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Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Anal Sex, Fisting, Water Sports, Size, .

Desc: Sex Story: This is a little different than what I usually write about. Stevii is a fine full figured lady who decides to live out her fantasy against her better judgement. I hope her story pleases you.

I am thirty-four years old, married and a mother of two. My husband calls me beautiful but I am not a magazine centerfold beauty by any stretch of the imagination. I was born in the Mid-West and took my looks from my fathers side of the gene pool. I have always been a big girl, not fat but solidly built. I played field hockey and soccer since I was very little and went to college on an athletic scholarship. I was a chaste and pure virgin until my first college party. A boy I wanted very badly finally noticed me and with the help of a couple of beers, I lost my virginity. I guess I was ready anyway because I really enjoyed the sexual excitement and the resulting climax. Yes, I had an orgasm the very first time and almost every time since. I followed that sexual encounter with several more. What I learned from each lover was that I loved oral sex the best. Not just receiving but the giving. I learned to be a great cocksucker but more on that later.

I met Jeff, my husband, at another frat party. He had just graduated and was "slumming it." Our eyes met and we were drawn to each other in the center of the room. Neither of was nervous or juvenile during our first moments. The party was noisy so Jeff suggested that we go somewhere where we could better get to know one other. I thought he wanted to take me to his apartment for a little slap and tickle, which I was game for. Jeff surprised me though, he pulled into the parking lot of a little jazz club just off campus where we had drinks and chatted about what our dreams and hope and desires were. He was a perfect gentleman and I had a wonderful time. No, we did not sleep together that night. He asked me out for the following night and we ended the date at his apartment. There I bedded him and damn near every night for the next few months. I was very happy and Jeff fulfilled my every need. Sexually Jeff was not very adventurous but his eight inches fit nicely into my puss. Sex together was good. Yes, Jeff loved his blowjobs, especially first thing in the morning. Love bloomed and I knew that Jeff was the mate I always dreamed about. Soon Jeff asked me to be his roommate since I was practically living with him anyway. It took me two months and every trick I knew but he eventually crumbled. Jeff and I had just finished fucking each other's brains out when he knelt next to the bed between my legs and popped the question. I cried as Jeff professed his undying love. It was such a touching moment; Jeff on his knees by the side of the bed with his "beauty" sitting on the edge and his cum oozing from my just nicely fucked hole. When I said yes Jeff went down on me. It was the first time that he had licked my pussy after planting his seed in me. It was the sexiest thing he had ever done and since then he has made a habit of tonguing my hole after we fuck.

Our life has been perfect since we were married. Jeff has become a very successful lawyer, no comments please, and I a very pampered housewife. In fact, life was perfect. Perfect until I met Jason. Jason is a senior partner in the law firm that my husband is employed at. Until that first company party I had never met any of my husband's business associates. We lived quietly and stayed within our limited social circles. At the party, I first took noticed of Jason from across the room. A mass of people, mostly women, encircled him. Jason has a commanding presence and is the center of attention no matter where he is. Jason was an ex-pro ball player for one of the New York teams. That is until his knee was blown out. He physical appearance explained his domineering presence since Jason would be hard not to notice. He is six foot five and his playing weight was a shade over two-fifty and he is devastatingly handsome. Even in a jacket, slacks and a turtleneck tee you could see that he was an excellent specimen of male flesh. His well condition muscular frame was apparent and his ruggedly handsome face drew your eyes. His skin looked almost as if it were painted lacquer black.

It was almost an hour into the party that we met. The party had now gotten into full swing when almost by magic Jason was standing at my side asking for a dance. I looked at my husband but Jason did not wait for an answer. He grabbed my hand and whisked me onto the dance floor. I was stunned at how easily our bodies messed as we danced. I was in awe of Jason's control of my body as we danced closely together. After three sexy slow dances to jazz tunes I was breathless and somewhat shaken. I was also very embarrassed because I had become very sexual excited by the closeness of this man. My pussy was very wet and my thong was doing a poor job of containing my moisture. A trickle of "dew" ran down the inside of my thigh. Thank goodness the band announced it was taking a break. I stepped away from Jason's arms and smiled up into his handsome face. I was all set to thank him for a wonderful time dancing and make my escape but Jason had other ideas.

"I wanted to dance with you ever since you walked into my home," his voice holding me in sway. His arm encircled my waist and he guided me through the throngs of party guests. "I hope that you are enjoying our party. It has become customary for each of the partners to "host" one of these company affairs so that we can get to know one another better. My name is Jason and you are?"

"Stevii," I croaked in weak response. After clearing my throat I tried again, "Excuse me, I am Stevii Alston."

"Oh, your Jeff's wife. I didn't know that he had such a beautiful lady hidden away at home. Well I hope that we will see each other again."

"I am sure that we will, Jason, since there are sure to be more of these gathering. And thank you for the dances, Jeff rarely dances and I did enjoy it."

We had made our way back to where my husband was in deep debate with a coworker when Jason took the hand I offered him and just like in the romance novels he kiss the back of it oh so very gently. I was stunned! His hands were so large. It was odd because I found myself mentally comparing Jason's hand-size to my husbands. As Jason turned to leave, I could not help myself from sneaking a peek at his crotch. You know what they say about the size of a man's hand is a good gauge to the size of his cock. My sharp intake of breath must have been audible to Jason for he turned and caught me staring. The outline of his cock was clearly visible and it stretched half way down his leg. Once I realized that Jason was watching my checking out his package, I spun on my heels and walked quickly away. Once at a safe distance, I turned to find Jason still staring at me. He was smiling a knowing smile. I had hoped that that would be the last episode for the evening but as it turned out there was one other event that you might say changed my life forever.

Jeff and I were about to leave so I excused myself and went to get my wrap. My unfamiliarity we Jason's house caused me to walk into the wrong bedroom and I bumped into Jason. Literally, bumped into his naked ass as some equally naked blond sucked on the largest cock I had ever seen. My sudden arrival and resulting collision caused his giant cock to be forcibly shoved down the throat of the bobbing blond head. She gagged as his thick cock slid into her throat but she continued to give that giant dick a wet and sloppy blowjob. You have to had to a cocksucking slut to hang in there not matter what the circumstances. Meanwhile, I just stood there like an idiot watching this most obscene act unfold before me. Jason turned his head to see who had walked in on his tryst and when he saw me, he reached out and wrapped his muscular arm around my waist and pulled me tight against his naked body. I lifted my eyes to look at his face and suddenly we were kissing passionately.

I should have been furious at his brazen actions but my reaction was quite un-me. I was turned on instead. I cannot explain why I placed my hand on his thick cock. But I did! I was thrilled like never before in my life. My nipple ached from being so hard. I could feel my clitoris push from its hood and my cunt juice ran down my thighs. I was jealous of the naked blond slut sucking on Jason's cock. For my part I was torn. I knew I should escape but that little devil we all harbor I wanted to make Jason cum in her mouth. My hand started moving back and forth on the massive black cock. I pumped his cock faster as our tongues entwined and my breathing became very ragged. His large hand made its way down my back to grasp my bottom. Jason's large hand caressed and kneaded the cheeks of my ass and to make matters more interesting, our darling little cocksucker began moving her free hand up my thigh. As soon as she touched my cunt a moan of pleasure escaped my lips. I had never experienced anything like this sexual high. I knew what I was doing was wrong but I was powerless to stop it. She snaked her fingers under my thong and ran a long thin finger along my wet pussy lips. My body shook with lust and my legs began to buckle. Jason held me firmly against his naked body as his ass undulated with his rising passion.

Jason was breathing harder and his cock began to swell. I knew he was about to cum and moaned into my mouth. I could feel the constriction along the shaft of Jason's cock as the cum shot from its tip. The blond began making gulping noise trying desperately to keep up with the volume of jiz that Jason ejaculated but she was soon choking. A small eternity passed before we all broke a part. Now embarrassment and guilt flooded in and I wanted to get out of there as quickly as possible.

I looked from the handsome naked black man to the beautiful naked white woman and finally stammered, "I... a... I was looking for my wrap. I... a... don't know what happened but... I... a... I have to go!"

Jason released his hold on me and offered a hand to the blond kneeling before him. "Stevii I would like you to meet Janice. Janice is the wife of Tom Welston, he has the office next to Jeff's, I believe."

I felt stupid extending a hand for her to shake and Janice ignored it. In a fluid movement she wrapped her cum covered hand behind my head and pulled my face to hers, pressing her lips to mine. Lips that were dripping with Jason's warm sweet cum. Her tongue followed and we stood there frenching one another like long lost lovers; sharing Jason's precious seed. I savored the pungent flavor of Jason's cum as our kiss lingered. Loving the taste and wanting more. The odor of his seed still lingers with me to this day and makes my pussy drip. After she broke the kiss she walked over to the bed and lay on her back and pulled her knees up to her small titties. She lay there with her body obscenely open to my gaze. Looking directly into my eyes, she asked in the most sultry bedroom voice I had ever heard, "If you'll let go of my lover's dick for a little bit you can watch as he fucks me."

As if a jolt of electricity had hit me, my hand flew from Jason's still hard cock. I had not even realized that I was still pumping his massive organ. Jason smiled and walked over to the prone little slut and crawled between her thighs. His cock hung suspended like a black battering ram between their two bodies and it pulsed with his every heartbeat. He looked over his shoulder and asked, "Would you like to put it in for me?"

I was shocked and wanted to turn and run but something inside me wanted to do exactly what he asked. Like a zombie I stumbled over to the bed and once again held his thick meat in my hand. I now had full view of his magnificent cock. I am used to a big cock at home. Jeff is eight thick inches of hard cock and it feels very nice up inside my pussy. But this monster was at least four inches longer and much thicker. Once again I was jealous of this little blond slut. She was going to be fucked by this giant cock and I wanted it. I wanted it to stretch my cunt and thrust deep into my wet cunt. I wanted to know the ecstasy that this little bitch was about to have. Instead I just rubbed the head along her puffy shaved pussy lips spreading her feminine dew over the black mushroom shaped crown of his cock. Jason slowly pushed forward and inch by inch his cock sank into her cunt. Her pussy lips touched my hand and my hand lingered at the union of his cock and her cunt. I coated my fingers with her cunt juice and then bringing my fingers to my lips, licked her dew from them. I watched as if in a trance as his cock sank deeper into her. It appeared that Janice was both trying to pull Jason's cock deeper into her quim while trying desperate to squirm away from its onslaught.

Her voice rose in volume as her passion consumed her. "No... no... too big! Can't take anymore... yes there... fuck my cunt deeper!" Her loud cries of lust brought me back to reality and I slowly backed out of the room. As I closed the door, Jason began to fuck the blond hard and deep. The wet slapping of their bodies was so very erotic. I could feel my cunt lips rubbing together as I walked from the room. I do not think I will ever forget the sound of sexual fulfillment she uttered as I closed the door, "FUUUUUCCCCKKKK... YEEEESSSSSS!"

I ran to the nearest bathroom and locked myself in. I yanked my dress up and pulled my thong to the side and fingered myself till I came... twice. Then I straighten myself up and cleaned up my makeup as best possible and went to find my wrap. To this day if I see that wrap I get wet. The ride home was uneventful but upon arrival Jeff's dick got a workout. I fucked that poor man raw. I made him cum four times which is still his record. He never knew what was behind my lust that night but he still speaks of it fondly.

Life gets back to normal?

Weeks went by and life seemed to return to normal. Well as normal as my mind's eye and pussy would allow. I could not forget the image of Jason's magnificent cock as it entered Janice's cunt. I masturbated constantly. I went through two sets of batteries in my vibrator. Then the fateful telephone call.


"Stevii," asked the sultry voice on the other end of the line.

"Yes, this is Stevii," I said in response. The hair on the back of my neck stood straight out. I did not want to acknowledge that I recognized the voice. I held my breath dreading what might come next.

"I think you know who this is love. A mutual friend wishes to see you again. Met me at noon, let's say at Mason's on Third and Main for lunch on Wednesday. Dress very sexy for me."


I looked at the receiver like it was evil. I slowly placed it into cradle and sat down. My legs would have given out anyway. I was trembling all over. What the hell was I going to do? Surely I would not even consider going. Yet on Wednesday at noon I pulled into the valet parking at Mason's and I am sure the attendant got an eyeful as I exited my car. My dress was wickedly short and for some perverted reason I had decided to go sans undies. Therefore as I swung my legs out of the car my freshly trimmed naked cunt was open for viewing. Since I was playing the part of a trollop I went all out. I made sure that my naked titties bounced to and fro as I strutted into the trendy bistro for my luncheon date. I found Janice at the bar sipping a martini. My attire duly impressed Janice. She brazenly pinched one of my nipples as we kissed one another on the cheek.

"You look wickedly delicious Stevii," Janice said with a knowing smile.

"Janice, I have no idea why I am here. I told myself that I absolutely would not fall prey to this wickedness yet here I am. I am a faithful wife Janice. I can not understand how I can willingly give myself up to the two of you. I am ashamed of the why I am acting but I cannot help myself." I was almost in tears. Then a strong hand stroked the bare flesh of my back and his voice soothed me. It was Jason.

"I am so glad that you came. I have been awaiting your arrival. Shall we all have lunch?"

I remember little of that lunch. I will always remember what happened after. Jason and Janice took me to an apartment uptown. As soon as we entered Janice began to strip the clothes from my body. Jason closed the thick curtains blocking the sunlight from the room and put seductive jazz on the stereo. Once I was naked they helped me to climb up onto a raised platform in the center of the room. The platform was carpeted on the sides and had a hard wood top. Thick leather couches surrounded it.

"Dance for us," Jason asked. Or was it a command? I didn't care. The music was pounding in my ears and the alcohol from lunch was easing my way into debauchery. My hips began to sway and my hands roamed freely over my naked flesh. My eyes were half closed as I entered a dream world of someone else's making. I moved around the glossy wooden table touching myself. Making my body hot with desire. I pulled on my thick nipples making them swell with pleasure. I pinched them making myself squeal with pleasure and pain. I opened my legs and allowed my audience to see my naked wet sex. I held my labia open so that they could see up into my cunt. My fingers found my clitoris and I rubbed it furiously until it was standing away from my sex like a hard little cock. Then I pinched it just like I had done to my nipples. Only this time, my cries of pain and pleasure were orgasmic. My whole body shuddered as the tremors passed in waves through me.

I opened my eyes to see my audience had shed their clothing. Janice was kneeling between Jason's open thigh's stroking his huge cock. There was precum running in rivulets down his thick shaft coating her hand and dripping from her fingers onto his swollen balls and pooling on the soft leather of the couch. I dropped to my knees and crawled to the edge of the table.

"Give it to me," I demanded. I closed my eyes, parted my lips and licked them wantonly. I knew by the rustling of leather and the deep moan resonating from Jason's chest that my mouth would soon be filled with his hot cock. I had a surprise in store for this hot hunk of man. I told you earlier that I am a cocksucking whore. Always have been and always will be. Since that first date in college, every boy I dated was pleased to find out that I loved to suck his cocks dry. I learned quickly how to relax my throat muscles and take a cock deep into my throat. My Jeff confided in me that it was the sexiest thing about my lovemaking. My wanton need of sucking a cock. I love the taste of cock, especially the salty precum that oozes from the tip. I enjoy the thrill of a cock as it jerks and bucks in my mouth while it empties itself of its life giving seed. Right now I wanted to take Jason's cock in my mouth to its very root. I wanted to feel his bloated balls battering my face as his thick flesh slid in and out of my throat.

Jason's hot flesh touched my lips and slowly it slid into my awaiting mouth. My jaw stretched wider than ever before but I was determined to take it all. A sudden light touch of fingers on my open sex momentarily drew my attention away from the cock sliding down my throat. Janice had entered the game and was playing with my swollen labia. Spreading my lips open for further play, her lips touched the hot flesh of my ass cheeks as her fingers danced and played with my wet sex. Janice was concentrating on my clitoris with one hand and the other was opening my hole. One finger at a time entered my pussy until I could feel her entire hand trying to gain entrance into my hot hole. My mind was reeling from the sexual assault on my senses. Jason's cock sawing in and out of my relaxed throat with ever increasing passion. Janice worried her hand up inside of me and was now fisting my wet cunt. This was all so new and forbidden. I was lost in sexual joy. A fantasy was coming true. Has a sexual fantasy ever come true for you?

My cunt muscles rhythmically rippled along the invading hand as I soared toward my first orgasm. I could feel her fingers as she probed my twat. Her finger found and began working on entering my womb. Her probing of my cervix caused a delightful mixture of pleasure and pain. My first orgasm washed over me and took control of my body. My twat spasmed uncontrollably and the rest of my body thrashed about in the throws of climax. Muffled moans escaped from around the fucking cock in my mouth. Then the pleasure of all pleasure gushed down my throat. Jason's cock swelled and ejaculated his warm semen into my belly. He shuddered and his rhythm faltered but he continued to stroke his cock in and out of my throat. Hot cum filled my mouth and dripped from my lips as he emptied himself into me. Janice pulled her hand free of my cunt with a loud pop and began tonguing my open twat. So began my first sexual adventure away from my husband. No guilt, no remorse! Only a need to fit that fat cock inside my cunt as soon as possible.

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