Truth Serum

by JAX

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, NonConsensual, Drunk/Drugged, .

Desc: Sex Story: working for mi5 he uses their truth serum for other purposes

I was head hunted straight from university, where I received honours in biochemistry. Government work, I was told, but in reality it was MI5. I worked in their Labs with a living legion, everywhere in the spy world the name of Dr Johnson was revered, even if he's in his late eighties now. For he invented the first ever truth serum. Now in truth, there's no such thing as a 'truth serum' it's an invention of the movies. In real life it's just a simple drug that disorientates the mind. This first breakthrough happened during the war, when information was desperately need from German airmen about their Radar and bombing aids. Very crude into day's terms, but it was the first time this sort of thing was used by the Brits. The chemical was usually introduced via their drinking water; it would disorientate them, and thus making them more susceptible to informed integration. Another plus was it created a short-term memory loss in the victims, so they had no memory of what they had betrayed.

Over the years it has generally been replaced by better synthetic drugs, but some of the old timers still swear by it. Its main problem is its shelf life, being a bio chemical it goes off quite quickly, say over a six-month period. My first job was to make up a new batch; not difficult, just time consuming. While waiting for the process to finish, I read up on the technical data for the stuff. A very versatile drug, deliver by any means you like, no wonder some of the old agents love it so much. One drop in his Martini, take him somewhere quiet, and while disorientated, pump him or her for the info; later he or she will remember nothing. Suddenly I had a flash, suppose you're not after information, but sex, how would that work. Everything I read supported my prognosis, I bet some of those earlier interrogations included thing that were not in the agent's report. I had no worries about toxicity, this drug had been used for over sixty years with no reported bad after effects.

My girlfriend, Trish and I were invited to an engagement party soon after, I took a small sample in an eye-dropper bottle, just in case I got the chance to try out my idea. Our hostess was an old school friend of my Trish's, I had met her a few times, a rather stuck up bitch in my view, but it was her sister, Carol that I lusted after. A well-built teenager with long blonde hair, she had made my trousers tight on the two previous occasions we had met. The night was getting late, but Trish still showed no signs of wanting to go home. Carol was there, dressed in a little low cut dress, I had danced with her a couple of times and now she was drinking alone in the kitchen. Taking this as a sign from the Gods of Perversion, I offered to top up her Rum and Coke. A single drop from my bottle went into the mixture as well. I never seen the results before but I had read many of our agents de-briefings so I knew it would probably take about ten minutes or so before it started to work. My next problem was to get her somewhere quiet, in fact it was much easier than I could have ever imagined. After a few minutes she said she felt a little dizzy. When I suggested some fresh air, she nodded and I took her arm, we went out of the front door and down the side alley. It was a bright moonlit night, but quite dark in that alley. I held her in my arms, making reassuring noises until at least fifteen minutes had elapsed. I didn't try to kiss her or anything I just started to squeeze her big tits. After a few minutes with no real resistance from her, I un-zipped her dress and pulled it down around her waist. Next I removed her bra and got my hands on her naked tits for the first time; lovely and firm they were too. My ardour now up, I un-zipped myself and moved the gusset of her knickers to one side to allow me access to her pussy. She was deliciously tight, my condom covered cock banged into her while she muttered to herself; I didn't last long, soon I was pumping my sperm deep inside her. When I had finished, I redressed her, but left her in the alley. Later I found Trish and I took her home.

I waited somewhat nervously to hear of any backlash from the evening, but the only comments we got were from Beth, that's Carol sister, that Carol had drunk too much and had to go outside for some air, nothing else. Well so far so good, now I had proved the concept, what was I going to do with my windfall? I knew what a full dose would produce, but what about smaller doses; no one I knew had done any research into this. Well I had a guinea pig available for me to experiment on, and that was Trish. Now let me tell you about Trish, we met at university and have been together over three years now. Trish is built like a model with nice sized tits, and long slim legs. Her main problem is she not very sexual, we fuck of course, but she doesn't get into it as much as I would like. Any deviance from the normal is met with a stony stare and a shake of her head. She's never given me a blowjob, or allowed me to lick her either. Of course I would love some pictures of her beautiful body, but she wouldn't even allow me to even photograph her on holiday in a modest swimsuit.

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