Three Musketeers

by JAX

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Blackmail, Heterosexual, .

Desc: Sex Story: All for one and one for all

While we were at college we called ourselves the three Musketeers. We got together primary to have ago, sexually that is, at our Modern History tutor, a Ms Rita Townsend, but we cut quite a swath through the female student's population too. We're made quite a contrasting trio, Tom is a dark, brooding Welshmen, with a good singing voice; his Saturdays are taken up with rugby and drinking beer. Sean is slim effeminate looking, delicate guy, who likes reading and writing poetry, but I can affirm he is 100% hetro. Me I'm the archetypal Greek god, tall and blond with a body made perfect by hours of swimming.

As I said earlier the reason we got together was an Ms Rita Townsend, a woman in her late twenties with a sensational figure. Every guy in her class would drool over her perfect legs that showed from under her short skirts and her large bust, but as far as we knew, nobody was getting anywhere with her. So we made a pact, 'one for all and all for one'. Our goal was for us to get into her knickers, by good means or foul. One by one we tried to chat her up, each using his own strengths, but it was Sean's poetry that won the day. We let him enjoy the fruits of his labours a few times before we all joined in.

"W-what's going on," she stuttered when she saw Tom and I enter Sean's rooms.

"Relax Rita," I said reassuringly, studying her naked body under Sean's, and to his everlasting credit, Sean didn't miss a beat, he kept thrusting between her wide spread killers legs, her large bust moved delightfully under his onslaught.

"Please," she said, now panicking and trying to push Sean off her. Tom moved first and grabbed her hands and pulled then above her head.

"Now we are naughty," I said, "I'm sure the Dean wouldn't like the idea of one of his staff having sex with a student."

"Oh God please no," she begged, I not sure what she was objecting to, Sean continuing to thrust into her, Tom fondling her breasts, or the possibility of exposure to the Dean. "Now Rita, it's like this," I smiled down at the beautiful creature lying naked on Sean's bed. "We don't want much from you, do as we ask and your job is secure, do you understand me."

"Oh please, I can't," she wailed, a tear tracking down her pretty face, "my husband will kill me if he finds out."

"Don't worry," I said, "I'm sure we can work out a suitable timetable for all of us."

Now, as I watched, Sean was showing signs of getting ready to come, his thrusts became harder and harder, until at last he froze and pumped his sperm deep within her. He pulled out and stood up, and for first time I could see her completely. Tom then released her, and her hands tied to cover herself up.

"Very nice," I said, looking her up and down,

"Please, I can't do this," she said.

"Of course you can," I said, "now lie back and open your legs again."

"Oh no please," she begged.

"Rita, Rita, my love," I said, "please don't make this harder for you than necessary, just do as we ask."

"Harder, she making me harder," chuckled Tom.

She looked at each of in turn, but not finding any compassion there. Then suddenly she seemed to except her fate; she closed her eyes and lay back down, her long legs opened wide.

"You first Tom," I invited.

"Yeah thanks mate," he said, moving into position.

"Yeah she sure is something," commented Sean.

"Yeah well done mate," I congratulated him. Together we watched as Tom thrust between her legs.

"Get the Polaroid Sean," I requested, "we need some pictures of this."

"Yeah, good idea," chuckled Sean.

The blinding flashlight lit up the scene before us, capturing every inch of her body. Now it was my turn, Tom by now had withdrawn and zipped up. My cock slipped into her slick pussy right to the hilt. Her large breasts felt good and firm in my hand; she was a prize indeed. I could see the flashes going off to again record her infidelities. I didn't last long, didn't try too, there was no way she was going to enjoy our time together, well not yet anyway.

"Ok Rita," I said to the still prone woman, "we've all finished for now, you better get dressed and get on home to your husband." Her eyes opened and shot me a look of pure hate.

"You bastards," she spat.

"Now, now Rita," I soothed, "that's no way to talk to your new lovers, now is it."

We watched her dress and at last she was ready to go.

"Goodbye Rita," I said, "I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot more of you over the next few months. Just remember," I said holding up a couple of developing pictures, "we hold your marriage and your career in our hands." With that she left without another word or backward look.

Once she had departed, the three of us sat down and opened a bottle.

"Well guys," I said, "that seemed to work out ok."

"Yeah," said Tom, looking up from studying the pile of photographs we had taken.

"What now?" asked Sean.

"You mean with our Rita or what?" I replied. "Well we all know what we're going to do with our Rita," he chuckled, "I mean what otherwise?"

"Who knows mate," I said, "if we have got any sap left after we have finished with our Rita, I suppose we could look for our next victim."

"Yeah, right," commented Tom.

"One point guys," said Sean, "what if one of us find, you know that special girl, and he doesn't want to share."

"Do you have someone in mind," said Tom with a smile.

"No, no but you never know, I might," said Sean.

"Yeah, I can see your point," I conceded, "ok lets agree shall we, we are each allowed one special one per year, that we keep to ourselves."

"Only one a year," said Tom, "have you seen the crumpet at this college."

"Yeah, I agree," said Sean, "lets make it one a term."

"Ok, ok," I said with a smile, "one per term per member."

Over the next few weeks both Sean and Tom declared a special, not that I blamed either of them, I think I would have too. But on the plus side, both concentrated on their specials and that left Rita to me. After the first few sessions, I began to detect a change in her attitude. At first she was hostile towards me, just stripping and lying down and spreading her legs for me, but lately I could tell she had started to enjoy our time together. She would delay her departure and then offer me seconds. I think is she was single, I would declare her my special.

Tom's special was a short buxom girl called Sandy, a rugby groupie, who had made big eyes at him after the match. I saw a lot of her over then next few weeks, as Tom and I shared rooms. Although only being just over five-foot, she had an incredible figure with short but shapely legs and a large firm bust. One night Tom was at home with her when I came in from the library. Her top was off and she was giving him a blowjob. Tom waved at me from behind her back, for at this point she didn't know I was there; I sat down and watched. Her breasts were magnificent, large and firm, standing straight out from her chest with minimum of sag. Eventually she became aware of my presents and became very embarrassed.

"Oh no," she exclaimed, "how long have you been there," she was covering her breasts with her hands.

"No need to be embarrassed," I said, "you've nothing to be ashamed off."

"Oh no please," she said, "Tom where's my top."

"Sandy," I said with sincerity, "I can honestly say, that your bust is the best I have ever seen."

"Oh no please," she said, "Tom my top please." But I could see she was secretly pleased with my comments; twice she looked over at me from lowered eyes.

"That's ok you two," I said getting up, "I'll leave you to it," and I left.

But after that day she would always smile at me when we met and probably unconsciously, she would push her bust out more. Just as soon as Tom declared himself special free, I invited her out for a drink.

Sean's special was a tall delicate girl from his English lit classes, I had met her a few times and there was no way she would ever give me a hardon. Not so the case with Sandy. I thought it best if I told Tom up front that I was meeting her.

"Fine," he said, you wait to you met Vicky."

"Who's Vicky?" I asked.

"She's going to be my next special," he said.

"She can't be," I said, "you've had you quota for this term."

"Ok, ok, she'll have to be my special for next term then," he said with a chuckle. "Ok, Tom," I said, "I think we're all to busy to argue about it." Sandy's tits felt as firm as they looked, I've no idea what size they are but they were the biggest I have ever had the pleasure of and one of the firmest too. Her legs opened for me and I pushed my seven and halve inches into her sopping pussy.

"Oh yes, you bastard," she sighed, "harder."

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