Missing Panties and a Curbside Seat

by Christine 'Green Leafy Dragon' Indigo

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, .

Desc: Sex Story: Chris's wife comes in from work without her panties, but does Chris mind much? Inspired by Consonant's "Call It L--."

DISCLAIMERS AND DISTRIBUTION RIGHTS: This story is copylefted under the Design Science License, included in full at the end of this story. (Yes, I know it's longer than the story itself.) All characters are fictious. This story was inspired by Consonant's "Call It L--".

Chris sat alone. His table was on the patio where he could see the cars as they pulled into the restaurant parking lot. He waited for her and wondered what to expect. This had been the second time in a row that his wife had been late getting back from the office. Half an hour later, she finally walked through the door.

"Helen!" Chris looked into the parking lot. He wondered where she could be parked, since he had been watching the lot obsessively and hadn't seen her drive in.

"I'm sorry." Helen stood in the doorway for a second. She was blonde, all legs and eyes, wearing a brown suit with a loose skirt that had a hemline that stopped halfway between her thighs and her hips. "The server kept going down, and I had to reboot it twice in the last hour. I also finally fired Michael, and he kicked up so much of a fuss that we had to call the police. How was your day?"

"The Slurpee machine broke down at noon, and we had a drunk vomit all over the ATM. Nothing too out of the ordinary." He watched her walk toward the table, and he noticed that she had no underwear on. The suspicions that had been freely floating around in his mind for the last hour collected into a mass that stuck into the pit of his stomach. "Honey, what happened to your panties? Are you cheating on me?"

She sat down on a chair next to him, not across from him as was normal for two people eating at a restaurant. She leaned closer to him and said, "I might be."

"Who is it? Martin? Roger?" Images of Helen fucking both men rushed through his mind.

"Maybe. Maybe it's both of them."

The images intensified, and a clear image emerged of her sitting on Martin's face, leaning over to try to go down on an exhausted Roger. Chris's feelings of shock and hurt intensified and turned into arousal, and he felt his cock harden despite all of his attempts to focus on something else. It hardened even faster when she put her hand on his crotch and began stroking it.

"Now, I can't go down on you here in public. Someone might see us, and I might end up having to have sex with them, too. However..." She spread his napkin over the front of his pants, her foot accidently treading on his untied shoe, and unzipped his pants. She opened her purse, took out some hand cream, and squirted it into her hand. Holding his cock in her hand, she started to rub around and under the head, where all of the nerve endings were on him. Then, she pulled her skirt up, exposing her pussy to open view. Chris put his head on her shoulder and stared at it , wondering just how many other people had seen and enjoyed it that day. Soon, a little too soon for him however, he shuddered, bit his lip in an effort to keep from crying out, and came all over her hand. Afterwards, as he was still sitting there with his head on her shoulder, trying to recover from one of the most intense orgasms of his life, she pulled away and discreetly licked a little come off of her hand.

"Actually, my tampon leaked and my panties got stained. That's the real reason why I'm not wearing any." She stroked his short dark hair. "Not that you're ever going to believe me."

The End



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