Father-in-Law Surprise

by Side_Windbag

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Desc: Incest Sex Story: I married a "daddy's girl" and little did I know how much she wanted to take care of him...

I married Lisa about a year ago. She is about 5'-9" with long wavy blonde hair and a beautiful smile. The one feature that really attracted me to her was her full, firm 36D tits. They are all natural and cause most men to do a double take. She is pretty and also has a well toned body and a heart-shaped ass. Since she is only twenty-two years old you would expect her to be somewhat well maintained because she works out regularly. She pays a lot of attention to her figure because as a young girl she carried a few extra pounds. She enjoys running into guys that remember her as dumpy in school. She really blows their minds. I met her about two years ago and she had already transformed herself to the looker that she is currently. We have a pretty good sex life and she seems to enjoy my 6-1/2" during our regular lovemaking. She is very creative and can never get enough sex.

Her mother died around four years ago leaving her with her devoted father, Will. Lisa and Will went through some hard times together when her mother died. They are very close. He is a doting father and she is a devoted daughter. Lisa said that her dad had a lot to do with her shaping herself up and losing all that weight after her mother died. Will is a young forty-two year-old that keeps himself in great shape. He is tall, tanned and good looking and has a number of women that would like to corral him. He says that he is not interested in these would-be companions. Lisa said that she is a carbon copy of her mother and from the pictures that I have seen she's right. She says that her dad misses her mother and cannot get serious about other women. We live close to him and he spends a fair amount of time at our house tinkering around. He owns a construction business and sets his own hours. I like Will and I don't really mind him being there. He enjoys puttering around and my wife enjoys his company. She has always been a "Daddy's girl".

I'm twenty-five and work at a local factory as an equipment trouble-shooter and mechanic. I work shift work and my hours change every three weeks. I also have weekend responsibilities every three weeks and spend Saturday and Sunday at the plant. This was my lucky weekend and I had been working the 3 to 11 o'clock shift during the week. On Saturday afternoon I said good-bye to my wife and left for the plant for the evening. There had been some major problems with the equipment and it kept me busy all evening. As 10 o'clock approached my boss asked if I could stick around a few more hours to help finish with the repairs. Since overtime had not been a recent request and the money would help I told him it wouldn't be a problem. I called my wife and told her that I wouldn't be home until at least 3:00 AM. She said that it was ok and she would see me when I got home.

As we worked on the machine everything fell into place like clockwork. Soon we had the line running like new. At about midnight my boss told me that I had done a commendable job and could go home if I wanted to. He said that they would still pay for four hours of overtime. This was great news to my ears. The night was still young and my wife was waiting at home. I decided to surprise her and took off for the house without calling her.

Fifteen minutes later I arrived at my house only to find my father-in-law's car parked in the driveway. The street was almost full but I found a parking place a few houses down from mine. I quietly walked up the driveway and passed by the side window of the living room and noticed movement in the dim room. The television provided the only light in the room. I thought that it was strange that Will was there so late watching TV with the lights out. I stopped in my tracks and backed to the window and peered in to find my wife standing in the room with one of my white t-shirts on. The television was positioned next to the window and the lighting obscured my presence as I peeked in. Will was sitting on the couch across from the TV wearing shorts and a t-shirt. He was drinking one of my beers. Suddenly my wife removed her shirt revealing her large, perfect breasts to him. She was now wearing only a pair of sexy white lacy panties. What was she doing? She began to gently sway to some music that the TV was emanating. She moved her hands to her breasts and cupped them then teased the nipples making them grow hard as I stood there motionless. She brought her hands down her sides and moved them over the front of her panties seductively. Will was sitting there soaking up the scene. In the dim light I noticed that the shorts that he was wearing were boxers. He slowly placed the beer bottle on the floor next to where he was sitting and held his hand out to Lisa. She took his hand and he pulled her to the couch. I had always imagined Lisa with another man but I never thought for one moment that her father would be in the picture. Things got really interesting from there.

She straddled his lap thrusting her firm mounds into his face. His arms went around her and pulled her to him. He began to lick and kiss her sensitive nipples and she caressed his head and affectionately stroked his hair. She threw her head back in passion as he sucked on her hard nipples. I know from experience that she enjoyed having someone suckle on her tits. Her bottom nestled on his crotch and she slowly ground herself against him. He grasped her beautiful panty-clad ass with both hands and rocked her back and forth on his lap. After a few minutes of this he pulled her face to him and wetly kissed her on the lips. She thrust her tongue into his mouth and they kissed enthusiastically. She continued to grind her crotch into his. She slowly slid down and kissed his neck as he massaged her back.

She moved one leg and then the other between his outstretched legs and continued to kiss his neck. She pulled up his shirt and began kissing her way down his hairy muscular chest. He held her close as she kissed and licked on his chest. Further down she went and finally came to rest on her knees as she licked and kissed his taut stomach. His shorts bulged obscenely as she teased his belly button with her tongue. He fondled her hair and tenderly guided her mouth to his still covered manhood. She kissed the front of his shorts and slowly reached her hand up to feel his hardness and squeezed it through his shorts.

"Oh baby," he groaned softly as she unbuttoned his shorts and slid her hand inside the fly, grasping his member. She fished his shaft and balls out of his shorts and stroked its length lightly. His dick was huge. It had to be nine or ten inches long and about 2" in diameter with a flaring golf ball sized head. His member was heavily veined and the throbbing head was an angry shade of light purple. It looked like an exact replica of some of the lifelike dildos that I had seen in an adult bookstore.

"Oh Daddy," she said as she looked up at him lovingly and longingly. She bent down and kissed the head of his dick wetly and licked the sensitive underside of his meat. His hips jerked upwards involuntarily as she lathed his turgid organ. She slid her hand up and down is cock as she licked the head. Her tongue trailed down his veined length to his balls. She nuzzled and kissed each one of his balls and pressed his staff against her cheek. Her beautiful, panty clad ass was sticking right toward me. I could see a trace of wetness between her legs. She was hot.

She took her breasts in her hands and wrapped them around his jutting member, forming a fuck channel in her cleavage. His cock was wet with her saliva. He then began to hunch his long dick between her tits. His cock head came up to her lips each time that he stroked upward. She rewarded his thrusting with licks from her nimble tongue. Soon a drop of pre-cum formed at the slit and she licked it off with relish. With every stroke a new drop appeared and she licked and swallowed it with delight. She slowed his progress and removed her breasts from around his cock and swooped down onto his cock-meat with her agile tongue.

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