I raised my wet lipped face. "I knew you'd have a hot tight pussy like this. Always bending over, short skirt just asking to be goosed". I pushed her lips apart again spitting on the hardening bud." uhhhh!" She sobbed her chest heaving, "Ooh don't hurt me you bastard."

I shook my head, "but this is going to hurt." I said reaching for the round ended rubber baton. "Oh god no not that its too big uhh please don't" Her voice was squeaky her lips trembling. I held it in my hands all 10 inches of rubber pipe 2/3 inches at it thickest. It all made sense in my crazed head." You sit there your skirt riding up, teasing me. You got to learn who's has the power." She gave a muffled cry as I forced the fat tip into her mouth pushing until she looked like she would choke. "Get it wet, suck it, fucking suck it you bitch." The tip was glistening as I pressed it against her blushing slit. She lay spread, her head raised a crazed look on her face horrified as the tip opened her up." Uggh aw aggghhh god aggggeeeeeeeee!" The thing was stuck it would only enter a finger nails width; her young strong muscles refusing to be beaten. "Aww oh no nooo ughheeeeeiie!" She squeled again, desperately trying to catch her breath." The drawer," she gasped," in the drawer please it won't go uggghhh!"

I opened the top drawer to see a tub of Vaseline along with other nick nacks." Use that, uhh please its too dry I can't take it." I smeared the end before placing it back at her slit. "This time you better take it." I said ominously. Her bare hole stretched and stretched the skin ruffling into furrows as it spread further and further from its start point. The black shinny rubber sliding slowly in, been halted then after more pressure beginning again the gel collecting at her entrance in a slimy clear ring." Ooh,a wwooh, god, oooh, ooooooh ugh,uggh no, oh,ooh god ooooohhh!" I stared delighted her groin raised as her clit was pressed back the fat stick twisting further and further." Oh Stacey yess, yesss that's it take it, more, more!" She moaned her eyes catching mine tears in them her nose looking so cute."Ohh good girl, good girl that's it, that's it." She gave a long sexy moan as I began to fuck her slowly pushing the rubber cock deeper and deeper." Oh god stop!" She yelped as the thing began to nudge her cervix, the stretched cunt lips stinging with effort.

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