His Valentine Surprise!

by Secret

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Desc: Sex Story: A night of romance and hot, kinky sex. The Night he won't forget in a long time!

This is a special day for lovers and I just could not wait until night came. I had planned this night weeks ahead of time, making sure everything was going to be perfect for us.

I had ordered the roses 2 weeks in advance and the hearts bouquet of balloons. I went to work and called you that afternoon at work to see how you were doing. You said, "You were having a good day." I was glad.

On my lunch break, I ran to the store to get the rest of the things I needed for our special night. When I was done shopping I ran them to where our special night was going to take place.

I had taken the rest of the day off, and had went to the place that our night was going to take place. I made sure that the roses had been delivered along with the balloons. I then started fixing up our room. I place one dozen of roses by the jacuzzi, one dozen on the night stand by the bed, one dozen one the dresser. I then took the balloons and placed them all over the room, placed little candles all over the room, made sure i had placed the bubble bath basket by the jacuzzi, and some candles also. I wanted this to be perfect.

I then called down to the front desk and asked them to bring up a fancy sterling silver ice bucket. When they got it to the room, I placed the bottle of champagne in it, and placed it on the night stand by the bed. I then took the little bag of red hearts confetti and spread it on the night stand and dresser and a few on the bathroom sink, then tossed a few on the floor.

It was gettin to be around 5 pm. and you would be getting off work soon, so I knew I had to finish the rest soon.

I ran home to get a few things to bring back to the room. I showered and grabbed a few things to put in my night bag. I put on my red velvet dress that was cut into a V in the back and put on my red laced thong. Slid into my nylons and put on my red heels. I then fixed my hair into a bun and let some ringlets hang on the sides. I then sprayed on some cologne that was my favorite and I knew you liked it also, called "Pleasures", I then put on some diamond earrings and the little heart necklace that matched the earrings. I looked at myself in the mirror and thought to myself, "Yes, this is going to be the perfect night"

I got in the car with the couple of bags, and my night bag and headed back to the motel. I got in the room and called you and asked if you were ready for your surprise, you knew I had something planned for us, but you didnt know what it was. I told you what time to meet me and where and to come to room 12 and to knock once then walk in that the door would be unlocked.

I then went down and got some ice for the champagne, I place two wine glasses by the champagne that had our names on them, that I had specially made for us. I then took the extra dozen of roses I had and took the petals off and placed some on the edge of the jacuzzi and some on the night stand and dresser and then spread them all over the bed. I put a gifted wrapped box in the drawer of the night stand and closed the drawer. Then I put a bottle of baby oil on the night stand also. I then walked around the room and lit all the candles. and turned on some romantic music. and turned down the lights. The room was illuminated by the candles.

It was 7 pm and I knew you would be here any minute. So I laid on the bed, on my side, propped up on my elbow and had my legs crossed at the ankles, waiting for your knock. I heard your knock and I hurried up and put a long stem rose in my mouth.

You entered after your one knock and when you opened the door, you took one look at me and smiled. The smile I loved so much. I got up off the bed and walked over to you and kissed you gently on the lips and I felt your arms go around me pulling me close to you. You started to kiss me back passionately letting your hands slide down my back to my ass and pulling it close to you. I whispered in your ear, "Are you ready for the most passionate night of your life?" and you whispered back, "Yes I am!"

I knew you had a hard day at work so I told you to sit for a minute while I went into the other section of the room. You heard water running. I lit the candles around the jacuzzi and thru a few rose petals in the water, then poured some bubbles in when the water when it was almost full. I then turned the water off and went back out to where you were sitting.

I asked you to stand up and when you did I started kissing you again, while my hands worked at unbuttoning your shirt. I slipped it off your shoulders kissing them as i let it drop to the floor. I started to caress your chest, running my hands slowly down your firm stomach. I reached your pants and then unbuckled your buckle and pulled if off then unsnapped your pants and slowly unzipped them. Kissing your stomach while doing this the whole time. I heard you let out a soft moan. I pulled them down to your ankles and you then sat down in the chair. I kneeled down in front of you and pulled off your shoes, then I slid your pants off all the way and tossed them to the side. I took one sock off at a time and tossed them also to the side.

I looked up at you and I could tell you were starting to relax. I was on my knees kneeling between your legs, I leaned up and kissed you passionately, sliding my tongue in your mouth. When I was done kissing you I gently bit your lower lip. I started to kiss your chin, down to your neck, going farther down to your chest, gently biting your left nipple then taking my tongue and swirling it around your nipple.

I grabbed your hands and had you stand up and I lead you to the jacuzzi. You looked so handsome standing there naked in the candlelight. I had you get in the jacuzzi and sit there for a few while i left the room.

I went and got undressed and wrapped myself in a robe, then poured us two glasses of champagne. I walked back over to the jacuzzi and handed you your glass and set mine on the edge of the jacuzzi. I turned around and untied the robe and slowly let it dropped to the floor, then I turned around to face you, You were smiling and I smiled back at you and started to get in the jacuzzi. I spread my legs and had you sit in front of me, you leaned back against me and I started to kiss your neck softly, I gave you a gentle push for you to sit forward while I started to give you a back rub. I could feel how tense your muscles felt. I started at the shoulders and worked my way down feeling your body starting to loosen up. I pulled you back against me again and I ran my hands up to your shoulders then over them and ran them down the front of your chest, massaging gently. You turned your head and started to kiss me. I then had you move over to the side and I got up out of the jacuzzi,

I walked out of the room my body glistening wet and some bubbles clinging to my body. I could feel you watching me. I came back into the room and you were leaning back and your eyes were closed. I knew then you were really relaxed. I got back in the jacuzzi trying not to disturb you. You kept your eyes closed and I whispered in your ear, "Keep your eyes closed" You did as I asked.

I reached to the side of the jacuzzi and grabbed a strawberry and dipped it into the whipped cream. I pressed it to your lips and you slowly opened your mouth and took a bite of it... leaving some whip cream on your lips. I leaned in and licked it off your lips. You opened your eyes and I just gazed into your eyes. You have the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen. When you look at me, I just melt. I looked away then and grabbed another strawberry and dipped it into the whipped cream, I went to feed it to you, but you grabbed my hand and took it from me and you then told me to close my eyes. I did as you asked and I sat there waiting for you to feed it to me, but instead I felt the coldness from the whip cream and strawberry on my breast. You pulled me up on your lap facing you, you then lower your face down to my breast as you started to lick off the cream, as you did so. I slipped my fingers in your hair.

You pulled me closer as your buried your face into my breast. I could feel how hard your cock was between my legs. I leaned up and lowered myself onto your cock sliding it in all the way. I grabbed you by the hair and pulled your head back as I put my lips to yours and kissed you like you have never been kissed before, our tongues entwining with each other, I started to move up and down on your cock slowly, but as our kissing went on I started to move up and down faster and faster.

You reached your hands on my hips and pushed my hips down so that I had your hard cock all the way in me, I leaned back as far as i could and you leaned forward and took one of my tits in your mouth and sucked on it then moved to the other one and gently bit down on my nipple,exciting me more then I already was. When you were done you leaned back and i leaned back up.

I then rose up and turned around and squatted back down on your cock. You reached around and took both my tits into your hands and squeezed them as I rode up and down your cock. You then slid your hand down my stomach, going farther down til you reached my clit. You started to rub it making me go faster up and down your hard throbbing cock. I was moaning as i rode you faster and harder ready to climax. You grabbed my hips and forced me down on your cock, just as you were getting ready to shoot your load, feeling you were ready to cum I leaned forward and placed my hands on your knees and we both came at the same time.

When we were done, you pulled me back onto your chest and we rested, sitting there with your arms wrapped around me.

The water had started to get chilly, so we both got up and I put my robe on and you wrapped a towel around you and then I told you to go to the night stand and open the box that was in it. You left the room and I stayed in there to freshen up some.

You went to the nightstand and opened the drawer and seen the box. You sat down on the bed, and opened the box, when you seen what was inside you smiled, I was peeking around the corner by then to see your expression. You stood up and slid on the the boxers that had red hearts all over them. You felt so comfortable that you laid down on the bed waiting for me to come out, you started to get sleepy from the jacuzzi, and fell asleep.

I came out dressed in a red laced teddy and when I looked at you, you were sleeping so peacefully. You looked so handsome laying there in a bed of rose petals with your hands clasped behind your head.

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