Too Stunned

by JAX

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Drunk/Drugged, Heterosexual, .

Desc: Sex Story: After being sacked after thirty years service, he decided to extract his revenge on his manager's pretty wife

I sat there stunned, thirty years I've worked for this bloody company, then some know-it-all, graduate comes in as the boss of your department and you're gone; too old at fifty five for their new progressive company. Clear my desk and be gone by the end of the day, that's what he had said to me. Well there're not getting their hands on my life's work. I copied my research on to a CD, then made a backup just to be on the safe side. After that I deleted all my records from my computer's hard disc then I de-frag it to remove any chance of it being retrieved. I packed all my belongings into a cardboard box, including the only sample of MC/1992/B1 compound in its small glass jar. I had accidentally come across this compound while doing some basic research on a new perfume. The first indication that I stumbled upon something special was one evening when our cleaning lady started to act lustful towards me; I knew it wasn't my animal attraction that had caused it. It had taken me many years to isolate and refined my special compound. I was going to hand it over very shortly, hoping for a good promotion, but now they can go fuck themselves. No one was there to say goodbye; I left feeling very sad.

For the next few days, I felt completely lost, I was still getting up at seven, ready to go to work, then sitting down with nothing to do. Then it hit me, although I had never done any real trials with my MC compound, just a few casual squirts at the occasional women. I knew it's properties pretty well; its long-term effects were still unclear to me, but I knew what it would do in the short term. My mind burned with the desire for revenge and who better to take it out on but my ex boss. Well not exactly him, but his pretty young wife; I had met her just the once, the day he had arrived to taken over my department.

It took time to find out her movements, she didn't go to work, usually shopping in the morning, then stayed in the afternoon, doing the housework I suppose. The only way to administer my MC fluid was by aerosol so I prepared a scent bottle for my use. I knocked on her door, it was just before one o'clock, that gave me a little over four hours before her husband left his office.

"Yes?" she inquired.

"Please smell this," I said squirting the MC right in her face.

"Oh, what," she said, her hands went up to protect her face. I took her arm and led her back into her house. She stood there like a statue, the chemicals surging through her bloodstream.

"What, who?" she started to say, but her mind was in turmoil. I've seen this a couple of times before; I just had to wait until her mind cleared. One of the unfortunate effects of MC is that it's totally indiscriminate, her lust will be directed at anybody and everybody she sees; luckily in this case, I was the only one there.

"Oh who are you?" she said moving up close to me. My arm moved around her waist, my other hand cupped one of her sizeable tit; I expect my smile was not a pleasant thing to see.

"Let's go upstairs," I said. Half way up, I reached out and pulled her dress zip down, by the top, her dress was off, leaving her in her underwear. On the marriage bed I stripped the rest off her clothes off.

"Spread 'em for me, my little slut," I whispered in her ear. Soon my hard cock was banging into her hot box.

"Oh yes, please harder," she shouted. She was moving her hips so hard she almost threw me off.

"Oh yes, yes," she cried out as she her first orgasm overtook her; I pumped my load deep inside her.

I lay there with a pleasant smile on my face for the first time in days. Ok lets continue shall we, I thought.

"Sit up bitch," I demanded.

"What," she said, again confused. Out came my instant camera and a whole packet popped out the front, capturing her naked body on film. By now I was hard again, I pushed her flat and climbed between her legs again. This time the ride was less eventful. After I had deposited my second load, I check my watch, three thirty, time to go, the MC will be wearing off soon and I better be gone by then. I quickly dressed, making sure I had all ten pictures, I left.

Well that's phase one complete, but what to do next, I had ten pictures of her naked body, I could just sent them to her bastard husband, or keep them for my own pleasure. Anyway I've had my pleasure from her, no point in going back for more, now was there. Well she was rather nice, with a shapely body and a pretty face, no, going back was trouble, but yet she was very nice.

Despite my own words, I was standing outside her front door a couple of days later. I had no hard research on how her mind was copping with our earlier coupling, so I had my scent bottle primed just in case.

"Oh it's you," she said, "you better come in." Well that was a good start I thought. She poured herself a drink and sipped it, her back towards me. After a few minutes she turned.

"So, I suppose you want some more," she said, her face was expressionless, "I asked my husband about you," she said, "he said you were pensioned off because you were too old."

"Yes that's right, thirty years I worked for that company," I spat back angry, "then your husband comes in and I gone."

"I see," she nodded, "so that's why."

"Yes at first," I said cooling a bit, "but if it was all, why I'm I here again?"

"So tell me?" she asked.

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