Cute Attorney Gets Frisked

by Wraith

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Coercion, Humiliation, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Attorney gets stopped by the police, and...

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Kelly Logan drove home from an all day legal seminar, and was upset by what happened at the end of the seminar. Kelly thought back to when she went to get some finger food, and a glass of wine after the seminar ended. Kelly tried to forget the nerve of this D.A. out of some insignificant flea spec town. He stood very close behind her, and Kelly felt crowed. She tried to ignore him, but standing in line he would constantly tap her on the shoulder, and kept up his inept flirting. Kelly tried to be nice, and told him she wasn't interested, but he followed her to a table, and sat down right next to her. All Kelly wanted to do was get a quiet bite to eat, but out of frustration she stood up to leave, but caught one of her high-heels on the edge of her briefcase and stumbled. She didn't mean to spill her full glass of red wine on his lap. Kelly tried to apologize, but he mumbled something under his breath about getting even when he left the table. Kelly wiped up the wine residue that splashed on her skirt, and quickly left the seminar.

Kelly drove home thinking about weather to send a card with dry-cleaning expenses, or not. "Damn!" Kelly said as she saw the blinking red and blue lights behind her. Kelly pulled her Lexus to the side of the road and stopped.

"Howdy Ma'am, how ya doing tonight? You were going kinda fast back there, could you please show me your license and registration?" Officer Bob Houston said. Tonight was boring, and all he was doing was listening to the game. He almost didn't pull this car over, but it was something to do, and would take up some time. Bob was surprised how good looking this woman was, and saw she had on a black pinstriped business skirt with the matching jacket lying on the passenger's seat. She was wearing a nice silk light pink shirt, and Bob watched as she turned to dig through her purse on the passenger's seat, and got a great view down her blouse of her bra, and thought, "Damn she's good looking. She must be working late. I'll just give her a warning, try and get her phone number, and get back to the game."

Kelly knew she was speeding as she passed through a hick town, but she never saw the police as she flew down the country road doing 75mph in a posted 45mph. Kelly got her papers out of her purse, and didn't like the way he was staring down her blouse. She decided right then to bully the cop, and said, "Do you know who I am? Well I'll tell you, I'm Kelly Logan! I'm the lead attorney for Markus, Brown, and Russet. For your information, that is the largest attorney practice in the tri-county. So if you don't want a lawsuit filed on speed trap enforcement, targeting minorities, and what ever else I can think up, you'll get in you car, and go harass the locals. Do you understand me?" She handed him the requested items with her business card on top.

"Yes Ma'am I think I do."

"Good, now hand me my license, and I'll be on my way. I'm glad you understand, you'll never be able to win."

Bob was tired, and not in the mood to take shit from anyone, and the last thing he needed was a pushy lawyer threatening him. He hated lawyers with a passion, and thought, "What the hell? Let's have some fun!" Bob took the license, and the registration, and slipped them into his shirt pocket, and said, "Ma'am, it's too bad your tits aren't as big as your mouth, but then again, I doubt you'd fit behind the wheel."

"Oh My." Kelly said amused. She wore a modest A-Cup, and couldn't believe he would be so stupid as to make a sexual reference about her bra size at a traffic stop, and said, "You've got the biggest lawsuit coming, and you'll be dead 10 years and still owe me money." Kelly laughed at him, and she thought, "I love being a lawyer!" Kelly said in her most lawyerly voice, "Now hand me my license, and I'll be on my way, or do I file sexual harassment charges, and then a nice fat lawsuit?"

"License? What license? Ma'am, I just asked for your identification, and you said you lost it. Ma'am I'll need to take you to the station so I can verify just who the hell you are. Oh my... Is that wine I smell? When we get to the station you will be booked for reckless driving, and driving while intoxicated. Please step out of the car for a sobriety test."

Kelly was fuming at the possibility she might have been too severe with the officer, and thought, "He might be able to make a case against me with just the smell from the spilled wine, but I bet he is bluffing." Kelly took a chance and said, "I don't have time, nor am I in the mood to play your childish games. Give me my license, and I'll be on my way. This is your last chance."

"Ma'am, I'm going to explain to you what's going to happen, and I'll use small word so your dumb lawyer ass can understand. I'm placing you under arrest for reckless driving, driving without identification, and probable drunk driving. You will get out of your car. I will frisk you for my safety. Now if you don't cooperate or if you utter one word of complaint you will be booked for resisting arrest. This being Friday night you'll have to spend the weekend at our luxury accommodations, and while you're waiting to talk to the judge, I may conduct a search of your trunk, and who knows what might be hiding in there waiting for the right person to find. I assure you that after it is found, it will be off to jail for you. You'll be 10 years in prison still trying to prove your innocence. Step out of the car, so I can begin my search."

"You can't do this!" Kelly was shocked he would continue to bully her. She was used to people cowering, and doing whatever she wanted.

"Sure I can. Just watch and see. Now get out of the car so I can start my search. I'm dying to know exactly how small those tits are. Looks like there's an awful lot of padding in your bra. I bet you have to buy your bras in the little girls department, and dream nightly of someday wearing a woman's sized bra." Bob said laughing and thought, "I'm going to humiliate this woman, and damn she has a pretty mouth. I love that red lipstick."

Kelly quickly put her hand over the top couple buttons of her blouse. She knew he just got another good look down her blouse, and was embarrassed she was caught wearing a padded push-up bra. Kelly hated she was small busted, and was sure her days of being teased to her face were long over, but here she was a grown respectable attorney taking shit from a nobody she wouldn't even talk to. Kelly felt herself flashing back to her high school days, and the daily teasing she received for being flat chested. Kelly stepped out of her Lexus, and tried not to flash her panties, but was concerned by his leering smile. She thought he might have seen more than she intended. Kelly stood by her door, and watched the officer's blue eyes as they traveled slowly down her body, and then just as slowly back up. Kelly blushed when she noticed him staring intently at her small breasts, and at his gesture she walked to the trunk.

Officer Bob Houston said with a cocky grin, "Ma'am, is there anything hidden under your clothing other than your flat naked body, I should know about before I begin my search? I'm just about to verify your tits are nothing but padding, and it's a crying shame your tits are so small. You'd be one hot babe with woman sized tits." Bob chuckled at his joke, and stared directly at her tits, and could tell he royally pissed off this lawyer, and that was fine by him.

"Shut-up you asshole!" Kelly was furious she was still being taunted about her bra size, and said, "Let's get this over with. I'm tired of listening to you inane chatter, and I just want to go home as quickly as possible. Could you speed this process up?"

"You will go home when I say you can. Turn around, place your hands on the trunk, and spread your feet." Bob said. He was quietly pleased she would not cower to him just yet. He would savor the exact moment she submits to his authority.

Kelly hated cowering to this officer's demands, but she knew small towns, and thought, "He's being an asshole, but damn him. I can't wait for a hearing with a judge on Monday morning. Wait a Minute! I know! He is just a stupid horny man under that uniform, and all I have to do is use some of my vast female charms, and he'll let me go in exchange for my phone number. Damn, I must be tired. This is going to be so easy." Kelly shook out her long brown hair, and gave the officer a sexy smile when she leaned over her Lexus, and placed her hands on the trunk. She felt vulnerable when she spread her feet, and got into position for her frisking, but was not scared at all. Kelly made sure her short black skirt rode up a little to show her fantastic legs, and she tilted her hips backward, and this caused her skirt to cling tighter to her tight ass. Kelly knew he would be professional about his search. Kelly turned her head, and looked the officer in the eyes again, and was pleased he was looking at her legs, and said in a sexy voice, "I'm sorry, I was discourteous. Please conduct your search, and I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me. I was thinking about a case, and I was preoccupied. You're out here doing a dangerous job, and you don't need people yelling at you. I hope you'll accept my sincerest apology for my rude behavior, and maybe we could go out for a drink sometime."

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