Dream Come True

by devilishsoul

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, DomSub, MaleDom, Spanking, Rough, Humiliation, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, .

Desc: Sex Story: Fantasy becomes reality

She lifts her head from the book she was reading as she sees Him walk across the library foyer. A soft smile gracing her lips, watching Him make his way towards her. 'Is this seat taken?' He inquires with a wink as He reaches her table. 'Um, well yes. It's reserved for Someon special.' she quips

Sliding into the seat next to her, He slowly runs His hand up her thigh, leaning closer as if she were showing Him a passage of text. The wicked grin on His face and the almost silent gasp escaping her lips the only minute telltale sign that all was not as it appearto be.

Feeling her face flush as He slowly slips His fingers between her thighs, giving her already excited clit a teasing flick, she squirms almost inperceptably to all but him. 'Let's get outta here,' He whispers, blowing softly in her ear 'I know somewhere better to go to study.'

Nodding her agreement, she slowly and reluctantly reaches down, removing His hand, straightening her skirt. 'Ok, let's go.' she manages to stutter as she slowly rises from the table.

Stepping out of His car, gasping in awe at the view assaulting her field of vision so vividly, she follows Him down a short path to the waters edge. 'How did You know i love waterfalls?' looking at Him in askance. 'Oh, i know alot more about You than You think.' He nods to the picnic blanket He placed on the grass.

Sitting down, He reaches up, pulling her down to her knees facing Him. 'Take your top off, i want to see the real you.' He orders gently. Blushing brightly, she slowly slides her top over her head, letting it drop to the ground as her arms fall obediantly to her sides. 'Mmm, very nice. Now come closer.'

Sliding forward until she finds herself kneeling between his Legs looking into His deep eyes. She starts to moan softly as His hand caresses her breasts, moving in decreasing circles, slowly making His way to her nipples, cupping her breasts as He softly pinches them, increasing the pressure slowly.

Exerting a little pressure to her chest, He slowly guides her backwards, slipping a hand behind her back until she finds herself lying on her back gazing up into His entrancing eyes.

Taking her legs, straightening them along either side of His body, He slowly slides His hand up her thighs again, walking His fingers slowly, stopping occasionally... making her wait, making her want... Reaching the top of her thighs, He slowly runs a gentle finger over her lips, feeling they are already becoming wet. Sliding the finger in and out slowly at first then increasing the tempo till her hips move with His hand. He stops, moving His hand back to pinch her clit hard, causing her to gasp at the sudden sensation coursing through her body. Just as suddenly He plunges His finger back into her now freely flowing river. tickling gently, running His finger back and forth as her hips begin to move again.

Sliding His finger out, knowing that she was nearing the point of no return, He looks down on her 'All fours, now.' His voice suddenly not so quiet or calm. Responding from sheer need, she slowly rolls over and rises to all fours, head low to the ground as he slides His fingers along her glistening crack, unzipping His pants with the other hand, releasing Himself.

taking hold of her hips with one hand and a handful of hair with the other, He slowly slides the tip into her, then thrusts in deep and fast, a loud lustful moan escaping her lips as he pulls back and her hips respond primally thrusting back as His thrust frward again, releasing her hips, He flexes His finger briefly, before bring His palm down across her buttocks, illiciting a loud gasp from her. Repeatedly striking her buttocks as He pulss her back againt Him by her hair at His every inward thrust. Both moaning and gasping for breath, moving together in an almost primal way. Feeling Himself ready to lose control, He slides out of her abruptbly, pushing her face down onto the ground. 'Kneel before me now.' He commands huskily, His need apparent.

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